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>> National Bike Challenge 2013 Summary Data in Excel format <<

Alison Dewey Sat Feb 28 14:49:00 2015
testing my news comments
Gregg Warning Sat Feb 28 14:29:00 2015
I'm ready to go with Charlie. Let's start a fire and begin the meltdown on the ride of the century--a ride to outerspace. lol
Charlie L Sat Feb 28 13:56:00 2015
I'm here, ready to go again!!
Sat Feb 28 13:32:00 2015
@CR - 'Brain Freeze', I'm chuckling! At least the wind died down today.
Cycling Roberto Sat Feb 28 13:29:00 2015
@MG~ great newsletter. 20 miles today. Brain freeze in effect.
Katie "Challenge Staff" Omberg Sat Feb 28 11:00:00 2015
Sat Feb 28 08:32:00 2015
PennDOT puts out a nice, quarterly cycling-related newsletter. This year's first edition: http://tinyurl.com/mp6kjyf
Sat Feb 28 08:22:00 2015
Holy Icicles, Batman, that was a cold ride this morning. 4 degrees (F) and breezy when I left the yurt. Took about an hour for my big toe to warm back up. @CR, gonna need a few extra layers today!
Fri Feb 27 12:38:00 2015
@CR, I could do without it. Northwest winds always equate to a headwind on the way home. I particularly like the way downtown buildings compress and magnify the airflow right down the street. And, of course, the homeward journey is all uphill... .
Cycling Roberto Fri Feb 27 12:35:00 2015
@MG, managed 15 yesterday and 20 today. Nice breeze, huh?
Fri Feb 27 12:01:00 2015
@Paul, you should still be proud of what you did. A Century would take me three-four days, especially with our hills and constant headwinds. Can you please ship some of your weather our way? Eastern PA's gonna get spanked again this coming weekend with another "prolonged winter weather event" (NWS term, not mine). I need to see some green leaves, and soon!
Paul Perry Fri Feb 27 11:23:00 2015
Must be something about Mondays. I set out for a century. Made my drink mix for the first half, bagged up some drink mix to refill at halfway, plus a small extra for "just in case" and got to rolling. Had a good fast first hour, so I decided to go for a fast century. Maybe my first sub 6 hr? Was making great time. Almost 40 minutes ahead of where I needed to be.. Was riding harder than I planned, so I went through my first bottle faster than anticipated....
Got to the halfway point, and this is where I knew I would lose some ground as I was entering the climbing sections of the ride. And light headwind. But not to worry, the last quarter of the ride is usually fast (20+mph). Stopped to refill bottles...and sonofabiscuiteater!! I realized I left my mixes on the stand at home.
Clouds went away, sun came out in full force and the winds picked up. I was fading, and the ride home was very windy. Stopped for burger-no choice really-the scent of flame broiled beef at 70 miles and starving was impossible to overcome.
Was hating the ride home. 15-20 headwinds and still weak. Ended up with a riding time of 6:23 but overall was 7+. Almost 8 hours. Blah.
Fri Feb 27 07:51:00 2015
@Jerry, if you were outside and on the bike, it was a good ride. The rest is just details.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Feb 26 13:48:00 2015
I can't believe I can mess up a good bike ride on Monday. It was a comfortable 50 degrees, no wind for a change. Left the house and after 15 minutes and five miles from home I reach down to grab my water bottle to get a drink. No bottles. I left them at home. So I ride back home, pick up my water bottles and leave again. I figure I just added 10 miles to my planned ride. I get out to Hygiene and the winds starts blowing. And keeps getting worse. I am getting wind gusts up to 50 mph. Enough to blow me all the way across my lane. So I decide it is too dangerous to go one and turn around to go home. And of course when I get to Hwy 66 the wind changes direction so I have a headwind all the way home. I could have had a good ride if I had left on time and not forgotton my water bottles. I want a long ride with no winds. But I least I got to ride.
Tuesday. Extremely cold.

It snowed last night. No ride today.
And the rest of the week does not look good for getting out.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Feb 26 12:40:00 2015
London is starting on the right path to bicyclist safety:
Paul Perry Tue Feb 24 00:45:00 2015
Thanks Marty. Just got the official results, and I ended up with that top 10 after all. 10th overall, and 9th in mens. I hit 32.1 mph on a practice run Wednesday. Flat ground all the way. full disclosure-there was a 15-20 mph tail wind. But still a thrill to go that fast without a gravity assist. No wind at all during the TT, I hit a max of 24.
This is my first experience being coached, and with real training. Or any kind of training for that matter.
Progress has been faster than I expected. I don't know what to expect anymore. I don't know to set goals, because it seems the first ones I set were accomplished without enough of a challenge.
I do know the biggest gains come in the beginning, and progress will slow, but I was hoping just to be able to average 18 mph over an hour's ride. I was doing that in September, but it was near max effort.
If you would have told me that 3 months ago, I would have laughed. But now...it doesn't seem to far off. Maybe more than a few months though.
I can't wait to get out there and try it again.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Feb 23 21:33:00 2015
@Paul - Based on the time of the year, and your setbacks, going just over 21 mph is pretty good! I'm guessing that in a few months, you'll be able to hold that pace for several hours, and get up to 23 mph in 1/2 hr.
Paul Perry Sun Feb 22 20:47:00 2015
My first TT today. 10.8 mile course. My time was 30:43. 6 minutes behind first place. Missed my goal by 44 seconds. Another 30 seconds faster and I would have had a top 10. Just a weeeeeee bit disappointed I didn't make it under 30 minutes, BUT-
I missed a lot of riding and training over the last 4 weeks. My weight this morning was up to 230.6. I was on a 26# bike, (no aero bars either) and I only had 4 hrs sleep.
So all things considered, I am pleased with my time.
Tammie Porter Sun Feb 22 18:43:00 2015
;Another 23 miles today with that dreaded 12miles back into a 20mph gale force wind! At one point I found myself actually weaving a little as if I was going uphill... a really steep one! We are in for a really windy spring I am afraid. I hope I am able to do 23 again tomorrow in the group ride. I sure will be tired. Time to rush around and get to work... 12 hour shift!
Sat Feb 21 11:28:00 2015
@CR, are you friggin' kidding me???? Could you get a plate number by any chance?
Cycling Roberto Sat Feb 21 10:55:00 2015
@MG 15 more miles this foggy morning capped off by some jerk trying to hit me with a lit cigarette. As if it isn't hard enough out there...
Paul Perry Fri Feb 20 16:37:00 2015
Good luck Tammy. Ride strong but don't overdo it before your surgery. It definitely helps. I had a painless recovery form abdominal surgery years ago, and was back on the bike in 4 weeks.

And Michael...next time you need to shovel, use a trenching shovel. That should be plenty wide enough for bike tires, eh?

Fri Feb 20 15:36:00 2015
Glad you made it out today, CR. Was thinking about you this morning with the bright sunshine and relatively warm temps. Potholes, s#!+ piles and bad parking jobs make riding in downtown a real gauntlet; wish I had your scenic rides instead!
Cycling Roberto Fri Feb 20 14:21:00 2015
Finally was able to get out for a real ride today. 30 miles of sunshine. Still some ice on the roads, but it was glorious.
Tammie Porter Thu Feb 19 22:27:00 2015
Hate to rub it in but we have had wonderful weather here in West Texasfor over a week and I have been able to take adveantage of it a few times. I am feeling good on the bike again and wish life would just stay out of the way! Ribs are healed from the car wrek but my elbow has something wrong.. Dr. is still trying to figure out what. Silver lining of the auto accident is we found out my only kidney is not working well and has a stone that has to be removed by surgery as soon as possible. I am trying to wait a few weeks just to get myself physically back in shape before I spend another period of time off the bike!! Rode 23 miles on sunday and 28 today.. dr appts other days have kept me from riding. Bummer! Wind 14 with gusts of 32 was fun today when I had a 10 mile stretch straight into it.... I really did feel like I was in a looong up hill marathon! Thought I would never get the wind at my back again and when I did it was only for about 30 seconds before I had to turn into it again but I was happy for that little reprieve.
Paul Perry Thu Feb 19 18:32:00 2015
I di exactly that And it was flat when I got home!. Put a new tube in it was ready to roll for this morning's practice run for Saturday's TT.
Thu Feb 19 08:11:00 2015
Paul, "...D'oh!!" Change that tire so it's ready for the next free hour. Finally, a day without shoveling s#!+ or chopping ice. I've been at it daily since Thursday last week. Heckuva workout, though.
Paul Perry Wed Feb 18 16:33:00 2015
It's a beautiful sunny day. Had an hour free before having to go to work, annnnndddd....back tire was flat. :-(.

I'd take a sick day, but I'm saving them for races.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Feb 17 16:26:00 2015
Winter Olympians Bike to Work
Paul Perry Tue Feb 17 00:29:00 2015
That must have been a lot of fun. I was tracking a few though facebook updates.I'm very tempted to go over for the start of RAAM if I can find a good race close by to tie into the trip. I'd like to attempt a 12hr TT this season.
Leonard Wright Mon Feb 16 06:01:00 2015

We held our 12/24 Hours of Sebring this weekend. I had the honor of meeting Marko Baloh (naturally he won his age group for the race even though he is still recovering from a shoulder injury). Good turnout for the race, around 150 riders from all over the world. Fun watching all these dedicated individuals riding for 12 or 24 hours. Got to admire their drive/determination.

Paul Perry Sun Feb 15 17:57:00 2015
It's been raining here now for 15 of the last 16 days, and it's forecast for at least 6 more.I've been hesitant to complain about my weather, considering what a lot of you are dealing with, but when you can't ride, it gets really annoying. Weathering out an injury (no pun intended) takes some of the sting out of it. And when you can finally ride again (knee ref), but you can't ride, riding out this weather (ha HAA ha) is starting to impact my sanity!
Jerry Bengtson Sun Feb 15 00:03:00 2015
This is the one I want.
Sat Feb 14 18:43:00 2015
@Jerry, I'll give you a good deal on a 16-year-old Giant Boulder MTB. I'll even throw in the snow tires!
Jerry Bengtson Sat Feb 14 18:08:00 2015
I wish I could ride when there is snow. But the only bike I own is my Cannondale Synapse. I would kill myself if I tried riding that bike in the snow.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Feb 14 11:31:00 2015
@Marty. We are working at melting that snow alien.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Feb 14 11:29:00 2015
I've been demanding summer be turned back on since September. Not having much luck with that.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Feb 14 11:29:00 2015
I have not ridden much this year. On day in January, two days in Febuary so far. In January weather was an issue. And the days I could ride my wife Karen was so sick I could not leave the house so I could take care of her. I told Karen there were better ways to keep me from riding than getting sick.
Sat Feb 14 10:05:00 2015
I can't share pictures, but my ride this morning was very, exceptionally WHITE. 17 inches yesterday/last night. My back is killing me, but I still rode into work. That misguided male ego strikes again! @Jerry, thanks for sharing the pics. @CR, I hope you're doing your 'Summer Weather' dance; I'm getting tired of this stuff!
Paul Perry Sat Feb 14 02:52:00 2015
I know the mountains of the west well...from a 4 wheeled POV. And after 20 years of living at sea level, I am not afraid to admit that I am intimidated. A little. I still remember how easily winded I got a few years ago at Grand Canyon, just walking up a couple flights of stairs.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Feb 13 22:50:00 2015
@Jerry - Did you manage to escape the snow alien at the start of your ride? (His eyes are just to the right of the top of the 1st big dry patch on the left side of the road. His short arms are sticking out like Superman, getting ready to get you, and he has a bird-like tail.)
OK, so maybe I've been cooped up so long in SE Wisconsin that I'm hallucinating. On the bright side, we've reached into the 20s for the second day in a row. (I think those are our 1st 20 degree days in over a month.) And we're supposed to hit the 30's several times next week!
@Paul - Keep in mind that your mountain is 5% grade. They are a little bit steeper on the Western mainland. But yours is the Matterhorn compared to anything around SE WI.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Feb 13 18:48:00 2015
@Tammie. Come on out to Colorado and do Ride the Rockies. You will love it. Six easy days.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Feb 13 16:53:00 2015
I always thought I rode at my own risk.
Hwy 7 out of Lyons. One of the roads washed out my our floods.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Feb 13 16:51:00 2015
The start of my ride today.
Mike Wagster Fri Feb 13 15:42:00 2015
It looks like spring is finally trying to peak out from under our blanket of snow in Omaha, NE!! It's currently sunny and 52F here!!! Let the thaw/freeze cycle begin... Now we just have been worrying about riding over black ice on the roads!! So remember corner easy, steer true/straight, and keep the rubber side down!!!!!

Here are my 2014 (highlighted) cycling goals: Ride the following races: Almanzo 100, Dirty Kanza Half Pint, Gravel Worlds, Hotter N Hell Hundred, and Jackrabbit Hundy. In addition I have a personal goal to ride one century ride each week beginning in mid May and ending in late Sep. I think that about sums it all up!!

Paul Perry Fri Feb 13 12:40:00 2015
@ Leonard...that was Jerry. But I would like to try that ride. Dreaming of RAW in 2015.
Climbing is my weakness too, and something I really need to start working on. I've been hitting our "mountain" once a month. 15 mi, 4k feet. And I have to see, I really enjoy it. So rewarding at the top.
Tammie Porter Fri Feb 13 12:24:00 2015
Wow... looks like some ride! I can't imagine being in physical condition to be able to do such a difficult ride. Sure would be nice though. I am not much of a climber. I try! Did 12 miles yesterday and was tired. I can't believe I did 42 last saturday... how did I do it? The difference was I was alone and at home yesterday, not in a beautiful setting trying to catch up with my group for lunch! LOL
Leonard Wright Fri Feb 13 02:24:00 2015

Maybe you can make it next year. I've got some friends from Canada coming down for the ride (one of them participated in the RAAM last year, another crewed in 3 different major events). Unfortunately it appears they will be bringing some of their Canadian weather with them. Temps in the 40's overnight, at least it's supposed to get back into the 70's during the day.

Jerry Bengtson Thu Feb 12 22:12:00 2015
Ride the Rockies
I am looking forward to this year since I missed last year due to my crash.
Paul Perry Thu Feb 12 22:09:00 2015
Thanks all. I'm not too worried about the pounds. I gain fast, but once I get back at, I'll lose it fast.
Did an eeeeeasy hour yesterday. Did a bit more today with heavier load, but still light compared to my regular riding. Doc tomorrow. 3 miles from home. Is it proper etiquette to ride to physical therapy? ;-)
Cycling Roberto Thu Feb 12 14:06:00 2015
@MG 31 miles today. Almost to 800 YTD. I was ready for summer in September.
JW Jamerson Thu Feb 12 13:57:00 2015
@ Paul sorry to hear about your setbacks! Hope you can return as soon as medically possible.

@Tammie - Welcome back!!

I’ve been on the road the last few weeks …Took a little time off to visit Charleston SC for a 5K run and 60 mile trek. Had a blast, Came back rested for about a week then off to a half marathon in New Orleans. Tried to get some biking in but the streets in the French Quarter & greater NOLA do not lend themselves to safe biking conditions. (Potholes galore!) It rained almost every day near freezing the week we were there and fog was so thick you couldn’t see houses or trees. For me fog is the worst if beads up on my glasses! YIKES!!

Biked a dangerous solo ride past the Audubon Zoo onto parts of the Mississippi River Trail. Many parts of MRT in Jefferson County were under resurfacing so with the rain, frog, and redirection to busy two way highways only got to 30 miles! Maybe next time.
And then many of the downtown streets are one way. With lots of resurfacing on St Charles frequent detours made navigating difficult. And watch out for the street car tracks. It’s a wonder I didn’t fall! Understandable streets may be the last to get attention as they did have a major hurricane devastate NOLA! Glad to see life coming back. Food & music were a blast…gained five pounds which made up for the poor biking conditions!!

BTW it’s been almost four weeks with Nitrogen in my tires and so far no refills needed. Someone else might want to Nitrogen in their tires to see if it works for them as well. Much smoother ride even at 100 psi

Take care and safe biking to all!

Thu Feb 12 08:36:00 2015
@Tammie, glad you had a good ride! Welcome back!
@Paul, good luck with the recovery. Take it slow, bro... Don't sweat the pounds, you know they'll come off.
@CR, get out there today; 8-10 inches coming our way, gonna be a few days before you can make it again. This white stuff is really starting to lose it's cache...
Tammie Porter Wed Feb 11 15:58:00 2015
Those pounds just jump on so easily! I have put on a few myself. I tell myself that I can work them off quickly now that I can get on the bike.... now if the cold weather will stay away! Temp is in the 20's today!
Paul Perry Wed Feb 11 15:35:00 2015
And oh how I wish I could come play in your back yard this week Leonard...
Paul Perry Wed Feb 11 15:30:00 2015
It was exactly this week, one year ago when I was in PT for my ankle. I finished PT mid April, and was at 252 pounds. I am 6'2 and large frame. So if I can get to between 195-205, I will be in great shape.
My phys. therapist is an ex pro racer. What a great advantage to have someone that can fully understand my training plan and goals. He did what no one else (including myself) could do for 8 years- got me back on my bike.
Paul Perry Wed Feb 11 15:14:00 2015
Yeah...10 pounds is my net gain, btw. My body seems to want to be right around 240 if I am not exercising and following my regular (now old) diet.
Diet was my biggest weakness.
Not riding, I was up 14 pounds in 9 days. Took advantage of the time off to retrain myself on diet. And I do know proper diet. I'm just lazy in that are.
I've been tracking and noting my weight twice a week. The day before my last ride, I was 219.6. I peaked at 233.5 (I do drink an excessive amount of water daily). Yesterday I was at 230.2. Today is day 12 of no riding. I plan to be under 210 by 31 March.
Leonard Wright Wed Feb 11 14:02:00 2015

Don't you just hate the way your body adds on he pounds when you're off the bike even for a little while. I put on 25 pounds the last time I was off the bike for a few months (OK, it ended up being almost 8 months but that's still WAY TOO MUCH to gain when I stop riding.....).

Paul Perry Wed Feb 11 02:00:00 2015
Talked to my doc this morning, I'm OK to do 1 hr/day on the trainer till my evaluation Thursday.
A wee bit of discomfort after a hectic work day yesterday, but otherwise pain free since Friday.
I'm not concerned. I believe I will get a full green light to ride ride ride. And boy so I need it Not just for my sanity, but I've gained 10 pounds!!
Tammie Porter Tue Feb 10 15:44:00 2015
Back from Big Bend.. weather was absolutely wonderful! I managed 42 miles on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.. those were some of the most difficult 10 miles of my life and I actually walked up the top 1/3 of three of the hills!!! I will be in better shape to deal with them next year! The sunday ride was actually 28 miles total.. an out and back but I was done in after 5 and knew I had to head back. Crazy hills along the Rio Grande river 10 to 17%
Leonard Wright Sun Feb 8 20:09:00 2015

Sorry to hear you're having problems. DEFINITELY follow the advice of your doctor. Believe me, I know it's hard to remain off the bike, especially when you get to feeling better. If you try to do too much too soon you will just set yourself WAY back. Hang in there, you will be backup to speed soon.

Paul Perry Sat Feb 7 15:27:00 2015
I am out for a bit. I've had issues with tendonitis in my knee in the past. Very mild and only lasting a couple days.
I've been having issues for the last two weeks. Bad at times but just not getting better.
Funny thing is, it never bothers me when I ride, but still...Had x rays done and I see a sports medicine doc next week for an evaluation.
So far, all signs are looking good. Doc just wants me to rest for a week.
They are thinking maybe just a little more severe case of tendonitis, aggravated by my hike a couple weeks ago, but they are concerned a bit that it may be an issue with my MCL.
I've been ignoring it, not wanting to admit it. Today makes 9 days off the bike. feeling almost no pain whatsoever. This is the most time I've had off since I started riding again, and it is going to be increasingly difficult to follow doctor's orders.
Cycling Roberto Sat Feb 7 14:54:00 2015
25 more miles today. Rode 20 yesterday, but had a flat, then got super-close buzzed by a school bus (yes, I reported the driver to the bus company). Have 650 miles so far for the year. Slushy roads really eating into my ride miles.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Feb 7 11:03:00 2015
@Tammie - I was just wondering last night, after seeing Texas conditions on the CBS news, how you are faring in that weather. Glad you're feeling better.
Tammie Porter Fri Feb 6 15:50:00 2015
Well, I have been absent most of the month. My ribs are healing and I did a total of 19 actual miles during January and several hours on my new trainer... miserable to ride a trainer even with a fan and the TV in front of me! LOL I leave tomorrow for Big Bend National Park.. Lajitas, TX for a club ride. About 20 of us will be down there. It is a 66 mile ride on saturday. I plan on only riding about 40 of it. There is no way I can do the big climb. Not physically ready for that but will enjoy the day and sunday ride too. It will be great to be reallyback on the bike and do everything I can. Snowing here today... hard to believe we will be riding in 70+ temp weather on Saturday just 240 miles south of me!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Feb 5 15:26:00 2015
[email protected] - The new site shell is up, but its not running yet. Click on the link to your right under "NEWS FROM National Bike Challenge 2013" in the January 3rd post. Once on that site, you can have them email you when it is ready to go.
I've never been to Bristol for the faire, although I hear it is quite popular. Enjoy it! (That's good if that is the only cast you are in.)
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Thu Feb 5 14:51:00 2015
Is the new site up and running yet? I've looked...but can't find it.
Busy, busy lately. Was selected to be a part of the cast for the local renaissance faire, looking forward to that! Will have to have my picture taken on my bike in full garb and make it my new profile picture! Such a split personality!
Benjamin Elzerman Thu Feb 5 09:35:00 2015
3.9 miles on snow covered roads in Connecticut this morning. Found out my bike handles better from the drops than on the hoods.
Tue Feb 3 07:52:00 2015
On Saturday I washed all of the salt and grit off of my bike and replaced the batteries in both lights. This morning I rode through 4 inches of fresh s#!+ (and still falling like crazy); that heavy, snowman kind. Pretty ride, but gonna be a [email protected]# to shovel later. At least the temp is in the lower 30's; only needed a base layer under my jacket and pants.
Bruce Layton Mon Feb 2 17:44:00 2015
CT - 45'F saturday and 50'F sunday. Feb 1 & 2 , Great warmer CT winter weekend to get in some road rides, got in a 25 mi and 20 mi rides. saw a few other riders out both afternoons. I'm a 40'F plus rider, had to stay on streets bike trails had snow.
Going back to 30's and 20's next two weeks.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Feb 2 06:51:00 2015
@James - Smart man!
Rob Adams Sun Feb 1 21:02:00 2015
Took a few months break from riding while I worked on my car. Headed out today for a 17 mile ride. Loved being on my bike again.
James Dubben Sun Feb 1 11:17:00 2015
I had to miss a day this week. In Florida due to ICE! Bridges were very treacherous. Haven't driven into work since 1 May of last year. 2 weather things keep me from riding, fire (lightning) and Ice.
Sat Jan 31 10:03:00 2015
@Mike, don't you hate that feeling? I know hou you feel; I rode to work every day THIS MONTH except 1/8 due to long-distance travel for work. Still managed 20 commute-days (MLK Day was a holiday for us gub'ment folks), only 104 total miles, through three different snow storms, some butt-chilling cold and a nasty head/chest cold that wouldn't give up. I still managed my goal; other than work travel, no excuse was going to keep me off the bike and get me into a car or bus. Hopefully February will be just as kind to me. Be proud of what you did, however; not many commuters slogging it out on 2 wheels this time of year. Stay safe!
Mike Wagster Sat Jan 31 09:15:00 2015
I missed my goal of riding to work everyday this week. I rode Mon-Thu but I had to drive into work today. Reason: My wife needed me to take the kids to school so she could take care of early morning errands. I guess that's good reason but I did miss throwing my leg over my steed and pedalling in.
Cycling Roberto Thu Jan 29 15:01:00 2015
20 miles today. Windy, but not quite as cold.
Wed Jan 28 15:20:00 2015
By Friday I'll finish the month with only 104 commuting miles. @MW, you and @CR get my admiration!
Wed Jan 28 15:09:00 2015
Besides, surviving (and enjoying) the weather is the easy part. It's the 4-wheeled knuckleheads on the same roads that'll hurt me before the wind chill does.
Wed Jan 28 15:02:00 2015
You go, @Mike! Most of my coworkers and MLW have adopted the same attitude. I've told them all that, as a 25-year (and counting) Scout leader, I spend weekends camping/backpacking in 100 degree heat, 10 degree snowy cold, flooding rains, you name it. A 20 minute ride twice a day ain't gonna kill me! That's actually how I survive the rides; I still have all of that cold-weather, wet weather, hot weather backpacking clothing that I use. Stay safe out there!
Mike Wagster Wed Jan 28 13:03:00 2015
@ MG & CR: I'm having my best Jan to date with commuting into work and personal sport rides. I've logged 396 miles this month and projected to finish will about 450 miles. My co-workers have quit asking me if I ride on cold days b/c they already know the answer is YES. However, the past few days have been brutal regarding temps and wind chills. Yesterday was -5 low w/-35 WC. This morning was -3 low w/-11 WC. It's amazing how wearing the proper cold weather gear can keep you in the saddle! Keep the rubber down and keep spinning guys!!!!
Tue Jan 27 15:23:00 2015
Way to attack the wind today, @CR. Gonna be some chilly morning rides again this week. Wish it would warm up enough to wash the salt and grime off my bike.
Cycling Roberto Tue Jan 27 14:41:00 2015
20 slushy WINDY miles today.
Sat Jan 24 15:10:00 2015
Then again, my ride is only 15 minutes either way. i'm not doing the crazy-major mileage that you and many of the others are. You folks deserve some major kudos.
Sat Jan 24 15:07:00 2015
Heat or cold, looks like I'm up for either challenge. MLW still thinks I'm completely whacked-out for riding into work daily. Even my boss, a die-hard roadie (above 50 degrees, of course), thinks I've taken this challenge a little to far. "You know, there's no shame in driving once in a while" he says.
Cycling Roberto Sat Jan 24 14:59:00 2015
@MG, yeah only 405 miles this month so far... I'm a roadie so no trail type bikes... argh
Cycling Roberto Sat Jan 24 14:58:00 2015
I will personally punch anyone in the nose this summer who complains about the heat. Sweat or frost? No brainer.
Sat Jan 24 14:02:00 2015
Good to hear from you, @CR. Still tricky in those shady spots; watch yourself. Another 2-3 inches tomorrow. Can't wait for those 107 heat index days, huh?
Cycling Roberto Sat Jan 24 13:48:00 2015
@MG got out today for 15. Still too much slush on the roads to really have a go. Stay safe.
JW Jamerson Fri Jan 23 09:40:00 2015
MG you’ve already earned your biking medals so be careful out there and live to ride another day!
Thu Jan 22 08:06:00 2015
I earned my miles this morning. 3 degrees, -14 wind chill, (yeah, yeah, a veritable heat wave for you folks in WI...), 8 inches of fresh s#!+, rear brake froze up against the rim and wouldn't budge, eyeglasses frosted up, and a chest cold made breathing extra fun. Someday I'm going to write an on-line blog about my misguided adventures in middle-aged machisimo. Oh, wait....
Nice pic, @Joshua. Bet I got more s#!+ than you did ;-)
Joshua Buck Wed Jan 21 19:01:00 2015
fourteen and a half miles in the snow today and all I got was this new profile pic.
JW Jamerson Sun Jan 18 21:14:00 2015
@Burkklee a local auto Tire & Brake Shop has supplied all nitrogen in my family car tires for the last five or so years. My daughter first told us about it and of course I could not believe that it would work! But to my surprise both ride & mileage improved. With Michelin radial tires there is a remarkable difference. When our tires are rotated often no topping off is needed. I searched the internet to see it anything existed relative to bicycles/nitrogen to no avail. Thus my “experiment” as reported to the group. Three days in… no topping off needed! Ready for a nice ride in Charleston SC tomorrow will report back when we get back home.
Paul Perry Sun Jan 18 05:06:00 2015
@ Micheal...Love that advice! Awesome.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Jan 17 14:38:00 2015
@JW - Interesting. Where do you get a nitrogen fill for your bike tires? I know some auto repair places here (well, one, actually), offer nitrogen tire fill.
JW Jamerson Fri Jan 16 19:39:00 2015
NITROGEN TEST REPORT: Last week after four flats in seven days (yikes)…. I replaced old Bontrager tires (2500 miles) with new Gator tires. Tested new gators for a few days with regular air having to top off air each day to reach 100 psi. Yesterday bleed air and had nitrogen 100 psi placed in tires. Day 1 Immediately noted a much smoother 26 miler over a familiar bumpy route. It may have seemed easier to pedal as well, but that could be a rush from my excitement? Today (day 2) Gators/nitrogen remained stone hard on test around multiple curves where they cornered well over a l3 mile route. After two days nitrogen is performing as expected without topping off. Over next week or so will put to longer miles then report back. So far it’s looking promising.
Fri Jan 16 14:54:00 2015
Kudos to Arlington County for installing a "no turn on red" sign at the intersection where my wife got hit by a car last year (http://wp.me/p3v8dA-4R). Thanks to the local cycling advocacy community in the DC- NoVa area!
Leonard Wright Fri Jan 16 12:29:00 2015
Hang in there Tammie, it's really great to hear from you. It takes time for a rib injury to heal. Sounds to me like you're doing the right thing. Trainers aren't fun but there better than nothing :-)
Fri Jan 16 12:26:00 2015
Actually, Tammie, put the idiot box BEHIND the trainer and turn it on to any daytime talk program. That's enough incentive to try and pedal AWAY from it as hard and fast as you can! Pedal, Forrest, Pedal!!!!
Mike Wagster Fri Jan 16 12:01:00 2015
@ Tammie: Glad to see you trying to get back on the saddle. Make sure you put the trainer in front of the TV and watch a good cycling movie while spinning; it really helps to pass the time while looking at nothing whiz by you at aeon speed!!
Fri Jan 16 07:55:00 2015
@Tammie, thoughts and prayers coming your way. Keep the faith and positive attitude.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Jan 16 00:50:00 2015
@Tammie - Heal soon!
Tammie Porter Thu Jan 15 23:27:00 2015
Hello all.. I am still holding down the couch but I did buy a trainer yesterday. Need to get it put together then start trying a few miles a day. I cant wait for these ribs to stop hurting so much .. then I will be back out on the real road. I am missing so many group rides and events that are happening in the next few weeks and it is killing me! Had a couple beautiful days in the mid 60s and I really wanted to be out on my bike but it still hurts just to ride in a car.. guess the bike is definitely out since our roads are miserably rough.
Wed Jan 14 13:05:00 2015
@Brad, stay safe on the return trip. We've got liquid s#!+ now; white stuff and colder temps later this week.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Jan 14 11:21:00 2015
Today in Wisconsin the air is white, filled with fine snowflakes. The forecast is for as much as 8 inches - and gusty wind. Here at work my mind is filled with anticipation as my fatbike is getting buried outside. The ride home certainly will be slow, but it should prove interesting.
Cycling Roberto Fri Jan 9 15:45:00 2015
Two fewer layers today, and 11 more miles than yesterday as well. 31 sunny, almost balmy miles.
Cycling Roberto Thu Jan 8 20:27:00 2015
@MG, never ride on that road, with some very few short exceptions.
Thu Jan 8 17:30:00 2015
I was looking, didn't see you. Was on 222 / Hamilton St. the entire trip.
Cycling Roberto Thu Jan 8 16:05:00 2015
@MG, can't come soon enough. You were in my neck of the woods. If you saw a cyclist, it was me.
Thu Jan 8 15:50:00 2015
@CR, soon back to shorts and tee shirts. At least it wasn't as windy as yesterday. No mileage for me today, had to travel to Allentown for PennDOT training.
Cycling Roberto Thu Jan 8 15:05:00 2015
@MG, squeezed another 20 today. Getting warmer starting tomorrow.
Paul Perry Thu Jan 8 02:10:00 2015
Seriously though, I'd probably wimp out if I had ride in some of y'all's conditions. I'll just echo what JW said.
On a semi related note, we don't have heaters or a/c here. Inside temps usually match outside temps. There have been many nights when I have had to sleep in 55-60 f in my bedroom. Low was 58 last night. Inside.
Paul Perry Thu Jan 8 02:09:00 2015
Starting to get cold here. Had to break out the full fingered gloves tonight.
Wed Jan 7 15:05:00 2015
We're at work, that's why :-p Glad you stayed mostly warm. Watch that prior frostbite site; once burned, they injure quite easily again.
Cycling Roberto Wed Jan 7 14:55:00 2015
@MG, thanks. Multi-layers worked, but the wind was howling making it very difficult to hear. Don't like to ride when I can't really hear what's going on. Slight bit of frost nip on my face where decades ago I had frostbite. Never goes away. Didn't see another cyclist. Wonder why?
Wed Jan 7 14:17:00 2015
You da MAN, @CR!
Cycling Roberto Wed Jan 7 14:04:00 2015
@MG, managed 15 nippy, windy miles.
Wed Jan 7 12:56:00 2015
In theory, you're correct. As usual, this morning was a bit of a tailwind but, it was gusting so much that here in an urban environment it was swirling around buildings more than straight-line winds. This afternoon will still be (head)windy and uphill, with a high of 8F. Still nippy, but at least on the positive side of 0. Good thing I had homemade sausage stew for lunch so I can fuel-up the natural gas fired heater in my pants :-)
Leonard Wright Wed Jan 7 12:51:00 2015
@MG, In conditions like that if you are riding with a tailwind then the wind chill will NOT be as cold. Of course if you are riding into the wind, the wind chill will be even worse. Moral of the story, always ride with a tailwind :-)
JW Jamerson Wed Jan 7 12:33:00 2015
Michael G LOL...Thats why you Rock while they wonder!
Wed Jan 7 11:00:00 2015
@JW, this morning it was -21 wind chill. Lots of coworkers (and MLW) called me names that are not FCC-sanctioned for use in a forum like this. Thanks for being positive!
JW Jamerson Wed Jan 7 10:19:00 2015
I’d just like to add my voice of admiration for 1) all cold weather bike warriors, and 2) those of you that reached over 10,000 miles last year! You know who you are. Your posts of rides in all types of weather &/or for great distances are soooo inspirational. When I think it’s tough I remember your posts about layering up and go out and make it happen. ALL OF YOU are WINNERS in this world of biking. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Wed Jan 7 07:50:00 2015
CR, cover up today; it's COOOOOLD out there, brother!
Cycling Roberto Tue Jan 6 14:02:00 2015
Finally got out for 35 WINDY miles.
Ray S Tue Jan 6 13:46:00 2015
According to my thermometer, its is 0 degrees farenheit outside. I just took a walk to get a cup of coffee and lunch, it really didn't feel cold at all, maybe it was the sun (or maybe Columbia Omni-heat really does "make your own heat"). I'm hoping to get out after work to give my studded tires a good test, the roads are mostly bare, but the trail should be pretty icy.
Tue Jan 6 07:44:00 2015
@Paul, its definitely :-). A bad day outside is always better than a good day inside! New treads just make it even better.
Paul Perry Mon Jan 5 21:56:00 2015
I have to say, I am pretty impressed and inspired by you, (Leonard), J. Hugh and Roberto putting up the miles day after day after day. Wish I could, but working a job and a half gets in the way. It might slow me down, but it won't stop me.
And folks like Micheal G, too...that's commitment, out there everyday in that weather, regardless of distance.
I have a feeling I am going to have another record high number this year-$$$ spent on tires. :-) or is that :-( ?
Leonard Wright Sun Jan 4 20:06:00 2015
@Paul, Since I didn't start riding this year until mid-June my mileage was pretty low. I rode 4,190 miles during the challenge (110 day of riding for a 38 mile/day average) and had a total of 8,144 miles for the year - just about half of what I had in 2012 [and I missed the last 10 weeks of 2012 due to an accident the kept me off my bike from mid-October through the end of the year (and the first half of 2013)]. Since mid-June I haven't missed a day of riding, some days may not have been a very long ride but I did get out each day...........
Paul Perry Sun Jan 4 04:17:00 2015
Lofty goals are the best goals. I set mine high. I only rode 8 months in 2013. My best month was August. Had I rode all year at that pace, I would still have finished the year under 10k. 2014 goal is 15k. .
I'd be curious to see how many people logged miles in each month of the challenge, and what their average was.
Paul Perry Sun Jan 4 04:09:00 2015
I plan on it. I got 4 people to sign up, but only one rode (or to put it more accurately, logged rides). If NBC could integrate Strava, I could get at least a dozen more, My friends are very set in there ways.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Jan 3 19:20:00 2015
@Paul - To most of us reading this, 600 miles in 5 months is pretty easy, (as long as we're talking about non-Winter, non-Northern latitude months), but it will be a challenge. For 2013, we had 34,578 riders riding a total of 18,404,048 miles, or 532.2 miles per person.
I know we've occasionally talked about the thousands of people who've signed up and not logged any rides, or only logged once. But when compared to other Endomondo Challenges, we actually had a smaller percentage of no-shows. In fact, one of the Challenges I was in had more no-shows than we had in our entire Challenge.
If it we didn't have a lofty goal for 2014, it wouldn't be a Challenge!
Start recruiting!
Paul Perry Sat Jan 3 18:23:00 2015
NBC 2014= 30,000,000 miles and 50k riders. That's only 600 miles each, provided they get the participation.
Cycling Roberto Sat Jan 3 17:37:00 2015
Chris Bellwood Thu Jan 1 21:26:00 2015
If you go to endomondo you can search for "national bike challenge" under the challenges page. There is a 2014 warm-up challenge or something.
Benji Hunter Thu Jan 1 18:53:00 2015
I am having the same problem. I also get redirected back to the old web page. I hope they correct this soon so we can log miles.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Jan 1 18:52:00 2015
NBC 2014 does not exist yet. The internet address is directed at the endomondo address in your browser window.
Patrick Grewe Thu Jan 1 18:26:00 2015
I have tried to go to the 2014 bike challenge and it keeps bringing me back here. Anybody else having the same issue?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Jan 1 17:10:00 2015
Thanks guys, better duplicate advice than no advice at all!
Paul Jeffries Thu Jan 1 16:50:00 2015
Oops...Marty beat me to it...sorry for the duplicate advice. Happy new year, everyone!
Paul Jeffries Thu Jan 1 16:46:00 2015
Hi, EM. If you want log miles manually, without going through the NBC site, go through your Endomondo login. That is how I log my miles...and then they would show up on the NBC page. I think (but do not know) that your login in for the NBC might work for an Endomondo login, as well. Give it a try, anyway. Also, on the Endomondo site, you can log in a much wider variety of exercising than you can here. FYI for all you cross trainers.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Jan 1 16:40:00 2015
@EM - Go to Endomondo.com, then just to the right of Training, Challenges, Routes, Events, and Friends near the top, click on "New Workouts" From there, it gives you options for how you want to log your miles, wither with or without adding a route, etc...
I log mine without a route. Just put in your miles, and make sure you do the pull-down for Cycling Sport or Cycling Transport.
Last year, if I remember correctly, we were able to post comments into January, and then, once they were getting ready to switch years, we couldn't.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Jan 1 15:49:00 2015
Its goofy, I logged on this page, but I think it shows up on the new challenge. I can't figure out how to log on the new page (log manually that is).
Cycling Roberto Thu Jan 1 15:43:00 2015
I just logged miles
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Jan 1 15:38:00 2015
@Leonard - No. It is just your imagination.
Leonard Wright Thu Jan 1 13:12:00 2015
Looks like it.........
Leonard Wright Thu Jan 1 13:11:00 2015
Just curious, wondering if a person can still post comments to this page even if they cannot log miles from here????
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Dec 31 18:17:00 2014
For those of you in Northern climes, here is a link to a video that will show you a safe way to bike outside the rest of this winter, (thus, getting some great exercise), stay safe from vehicles, and also clear your driveway of that white sparkly stuff - all at the same time!
Paul Jeffries Wed Dec 31 18:14:00 2014
Had to get in the last mile (technically, 1.25 miles ;-) ) of the year...on a trip to the post office. Actual temp. about 4 degrees above zero...wind chills double digits below. Still, it was a great way to end 2013...probably my best cycling year to date (final mileage total...5022, as implied above, my best ever). I am hoping to ride on the first day of 2014 but we might be getting 3 to 6 inches of snow over night. Ah, winter life in east central Wisconsin. Ya gotta love it. May everyone have a very good 2014. On to the next 20 (or 25...or 30?) million miles!
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Wed Dec 31 17:42:00 2014
I did an 11 miler today. That is the last day I am riding in 2013. Next year I plan some trips to places that are nice to ride. 6236 miles this past year. I wish I didn't need to work. I can definately do much more. Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Dec 31 16:56:00 2014
I rode 220 days in 2013. 988 miles. I can probably do better next year. If there's no snow on the ground in the morning, I may start the new year with a short ride. Other than that, we'll be having wine and cheese and crackers and binge-watching Downton Abbey tonight and tomorrow. A fine end to 2013, and a great start to 2014! A happy and pedally new year to all! See you on Rob's Pre-Challenge Challenge!!!
John Vaccaro Wed Dec 31 16:17:00 2014
To all the Endomondo gang - Have a very safe and Happy New Year! The emphasis is on Safe.

@J.Hugh - 14,103 miles for the year is exceptionally impressive. And here I thought I was doing good with 9,000.

Wed Dec 31 16:10:00 2014
@J Hugh, that almost sounds like a song ;-p
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Dec 31 15:53:00 2014
Thanks to everyone involved with NBC 2013. Reached a new yearly mileage total. Great last day of the year ride. The best part about today is that tomorrow we can all start again. We can journey into the undiscovered country and go where no one has gone before. Bon ton roule its almost 2014. New goals ahead! Get your motor running, head out on the highway, fire all of your guns at once and explode into space! 14,103.3 miles enjoyed every second.
dameon plagens Wed Dec 31 14:06:00 2014
AND Michael G. I like of that you write.
dameon plagens Wed Dec 31 14:03:00 2014
happy New Year Kiribati Islands - it had to start somewhere.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Dec 31 13:19:00 2014
Hi all, here's wishing all of you a safe & HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've had an AWESOME time meeting and hanging out with all of you here and Im looking forward to continuing this in the new forum that Rob has put together for us to gear up for the 2014 National Bike Challenge. I wish all of you many Happy Bicycling Days in 2014!!
Rob Gusky Wed Dec 31 13:14:00 2014
Happy New Year to everyone! I have started the 2014 NBC Pre-warmup Challenge until the official site goes live this spring - hope you can join us to keep the fun and comments rolling. http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/13586751
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Dec 31 11:50:00 2014
Here is a link to one final comic strip in 2013 - This one is about biking in the Winter. (Look at Dec 30th)
Wed Dec 31 07:47:00 2014
Logging the last miles of the year this morning. Nice quiet end to 2013. I'll have over 1100 miles for the entire year; a week's riding for some of you, I know, but that's still $675 in bus passes I didn't purchase and 423 useless car rides that I didn't have to make. Works for my economy! Even with purchasing a new helmet, new seat and Nokian studded tires, I'm still a few hundred bucks to the good. The added benefit - I'm healthier! Haven't lost any weight (I still enjoy eating), but I haven't gained, my BP is lower and my cholesterol is staying in check.
Congrats to all of you who made personal bests this year! Keep at it.
Tammie, heal quickly so you can join us again. I always tell the wife, "Watch out for the other knuckleheads out there; they're not watching for you!" To the rest of you healing, get better and get out!
Have a safe, happy and healthy New Year to all! I've enjoyed (virtually) meeting all of you here. See y'all in 2014!
Paul Perry Tue Dec 30 23:47:00 2014
Wow Tammie. Hope you heal fast and get back out there.
I almost got taken out today by a right turner entering the road. in our congested town traffic. She blew right through a stop sign. You know what saved me? I was riding in the left tire track! I almost had to cross the double yellow. She NEVER seen me. Had I been edge riding, I'd be typing this from a hospital.
Today's ride was my 3rd century in 8 days, and a new long ride PR. 130 miles.
Vehicle mileage vs car mileage...I thought I was going to catch but my truck had a 4 month head start. 5300 to 4650. But in June and every month since, my biking has been highr than my truck. And today's ride...one single ride...beats the mileage on my truck for ALL of December by 8 miles.
And congrat's to all you other 2 and 3 wheelers kicking 4 wheel a$$.
Jaime Richard Ogas Tue Dec 30 16:41:00 2014
@Michael, I usually don't wear anything over my face. I tried wearing a scarf over my mouth and nose, but it caused my breath to vent upward, fogging my glasses.
Tue Dec 30 11:40:00 2014
@Jaime, Brrrr. Kudos to you! Question: How do YOU keep your eyeglasses from fogging in such cold weather? This discussion has graced the forum previously, but I'd be curious to know what you do.
Jaime Richard Ogas Tue Dec 30 10:11:00 2014
I rode to work this morning. It was so cold that my bike computer thermometer stopped registering a temperature. But I passed a bank that read -7 on its sign.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Dec 30 09:03:00 2014
Tammie - So sorry to hear about your accident. I'm not usually one for lawyers, but in this case, J. Hugh is right (just on the offhand chance that this child was also suffering from "affluenza.") I hope you mend quickly!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Dec 29 21:07:00 2014
@ Leonard, your car versus bike mileage is fantastic.
@ Tammie, sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are able to collect some compensation. What a horrible situation. Hope the healing goes well.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Dec 29 08:27:00 2014
Tammie, Get a Lawyer! Get a medical team including a chiropractor! Someone needs to pay other than you. Your situation is awful.
Leonard Wright Mon Dec 29 03:11:00 2014
@EM, Bike mileage vs car mileage. Bought a new car in 2003, started riding my bike in 2007 - total miles on car 61,212 in 10 years (my wife and I both drive it), total miles on bike 83,821 in 6 years (at this rate I will have over 130,000 miles on my bike after 10 years).

Side note: the car had over 30,000 miles on it before I started riding my bike in 2007. For the last 6 year we put just over 31,000 miles on the car, I put well over 83,000 miles on my bike...........

(BTW, my wife puts 80% of the miles on the car - I'd much rather ride my bike.)

Leonard Wright Mon Dec 29 03:03:00 2014
@Tammie, Licensed drivers are bad enough but to be hit by an unlicensed teenager out joy riding just adds insult to injury. Glad to hear it wasn't any worse than what you listed - that's bad enough. Really glad you were in your car, if you had been on your bike you wouldn't have stood a chance.......

I know your hurting, rest up and take it easy (not going to be much choice in the matter for a while), looking forward to watching your progress in 2014.

Tammie Porter Mon Dec 29 02:52:00 2014
Well, finally got back on the bike today and managed a whole 6.5 miles! It felt wonderful to be riding!...I sit at 2,956 miles since the challenge began this year and was going to attempt to finish the year with a nice 3,000. My riding days are done for a couple weeks! Car accident this evening. Broadsided by a15 year old out joy riding! No drivers license and he was flying! Have 3 broken ribs major contusions on left elbow and other areas. Will miss a week or more of work... Sure wish I had some benefits with my job like paid time off! It's always something....
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Dec 28 22:29:00 2014
@Dameon, congrats to you too! My hats off to anybody who can put more miles on the bike than the car, and to more than double that: WOW!!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Dec 28 19:14:00 2014
@ Marty way to go!! That is an awesome acheivement!
I can modestly say that I added another 20 to my total today. We got our friends to come out and play (ride around Creve Coeur Lake and a piece of the Katy Trail)
dameon plagens Sun Dec 28 15:51:00 2014
MM - congrats , may 2012 thru may 2013 1,200 m on SUV , 5,000 on our leaf ( all-e ) and over 14,000 willing miles on our bikes , trikes! not all can make this kind of comment but every mile has its rewards in so many ways .
The best bike , trike is the one you will ride! D.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Dec 28 14:07:00 2014
For the first time since 1982, (and possibly 1983), I rode my bike more miles in a year than I drove my car. While this may be nothing for those of you who have eschewed an internal combustion engine entirely, for me at least, it is a good trend - one precipitated by everyone here on the NBC the last two years. Thanks!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Dec 28 09:32:00 2014
@Michael - You guessed it!
Sun Dec 28 08:15:00 2014
@Marty: because it's HOLY!!! Ha!!!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Dec 28 02:14:00 2014
@Burklee - They have been doing this for a few years, and with their experience, have found that they are better off using brine from brick cheese near construction sites, and brine from Swiss Cheese near churches, because its ________ (can you fill in the blank?).
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Dec 27 14:56:00 2014
"Streets paved with cheese"? That's a lot of swerving to miss all the mice. And just think how smelly that would be in the summer. I can see the headline now: "County cuts roads budget; forced to pave with limburger." That'd raise a stink, huh?
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Dec 27 14:41:00 2014

Cheese heads should be happy! Next the streets will be paved with cheese!

Paul Perry Sat Dec 27 14:14:00 2014
Taxes-I have yet to see any enforcement here, except in the case of an incident, a fine may be handed out. But they do have a way of ensuring that bikes do get registered and taxed. The bike shops have to register all new bikes sold (just like the auto dealers). They then collect the $15 fee from the customer. This doesn't help with bikes brought in from out of state, but it is at least a way for the state to get some money out of it. The registration is for life and transfers at ne fee to the new owner, and all money collected is used for bikeways/lanes/paths (or so they say).
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Dec 27 14:06:00 2014
Most bicycle taxes fail. $25 won't pay the cost of a government program of collection. In most of the info I have read it finally comes down to the fact the the car fees paid by bicycle drivers and the gas taxes paid by bicycle riders exceeds what can be collected for the the bicycle use. The other thought is that if you ride your bicycle and pay the car stuff you are a lower cost citizen than people who drive the cars while paying the car stuff.
Jaime Richard Ogas Sat Dec 27 14:03:00 2014
@Marty I still go outside to ride to work. This is the first winter I have chosen to ride every day despite the cold and snow. I find riding in snow not all that bad. Just go slowly. Even though I don't have studded tires, I have managed to stay upright. With gripshifters on my Trek 7100 I can get by wearing mittens. I'll finish the year with over 6000 miles about 300 miles less than last year.

If Chicago were to impose a $25 bicycle tax, and if it could be enforced, would out of town visitors be subject to such a tax if they bike in the city? I could ride from Milwaukee to Chicago, and I plan to next summer. I don't see how it would be fair for me to pay their bicycle tax if I don't live there.

Paul Perry Sat Dec 27 14:03:00 2014
"Distracted driving, a problem for cyclists.

It's not just motorists that get distracted.
Ashamed to admit, I almost ran over a pedestrian while on my bike when I allowed myself to get distracted for a moment. (it was a night ride- Christmas Lights tour by bike)

Paul Perry Sat Dec 27 13:51:00 2014
It's been a lot of fun following this thing. And it was especially nice seeing everyone's accomplishments. Even more so, those new to cycling.
I know the challenge was mostly about getting people to commute, but I live right in the heart of my little town. 1/8 mile to work, and everything else I need is less than a mile one way, so I logged very virtually zero transport or commuting miles. I usually just walk to do all my town errands.
Al the stories here, the accomplishments (and yes, even the leader boards) have been great inspiration and motivation. In just the seven months I've been riding again, I am already back at he pace I was when I stopped 8 years ago and on track for 2014 to be my best year ever.
Looking forward to seeing you all in the next iteration of this challenge. Maybe by then I will have moved further away (as I have been threatening to do for months) just so that I can ride my bike to work.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Dec 27 12:35:00 2014
@ Marty, we could all be Santa's helpers, getting more bikes to more people and working to make riding conditions better for all of us!
Cycling Roberto Sat Dec 27 09:29:00 2014
I just wanted to thank all the really dedicated people of the League, Kimberly-Clark, and Endomondo for putting on the NBC. I really enjoyed it. It was also fun (WITH ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION) interacting with all the other cyclists from all over. I got to beat my previous best years mileage by over 1000 miles.
See you on the road.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Dec 27 03:30:00 2014
@EM - I don't want to take Santa's job, just be his helper. I'll post a picture sometime during the next NBC, (because I probably won't make it until July or August).
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Dec 27 00:01:00 2014
@ Marty, OOH, the bike sleigh, so you can bring bikes to all the good little kids next year!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Dec 26 22:43:00 2014
Here is a link to an article about more people/communities trying to institute bicycle taxes:

@Jaimie - Only sporadically. I already handily broke my longstanding yearly mileage record for the 2nd year in a row, so with the weather, haven't been too motivated. But I just bought the fixings for making moose mitts. If I can figure out how to sew, that should get me outside a lot more starting in January. (I also bought solar and battery operated Christmas LED lights today, so I can add them to a bike sleigh I'll make for next Christmas - but that's besides the point. Clear ones for the sides, and red candy cane ones for the back of it.)

EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Dec 26 18:16:00 2014
@ Burklee & Marty, DUHH (hits herself on forehead), I knew that!
Jaime Richard Ogas Fri Dec 26 18:08:00 2014
Marty, are you still riding outside?
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Dec 26 16:51:00 2014
@EM - Happy Bicycling Day is definitely what Berklee said, plus when we're unboxing a bike on Boxing Day! (Didn't happen for me.)
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Dec 26 15:40:00 2014
@EM - Isn't everyday you get to ride a happy bicycling day? :P
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Dec 26 15:23:00 2014
@ Marty: Boxing? Isn't that the wrong sport for this forum? When do we get happy bicycling day?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Dec 26 15:22:00 2014
Distracted driving, a problem for cyclists.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Dec 26 12:17:00 2014
Happy Boxing Day everyone!
@Burklee - Sorry you're feeling under the weather. :(
David Hohmann Fri Dec 26 12:03:00 2014
20 million miles... only a couple months later than the original goal date, but still within calendar year 2013. This is all good
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Dec 26 09:22:00 2014
@J. Hugh - Looks like he'd cut a hole in the ice.
Congratulations, everyone on making 20 million miles!!! It would have been a nice day to ride today, but I caught some kind of Christmas sick. Perhaps tomorrow.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Dec 26 09:11:00 2014

Really looks dangerous!

Paul Perry Thu Dec 25 15:48:00 2014
Nice job J. That's a lotta lotta miles.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Dec 25 10:38:00 2014
Thanks Endomondo and the NBC for keeping this page alive!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Dec 25 10:37:00 2014
I totally agree with Leonard, making the 20 million is a fantastic Christmas gift. Stay safe and keep riding everyone.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Dec 25 10:35:00 2014
In any case I got in 5000+ which is a new record for me.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Dec 25 10:31:00 2014
WOO HOO!! 20 MILLION (S)MILES!!! Way to keep the wheels rolling everyone. I haven't contributed for a while, but just catching up on the posts and joining Rob's pre-challenge, makes me want to go for a ride. Its 29 degrees right now and supposed to hit 40 today. But Christmas is calling, so riding will wait for another day. Hopefully at least one more this year.....
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Dec 25 10:30:00 2014
@ Christine, congrats on the "new" heart. Between that and the "new" bike you should have an AWESOME 2014!!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Dec 25 10:10:00 2014
@ Jerry, best film of the year, loved the bike rebirth story!
Jerry Bengtson Thu Dec 25 08:50:00 2014
Merry Christmas.
Hope everyone has a great year in 2014. And a safe year.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Dec 25 08:23:00 2014
@ Laurie, congratulations on that diamond. All the best to you and that lucky guy! Hope you get a chance to earn the other kind next year.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Dec 25 08:22:00 2014
Merry Christmas everyone!
Leonard Wright Wed Dec 24 22:25:00 2014
WAY TO GO J. Hugh, congratulations on reaching your goal of 14,000+ miles. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to ride that many miles in one year.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Dec 24 21:47:00 2014
double Christmas prize! 20 million for the NBC and 14,001 Miles for me. Fabulous riders, Happy Christmas! Roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding, Leifmans Cuvee Brut all await tomorrows celebration!
Leonard Wright Wed Dec 24 19:59:00 2014
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that participated in the 2013 NBC, we made it to 20,000,000 miles. I think it's a great Christmas present for all involved and a tribute to all the people that worked so hard to give us the opportunity to challenge ourselves in 2013. I would also like to thank all the sponsors who donated their time and prizes for the 2013 NBC.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back again next year, till then let's keep in touch through the 2014 NBC Pre-warmup Challenge on Endomondo.


Nathan Woodruff Wed Dec 24 17:32:00 2014
20 Million miles.... We did it. I rode 15.66 miles today in the freezing cold to get it done. Happy Holidays everyone!
Cycling Roberto Wed Dec 24 13:56:00 2014
32 nipply pre-gift-wrapping miles. Happy Holidays!
Wed Dec 24 12:29:00 2014
@Christine, so very happy to hear you're on the road to recovery. A true Holiday Gift! Merry Christmas to all, and to all safe cycling!
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 24 10:48:00 2014
@Christine. Glad you are feeling better. Best wishes on a full recovery.
Wed Dec 24 09:10:00 2014
...J Hugh spoke of warmth, the rest of us had s#0w... Keep it going, folks!
Leonard Wright Wed Dec 24 05:53:00 2014
Tis the day before Christmas, less than 4,000 miles to go - LET'S DO THIS!!!!!


Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Dec 23 15:46:00 2014
[email protected] - I'm glad you're already feeling better! May your recovery continue smoothly, and have you feeling better than you have for years. Have a great 2014 and beyond!
Leonard Wright Tue Dec 23 14:38:00 2014
@Christine "AN",

Glad to hear your cardiac ablation went well. It's been 3 years since I had mine done and it does make a BIG difference in how you feel and how active you are able to be. Procedure was done in 2010, I had over 17,000 miles in 2012 (only reason I didn't get more was an accident that broke my collarbone and had me laid up for a number of months). Looking forward to watching your miles pile up during the 2014 NBC.

Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Dec 23 14:37:00 2014
@Christine - Glad you're on the road to getting well!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Tue Dec 23 14:26:00 2014
Hello, all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone here! I just wanted to let you know that I had the cardiac ablation on the 18th, and I can already feel the difference. I'm still tired and my heart is still pissed at me for what I put it through, but I can tell that when the NBC comes around, I'll be ready to ride ... hoping for Diamond this year! Looking forward to pedaling my arse all over town in 2014!
Jerry Bengtson Tue Dec 23 11:40:00 2014
What Does The Bike Have To Say After Confronting Death?
Benjamin Elzerman Tue Dec 23 10:08:00 2014
Bam! Diamonds People!!
Mon Dec 22 22:07:00 2014
@CR, he was much older looking than you and me. Had the long, grey, gnarly beard and hair to complete the ensemble. But I know well enough not to judge a book by its cover; I guarantee he could outride me any day of the week.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Dec 22 20:15:00 2014
No, lets not mention that we have a white christmass. Never put out bait if you don't want to catch someone or something. I think its great that they enjoy styrofoam and that other stuff that goes with it. So, just turn on the air conditioner or go for a swim to cool off, but don't be telling our enjoyments and gifts. Merry Christmass Leonard! and remember mums the word.
Leonard Wright Mon Dec 22 19:53:00 2014
J Hugh, Should we mention the fact that we do have a "White Christmas" in Florida every year (actually year around)?? Everywhere you look in Florida there are beautiful "White" sand beaches. Sand castles, swimming, picnics and fun in the sun. That is the way Florida does a "White Christmas". BTW, the temperatures hit 85 this afternoon. The north can have their "White Christmas" with all the S#@% and [email protected]!$, I'll stay with our brand of a "White Christmas".
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Dec 22 18:16:00 2014
Record temps in Florida mid and upper 80 and winter is coming back we will be in the low 70's for Christmass and beyond until the warm up. We don't need styrofoam on the ground to enjoy our winters. Mind over matter: When it comes to age if you don't mind it does not matter and off you go. another fifty miles of enjoyment.
Cycling Roberto Mon Dec 22 14:43:00 2014
25 miles in shorts~ take that Florida~
@MG, how old is "old?"
Mike Roth Mon Dec 22 14:00:00 2014
Had quite the snow storm this morning, still managed 21 miles with most roads averaging about 6" of snow on them. Getting the feel for where to be on the road when riding in the snow, driver's don't expect to see us out there. Three tail lights and a 700 lum flashing headlight gets their attention
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Dec 22 13:06:00 2014
I would like to wish everyone a happy September 113th (today). It looks like we'll get our 20 million on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas Everyone!
Peter J Feyen Mon Dec 22 10:06:00 2014
Everyone, have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and Happy New Year. Thanks Endomondo and sponsors. Safe biking and good luck next year. Ride & Smile for Life is Good.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Mon Dec 22 10:01:00 2014
Well, I just noticed the situation may hit the fan on Jan 1st. I will be riding next year.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Mon Dec 22 09:50:00 2014
I spent over 542 hours riding this year. I got too much time on my hands.
Mon Dec 22 09:06:00 2014
Temps yesterday in the 50's and 60's; gonna make a run at 70 today. All that white s#!+ melted overnight! Met an old, grizzled cyclist at the beer shop yesterday. An old Cannondale, BOB trailer, and a really great personality. We spoke for about five minutes, but he had to go. He had a 6 mile uphill ride with some groceries and 2 CASES of beer! What a guy!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Dec 22 08:20:00 2014
Let's be careful up where its cold.

Frozen brakes cause recall and frostbite in one hour.

Bruce Layton Sun Dec 21 19:45:00 2014
Glastonbury, CT, after about a foot on snow last week, it warmed up in 40's yesterday and 50's today, sides of roads were clear of snow pretty good, nice to get in a ride today..
Jaime Richard Ogas Sun Dec 21 16:08:00 2014
The NBC should go on year round! Some of us do indeed ride through the winter. If anything the warmup before the challenge should start on January 1 instead of March 1.
Jaime Richard Ogas Sun Dec 21 16:03:00 2014
I managed to log in 3 miles last night despite the sleet and freezing rain. I still have logged in miles everyday in this month. Tommorrow will be a challenge with the upcoming snowstorm!
Bill Hanger Sun Dec 21 16:03:00 2014
Tammie, I took the full force of the handlebar end to the ribs as well. Happened about three weeks ago and still hurts to breath deep or when I sneeze. Though I did it to myself trying to bunny hop over a fallen log.
Cycling Roberto Sun Dec 21 15:19:00 2014
Mike Roth Sun Dec 21 14:51:00 2014
Ray S - I once heard a say that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission :) I'd say give it a try if there's no kids on the ice!
Mike Roth Sun Dec 21 13:14:00 2014
Paul - I did two for you.. the rest was for me and the dog! Check out the studded tires for your commuter bike, less expesive than a Surly.

10 miles on the Pugsly, 5 with the dog and 2 fofr Paul and 5 for me. 80% was either across the lake or breaking trail through the snow. Maiden ride with studded tires, didn't need them off the lake but it was just enough grip to make it safe on the lake when you weren't on snow.

Rob Gusky Sun Dec 21 10:28:00 2014
Hi Tammie - sorry to hear about that, hope you heal up soon. You gave me an idea for a way all NBC'ers can keep up with each other until the 2014 NBC site is up. I have created a 2014 NBC Pre-warmup Challenge in Endmondono at http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/13586751. Everyone is welcome to join and it is a way we can keep the conversation going. This challenge begins January 1, but the comments are open now.
Paul Jeffries Sun Dec 21 10:22:00 2014
Hi, Mike...I am with you in spirit, but I am afraid the main snow I dealt with was on the road during my short ride to campus to hand in my last grade sheet of the semester this morning. Yea! Let the holiday (Christmas for me) break begin!! So are you going to be riding IN the snow storm heaing our way tomorrow? My wife was picking up a gift for a friend at a local bike shop in Appleton and commented on trying to ride in the snow. The own told her a Surly could still make it through...but I seriously doubt that will make my wife as open as yours was for the snow machine! Do a mile or two for me. I will think of you while snowblowing. On to 20 million anyway and anywhere we can! Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone.

PS Congrats, Laurie! Now you just have to convince your fiance that he needs to help you get that "other" kind of diamond in the new year(maybe together?)...that way you can get BOTH kinds! ;-)

Tammie Porter Sun Dec 21 00:46:00 2014
Congrats Laurie! I think I would prefer your kind of diamond! Got an email saying that NBC will become inactive as of Jan 1. Does this mean no more ability for this chat forum. Do we say goodbye until it starts back in the spring? I need your support! It is lonely here.... especially when I can't stay off the pavement! Yep, did it again but not as bad this time. The pain in my ribs is a different story! Took almost all of the fall directly onto the end of the handlebar of my hybrid bike right into my ribcage! Just missed a curb on a night ride with friends. Did not realize until the last second we were going up onto the sidewalk and could not make the turn!
Peter F Van Horn Sat Dec 20 19:43:00 2014
Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year. Thank You endomondo for keeping the site all year.
Thank You. Merry Christmass
Ray S Sat Dec 20 17:54:00 2014
Sounds like a great weekend, Mike! I have studded tires under the Christmas tree, so I'm hoping for an ice storm. I doubt I'll be able to ride on a lake, but a couple of the county parks have ice skating, I wonder if they'll let me take my bike out.
Mike Roth Sat Dec 20 16:16:00 2014
Snow and in the 20's for the weekend, a lake with 12+ inches of ice and studded tires for the Surly. I think I'll put on some miles
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Dec 20 15:01:00 2014
Congratulations LaurieR Bless your heart ScottR I think traditions should be rethought. Giving a ring is such an ownership thing, while if someone asks you to marry them and gives you a new Bike that would be so freeing.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Dec 20 12:37:00 2014
@Laurie - Congratulations to you both!!! YEA!!!!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Dec 20 11:48:00 2014
@Laurie - Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Now, just because you have that, in 2014, don't forget about your bike or the NBC. (I do understand your priorities being slightly different than they were.)
Sat Dec 20 11:38:00 2014
Awright, @Laurie!!! Congratulations to you and the Lucky Guy! Best of Wishes to you!
Laurie Rescheske Sat Dec 20 10:51:00 2014
Well, I didn't make diamond by year's end as I had hoped, but I did get the "other" diamond I was hoping for! It looks so pretty and sparkly on my finger :)
Scot Rose Sat Dec 20 08:56:00 2014
I've got 35 miles of commuting left over 4 days in the slushy, snowy paradise of Vermont roads.
Sat Dec 20 07:52:00 2014
Sorry, @Noel, I fear that today's commute may be my last mileage for the year. Since I'm off from work all of next week, the steel horse goes to the LBS for the annual overhaul. With any luck I'll have 'er back for Monday 12/30. To everybody here, have a Blessed, Safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyous Festivus, or whatever holiday/Holyday you may or may not celebrate. Ride Safe in 2014. It's been a real pleasure following everybody this year.
Noel Cleland Sat Dec 20 07:45:00 2014
Getting close - only 42,000 miles to go to reach 20 million before the end of the year. Keep those pedals churning (of course, that's easy for me to say from Miami)...
Tim Smith Fri Dec 19 08:38:00 2014
We installed one at work (LexisNexis in Dayton OH) back in the early spring. Don’t think of its use as success, it’s more of an insurance policy. It makes people feel more comfortable that they have options if something does happen, which means they are more likely to start riding to work. We also keep the more common tubes for the employees to use. To us, success was did it drive more people to ride and it did.
The city of Springboro, where a lot of our employees live, just installed their 1st of 5 they plan to install over the next couple of years. They used the Fixtation. www.bikefixtation.com
Fri Dec 19 07:57:00 2014
Good to hear, @Paul. A good addition to Paradise! I had a winter day here again this morning; 17 degrees when I left the castle. Buuuut, gonna hit the low 40's. MELT, DAMN S*^$!!!!
Paul Perry Fri Dec 19 03:40:00 2014
New Bike Repair Station at FMB! A bicycle repair station has been installed near the mauka entrance of the Fasi Municipal Building. The Fixit stand, made by Dero, has an air pump, a stand to hold a bike, and several tools for bike maintenance and minor repairs. This is the first Fixit station the City has installed; more could be in the works if this one is popular with the public.
Paul Perry Thu Dec 18 18:03:00 2014
We had a winter day here last week. It got down to 62. I almost had to pit sleeves on. :-P

Seriously though....much respect to all of you riding in those adverse conditions. Not sure I could handle it, but may get my chance to see next year. Time for a new adventure...

Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Dec 18 17:21:00 2014
J. Hugh - As Florida refuses to participate in winter with the rest of us, they are not part of my consideration. :)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Dec 18 17:12:00 2014
Also, you can not visit the page now for NBC since its still redirected here. Surprises await on January 1 or whenever they start it up.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Dec 18 16:58:00 2014
BCCG In Florida Winter does not begin until sometime in December and is over by early March. I think it matter where a person is to relate seasons and temperature. Hawaii would be one season.
Thu Dec 18 12:36:00 2014
@Marty, just shift over to the 'Winter Biking Challenge': http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/11251965
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Dec 18 12:19:00 2014
Endomondo/NBC just posted a note at the top of this page, stating that they are shutting this page down as of December 31st. Start preparing now for the inevitable withdrawl symptoms.
Thu Dec 18 11:43:00 2014
@Burklee, at least the days are going to start getting longer starting on Saturday. No matter what you call it or how you calculate it, Spring is coming either way!
Peter F Van Horn Thu Dec 18 11:18:00 2014
Merry christmass and a Happy Peacefull New Year everyone. Thank You to Endomondo for keeping this website going until the end of 2013.
Prayer for everyone. Lord Bless You.
Thank You
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Dec 18 11:10:00 2014
I've decided that from now on, I'm going with the Celtic method of reckoning the start and end of seasons. They didn't use the equinoxes and solstices to recognize the start of their seasons, they used the "cross-quarters" of Samhain (approximately Halloween), Imbolc (around Groundhog Day), Beltaine(1st week-ish of May), and Lughnasad(1st week-ish of August). It makes more sense to me to say that winter begins at Halloween, since by the middle of November layers upon layers are already required. And it makes the groundhog's job seem more important. (Really, who doesn't want the groundhog to feel important?) Just think, using that method, we're about halfway done with winter!!
Thu Dec 18 08:40:00 2014
By the way, a big Thank You to the @Endomondo folks for keeping this discussion board up for so long. Considering the Challenge ended almost 3 months ago, we've still been able to enjoy each other's company and comaraderie. Thanks, Endo!
Thu Dec 18 08:09:00 2014
18 degrees at the igloo this morning. I know, Spring Thaw for you folks in Wisconsin, but nippy for us here in eastern PA. Congrats to those of you stilll hitting milestones; great to see people still out there pounding the pavement (or trail, or s$&%, or whatever you pound).
@JW, good luck with the glasses. I have a pair of prescriptions from my eye doc, but they're more 'sports glasses' than cycling-specific. My problem is that they're dark polarized sun glasses; useless for morning and afternoon commute at this time of year. I need to get a pair of clear/amber lenses. Next year. If it matters, I use a handlebar-mounted mirror; works fine for me.
@Jerry, Thanks for the video. How's that heated jacket working out? My heated pants and seat were necessary this morning, that's for sure!
Stay safe out there today, all.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Dec 18 07:47:00 2014
Thanks so much Hugh - it feels great! And thank all of you here for the comeraderie and support. It's been an adventure.
JW Jamerson Wed Dec 17 21:56:00 2014
@ MG, Thanks for your suggestions. Six weeks ago my eye doc order two pairs of “biking eyeglasses” but after four weeks of back & forth with the supplier & glasses lab we were not successful. I was quite disappointed and began looking online but to no end. I see tons of safety glasses but not “biking glasses” with the prescription (transitions/progressive/UV) extending back to the end of the curved lens.
@ Brad, I’m a bit stubborn about mirrors but your tips are well received. The Bike-Eye looks promising. I kind of like that concept. I may have to give them a try to see when vehicles approach from the rear.
I’m still open to more suggestions if anyone else wants to chip in. I will continue to explore options and advise if successful. Stay safe everyone, enjoy your holidays and keep on biking.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 17 21:13:00 2014
Stuff bicyclists say
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Dec 17 18:51:00 2014
Congratulations Brad (nearly normal) Waldoch on 10,000 miles this year. Looks like lots of styrofoam on the ground in Wisconsin.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Dec 17 17:19:00 2014
@Edgar - Nice story! I hope next year brings lots of biking to both of you.
I had a one speed clunker, and would ride 1 or 2 miles here and there, and then a friend in HS told me about a 100 mile charity ride. So, without any training, I borrowed my sister's 10 speed, and finished it despite not being able to get her bike seat any higher. (Leg cramps after 24 miles.) FFW a few years, and I did a 300 mile 6 day bike camping trip with my FIL. The next year, I wanted to do a Tri, so finally rode a bit. Then in 1982, gave my car away, and really started riding. (Yes, I'm old.)
Wed Dec 17 16:49:00 2014
Happy Holydays to All....thank you for all the great advice and ecouragement throughout the year! I also wanted to share this blog with funny stories of how my wife got into bicycles...do you all still remember what got you to ride?
Rob Gusky Wed Dec 17 13:41:00 2014
Paul - thanks for the help!
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Dec 17 08:21:00 2014
JW Jamerson - The bifocal transition can also be pushed lower down on request. That way you can still read your computer, but most of your view will be distance. I also agree that a mirror is the way to go, the trick is finding one that works well for you. On my MTB I like the helmet mounted mirror, it is always there and has a great field of view. However using that on my road bike and I'm mostly just looking at my shoulder. A bar end mirror isn't too bad there, but I'm still trying to find something better. Next season I plan on trying the Bike-Eye Frame mount mirror.
Wed Dec 17 08:10:00 2014
Hey, @Ben, I've been the only one at the bike rack since late September! During the nice weather, there's 4-5 of us. Luckily our bike parking is in an underground garage.
Gave the studs their first run this morning in an inch of fresh powder. Felt so much safer and more in control. The best investment I've made in a looong time.
Benjamin Elzerman Wed Dec 17 07:36:00 2014
I'm getting my Diamond in 4 days!! 8°F is pretty chilly, and I had to shovel out my spot at the bike rack (the only bike there) this morning.
Paul Perry Wed Dec 17 03:59:00 2014
Rob, I use HRM, but with Garmin. Wahoo fitness makes a BT HRM for use with iphone. Lots of good reviews. Anything you want to know about bike tech, this is THE. MAN.: DC Rainmaker:
http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2012/01/wahoo-fitness-blue-hr-bluetooth-low.html They also have a BT speed/cadence sensor.
Tue Dec 16 23:14:00 2014
@Marty, let us know throughout the winter how things work out. Stay safe, all.
@Rob, can't help; sorry.
Rob Gusky Tue Dec 16 23:05:00 2014
Need some help - Anyone here using HRM with Iphone and Endomondo. I'd like to begin tracking HR for training.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Dec 16 22:37:00 2014
@Michael - The tire for the rear wheel will be a Kenda Klondike (makes me hungry). It has 252 studs in it. And the cheapie tire for the front is a CST MTB All Purpose, that I'll put 60 machine screws in. I'll have them ready to go by Wednesday or Thursday. It will be interesting to see which works best - but for the $50 price difference, I thought it was worth a shot.
Enjoy your riding!
Tue Dec 16 20:41:00 2014
Just finished putting the new winter tires on and trying them out. OH. MY. GAWD!!!!!! Those things are incredible!! Tried them out on clear ice and frozen, rutted slush. Monster difference. Weather folks calling for 2-3 inches tonight; I really hope it comes (I can't believe I just said that!).
dameon plagens Tue Dec 16 18:44:00 2014
GW - they need to change the date to Jan - Feb.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Dec 16 17:18:00 2014
Less than 79,000 miles to go...
Gregg Warning Tue Dec 16 15:40:00 2014
Milwaukee's underwear ride lol : http://wisconsinbikefed.org/2013/12/16/milwaukee-underwear-bike-ride/
Cycling Roberto Tue Dec 16 15:24:00 2014
20 windy, slushy, icy miles that I must say I'm glad are behind me. Just like my thoughts about a certain bloated Floridian.
Tue Dec 16 14:24:00 2014
I'd still recommend a mirror. On urban streets I couldn't safely navigate without it.
Tue Dec 16 14:21:00 2014
Also, your prescription may have to be altered slightly. I wear a bifocal, but my bike glasses (not the wraps like you want) we're made for the distance lens only. You may have to make the same change.
Tue Dec 16 14:14:00 2014
@JW, there are sport eyewear vendors out there in web-land. You can get a prescription from your eye doctor to send to them. Unfortunately you can't try them on ahead of time, and returns may be dicey as well. If you have one of the more (unfortunately) expensive stores like Oakley near you, give them a try. I have no experience in this matter other than some research for myself so can't speak from actual experience. You can also try one of the mall-based shops who carry a much larger selection than your eye physician. Again, get your prescription in writing and take it with you. Keep us updated please.
JW Jamerson Tue Dec 16 14:11:00 2014
TO ALL: Much appreciate your sharing of biking information, pictures and videos! Please keep sharing!! As a newbie every day is another learning opportunity for me. I get a daily dose of inspiration from all you road warriors as you peddle the miles away and/or ride in all types of weather. RESPECT! I have what I hope is a simple question @ bicycle prescription eye wear. I’m in the market for bicycle goggles/glasses that carry the prescription all the way around to the back edge of the curved lens. When looking back over my shoulder I often have difficulty seeing to the rear. I’m too stubborn for contacts so I need help! Does this type of eyewear exist or should I … (yikes)… just get mirrors? All tips and suggestions are appreciated! Take care and stay safe out their!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Dec 16 13:30:00 2014
CR I have just received an email from a friend of yours. I am sorry for offending you and will pray for you. I am terribly sorry for the pain and suffering you are experiencing..
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Dec 16 09:57:00 2014
12° and sunny for the ride to work this morning. Jeans, long-sleeve shirt, fleece jacket, wind vest, headband, gaiter, gloves. My legs were a bit cold as I had only one layer there, but I warmed up nicely once inside the building. The gaiter Jay made is really warm. In fact, my neck was actually a little sweaty when I got here. I'll take that, though, because I couldn't ride in this weather without it - I'd have a terrible cough from the cold. 14th Street is finally cleared of snow so I could ride today. They don't even touch the residential streets after snow here, so I have to be content to wait for them to become clear by warmer weather. Oh well, nice to be able to ride again.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Dec 16 09:25:00 2014
@J. Hugh – Nice video. Thanks.
@CR – Very nice pic. They appear to do a better job of clearing the roads in PA than they do here in NE.
Cycling Roberto Tue Dec 16 08:57:00 2014
@MG, ever since J Huge decided to call me a cheater, the gloves are off. I doubt this clown even owns a bike.
Tue Dec 16 08:38:00 2014
@J. Hugh, thanks for the article; funny read before real work starts this a.m. It's the week before Christmas, can you and @CR play nice, please?
@CR, nice pic, keep sharing.
@Tammie, good to hear from you again. Dress for success, get out there in the cold! It was 23 degrees this morning and I was toasty warm. Just have to wear the right combination. I LOVE my UnderArmour.
@Marty, which studded tire did you buy? My Nokian 160's come today; can't wait to try them tomorrow morning in 2 fresh inches of sh!+ over ice. MLW thinks I need to "swallow my ambition in weather like this." I love her anyway.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Dec 16 07:33:00 2014

Funny and curious story about commuters

Cycling Roberto Mon Dec 15 16:32:00 2014
What's boring are slams from some flat lander who is hung up on being "funny."
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Dec 15 16:22:00 2014
Another styrofoam photo of the north. Boring.
Cycling Roberto Mon Dec 15 15:14:00 2014
27 slushy miles to hit 12,000 miles.


Tammie Porter Mon Dec 15 14:46:00 2014
Finally got my computer back and was able to upload my measly 46 miles I have ridden in the past week. I truly admire those of you riding in the cold "S" and such. I don't go out below 45 degrees! Yes, I am a hot house plant! Thanks for updating us on the status of your bike Jerry! LOL I was concerned about it. Getting dressed for a short about 15 or so mile ride today. Hope I can survive since I have not been able to ride much. I have a very, very slow leak in my rear tire and am waiting for someone to replace my tubes. He kept having flats ant borrowing my stash until I was out'! Now he says has ordered.... itck tock... tick tock!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Dec 15 11:04:00 2014
@Leonard - Thanks. For some strange reason, it hasn't been as easy to get miles in up in WI. But, yesterday, I did buy a studded tire, so maybe that will change a bit.
Leonard Wright Mon Dec 15 07:56:00 2014
Beautiful morning for a ride. Left the house at 3:30am (it was 71 degrees out), couldn't pass up the opportunity to get in another night ride. Got in 45 miles before sunrise - I'm trying to do my part to get that last 100,000 miles this year and hit our goal of 20,000,000 miles.
Joshua Buck Mon Dec 15 00:58:00 2014
just did 6.3 miles in the pounding sleet with up to three or four inches of snow under it at times. Had to walk about 3/4 mile on a road that was just unrideable. Man did I have some fun.
Sun Dec 14 20:50:00 2014
My wife spent all day making soups/stews while I put lights up in the back yard. In the [email protected]#*. Homemade chicken soup after a cold afternoon outside, doesn't get much better than that. Glad you stayed safe, @CR. Got my run in early this morning before this sh!+storm started.
Cycling Roberto Sun Dec 14 20:28:00 2014
I rode 25 sn*wy miles today. As long as it wasn't sticking everywhere, no problem. Better than fog or rain. Came home and made soup and baked some bread. Now the streets are buried, and it looks like this might go on all night.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Dec 14 18:25:00 2014
We now have just under 100,000 miles to go to reach 20 million! It looks like it will happen either on September 115th, (otherwise known as Christmas Eve), Christmas, or Boxing Day.
@Michael - The Gladware containers will melt down best if you sauté them beforehand, with the onions and/or garlic. Enjoy the wine!
Sun Dec 14 12:50:00 2014
Hit the grocery store for a few items this morning before the dendritic frozen rain started. A nice young couple started complimenting me on my bike; we had a nice discussion. Came home with a few bags of frozen veggies for soup, some Gladware containers for the soup, 1/2 dozen donuts, and two bottles of wine for later. Need the wine for s#%+ shoveling duty. Stay safe today, everyone. @Jerry, hope the bumps/bruises feel better today.
Leonard Wright Sun Dec 14 05:31:00 2014
J. Hugh,

Thank you for posting the link to the video, it's beautiful. It captures the essence of cycling in a way very few people ever understand. A must see for everyone that enjoys riding a bike.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Dec 13 23:37:00 2014
@J Hugh - Thanks for the really nice video.
@Jerry - I hope you recover quickly.
@Michael - I'm glad you're in PA.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Dec 13 21:54:00 2014
JW Jamerson Sat Dec 13 19:06:00 2014
Jerry glad to know you are “okay!” Take care get some well-earned rest and come back strong in the saddle.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Dec 13 19:02:00 2014
@J.Hugh. Of course I went to the chiropractor. The day before my fall.
Sat Dec 13 16:10:00 2014
...and odor-resistant!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Dec 13 15:56:00 2014
MG I'll just hope that those pants are flame retardant.
Sat Dec 13 15:54:00 2014
I have heated pants. Fueled by natural gas ;-)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Dec 13 15:42:00 2014
JerryB Did you get your Chiro adjustment? It has been shown to speed healing after a fall.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Dec 13 14:55:00 2014
I just bought a DeWalt Heated jacket for the cold days. You can get one with or without a hood.
Jim Franzen Sat Dec 13 13:49:00 2014
After a week of riding with temperatures around 1 degree, riding in today at 19 seemed almost balmy. HA HA
Jerry Bengtson Sat Dec 13 12:33:00 2014
Bike is OK.
Sat Dec 13 09:48:00 2014
Glad you're not a guest at St. Eligius, @Jerry. Don't push the recovery; take the week off like the doctor said so. I'll have that steak for ya. How's the bike?
Ray S Sat Dec 13 09:43:00 2014
That sucks, Jerry. It sounds like you are okay, how about the bike?
Jerry Bengtson Sat Dec 13 09:35:00 2014
Back home again. Just bruises. Road up into the mountains yesterday. It was cold in the canyons. Wet roads. Some icing. But I was being careful. But when I was back down in the plains, I was crossing the railroad tracks. I thought they were wet. But they had iced over. I was going slow but still hit hard. Rode five miles home. Then the pain got worse. So I decided I shoud have it checked out. So no riding for about a week. Bummer. I was planning on riding higher in the mountains today. The doctor let me go home last night. I told him I was hungry. Either feed me a steak or give me my discharge papers. He said steak was too expensive and sent me home.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Sat Dec 13 07:12:00 2014
So what's going on Jerry?
Sat Dec 13 06:43:00 2014
Nothing serious, we hope, @Jerry. Thoughts and prayers coming at you...
Sat Dec 13 06:28:00 2014
Jerry Bengtson Sat Dec 13 01:04:00 2014
Back in the hospital again.
Fri Dec 12 16:42:00 2014
Just got an email, my Nokians are on the way. I'm stoked!!!! Shame I won't have them to try out on Saturday amidst our next blast of late-late fall weather.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Dec 12 15:40:00 2014
DP Correction LW is a senior rider, old guys must be 80+.
Leonard Wright Fri Dec 12 13:32:00 2014
@DP, it was chilly down here this morning - got down to 63 overnight. I waited for the sun to come up so it would warm up a bit before I started my ride. Yes I know, I'm a wimp but at least I'm a warm wimp :-)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Dec 12 12:45:00 2014
I am currently completing a test of chains of different makers. My protocol is to use a wax based lube due to sand and to apply it once a week at the end of a ride. After letting it dry i wipe the chain off since the exterior plates just spread the lube to the cassette and derailleur wheels. I change the change when the park tool shows .50 or more stretch. 1. Sram 1800 miles per chain for two units. 2. KMC Chain 1900 miles per chain for two units. 3. Wipperman 2850 miles for first chain with second chain put on December 1.

The Wipperman, if you can get it at a good price is really good. After the Wipperman I wil be test the Shimano ultegra 6700. Also, I would never ride a chain with more than .75 in stretch due to cassette damage.

The Wax based lube is White lightning. I do it at the end of the ride since heat of use opens a chain to let the chain penetrate according to some 'experts'. It does make sense to me.

dameon plagens Fri Dec 12 12:36:00 2014
up to 12 at 5 am as I left ,better then the -2s and low lows of 4 to 6 - bike lanes still a mess and our river (the Truckee ) is now frozen shore to shore which did not happen til late Jan. last year and fairing fogs over from heat of legs and the challenges of riding in these last few days before winter sets in leads me to thoughts of an old guy smiling down in Fl. Ride on L.W.
Fri Dec 12 09:43:00 2014
@Brad, the lubing I did last night was a two-pronged effort. The pivot points on the deraulleur were sticking in the extreme cold yesterday morning, so I obviously needed to refresh them. The chain was simply a quick and dirty way to flush the road salt/guck off of it till I can give it a proper cleaning. The White Lightning Epic Ride is a light, synthetic lube that literally flows like water, but penetrates and holds really well. I've had really good service with it. The difference this morning was 'night-and-day'.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Dec 12 08:31:00 2014
Most componenets and bearings on a modern bike will last an exceptionally long time, however chains are the one component that you do need to think about and give constant TLC. ALL chains will stretch and wear, and if you let it go too long it will take the cassette with it (the chain rings are a little more resistant as they have many more teeth engaged, but if you work at it you can ruin those too). How much they stretch will depend on which chain, how you ride, terrain, weather, lube... The system that was proffered to me was to have about 5 chains and rotate then through every 1000 miles, by the time they all get to 5000 they're done and it's time to give a close look at the other components. Because of laziness or finances I swaped out my first chain at 2500 miles and stuck with that, at least for my first round. The stock chain that came on it (Ultegra), stretched .31 in overall length. The chains I've been using since (Dura -Ace) have typically stretched .06-.12 ovarall for the same 2500 miles. A freind has has good results with Campagnolo. Athough I think instead of using miles to determine how long to use a chain, stretch would be a better indicator. As some of you have mentioned (Michael G) lube is critcal. Lube often. I think after a ride is the best time, that gives the lube time to set up and minimizes spatter when you do start riding. Spray it down, work it in and then wipe it down. The stuff that matters is what seeps inside - the outter surfaces just need a film and unless you use a solvent, you're not going to wipe the protective film away. Too much is just gonna splatter all over as you ride, and attract dirt and grit (abrasive). For what it's worth; my favored lube is Pro Gold in a 16oz. spritzer bottle.
Fri Dec 12 07:50:00 2014
Good morning, all: 22 degrees and styrofoaming with a vengeance when I departed the hacienda this morning. FUN RIDE!!! Streets just barely starting to get slick so had to be careful at intersections, but a really enjoyable ride otherwise. After getting home yesterday I flooded my chain and touched-up the other drive train pivot points with White LIghtning Epic lube. Rode much, much better this morning. Can't wait till the Holiday break to give 'er a good, proper overhaul.
Paul Perry Fri Dec 12 05:38:00 2014
22 lbs for my road bike. 31 for my mountain bike and a 60t big ring to boot. I looove the hills.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Dec 11 18:13:00 2014
Actually you do get styrofoam coating south of the Mason Dixon line. They have Ski resorts south of that line. The line separates PA and MD. Surveyed in colonial times by the Kings Royal Survey Team.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Dec 11 18:10:00 2014
pcr that's a lot of styrofoam on the ground. Wow. looks pretty boring
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Dec 11 18:00:00 2014
For 2013, I was a whole herd of social butterflies, coming in at 92.8%, which is unheard of for me. (It would have been 83% if my bike trip had happened.)
Thu Dec 11 16:52:00 2014
Nice pic, @CR.
Easiest way for me to lighten my bike (1998 Giant Boulder, steel frame animal) would be to cut back on my baked goods, red meat and scotch habits. Yeah, right!
Cycling Roberto Thu Dec 11 15:24:00 2014
You just don't get cycling like this south of the Mason Dixon Line... As for the weight discussion, this being a family-oriented site, I will tastefully decline to post my usual suggestion thereby "eliminating" any chance of ridicule.
Peter J Feyen Thu Dec 11 15:16:00 2014
@ Brad ( Nearly Normal ?) Waldock, I ride to slow to group ride and in last on every ride unless someone breaks down. @ CB A least your road is clear, my street is still s packed.
Cycling Roberto Thu Dec 11 15:14:00 2014
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Dec 11 14:01:00 2014
Peter and et al, that's riding with people too much for me. Also, my bike was chosen for frame geometry, components and wheels and that the cyclocross bike might hold up to the Belgian Draft Horse pounding that I put it through. That it was light turned out to be the bonus not the goal. I will finish a round of chain testing soon and just started testing a new (for me) tire. So far, there are no stretch proof chains, most are not even resistant.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Dec 11 13:46:00 2014
Peter I ride alone 97.2% of the time; you should be more of a social buttrerfly like me ;-))
Peter J Feyen Thu Dec 11 12:47:00 2014
The last time I weighed my bike with all the unused tubes, spare parts, tools, slide-in trunk and Camel Back backpack with water bladder = about a light 45 lbs. I ride alone 97.9 % of the time.
Thu Dec 11 11:59:00 2014
@Brad, nothing wrong with being a Weight Weenie. Back in my backpacking days, I preached it like a Minister on steroids. You know, cut the handle off your toothbrush then drill holes in what's left. An ounce in the morning is a pound at night.
Thu Dec 11 10:51:00 2014
Will do, @Marty. Thanks for the tip! Your city workers are like our Public Works crews; salt (to them) is cheap, so they spread it like frosting on a cake.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Dec 11 10:37:00 2014
17# is pretty impressive Hugh. I get yelled at all the time to stop being such a weight weinie, yet my carbon everything road bike comes in at 20#. But 2 years later what still impresses me the most is that my friends 'wrought iron' bike (steel Waterford) also comes in at 20#!!! Doesn't that just mess with all your preconceptions.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Dec 11 10:25:00 2014
@Michael - Get yourself a bottle of CorrosionX, and spray it on everything on your bike, including the spoke nipples, to keep them from seizing up. I did it the start of last March, and went through a month of the 3 S's, s($>, slush, and salt, and have not had to relube it yet. And in Milwaukee, they area city workers don't think of salt as a condiment, but more like an all-you-can-eat buffet for the roads. Most bike shops don't have it, so you will have to get it online. I bought the 16 oz pump spay version, and that will be enough to last me at least 20 years, spraying my bikes, car parts, locks, etc... It was designed for saltwater marine use, and is safe for electronics. (One video show them spraying the back end of an oscillating room fan while it is running and with the cover off.)
Ray S Thu Dec 11 09:44:00 2014
My road bike isn't that light. My Allez weighs 23lbs in current form, the TriCross is 29. Both weighed via a luggage scale while suspended from front wheel. The tires alone on my TriCross weigh about 3.25lbs (for the pair) according to the manufacturer's website. I'm not sure how much the rack on the back weighs, but it makes the back end feel pretty heavy. I really don't notice the weight, most of the extra work seems to be trying to breathe through the ninja mask.
Thu Dec 11 09:20:00 2014
Remember that non-moving deraulleur thread we had a few weeks ago? Guess who had the same thing this morning. 16 degrees at the yurt this morning, and I know there was moisture on it from riding home yesterday. Took 2-3 blocks for it to give, but it finally broke free and worked fine. Lots of ice on the roads,both black and block; had to pick my lines carefully and take turns slowly, but all worked out OK. MLW again gave me grief for riding in today; I'm embracing these challenges head-on. Besides, it WAS pretty with the white decorations on the bushes and trees.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Dec 11 09:20:00 2014
@Jerry - Try one of the bike co-ops in the area. I don't know exactly where you are, but communitycycles.org says Colorado has 6; 3 in Denver, 1 in Boulder, and 1 in Golden. There may be others. I looked at that site a few months back and saw they had nothing listed for Nebraska. They've updated since I sent them info about Lincoln & Omaha. I just noticed that they have nothing listed for Kansas, and I'm pretty sure last year's NBC winner talked about volunteering at one in Topeka. Good for you, good for your community! (Disclaimer: I've been a huge fan of bike co-ops since I got involved in running the one here.)
Wed Dec 10 19:32:00 2014
I don't mind either hot or cold, but at least with cold I can always put more on. In heat, there's only so much I can remove before it gets really embarrassing (if not illegal). I just came in from digging-out six different neighbors' cars/parking spots. Full-body workout, ranks up there with @Karen-Jeans swimming. Gonna be dangerous riding in tomorrow morning; all this slop got soft and mushy this afternoon, but they want lows in the low 20's tonight. Gonna freeze solid.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Dec 10 18:54:00 2014
NinJa Ray ride on man. My cyclocross bike weighs 17#, just how light is your road bike?

JerryB I understand the finances part, that's why the pawn Or you should check to see what the university students are unloading at the end of term. Around here you can get some pretty sweet beaters that could be put into service.

Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 17:31:00 2014
@j. Hugh. I only started riding seriously just over two years ago. I had a Trek Hybrid which I never rode for 1 1/2 years after I bought my road bike. So I ended up selling it. I wish I had not sold it now. I would like to get another bike for winter riding. It is a matter of finances, especially with this years medical bills. Plus trying to find a bike on Craig's List that I like.
Ray S Wed Dec 10 17:25:00 2014
Nothing wrong with a little snow and cold, I enjoy being able to ride without eating bugs (they are all frozen) or having to worry about sunblock (no exposed skin) It is also nice having trails almost to myself. And night riding can be fun when the trail is clear, but the sides are snow covered, with enough moonlight, you don't even need a headlight. Plus, my cross bike weighs 25% more than my road bike and all the extra weight of the cold weather gear means I'm getting a much better workout and will (hopefully) be much faster in the spring. And the best part? All my winter gear is black, so I get to pretend I'm a bike riding ninja :D
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Dec 10 16:19:00 2014
JB I find it hard to think of you as a one bike kinda guy. Another storm headed your way so just think about it. What about a used or pawned bike that you could elevate to the s&*# and ick scene. You could put moonlander tires on the right fat frame.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 14:43:00 2014
I wish I had a fat tire bike so I could be out riding in the snow. My bike shop said I should have one. But for some reason they wanted me to pay for it.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 14:42:00 2014
I am starting to see asphalt today. Tiny sections are poking through the white stuff.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Dec 10 13:47:00 2014
66 when I left for 51 miles wind from mostly the south 80 when I arrived home for lunch. I don't care anymore! I have decided to join Leonard an rub it in. Oh! look new winter storm on the way, gosh our high here will only be 70, I wonder if I should use my cooling armorall or a regular jersey.
Wed Dec 10 13:06:00 2014
@Jerry, I have an actual written 'bucket list', and skydiving is #1 in line. Much to MLW's dismay. At terminal velocity I would think that water--in any state--would sting.
The comments I've been getting from coworkers today have been priceless. "Did you ride your bike today? Really? Nah, c'mon, you can't be serious? You're nuts!" My replies have all been the same: "It was fun, and I got here faster than most of you stuck in traffic in your cars!"
I decided on the Nokian Mount and Ground W160's. On their way!
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 12:58:00 2014
We hate you Florida.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 12:53:00 2014
When I used to skydive, which I still miss, when we jumped in crystallized rain or regular rain, it was not completely overcast. So we were able to see the dropzone. The interested thing about jumping in rain, is the visual effect. It appears as if you are at the top of a funnel. The rain starts as a point and appears to funnel out as you are falling. And rain stings at 120mph. And crystallized rain really stings.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Dec 10 11:51:00 2014
@Jerry - Thanks for the video links. For anyone clicking on Jerry's Dear Motorist link from 2 hours ago, there are other videos on the right side of the page. One is of a cyclist facing backward on his bike going down a switchbacked mountain road at speeds up to 50 mph. I don't think I'll try that.
Wed Dec 10 10:18:00 2014
@Jerry, my lovely wife used a bunch of non-printable sentence enhancers this morning when I finally convinced her that I WAS riding to work in the blizzard. Skydiving? I'd love, love, love to, but don't think I'd get spousal support. How'd you spot your LZ in the crystallized rain?
Nice video. Some people have way too much free time on their hands!
@CR, you're forgiven. We all slip-up once in a while. JUST LIKE I DID IN THE S%&$ THIS MORNING!!!! HA!
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 10:12:00 2014
@Michael. You should try skydiving in crystallized rain.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 10:08:00 2014
I guess I need to improve my bike handling skills.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 10:06:00 2014
Photobucket.com for photos.
Cycling Roberto Wed Dec 10 10:03:00 2014
@MG, Facebook. Sorry for the mention of the s word.
Wed Dec 10 09:54:00 2014
For those of you who upload/share photos, what services do you use? I don't (and probably will never) do Facebook, so that's out of the question. I'd like to share some of my pics but need a simple way to upload them without being blasted by advertisements or spam. Comments and criticisms welcome.
Wed Dec 10 09:50:00 2014
Looking out the window, it's actually very pretty ouside now. Looking out over the city rooftops and City Park, the white stuff is sticking to everything. A veritable Winter Wonderland.
Wed Dec 10 09:50:00 2014
Cycling Roberto Wed Dec 10 09:49:00 2014
@MG, no worries. My road bikes do not do snow.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 09:46:00 2014
Wed Dec 10 07:50:00 2014
In three winters of commuting, this is the first time I've had to ride in actual crystallized rain. Other than a single incident (see prior comment), it was FUN! Of course, some lessons learned and challenges to be overcome:
--Sticky s&^# sticks to the eyeglasses; need to have a wipe handy;
--Sticky s*%^ also sticks to the headlight; need to clean often;
--Low gears and slow speed are my friend;
--If I go clipless at some point, save the old platorm pedals for winter. Did foot-down stops lots of times at intersections. Always assume the other guy isn't going to stop;
--Be careful putting the foot down. Feet slide just as easily as tires do!
Wed Dec 10 07:44:00 2014
@Peter, that sounds like overkill for me. Except for today, of course. [email protected]*$ing like a klondike storm and ice is forming under the white covering. Made it most of the way into work; hit a crown in the road and my tires just side-slid out from under me. Going slow, so the only injury was to my ego. Of course, the only person I passed the entire ride was 10 feet from me when it happened. My Nokian W106's WILL be ordered later today! Stay safe, all. @CR, STAY HOME!!!!!
Peter J Feyen Wed Dec 10 03:04:00 2014
JB Does your local government hate bicyclists? Maybe they should have to bicycle one day a week, like Monday's because most people don't like that day anyway. Ride & Smile for Life is Good. Good luck to all riders out there.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 10 00:05:00 2014
They opened up the three highways to Estes Park to bicycles. Of course they waited until they are snow covered to do it.
Peter J Feyen Tue Dec 9 23:15:00 2014
I used new knobby tires, 1.95 x 26 on front, 2.1 x 26 on rear. You can use used tires to save money. I used 8-32 nuts and Truss bolts because they have a larger head. Drill with 3/16 drill and drilled out a nut for a guide. Placed the guide between knobs and drill. I used 83 bolts per tire but you can use less. You need a rubber strip for between tube and bolts to protect the tube. Bolts were 3/16 long.
Tue Dec 9 21:15:00 2014
Homemade studded tires? Do tell...
Peter J Feyen Tue Dec 9 20:18:00 2014
My ride this afternoon on Ezzy my bike with homemade studded tires on snow packed streets. Temp was 16° and west wind of 27 mph making wind chill about -4°. I was dressed warm enough that made the ride enjoyable.
Tue Dec 9 15:31:00 2014
Will do, @CR. Have to stay till 5, so it's gonna be foggy AND dark. Good times!
Cycling Roberto Tue Dec 9 15:14:00 2014
@JB, they did say they were sorry. No charges of course.

@MG, got in 20 FOGGY miles. Be safe on the way home.

Jerry Bengtson Tue Dec 9 10:36:00 2014
Bicyclist Struck And Killed By Sheriff’s Patrol Car In Calabasas
Jerry Bengtson Tue Dec 9 10:35:00 2014
Wait for it.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Dec 9 08:01:00 2014

Highlands Bikefest pictures.

Tue Dec 9 07:52:00 2014
Two inches of white misery last night followed by freezing rain overnight. Public Works crew did a bang-up job overnight, roads mostly just wet. Had a few dicey spots in the one alley I use to avoid a very busy street, but made it. I'm looking out the window now and see an accident at an intersection I rode through about 20 minutes ago. Now they're calling for another 2-4 tomorrow. Stay safe all. @CR, watch the slushy spots!
Jerry Bengtson Mon Dec 8 23:24:00 2014
Hoping the crystallized water will be off the streets by Thursday so I can ride again. Indoor exercise is no fun.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Dec 8 19:21:00 2014
181 great miles over three fabulous Days at the Highlands Bike Fest in Sebring Fl. Had the great honor of meeting Charlie Byrne, Daniel M. and the fabulous Leonard (I brag about the weather in Florida) Wright. Great food, riders of all ages, the young kids and families were great to see, and all those terrific people who put on this annual event of great riding and fellowship. Special thanks to all the Highlands Bike Club members who made it all possible.
Mon Dec 8 15:22:00 2014
Let's hope it changes to liquid by tomorrow morning. I don't have my winter tires yet and I really dislike taking the bus.
Cycling Roberto Mon Dec 8 13:39:00 2014
32 more miles ahead of a weather event that could include the crystallized version of water. Pretty nippy!
Cycling Roberto Sun Dec 7 21:28:00 2014
High around 35 with a brisk wind to keep you awake. Got in a good 30 mile ride. To me, it's never about the weather; it's always about the bike.
Leonard Wright Sun Dec 7 20:16:00 2014
@Mike, J. Hugh is a better person than I am. I love to rub it in when it comes to south-central Florida weather. :-)

Overnight low in Sebring was in the mid-60 with a daytime high in the mid-80's. Bright and sunny day - typical winter weather for this time of year.

Mike Roth Sun Dec 7 18:59:00 2014
Only went 5 miles, was 3 degrees. Way over dressed and of course the dog didn't mind a bit. Enjoy the FL weather J.Hugh
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Dec 7 16:13:00 2014
Mike Roth first wow! Second your dog does not mind because he/she is with you. Third my Florida dogs would mind. Bon ton Roule! another great day at Bikefest in Sebring Florida, I won't tell you about the weather, but it does appear that all the good weather has come to Florida for the winter.
Mike Roth Sun Dec 7 09:11:00 2014
-1 right now... thinking about taking the dog for a ride through the woods to try out another layer of cold weather gear. Rode at 7 degrees yesterday and was comfortable, I think another 8 degrees colder will add another layer of gear and require goggles. Somehow the dog doesn't care!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Dec 6 20:46:00 2014
@Paul & @Gene - I had predicted that we'd make it by September 113th, but especially with weather fronts like a good portion of the country is now getting, it will be tough to make it by Sept. 116th (Christmas). But, we just have to make it by Sept. 122nd. I'm not helping much either, with the weather we have in WI, and me being such a wimp.
Gene Smith Sat Dec 6 18:59:00 2014
@PJ If we average 7000 miles daily for the rest of the year, we will get to 20M and we seem to be doing that so far in Dec. I believe we will get there.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Dec 6 17:56:00 2014
Lots of folks riding down here in Sebring, Fl at Highland Bikefest. Expecting even more riders for the Sat and Sun rides. Wish they all were NBC riders. Maybe we need to realize that the people who log miles represent certain segments of the cycling community and our miles totals are representative of the 100's of millions of miles that people actually are riding. forgot my cables for uploads so I'll catch up when I get back, Bon ton roule!
Nathan Woodruff Sat Dec 6 16:40:00 2014
@PJ Here in Atlanta Georgia we are still riding strong. I just logged 15 miles and outside right now is overcast and 74 degrees.

Hard to beleve the midwest is under a blanket of snow and ice.

Sat Dec 6 16:14:00 2014
@CR, you ROCK! Glad you're safe; it was pea soup here all day yesterday. Did my regular commute in the rain today plus a few additional miles to the post office. I agree, life IS Good.
Paul Jeffries Sat Dec 6 16:04:00 2014
A question...do you think we will get to 20 million by the end of the year? The pace has really slowed, but I can relate to why...we're at about 10 degrees with a wind chill at about -2, and that is about our high here in northeast WI. I am afraid my contributions will be in rather small increments of 1 to 4 miles. Maybe our southern colleagues can pick it up over the holiday break times! Regardless, I am still cautiously optimistic.
Cycling Roberto Sat Dec 6 15:21:00 2014
@MG, logged 30 foggy miles yesterday and 30 more rainy miles today. Life is good.
Sat Dec 6 10:33:00 2014
@Roberto, were you out in that fog yesterday? For your safety, I hope not!
Sat Dec 6 08:23:00 2014
@Jerry, bummer about the derailleur. At least you caught the recall before it caught you.
Nice ride in this morning. 50 degrees, dark, rain shower. Cool enough that being dressed for rain still didn't overheat me, and it was nice and quiet outside. At least the breeze was at my back (yes, Jerry, they DO exist!) so my glasses stayed dry. Unfortunately, the cold front is moving through now so this afternoon's showers will turn to rain, and the backside breeze will be a full-blown headwind. Temps already starting to drop, maybe some of that frozen stuff tonight. And I get to sit through a high school football game tomorrow!
Jerry Bengtson Fri Dec 5 19:39:00 2014
@Ray. Glad you ride defensely and missed the idiot in the car.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Dec 5 19:36:00 2014
The only bike I own is my road bike. I wish I had a hybrid or a mountain bike now.
And even if the weather was good I can't ride my bike for a week. My rear derailleur has been recalled. It will take a week to get a new one. At least I picked a good week to not have my bicycle.
Ray S Fri Dec 5 14:33:00 2014
I don't know about your town, Jerry, but here in Ohio, they salt if it might snow, and then salt even more if it does. Thus, my fancy road bike will remain hanging in the basement for the time being. With snow like in your picture, that just means the trails will be mostly deserted. With the warm weather we had here last night, I had to share the trail with a few other people, which would have been okay if they were considerate people that dimmed or redirected their headlights. At one point, there was a pair of cyclists riding side by side, both with crazy bright lights, from a distance I thought there was a car on the trail. They did go single file, but I was still blinded for a bit. Neither one had a tail light, but their headlights were so bright, it didn't matter, they were very visible from the rear. With sub freezing temps and snow in the forecast, I will probably have things to myself this weekend.
As I was making a right turn onto the street before mine last night on the way home, an oncoming car turned left, luckily my tires gripped well enough on the wet pavement and I avoided slamming into the side of him, or worse, sliding under him. I had reflective stuff on, a Serfas Thunderbolt headlight on bright flash and a headlight on my helmet so I was plenty visible. He either wasn't paying attention, or figured that since we were both turning onto the same street it would be okay. It almost wasn't.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Dec 5 14:24:00 2014
Fri Dec 5 11:07:00 2014
Farenhiet or Celsius ;-)
Jerry Bengtson Fri Dec 5 10:50:00 2014
It has warmed up to
Jerry Bengtson Fri Dec 5 09:50:00 2014
A Bee Stung My Boob! But Wait There is More!
Jerry Bengtson Thu Dec 4 22:08:00 2014
I know time travel will never be possible. If it was the instructions I left for my descendents would have brought them back and let me travel to summer during the winter months.
Leonard Wright Thu Dec 4 20:00:00 2014

IF you are going to use the "S" word then you better believe I will "Keep rubbing it in".

BTW, Thanks for posting the picture, it helps remind me of why I moved to Florida after spending nearly 50 years shoving that sh%#.

Cycling Roberto Thu Dec 4 19:29:00 2014
@Jerry, get some studded tires. However, extended forecast has the temperatures rising.
I got out for 35 miles on a mild 50's type day. I don't long for anything, but rather try to enjoy where I am. After all, any weather on my bike is better than looking out the window.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Dec 4 19:03:00 2014
@Leonard. Keep rubbing it in.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Dec 4 17:49:00 2014
Opps. Sorry. I said the S word.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Dec 4 17:46:00 2014
@Michael. That is my Cannondale. Too bad I can't ride it for a few days.
The bad thing about this snow is that it is going to stay cold. Normally when it snows it warms up and the snow is melted in 1-2 days. This snow will be here a while.
Leonard Wright Thu Dec 4 16:35:00 2014
J. Hugh,

We'll be watching for you It was 82 earlier this afternoon. Light winds forecast for the weekend with temps in the low to mid-80's. Should be a great weekend for the rides.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Dec 4 16:12:00 2014
Jerry B I'm not telling you about my ride today. But before I went i checked you weather and it was 7 degree and the radar was a dark blue (s*&^) and just now it was 11-16 at various points in your zip code with 5-10 inches of dark blue. I think this is what you expected this winter. Off to Sebring, Fl tomorrow for three days of riding in the land of Leonard W, David M, Billy Glades and all my other Sebring Endo friends.
Thu Dec 4 14:41:00 2014
@Jerry, I can't believe that you don't have [email protected]$& tires for the Cannondale (assuming that's yours).
Jerry Bengtson Thu Dec 4 13:49:00 2014
It happened again.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Dec 4 10:06:00 2014
@Jerry - Nice pics, but I have to stop looking at things like that. (Why is UPS ok to go on that road???? Do they have flying trucks now?) They just make me wonder, "Why am I stuck in this *$%#^#*@ cube??" As for The Tailwind... I don't think it exists.
Freezing rain in Lincoln today, so absolutely no riding for me.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Dec 3 21:30:00 2014
HI all, finally got out for a ride again today. The temps were in the mid-50s but when the wind was blowing it felt a lot colder. It was also a little cloudy. But the good news is that none of this stopped at least a half dozen other people from gettng out and riding too. Under 200,000 left to go!!
PS, Michael, I was laughing with you.
@ PP, nice work on speaking to the speeder. I was doing 25 in a 25 zone today and got passed up. Later in my ride I got honked at, but I couldn't figure out why so I just ignored it.
Wed Dec 3 19:52:00 2014
They just want to get their money's worth outta that 'Free Delivery Before Christmas' offer! Otherwise, nice pics; wish I was there!
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 3 18:04:00 2014
Someone must NOT like like UPS.
This is at the end of Old St. Vrain Road in Lyons, CO.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 3 16:49:00 2014
I knew it was coming. I just hoped to beat it home. But I have been really good at finding headwinds this year. I don't think I will be able to ride the rest of the week. That S stuff is supposed to be here tonight. And very cold temps the rest of the week.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Dec 3 16:14:00 2014
Just checked and the front is just north of you and closing in fast. Front is at Loveland sports park moving toward you. L is southeast of you at Brighton. The L probably caused the sudden wind shift. It is heading east south east.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Dec 3 16:07:00 2014
Jerry B Cold Front past you and it was a dry one so you felt the wind shift and temp drop. You did nothing wrong, but you can check the weather and use a local map with a front indicator like weather underground. It can show you local reporting stations.
Wed Dec 3 15:46:00 2014
@Jerry, you're riding the wrong way at the wrong time! Gotta check the weather gauges and plan your rides for all tailwind times (attempt at humorous sarcasm here). I keep telling my kid, "you got a smart phone, use it to get smart!" C'mon, laugh with me here...
Jerry Bengtson Wed Dec 3 15:26:00 2014
What am I doing wrong? I rode out to Lyons with a strong headwind. Really looking forward to a fast ride home. On the way home I was about a mile out of Lyons just booking along when the wind shifted 180 degrees and about stopped me in my tracks with a big gust. Then the wind slowly shifted out of the north during the rest of the ride home. It was 10 degrees colder when I got home than when I left. And it is still getting colder.
Noel Cleland Wed Dec 3 07:27:00 2014
@JH - not only is slowing down safer for EVERYONE, but it also improves the gas mileage for those who feel it necessary to commute by car. Miami has wonderful year-round cycling weather but the roads and drivers make it a risky venture and helps make Florida the most dangerous state for cycling. What's up with that!
Michael Scott Eisele Mon Dec 1 20:27:00 2014
Rode 44 today. Saw lots of cars topped with xmas trees. Nice day for a 12/1 ride in N IL...mid 30's, sunny and dry, N winds < 10 mph and courteous drivers.
Tammie Porter Mon Dec 1 18:43:00 2014
Another wonderful day for a ride. Temps in the mid 50's. Not bad! 18 miles and now time to go to work. I wish work would just stay out of the way. Hope everyone is doing well.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Nov 29 21:11:00 2014
@Burklee, nice job on the low mileage year!
Tammie Porter Sat Nov 29 15:41:00 2014
Hello everyone.. hope you survived your Turkey comas! I actually went out for a nice 19 mile ride after I let the turkey settle a while. Glad I did because after over 24 hours I still don't feel like eating!!! I have discovered that I can actually ride in 45 degree temps, the trick is DON'T STOP! Burrr! That was on wednesday, thursday was in the 50's, a beautiful day for riding off that indulgence. I went 6 days without riding due to the massive ice storm that hit us this past week. I spent more time just trying to get into my car each day getting to and from work! It added over 3 hours to my work day. I was completely exhausted all week and the roads were impossible. That was friday through monday. I think I have already had enough of winter.. bring on spring.
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 29 14:47:00 2014
@PP, I had a similar experience today. I find that when I can keep my cool long enough to not want to strangle the offender, I can often reason and perhaps even educate the individual. Nice job, glad you're not injured.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 29 08:37:00 2014

It would be interesting to know why Paris has such a good record?

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 29 07:36:00 2014
PP great story. I do know that most drivers, in Florida, are going 10 mph above the speed limit. The FHP did a slow down campaign yesterday and was criticized for writing tickets on thanksgiving. They only wrote those going 70mph in a 50 zone or higher. There were several tickets for going 100 mph in a 50. So, just know that 10 mph over is almost built into driving in most areas.
Paul Perry Sat Nov 29 00:07:00 2014
Got to have a little chat with a driver today. Two lane stretch of road. No shoulder. Speed limit 25.
I was doing 26, 27 mph consistently. I'm in the driver side tire track. I get passed with horn blaring.
Catch up to driver at stop sign. Inform her of the speed limit and that I was not holder up in any way and the horn was quite rude and offensive.
She goes on to say I shouldn't be in the road. I inform her that that is the safest place for me to be under those conditions, and my best place to be seen. She responds with "Well, I'm just worried that you could get hurt'.
(80 pt bold font: REALLY?!?!
My response: "Then how about NOT SPEEDING? If I was in a car would you have tried to pass me at the speed I was traveling?"
"I'm really sorry", she said.
That part of the conversation, my parts were all pretty heated. Her apology seemed sincere. I calmed down and explained to her nicely the rules and principles of safe riding, safe driving and "share the road". We parted ways with a smile, and hopefully a proper understanding of each other's views.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Nov 28 21:18:00 2014
Peter J Feyen Fri Nov 28 20:02:00 2014
Having a wonderful Thanksgiving because of family and friends.
Fri Nov 28 14:12:00 2014
Back at you, @CR and @Jerry, and best wishes to everybody here!
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 28 14:02:00 2014
Have a great Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.
Cycling Roberto Fri Nov 28 11:55:00 2014
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Nov 27 20:51:00 2014
J. Hugh - I did see the video before I posted. It is one thing to go 102 mph on a set of rollers, with the fork locked in place, and it would be an entirely different animal trying to achieve that same speed while 6 inches behind a bumper cranking as fast as you can, wobbling back and forth, and then losing a little distance, (and the safety of the hood), and even partially catching a 90 or greater mph wind. If the gearing were different, the rider could be more in control, and would have a greater chance of surviving. (Not to mention the non-ideal pavement on the old runway.)
Peter J Feyen Thu Nov 27 20:36:00 2014
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and have safe travels, 2 or more wheels.
JW Jamerson Thu Nov 27 20:31:00 2014
@PP: & Rick: Your tips on topping off are spot on! I know it’s important but when I get home from work “all I want to do is ride baby ride.” I’ll just have slow down and make time to check pressure before peddling off to adventure …. Especially since it only takes a couple of minutes!
@J Hugh: I couldn’t find much info on nitrogen in bike tires either. Thanks for your scholarly attempt/support. Good points on rider weight, tire pressure and road conditions.
My theory is very simple. Nitrogen MAY offer a smoother ride with less “topping off.” But that remains to be seen. Thanks again to all who replied to this inquiry.


J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Nov 27 19:44:00 2014
Watch this video. http://www.donhoubicycles.com/
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Nov 27 19:25:00 2014
Follow-up - I know the article said the front gear was 105, but 104 is stamped in two places right on the gear, and that and 13 for the back is reported in the video.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Nov 27 18:41:00 2014
@J. Hugh - The bike builder is a little delusional if he thinks his bike will be able to safely go 100 mph. He either needs to make a larger chainring in the front (and that is limited by the distance to the ground - maybe up to 120 or 125, or he needs to make the gear in the back smaller, or do a combination of both of them.)
Normal cycling cadence is 90 rpm. At 90 rpm, with his 104/13 set-up, (an 8:1 gear ratio), the bike speed would be just under 58 mph. The rider would have to pedal at 156 rpm in order to acheive 100 mph. I think anything over 120 or 130 rpm, and it is very difficult to keep the bike stable, even for a short time.
If he decreased the back gearing down to 10, he could achieve 100 mph with 120 rpm, (although the smaller the gear, the more friction there is).
With 125/12 gearing, (a 10.4:1 gear ratio), he could get there at 120 rpm.
Thu Nov 27 16:36:00 2014
@Burklee, really, really big fenders!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Nov 27 16:25:00 2014

see if this link works

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Nov 27 16:23:00 2014

from the same country as Monty Pythons Flying Circus. by the way next episode is July 1st live in London.

Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Nov 27 16:08:00 2014
@Michael G - Fat tires and manure... You'd want some really big fenders for that.
Joe Sacco Thu Nov 27 15:46:00 2014
@J. Hugh
Sand and snow, yes the FatBike works the same.... Float.. Float..
Ones warm....... And one is below freezing, but pedal away!!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Nov 27 14:35:00 2014
Joe Sacco that looks great, bet it would work in the sun on the beach, too.
Rick Gilbert, from what I read on tire inflation research, mostly swedish and german, a loss of 5% of the inflation pressure has an effect of RR and on wear.
pcyclingR and We are so glad that you have those conditions and wish you lots of ice, snow and really cold weather, more evidence that exposure to ice, cold and snow can effect mental health is available through google.
Thu Nov 27 13:56:00 2014
Thanks for clarifying, @CR. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't something I'd have to shovel (and I don't mean manure...)
Cycling Roberto Thu Nov 27 13:51:00 2014
@MG, no, it is crystallized sunshine.
Thu Nov 27 13:49:00 2014
I'm guessing that white stuff falling from the sky isn't Manna from Heaven....
Cycling Roberto Thu Nov 27 13:46:00 2014
25 miles in 40 degree temps with freezing rain. Bet you don't get excellent conditions like this in FL.
Rick Gilbert Thu Nov 27 11:47:00 2014
@JW - no risk of any reaction between CO2 and N2 at bike tires and pressures. N2 is used as an "inerting" gas in welding and in some flammables tanks.
And I agree with J Hugh that maintaining correct pressure is key to tire wear and bike handling. The lower the tire pressure is to begin with (think Cruiser tires), the less of an issue it is. At 85 psi & higher -- an arbitrary starting point, but it's where my road/commuter tires run), 5-10 psi drop can happen in a day. I try to top up my tires at least every other day -- every day when I can fit it in. It really is only a couple of minutes with a floor pump. I just have to have the bike and floor pump together when I have a couple of minutes.
Joe Sacco Thu Nov 27 09:47:00 2014
Why FatBikes could be for you!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Nov 27 09:32:00 2014
We put less than 2,000 miles on our van this year. That includes an out-of-the-ordinary 4 trips to Kansas, all grandbaby related. I used my bike as often as I could this year. I'm calling that a win!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Nov 27 07:42:00 2014
From reading about nitrogen one can see that one of the chief benefits is that it stops the corrosion of the steel cords in car/truck tires. The main job of tires is to carry the load of the vehicle, and that means that what is really important is that you have the right inflation for the weight of the vehicle. There are, also, articles about optimizing inflation for the rider and bicycle combinations. It would seem that inflation should be related to the weight of the b/r combination and since corrosion is not an chief concern nitrogen may not offer any improvement. Not much science on nitrogen and bicycle tires to show any positive effects. I would also agree with PP that rider weight, road conditions and attention to inflation are very important to tire wear.
Paul Perry Thu Nov 27 03:25:00 2014
I don't think N2 and CO2 would cause a problem, other than just diluting the N2 (and any supposed benefit), but then, I'm no rocket surgeon, so my advice is to be taken at your own risk.
Paul Perry Thu Nov 27 02:44:00 2014
I notice I get more leakage when I don't ride than when I do. I check my tires before every ride. Even 5 pounds can make a difference (700x25). It takes less than 3 minutes to top off both tires. And considering the air from the pump is already 78% nitrogen, is pure N2 really worth the hassle and expense for a bike tire? I don't bother with my truck tires either as I average only 350 miles/month. And when they do need air, I use my bike pump to fill them. The coin-op and even free compressors at the service stations here have a ridiculous amount of water in them.
I seem to be averaging 1500 miles out of my back tires, and I am replacing my front tire for the first time tomorrow-approx 4000 miles. But we have terrible roads here, and I am over 200 lbs. That's not a tire friendly combination.
As for CO2, it's great for when you get a flat. I carry two cylinders on every ride, and if I do have to use it, I bleed and refill my tires with real air when I get home. I've had CO2 filled tires go flat overnight.,
JW Jamerson Wed Nov 26 21:11:00 2014
@Leonard: Thanks for the feedback. You’ve gained impressive mileage with your tires! After two years on a mountain bike I just got a new road bike last month and current tires seem just fine. But I’m just not thrilled about real/potential air leakage from my tires. So N2 at first glance seems to be a possible solution.
@Rick: I like your points about refilling N2! Never considered I might need to top on the fly! My car tire dealer will fill all my bike tires at little to no cost but I didn’t plan on having the capability to add N2 myself at home (or) on a ride. I would just top it off with air at home. BUT on the road that’s another question. How would N2 and CO2 react combined at the high pressure required? Could this cause an explosion?
@MG: You were wise and this might just be a “can of worms.” But this is exactly why I asked this forum for thoughts.
Great points all.
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 26 19:51:00 2014
@MG, thanks! I'm posting on Facebook. The camera is the one on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Great, huh? My son is an EE with AT&T so I get the family discount!
Wed Nov 26 19:36:00 2014
@CR, what photo sharing site are you using, and what camera as well? Really nice, clear pics.
Wed Nov 26 19:31:00 2014
Nice pics, @CR. Thanks for sharing.
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 26 19:03:00 2014

Colorless swamps...

Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 26 19:02:00 2014

Boring, flat...

Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 26 19:02:00 2014

Yep, pan flat, that's PA...

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 26 18:20:00 2014
Michael No apology needed. Just keep that gator from gnawing on you when you wear him.
Leonard Wright Wed Nov 26 17:43:00 2014
@JW, I too have been using nitrogen in my car tires for years and feel the expense/extra trouble is well worth the effort. HOWEVER, as far as bicycle tires go I decided against trying to use it. If you want to have a bike tire that doesn't need to be "pumped up" more than once a month try using a "thorn resistant" tube. I went to those four years ago and find I only need to add air about once every month or two. An added bonus, I haven't had a flat tire in 2 1/2 years!!!! (Almost 40,000 miles). I also feel the "heavier" tubes allow me to achieve 15,000+ miles from my front tire and 5,000+ from the rear.
Wed Nov 26 17:32:00 2014
Hey, Hugh, I was only tossing some light-hearted sarcasm your way. In no way was I trying to offend, please don't take it that way. Every part of our great country has aspects that some folks embrace while others eschew. In my prior life I was a scoutmaster. We backpacked year-round, regardless of the weather. I prefer cold to heat, that's all. As for scenery, I've been to Florida and enjoyed it greatly. However, my heart still lies in CO/NM, even Thoth I'm a lifelong PA brat. I like my mountains BIG! Accept my apologies if I offended.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 26 17:25:00 2014
Also, do you really think we don't have amazing bird and animal life in Florida? Once again just proves the point.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 26 17:21:00 2014
Posting more myths about Florida is very funny. It proves my point. that trail looks pan flat and right by a swamp.
Wed Nov 26 16:52:00 2014
You go, 'Berto!
Rick Gilbert Wed Nov 26 16:51:00 2014
I've got N2 in the car tires (courtesy of Costco), but I'm just not buying a special gas cylinder to air up something as fragile as a bike tire. Even though I have had few flats, I wouldn't pay much for any tiny performance boost from nitrogen, given the risk that it could all bleed off in a matter of seconds, courtesy of a glass fragment. Auto tires are a bit more robust. The leakage rate through a tubeless tire carcass should be less than through a road tube, and the driving forces are less -- 30 psi auto vs 85-100+ bike. Finally the low volume of the bike tire means that even a little leakage is more likely to be significant than for a car tire. Now if O2 escapes more readily than N2, then I figure that my bike tires get at least some "nitrogen enriched" between flats or tire changes.
I know from experience that tire tubes leak CO2 like crazy. Fortunately, I had been warned of that (on this list?) before I put my first CO2 cylinder to the test in the garage this year. I'd been totin' a CO2 kit in my bag for 3 years without having actually tried it out. Tried one while remounting some tires for winter and, sure enough, 2-3 days later that tire was flat. As planned, the experience in the garage came in handy late last month when I had a flat on the way to a ride. Popping a CO2 cartridge is preferable to using the mini-pump (which I carry as a backup). Got home and replaced the CO2 with N2 rich, ambient air from my floor pump.
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 26 16:43:00 2014
@Wrong Hat, so we shouldn't build bikeways because in some areas they might need resurfacing in 10 years? Not completely "redone," but even so, not a bad return on investment, I'd say... as opposed to having cyclists run over.
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 26 16:41:00 2014

Or this... hundreds on migrating gulls on a shoal in the Lehigh River, Bethlehem, PA. Today, 21 hard-fought, grueling, soggy, cold, rainy miles. Saw absolutely NOBODY (which I'm sure isn't the case in Flatorida), and it was grand.

Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 26 16:39:00 2014

Nothing like this down south. To each his own. I'm glad I don't have to put up with living in pan-flat, boring, all looks the same territory, wherever that might be.

Peter J Feyen Wed Nov 26 16:35:00 2014
@J.Hugh, BURN BABY BURN !!!!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 26 16:30:00 2014
We do not have the same weather all the time in Florida. This is another myth caused by exposure to cold and ice. When people are exposed to insane conditions they must explain it to seem rational. Hence scenes like riding home in 34 degree freeszing rain and then fleeing indoors and standing in the warm saying how great their ride was. Really? So when its 70 and sunny you stay in and wait for those perfect freezing ass days? No you rejoice!
Wed Nov 26 16:24:00 2014
@J. Hugh, your same-all-the-time, boring weather gets old. I get to ride home in a 34 degree rain. Can't wait; you should try it some time. You can keep the helium in your tires; I want it in my water bottle (he types with squeaky voice!)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 26 16:22:00 2014
the hell with nitrogen in my tires, i want Helium.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 26 16:14:00 2014
Gators here in Florida do not want to be put around the neck, and I don't want even a little one around my neck. As to pulling the gator up over you face that seems to stretch the animal and might lead to getting gnawed on by the gator. I'm not sure while people up north want to use gators this way, but I'm not sure why people are up north anyway. Another Florida fall day, we are suffering with you. i'm out of sunblock.
Wrong Hat Wed Nov 26 15:56:00 2014
Cycling Roberto: Bikeways do not last infefinitelty with minor maintenance. It's not the bikes that impact the trailways, it's the weather and tree roots. In New Mesico after ten years the trails are so buckled and filled with seams that they need to be redone.
JW Jamerson Wed Nov 26 14:04:00 2014
MG Thanks for you summation & comments! I saw lots of crazy online posts on the subject… but not many from cyclists who had actually tried nitrogen in their bike tires. We’ve used nitrogen in family cars over the last four years or so and agree on two things …. 1) nitrogen produces a much smoother ride and 2) nitrogen maintains the tire pressure far better than “air.” Both traits would make my cycling more comfortable IMHO. I admire the expertise on this board and would appreciate opinions from any with such experience.
Wed Nov 26 12:25:00 2014
@JW, do you have any idea about the 'can of worms' you may be opening here? I foresee lots of opinions. Since you asked, here's mine:
Experience: Only the floor pump I used this morning using a mixture of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and trace gases. You know, the atmosphere.
Supposed facts:
--Airlines and race cars use nitrogen because it doesn't expand/contract with extreme changes in temperature. The only time you'll experience temps like that would be if you lay on the brakes (rims, not disk) all the way down from Pikes Peak to Manitou Springs, CO. I doubt you'll see that in GA.
--Pure nitrogen carries less water vapor. Agreed. But does that matter in bike tires?
--Oxygen causes deterioration of rubber compounds faster than nitrogen. Agreed. But, thats assuming you're purchasing pure N2 and not nitrous oxide (which is more readily available but tends to be more reactive).
--Nitrogen molecules are larger so the tire deflates much slower over time. True, but will the higher cost be worth a little less pumping?
I can't wait to see others chime in. Hope this helps.
JW Jamerson Wed Nov 26 11:54:00 2014
Anyone have experiences (pro or con) inflating bicycle tires with nitrogen?
Wed Nov 26 09:01:00 2014
Thanks for the chuckle, @CR. I needed that!
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 26 08:59:00 2014
@MG, like many things in life, neck gators might loose their form with age. Get yourself one with some life in it. Mine stays up nicely. Gator that is...
Wed Nov 26 07:53:00 2014
Good morning, all:
My elevator discussion this morning, with a person from another department that I know only casually from seeing them in the elevator:
"Did you ride your bike in this morning?"
"Yes I did."
"Isn't it cold out there?"
"I've heard rumors to that effect."
"Aren't they calling for snow, sleet and heavy rain later?"
"I've heard those rumors, too."
"But won't you get wet?"
"I'm dressed for it, no problem."
"Wow, uhhh, OK."
Oh, these poor, unbelieving souls.
@CR, tried my neck gaiter this morning like you suggested. Unfortunately, it's nothing more than a very loose cowl, so it wouldn't stay put. Thanks for the idea, however.
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 25 19:46:00 2014
@MG, agreed that the guy who almost hit you was a jerk. Again, glad you're not injured. This really highlights the fact that we absolutely need separate bikeways free of motorists entirely. Why do all the roads have to be built for cars? Bikes have little to no impact on the roads they travel, so a bikeway would last indefinitely with minor maintenance.
Tue Nov 25 18:43:00 2014
@CR, I generally follow your philosophy. In this case, however, both cars had glare on the windshields and darkened side windows. I had no idea if they saw me since I couldn't really see inside their cars. In his case I'd rather be polite and let them go, that way we all knew what each other was doing. The driver that almost hit me, after I let the previous two go, was just being a jerk, plain and simple.
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 25 17:18:00 2014
@MG, I NEVER wave cars through. If the two cars in your case both saw you, you should proceed ahead of them, thereby guaranteeing that you have a clear intersection to cross. I've experienced what you had happen to you while in the middle of crossing. Glad nothing else happened.
Tue Nov 25 17:11:00 2014
Oh, and to clarify, my headlight was flashing and I was dressed exactly as you see in my profile picture. "I didn't see you" would not have been an acceptable excuse on his part.
Tue Nov 25 16:43:00 2014
I almost became a statistic on the way home. Was stopped (foot down) at a 4-way intersection. I waved the two opposing cars (on my right and left) through the intersection, they showed their appreciation. I then proceeded through as it was my turn. The second car in line on my right decided that he didn't need to stop again since he was stopped behind the vehicle that was in front of him. Thankfully he heard my exceptionally loud "YEEOOOOOO!", about 4 feet from contact. At least it would have been a slow-speed impact and there were plenty of witnesses.
Tue Nov 25 14:05:00 2014
Way to go on 30 miles, today. Not exactly the heat of summer that you thrive on. You're an animal!
Tue Nov 25 14:02:00 2014
@CR, nonstop is the difference between you and me. Every stop sign/red light I encounter is when the fogging occurs. While in motion, no problem. Remember, my daily commute is downtown/urban, so lots of stopping (gotta make sure the other knuckleheads aren't doing anything stupid!) Not trying to argue or disagree with you, but those are my experiences.
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 25 13:54:00 2014
Neck gator, covers as much of your face as you want, and no fogging. I too wear prescription glasses. Did 30 miles today nonstop, no fog, no frozen face.
Thomas Olendorf Tue Nov 25 13:43:00 2014
My wife and I downhill and XC ski in VT almost every weekend in the winter. I don't wear any face covering, but she wouldn't leave the house without her Psolar clava. She has used one for the past 8 years under her ski helmet/goggles.
Tue Nov 25 12:46:00 2014
Thanks, @Thomas. Same questions, though: Do you use one, and how well does it work?
Thomas Olendorf Tue Nov 25 12:31:00 2014
Take a look at the Psolar balaclava: http://www.exmask.com/psolarbx.php No fogging, easy to clean, and less expensive than the ColdAvenger.
Peter J Feyen Tue Nov 25 12:22:00 2014
Sorry, forgot that the goggles only fogged a little when I exhaled hard while looking down. I didn't do that again. Learning process!
Peter J Feyen Tue Nov 25 12:06:00 2014
@MG and all cold weather outdoor warriors. I use the ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava with the ventilator. The first time I used it was about 30° with wind chill of 21° and my face was very warm. Took the ventilator off. One other time in 27° and wind chill of 16° and even into the wind I was comfortable.
Tue Nov 25 11:41:00 2014
@Peter, that has some serious potential. Thanks for the link! What are your experiences, since you said you use one? Which one?
Peter J Feyen Tue Nov 25 11:29:00 2014
@MG please go to www.coldavenger.com because it does work for me but haven't used lately because of illness but felling much better today. I also use over the glasses ski goggles. Enjoy WI weather riding in PA.
Tue Nov 25 10:48:00 2014
@Brad, all good suggestions, but my glasses are prescriptions; I need them to see. Clearance goggles won't work, and don't know if ski goggles over prescriptions would work. I used the Dawn trick last winter; have to start using it again. (For those who don't know, massage a very little bit of dishwashing detergent on dry lenses and wipe it off with a clean cloth. I leave just a barely-perceptible bit of haze; you may not need that. The coating on the lenses help to prevent fogging). The downside to that is, once your glasses do start to fog, they won't clear unless you take them off and wipe them.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Tue Nov 25 10:34:00 2014
Ain't much of a choice between the cold wind stinging your eyes and making them water profusely vs. 'who turned out all the lights'? Goggles seem to be a better solution to the fogging issue. I found some decent Smith goggles on clearance for $22 (Competitive Cyclist). They are definitely better than glasses, but I haven't had them long enough to really prove 'em out good. I know you can spend a lot more on good ski goggles, and maybe they are worth it, but I can't say much more at this point. Some folks around here (WI) have started using snowboard helmets too, which seems like a good idea with the extra padding/insulation and ear coverage.
Tue Nov 25 09:27:00 2014
@CR, I need to cover my nose as well as the mouth; won't a neck gaiter pose the same problem?
Tim Smith Tue Nov 25 09:07:00 2014
Cycling Robeto,

How does the Neck gator help with the glasses fogging? I had to look it up but they look like they would have the same effect as the balaclava. I have the same issue as Michael, so I would love to know how help this. To help the fogging, I cover my mouth with the balclava but not my nose.


Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 25 08:55:00 2014
@MG, try a neck gator.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Nov 25 08:28:00 2014
Here is a rant by a CO newscaster. (WARNING: Contains the repeated use of one four letter word.):
Tue Nov 25 07:45:00 2014
21 degrees when I departed the estate this morning. Beautiful crisp morning for the daily jaunt. Maybe a veritable heat wave for your folks in Wisconson, but friggin' COLD for us in eastern PA. But, as always, dressed for it so no problem. Just wish the glasses wouldn't fog up every time I stopped. The balaclava blows my breath up and straight onto the lenses; have to devise a better system.
Leonard Wright Tue Nov 25 02:26:00 2014

Thanks for being sensitive to my discomfort at the use of certain 4 letter words :-)

Working on the 300,000+ miles - I've ridden MORE miles in both October (1,200) and November (1,150 so far, planning on another 200-300) than I did during the challenge in September (1,003). Should be able to exceed September's mileage in December also.

Cycling Roberto Mon Nov 24 22:40:00 2014
I had six layers on today. I rely on wool as one of the layers. With lots of layers, it's easy to adjust my comfort level. On my feet, I use Smartwool socks, regular road shoes, and neoprene booties. Legs only had bibs and bib windproof tights. If it gets much colder, out comes the long johns worn over my bib shorts. Full finger gloves with liners. Double hat with helmet liner and neck gator.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Nov 24 21:50:00 2014
HI all, back in the saddle again today after a couple of weeks buried in wo++ (oops almost let that word out, sorry Leonard) and some family stuff! @ Roberto, I got my cold weather challenge today. We don't have the s*** yet (its in the forecast in the next few days however), but I was riding in 30 degree weather. My layering was okay except I forgot my glove liners and by the beginning of the second hour my hands were so cold (temp was also dropping into the 20s by that point) I could barely shift. My toes were kinda cold too despite the hiking boots, so next time double layers of socks and gloves.
CHRISTINE, YAY, YAHOO, CONGRATS ON THE NEW BIKE. May you ride many happy (s)miles!!!!
@ Tammie, really you got all the way here to St. Louis and I didn't even get to meet you. Now I am bummed, we gotta fix this situation....
Ok so we still need just over 300,000 to make the 20 million. You people in the south need to pick up the slack. LOL
Michael Scott Eisele Mon Nov 24 21:45:00 2014
22 miles in the teens, 15-20 mph winds and sunny in N IL. Had the roads mostly to myself. You know its cold when all you hear are the old windmills creakin away.
Cycling Roberto Mon Nov 24 15:56:00 2014
20 miles with 28F and wind 25MPH. Great day! Froze me good! Time for chili to shake the chill.
Paul Jeffries Sun Nov 23 18:01:00 2014
Today I finally hit 5000 miles for the year, a personal record for me. A good number for someone who turned 55 this year. It took a bit longer than I had hoped due to weather and a busy semester, but it was certainly well-earned...although today I only went on a short 4 mile errand, the temp. was 15 with a windchill of 1 above 0 (F). We are definitely in "winter biking" season in Wisconsin. I, too, would love some of the 84 degree weather...hey, I would take 40 or 50. Regardless, keep on riding, but do it safely!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Nov 23 15:25:00 2014
Another lovely 52 miles in the sunny and coolish Florida morning. Blue sky, sandhill cranes, eagles, hawks and lovely smells of farm fields growing crops.
Sun Nov 23 09:22:00 2014
@Wally, looks like we're gonna get a taste of that weather by tomorrow. Monday morning ride for me forecasted to be on the low-mid teens with the same NW wind. Can't wait!
Wally Olson Sun Nov 23 08:34:00 2014
@Paul. I could use a little 84 and sunny. The ride in to work this morning was 6 and windy out of the NW.
Sun Nov 23 07:03:00 2014
Hey @Paul, that's the kind of weather that makes @Roberto grin from ear to ear...
Paul Perry Sun Nov 23 06:24:00 2014
And to think I am considering moving back to Phoenix...
Paul Perry Sun Nov 23 06:14:00 2014
Man...you guys got it made riding in that cool weather. When I went out on my epic journey yesterday, I almost threw in the towel on my climb. 84 degrees and not a cloud in the sky to provide me with any shelter from the heat. And no wind either. Baked and roasted for a good 6 hours... ;-). At least it cooled down a little after the sun set.
Leonard Wright Sun Nov 23 03:34:00 2014
@CR, You've nailed it, yes, 3:00am (OK I'm a little latter today). I do live where I want (I just like to tease others) and there is DEFINITELY something to riding when nobody else want to go out - like at 3:00am.........
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Nov 23 02:09:00 2014
Here is one of those rare instances where two concusions actually had a positive effect.
Sat Nov 22 23:34:00 2014
Over the last two years I've sorta attained a cult-like status at work due to the fact that I ride in every day, year round, weather-be-damned. Unless I have to travel out of town, I'm on the bike. Makes some of those challenging mornings in the brutal cold - and afternoons in the blistering heat - that much more worth it. Sunny and 70's every day - in a couple of years maybe, not ready for that yet.
Sat Nov 22 23:26:00 2014
@CR-AMEN, Brother! Variety is the Spice of Life, right?
Bob DeCamp Sat Nov 22 21:46:00 2014
Well, I've been trying to download rides from Garmin 800, and Endomondo is not doing it. Will try again next week- hope they will fix it soon-- I'd rather be pedaling than fighting with a website!
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 22 21:22:00 2014
@LW, first, 3 AM? Really? And don't feel sorry for me. I can live anywhere I want. There's something to riding when nobody else wants to go out. Ask MG...
Leonard Wright Sat Nov 22 20:23:00 2014
@CR, MG,

I feel sorry for you guys - started my metric century ride at 3:00am, 71 degrees out, very light winds. Beautiful morning for a ride - hope y'all enjoy your snow and ice for the next 6 months. I'll keep you up to date on how tough it is for us with our warm, sunny days LOL HA, HA, HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 22 19:36:00 2014
50 miles with winds and rain here in central Fla. Last ten sun came out and I was nearly dry by the time I got home. 12,498 for the year. 14K maybe?
Sat Nov 22 19:08:00 2014
@CR, they weren't 25 miles, but my rides both into work and back home were wet and chilly. I was dressed for it, though, so not a problem. Thankfully both featured civilized motorists.
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 22 18:18:00 2014
25 wet windy chilly miles. Misery loves company, so who else had a weather-challenged ride today??
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Nov 22 18:10:00 2014
This week's Monday through Thursday versions of B.C. and Thursday's Frazz comic strips have a common theme - one we all know that rhymes with no.
Sat Nov 22 08:26:00 2014
Way to go, @Paul. Good Luck on your training endeavors; keep us updated on your progress. You'll be inspiration for many of us.
Paul Perry Sat Nov 22 04:54:00 2014
It was Marko and Jure Robic that put RAAM and ultra cycling on my radar back in 2003 when they were both rookies. I have been a fan and follower ever since. I miss Jure. DOS RAS is very high on my bucket list. I want to do it as nod and tribute to them both. They introduced me to what is becoming the greatest journey of my life. I WILL do RAAM. I'm targeting 2016/17. I am not a man of means, si finance may take a bit. And I want a solid year of training, and a solid year of racing ahead of it. I will find a way.
Paul Perry Sat Nov 22 04:44:00 2014
Thanks Leonard. And in a way, my speed is up. Before Marko, my speed would drop dramatically the longer my ride went. On a typical, I usually maintain 15.5 or so. This particular ride also had 7700 feet of elevation gain. So I'm fairly satisfied with it for now. We're just starting speed work now.

And Yeah...2012 6/12/24 TT Worlds I think it was...3:48 for a century. Unbelievable.
I also want to add, if you've never done it , go and get a pro bike fit done. I had the Specialized Body Geometry Fit done, and the difference between the before and after is just phenomenal. I HIGHLY recommend this to any and all.

Leonard Wright Sat Nov 22 02:48:00 2014

Isn't it wonderful how much easier it seems to do 100+ miles once you learn how to ride for distance. Don't worry about your speed, it will come. Right now concentrate on developing endurance. As I recall a year or so ago Marko set the world record for a century ride. If anyone can teach you about speed and endurance, he's the man!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your reports.

Paul Perry Sat Nov 22 01:14:00 2014
@ MG, A big Amen for thjat last comment. Just got in from 125 mile ride. Out for 11.5 hours. 2+ hours of screwing around uploading pics /FB updates.
Clock turned back 3-4 months. Nanu nanu.
I feel absolutely incredible. 3 months ago, I could not do a 100k without feeling a bit worked. I'd have to stop for a couple short breaks. 6 months ago, a 50k would have me begging for mercy. I had a few failed century attempts. Now a century is a walk in the park. I think I only stopped tonight because I was tired of drinking my food. I'm ready for some beer and pizza!
I'm still not the fastest...(14 mph avg tonight) but my endurance is growing by leaps and bounds. 100% of the credit for goes to Marko Baloh and his coaching.
Tammie Porter Fri Nov 21 23:46:00 2014
Congratulations Christine.. wonderful news! I know you are exctted. I have just spent the last two days driving 1900 miles from West Texas to St Louis and back... Wow, what a drive! I have never been north of the Texas Oklahoma state line before this so it was exciting for me but a quick trip to take a rescue dog to its new owner. We met there.. she was coming from Wisconsin! I did take a little time to see the arch while I was there then drove home. I rode with my group tonight before the cold winter weathr moved in.. it will be really cold, windy and wet for about a week here so not much riding will be happening... not very happy about that! I am hoping it warms into the 50's by tuesday for a little riding.
Fri Nov 21 23:26:00 2014
@Leanord, they may be older than me but I'm still waiting to grow up. You're never too old to have a happy childhood!
Leonard Wright Fri Nov 21 20:14:00 2014
@JB, CR, MG,

It's always nice to see you young kids talking about how old you're getting. My kids older than some of you........

Fri Nov 21 19:42:00 2014
You've only got 10 years on me; you're still a spring chicken!
Fri Nov 21 19:38:00 2014
@Jerry, I'd never do that to a person of your advanced, uhh, history /;-). (Pure fun intended, just to be clear)
Cycling Roberto Fri Nov 21 19:29:00 2014
@JB, the docs are always amazed at my RHR too.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 21 18:25:00 2014
I had an EKG today. It appears I am still alive. Even though the nurse was surprised that my resting heart rate was 44.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 21 18:24:00 2014
@Michael. Are you trying to make me feel old?
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Nov 21 15:29:00 2014
@Paul - :)
Fri Nov 21 13:04:00 2014
Thanks, @Jerry. Took me awhile to get over the throat/sinus thing. Still a little there, but I'm working around it.
Fri Nov 21 13:00:00 2014
Hey @Paul, you left PA at the same time I started my first job out of college. STILL HERE, 25 years later. Makes me feel old (I'm only 48). But I must say that cycling makes me feel better--and has gotten me in better shape--now than I did even 5 short years ago. I hope that I can be in the same kind of shape that @Jerry and @Roberto are in at their respective ages.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 21 12:54:00 2014
@Michael. Great to hear you are on the bike again and that you are feeling better.
@Christine. Congratulations on your new bike. Hope to see you ride a lot of miles on it.
Paul Perry Fri Nov 21 12:38:00 2014
Hmmm...If I wasn't in the best shape of my life right now, that last comment would have made feel old. 22 year old me couldn't hold a candle to 47 year old me.

OH YEAH!! Time to go ride a few more years off!

Paul Perry Fri Nov 21 12:34:00 2014
Wow. It's been 25 years since I've seen that stuff. Left PA in 1988. I kinda miss it.
Fri Nov 21 10:57:00 2014
@Jerry: Aaaaaaack!!!!! Bad photo, bad photo! This is a family site; no saying, using, spelling or even displaying that 4-letter white stuff.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 21 10:28:00 2014
Bad, bad, bad. Really bad.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 21 10:16:00 2014
Driver ticketed in Lefthand Canyon crash that injured cyclist.
It took long enough. But at least they finally gave the driver a ticket.
Fri Nov 21 08:19:00 2014
Way to go, @CR. Every morning I pass the local taxi depot. Part of that ride has me waiting at a red light, in the dedicated left-turn lane, with--many times--taxi's in the oncoming lane. Most of the time they want no parts of letting me go; they're always 'in a hurry', even at 7:15 a.m. Know that I'm usually the only one waiting to turn left; I'm always dressed brightly, have my lights on and my left arm out signalling my intentions. Over the summer it seems that many of the drivers have gotten to recognize me; I've been given the courtesy of passing more and more. Happened again this morning. Just like @Roberto's experiences, being polite and respectful and following the rules of the road does get us more respect in return.
Cycling Roberto Thu Nov 20 16:53:00 2014
35 solo nonstop miles. Today, I met Paul, 73 year-old horn honker. Didn't like me taking the lane at the stop sign, so he blew his horn. When I rolled up to him a couple blocks later as he was parking his car, I explained to him that what he did was rude. He said he wasn't sure what I was doing in the middle of the street. I told him not to worry about what I was doing; control what HE was doing. He thought about it, agreed, apologized, we shook hands, and after a brief conversation, we parted with a new found respect for one another. On to the next one...
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Nov 20 09:48:00 2014


JW Jamerson Wed Nov 19 18:45:00 2014
J Hugh I hope you’re right! Time will tell. yuch!
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 19 16:52:00 2014
Motorists involved in cyclist fatalities are rarely cited for anything criminal unless alcohol or drugs are involved. If they are cited, convictions are rarer still and the penalties are not much more than the proverbial slap on the wrist. Admitting that you weren't looking where you were going on a 65 MPH highway that then resulted in a fatality should be reason enough to issue a careless driving citation at the very least.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 19 16:22:00 2014
I attended Law enforcement school and a death investigation is a whole complex process unto itself. Just because no citation was issued does not mean there will not be serious charges. We all know that the system is not even close to perfect, but if you want a conviction you have to do a comprehensive investigation.
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 19 14:30:00 2014
@JW, of course the motorist wasn't cited. He wasn't drunk or stoned, so free pass. Want to kill someone and walk, run over a cyclist. Disgusting.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Nov 19 12:44:00 2014
To give everyone an update on the third of our three milestone guessing games - The dates for our original 5 guesses for when we will reach 20 million have come and gone. The earliest two guesses for that were September 40th, and the latest was September 72nd. As I mentioned earlier this (real) month, September 113th looks to be a much more likely probability.
JW Jamerson Wed Nov 19 12:43:00 2014
This just makes me sick!!! Biker killed, driver admits neglect & is NOT immediately cited!


Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Nov 19 09:29:00 2014
@Christine - So looking forward to details of your new bike, and possibly a picture... :) Very excited for you!
Wed Nov 19 07:38:00 2014
Back in the saddle again, FINALLY! Felt so gooooood. @Jerry, I have a vague idea how you felt earlier this summer. Due to work, family and illness I've ridden exactly once since October 29th. I didn't think I'd miss it as much as I did. According to my lovely wife, it's not the first time I've been wrong...
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 18 15:51:00 2014
If the powers that be would only loosen the purse strings a tiny bit to improve/pave these scenic trails, more people would use them. As you can see, I had the place virtually to myself. Nice, but not sustainable.
Tue Nov 18 15:38:00 2014
Very picturesque; Thanks again for sharing!
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 18 15:32:00 2014
Abandoned canal and railroad


Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 18 15:28:00 2014
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 18 15:27:00 2014
Lehigh Canal Path, Bethlehem, PA
Tue Nov 18 15:19:00 2014
Thanks for the thought and pic, @Roberto. Where is that? I like those ruins on the right side.
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 18 14:27:00 2014
@Christine, good for you!
@MG, super windy day today, gusts around 35MPH, great day to be out on the bike! Just for you bro~ get better soon~~
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Nov 18 13:17:00 2014
[email protected] - SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue Nov 18 12:24:00 2014
Glad to hear it, @Christine! Enjoy the new ride!
@Roberto, nice pictures; I particularly liked Friday's! Thanks for posting.
Was hoping to get back in the saddle this morning after a three-week hiatus. Doc sez no, have to wait until at least tomorrow. Need to clear the sinus' a little better first. Figures, this morning was in the 50's and really nice; tomorrow's gonna be butt-ugly cold again. Oh well, ride on anyway!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Nov 18 12:02:00 2014
@Christine - That's sooo awesome!!! YEA!!
Karen Jean Goth Tue Nov 18 11:58:00 2014
@Christine - Yipee!!!!!
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Tue Nov 18 11:26:00 2014
I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! I HAVE A NEW BIKE! The members of our local Professional Police Association heard my story and were touched by it. On Saturday, the detective I'd been talking to and another detective brought me a beautiful bike (used but new to me!!) with a basket and a bull dog of a lock! I WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR AND PUT THIS YEAR'S MILEAGE TO SHAME! I'm so effing excited I think I could burst!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Nov 18 07:32:00 2014
Carl, years back I left my garmin on and drove home from an event. Sure changed the average speed.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Tue Nov 18 03:33:00 2014
I guess I can track my speed also in my car. Yeah, I don't think I'm the only one that forgets to turn the app off.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Nov 17 21:22:00 2014
Terrible storms. Terrible to lose life so suddenly. Maybe easier than a polar bear starving to death. Maybe the same cause.
Cycling Roberto Sun Nov 16 19:52:00 2014
Jerry Bengtson Sun Nov 16 14:46:00 2014
@Roberto. That photo reminds me of Topeka. I have ridden there during the fall when visiting my mother. Sometimes there are so many leaves you can't even see the trail.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Nov 16 14:41:00 2014
I almost killed a bicylist yesterday with my van. It amazes me how stupid some people can be. He was riding on the wrong side of the street heading southbound. I was also heading southbound. I noticed the idiot bicylist and kept an eye on him. Just as I was approaching him he make a hard right turn to get into a driveway without looking. I braked hard to miss him. As I was braking he heard me and than swerved back left and almost hit a car headon that was northbound. Had I not been watching him he would have been dead.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Nov 16 14:40:00 2014
I had planned on riding up Flagstaff Mountain today since today was the first day it was open to bicyclists since the flood. But with 30mph winds with gusts to 50mph I decided to play it safe on come home early.
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 15 21:58:00 2014
@Laurie, takes a while it seems...
Laurie Rescheske Sat Nov 15 21:13:00 2014
Did they stop updating points? I logged miles today and my points did not change.
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 15 20:23:00 2014
Rick Gilbert Sat Nov 15 16:35:00 2014
Be careful out there. We just lost another cyclist in our area - he lost control on pine needles on the roadway and slid into oncoming traffic. There are only a couple of square inches of traction between a great ride and a disastrous fall.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Nov 15 16:24:00 2014
Colorado Cyclists Come Together After Floods
Rick Gilbert Sat Nov 15 15:44:00 2014
For those who think that cyclists (or pedestrians) who behave badly pose a danger only to themselves, consider the following:
(reposted after correcting typo)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Nov 15 12:19:00 2014
@Tim - No matter if we bought our bike(s) new or used, (unless it was custom built), originally it came in a bike box. ;)
Rick Gilbert Sat Nov 15 12:17:00 2014
I'm with BG & CR on the right turn situation. Act like a car. I have my own variant that's been harder to negotiate gracefully. In the last mile or so of my homeward commute, I have a stretch of 2 lane arterial (fog line, a shy foot of paved shoulder and then drop off to ditch on my side of the road). Speed limit is 35, but folks would like to drive 40+. I have to make a left turn from this road into my subdivision, and view of oncoming traffic is limited by a curve. On good days, I have no traffic behind, and either none in front or I stop and wait to make the left. On other days, I see a string of cars behind. Is shade to the right to the fog line, and they usually pass me without danger to them or me, but there's not a good gap for me to get in for my left without my coming to a complete stop in the road. On to Plan B. There's a very short cul-de-sac (4 houses) just opposite my subdivision entrance. I pull in there, U-turn and drop a foot to wait for an opportunity to cross the arterial. Here's where it gets interesting. Often, a driver coming from my right around the curve will see me waiting and will slow, then stop, to allow me to cross. Traffic from the left is often still too near and approaching too fast for me to take up the offer. I really want to be treated like a car. I'm in a roadway, and I can safely wait my turn to cross when traffic clears. The motorist on the right is treating me like a pedestrian, but I can't depend on the motorists on the left doing likewise. Beside that, I'm in the road not on the sidewalk at the corner. I've had to wave these people on, and on occasion, turn my bike away as though I decided not to cross. One result is that by slowing, one driver let the car behind him close a gap I had hoped to use to make my crossing. I got to wait a little longer. Sometimes motorists attempt to be too nice.
Rick Gilbert Sat Nov 15 12:01:00 2014
Vashon is just across the sound from where I live, and I made a 'pilgrimage' to the bike this year. The one thing that puzzles me about the bike's placement in the tree is that trees grow upward from their tips. If you carve your initials in the bark 4 feet off the ground today, they'll still be 4 ft off the ground 50 years from now. It seems caught in the crotch between a limb and the main trunk, and both have grown together over the years, embedding the bike. It wasn't just abandoned at ground level. It seems that it had to be lifted into place when it was abandoned. Don Puz's story that he abandoned the bike because it was a girl's bike and too small for him matches what I had read in other sources.
Tim Mulligan Sat Nov 15 11:23:00 2014
These scenarios point out a cardinal rule of traffic cycling. That is, you never, ever, ever should be to the right of a potentially right turning vehicle! And this makes me wonder what kind of demonically possessed bicycle "advocate" came up with the idea of bike boxes? Obviously it wasn't someone who spends much time on a bicycle in traffic.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Nov 15 11:22:00 2014
How did the bike become embedded in the tree?
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Nov 15 09:09:00 2014
@Jerry & C.R. - In thsoe situations, I try to behave like a car. I wouldn't pull up beside them in the same lane in my car, so I don't do it on my bike. I just wait in line, same as I would when driving. Seems safer (and more courteous) to me that way.
I was in that situation this morning going to work... waiting at a light behing two cars in my lane, with two cars in the left lane as well. Another guy on a bike came up on my left, rode between the lanes of cars, and didn't stop at the light (cross traffic's light was red, but ours hadn't changed yet). It just seems obnoxious to me to do that. If you're on a bike in the bike lane and you can blow past cars just as the light turns green, that's fine, you've got your own lane. But riding between lanes like this morning's doofus... No wonder people think we're annoying. Even I was annoyed by that guy.
Cycling Roberto Fri Nov 14 23:14:00 2014
@Jerry, next time, pull up behind them after they so rudely passed you, and wait until they are gone rather than risk getting run over by coming up on the right. Just my 2 cents...
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 14 21:56:00 2014
I had two drivers NOT right hook me today. But they still did it wrong. They both passed me, than stopped to wait for me to pass them. But I could only pass on the right. So I had to come to a very slow speed to make eye contact with them to make sure they would not turn into me. They should have stayed behind me. And it would have been faster and safer for both of us.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 14 21:48:00 2014
Sad story about the bicycle rider and the train. Trains are dangerous. It amazes me how people risk their lives and the lives of there family to try to beat a train to a crossing. Or to walk on tracks. Or even crawl under trains to get on the other side.
We had four college students here in Longmont decided to hop a freight train. One of the girls lost both legs.
A very sad video of the results of trying to beat a train to the crossing.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 14 21:40:00 2014
People Behaving Badly
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Nov 14 18:09:00 2014
HI all, the weather today, less wind and temps in the upper 50s. Thats about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. So I had to go out and ride. Actually spotted a couple of other riders out seizing the chance. Just under 470,000 needed to make the 20 million. RIDE ON YA'LL.
Fri Nov 14 10:38:00 2014
@Roberto, I can see the trains moving through that section daily from my office. That particular stretch of line comes out of the Reading yard, so trains can extend out to where that young man was hit while their 'back ends' are still being put together inside the yard. There is no roadway grade crossing there; he was riding on the ballast/ties. Yes, he unfortunately should've known better.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Nov 14 10:25:00 2014
@ Michael, how tragic. In addition to teaching your kids where not to ride, please go out and ride with them!
@Burklee, nice work! This emphasises the importance of not throwing that old bike stuff away. If you've got useful stufft that you don't need, donate it to an appropriate bike org/charity. Riding makes me happy to and riding with a friend/family member is even better. (S)miles to you & Jay!
Ok, I'm preaching to the choir again, but TAKE THE LANE: http://cyclingsavvy.org/hows-my-driving/
Cycling Roberto Fri Nov 14 10:20:00 2014
@MG, 50 trains a day traverse that line. I see kids walking along the tracks all the time. Sometimes the trains have to stop, but can move suddenly without warning. Riding a bike anywhere near one is super dangerous. At 18, this young man should have known better. At that age, you just feel invincible. Sad story.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Nov 14 09:17:00 2014
@EM - Thanks! Yeah, I put that together from just a frame. I had help on things - Kyle talked me through installing the bottom bracket and Bianca installed the derailleurs and adjusted them. Other than that, I put it together. The chain, cables, housings, and derailleur hanger are new, everything else is used from donated LBK stock. I picked out the stuff I thought would make riding easier: index trigger shifters rather than friction, so there's no "feeling for the gear", just click and it shifts; handlebars that swoop back so she's sitting upright not having to put weight on her bad shoulder; and a nice wide, comfy seat. She really seems to like it, and that makes me happy. :) And thanks for posting the bait bike story. Glad they're doing something about what is a pretty big problem on campus.
Fri Nov 14 08:10:00 2014
Good morning, all: Due to way too many circumstances beyond my control (including the head/chest cold of a lifetime), I've been on my bike exactly once the entire month of November. Been driving me nuts, but sucking this extraordinarily dry air into my throat would be suicide. Should be back in the saddle next week.
Parents, please hug your kids then teach them where NOT to ride their bikes: http://tinyurl.com/lypu6d4
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Nov 14 07:27:00 2014
Don't steal a bike on UNL campus. It could be a "Bait bike" and charges depend on the value of the bike: http://www.omaha.com/article/20131111/NEWS/131119856/1016
Tammie Porter Thu Nov 13 19:49:00 2014
J. Hugh.. that is the type of day I rode the 63 miles in for the MS ride! It was quite a ride! Not to mention that we have days like that around here about once a week anyway... kinda get used to that kind of wind. Well, not really used to it but learn to put up with it. I have determined that I do not go out in gusts over 38 to 40.. I just can't make any progress over that. 25mph is almost every day at some point. Just got in from my first ride since last thursday. I have been so sick and expected to only ride a leisurly 5 miles or so just to get started again... well.... once I got started it felt soooo good! The longer I rode the better I felt and the next thing I knew I had ridden 16 miles and was going faster and riding harder by the minute! Only darkness and dropping temps ran me indoors. Actually darkness had nothing to do with it but I did not have anything to protect my ears and temps were dropping FAST! I was amazed at the wonderful feeling of the wheels spinning under me for those first few corners when I first headed out... pure heaven!!!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Nov 13 18:08:00 2014
@ Burklee, congrats to Jay on that nice long ride. Holmes Lake, you were climbing. As I understand it, you had a hand in fixing up that bike for her. WAY TO GO!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Nov 13 17:53:00 2014
Marty I will leave those patches of riding to the s&m riders of the Northern forests. I have been blown off the road before when a cold front passes like today. My wife worries a lot more on days like this, so I leave her with a sigh of relief.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Nov 13 17:52:00 2014
Hi all, out today with 10 mph winds (acc. to forecast) and temps right around 45 degrees. I was testing my colder weather gear: full fingered gloves, tights with wind protection in the front over cycling shorts, an annorak over a long-sleeved jersey, a winter skullcap to replace the headsweats hat I wear under my helmet in warmer temps) and a light weight pair of hiking boots. When it gets colder I'll add wool as a base layer (socks and turtleneck shirt, and tights under the windproof ones) and glove liners inside my gloves. I was happy that my hiking boots fit inside the straps on my pedals. We had a dusting of snow a couple of days ago but it was only visible on the picnic table and back porch by morning and now its completely forgotten. Not winter yet! LOL
@ Karen Jean, wool is great as a base layer because it wicks away moisture and keeps you warm at the same time. Also, it doesn't stink.
Sorry I missed Veteran's day, belated thanks to all the Veterans among you. Jerry, I'm guessing Vietnam?
Less than 500,000 miles to go people KEEP RIDING!!
Cycling Roberto Thu Nov 13 15:19:00 2014
In eastern PA wind is almost a daily occurrence. Today for example, the wind is 15 MPH with gusts to 20 and the temperature is 39. Got in my 30 miles :) No ice, but lots of wet leaves. It brings tears to my eyes.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Nov 13 12:35:00 2014
J Hugh - Try that with either patches of ice or wet leaves.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Nov 13 09:59:00 2014
With the wind at 20 -25 mph sustained and gusts to 35 mph and boating warnings for all waters, I am not riding. I hate to miss a day, but it just does not seem safe.
Marty I heard the same thing and have worn bright colors ever since. It was like camo when Brad and I were Hippies but now its more like a UFO with lights.
Paul Perry Thu Nov 13 00:49:00 2014
Thank you Burklee. Next up:150 miles in 10 hours, and 24hr PR (this one will involve sleeping-not quite ready for 24 hr ride yet).
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Nov 12 23:38:00 2014
@Jerry - Thank you.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Nov 12 19:09:00 2014
It is amazing the difference the way our military is treated now compared to 45 years ago. I remember being called a baby killer, spit upon, and cussed out for being in the military. Now you see people thanking our military for their service. And doing things for them, from the free and discounted things businesses do, to people reaching out and buying meals for our military. And it is nice to be thanked now for my military service in the past.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Nov 12 19:08:00 2014
Why You Should Avoid the Door Zone
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Nov 12 18:34:00 2014
@J Hugh - I'll never figure out why my teachers always talked about my clothing, even if I wasn't riding my bike to school. They would say, "You're not bright enough", or "You're not too bright" At least they were concerned for my safety.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Nov 12 15:20:00 2014
@Burklee - Wishing Jay all the best! Hope that that bike helps her to be able to ride with you more often.
Wed Nov 12 15:19:00 2014
We'd miss you less if you rode more :P (back at 'cha!)
Wed Nov 12 15:17:00 2014
Aww, @Laurie, we miss you lots and lots!
Laurie Rescheske Wed Nov 12 14:59:00 2014
Just thought I would pop in and say hi, in case anyone missed me. :P Except for a few planned group rides, I doubt I'll be on my bike much before spring. That may change on a nice sunny day when I have extra time and a case of cabin fever. Otherwise, I'll be spending the winter walking/jogging the indoor track and swimming laps occasionally.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 12 13:39:00 2014
KJG adding cyclocross, now you are multidimensional. Some people use cyclocross tires for winter riding.
B cc G Perhaps a better name than the Edmond Fitzgerald or the Lusitania.
DP you didn;t say hike.
King Marty Right on if my colors for the day are not bright and obnoxious I top things off with my Bike Florida Fluorescent Green vest. I look like a space ship at night between the vest and the flashing lights..
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Nov 12 13:18:00 2014
@Karen Jean - Jay is 44. She has some health problems of unknown origin that limit her ability to ride sometimes. I've tried her new bike. It is so comfortable. It's like a Barcalounger on wheels. :)
dameon plagens Wed Nov 12 12:59:00 2014
in case you have over looked it today is 11/12/13 and if you add military time to the equation @ 2: 15 it will be 11/12/13/14/15.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Nov 12 12:06:00 2014
@Karen Jean - Just buy a reflective vest. That way you can wear it over the brown jacket, or anything else to help increase visibility. For the last several years, i always wear one while biking. It may look a little dorky, (I'll beat everyone to the punch - at least then it matches me), but I know I'm a little safer.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Nov 12 12:00:00 2014
@Burklee - As long as Jay doesn't go for a ride on Friday, December 13th, this year, she will be OK. (It was also on a Friday, on December 13th in 1872, that the last time anyone saw the ship.)[That incident may have added to the Friday the 13th mistique.]
I hope Jay's new bike isn't made of wood - then she might be in real trouble - but than again maybe not, as it would float.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Nov 12 11:48:00 2014
@Burklee - Refresh my memory about Jay. How old? Sounds like a fine ride.
@Marty - I guess all that angst was getting to me yesterday. So much so that I did some errands today in blustery cold pre-snow conditions. You were on the money about riding in the cold. I never thought that I would admit to doing 4.2 miles as an accomplishment though. I can't afford one of those special vests or Winter jackets, but I found a Winter jacket that I now own that does not restrict my range of motion too much, which is what I was really concerned about, only the coat is dark brown. I suppose that I should buy some kind of reflector tape. Its not an expensive coat, so I am thinking I could tape it up to be more visible. Still need Winter shoes. I am trying to trek on, but I feel like I am at square one again or in first grade when riding in the Winter.
Also, I went to pick the last of my veggies before the snow arrives later today at my community garden. I wanted to mention the cyclocross course that (I am guessing folks from Rodale) set up behind the composting center off of Minor Street in Emmaus. I did a short part of the course before going home. On a better day, I would like to do a few laps around it. I don't have a special bike, but if I let a little air out of my tires on my road bike, do you folks think that I could do it without any trouble?
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Nov 12 10:41:00 2014
Now that I think back on it, I think I did see a multidimensional park, but that was a good many years ago, back in my hippie days. That place seemed almost infinite at the time (and I don't think we even left Appleton), but I'm not sure how you would legislate something like that into existence ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Very cool number thing, thanks for pointing it out. And although we missed it once, if you're on the 12 hour clock you will have a second chance to experience 8:09:10 11-12-13. Party on dudes (and dudettes), I hope each of you has a most excellent day.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Nov 12 10:39:00 2014
On a shorter, but no less auspicious (to me) note, Jay & I went for a ride on Saturday. We rode all the way out to Holmes Lake from the trails center, around the lake and back. We rode the length of the dam and all the way back to Antelope Park's playground, stopping only at stop lights. That's almost 3½ miles. That's the farthest Jay's ever ridden without needing to stop to rest. We hit the stop lights at just the right times, so we were stopped less than 15 seconds at those lights. She did so well, I'm just so darn proud of her! The new bike has really improved her riding. She's much more comfortable. We think the 700c wheels help, and I know the index shifters help. Jay named her bike the Mary Celeste, so I got kinda nervous while we were riding around the lake and along Antelope Creek, but other than that, it was a fine ride.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Nov 12 10:32:00 2014
@J. Hugh - Sticks and Stones.......
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Nov 12 10:21:00 2014
@Paul - Wow, a 130 mile ride? That's really something. Congrats!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 12 07:32:00 2014
@Brad multidimensional like a star trek chess set. You don't have multidimensional parks in Wisconsin? I know they don't in PA they are way too one and two dimensional. Look around you may a have just missed the added dimensions.

Happy 11-12-13

Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Nov 12 07:11:00 2014
17 degrees on my way in today. First cold day using the new Wolvehammer boots. After an hour the only thing that got cold were my fingers - so far so good. But I'll withhold judgement, colder cold will be here soon enough. Beyond that; with little wind and no rain it actually was an enjoyable ride. It seems worse from the inside looking out, once you get out there it isn't as bad as you imagined.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Nov 12 06:52:00 2014
Hugh - Wow, a 12,000 mile park? How do they even fit that in Florida?
Paul Perry Wed Nov 12 05:17:00 2014
Two new PRs today
Distance on a single ride: 130.1 miles.
Elevation gain on a single ride: 6,175 feet.
Tammie Porter Wed Nov 12 00:02:00 2014
Our first cold weather is moving in tonight. It looks like it will be a full week before I feel the wheels of my bike spinning again... I don't know how I am going to survive!
Karen Jean Goth Tue Nov 11 22:04:00 2014
@CR - Some stuff works better than other stuff. Not fun for me to ride in my bulky Winter jacket, jeans and combat boots. (Ok for raking leaves though). Maybe if I had no other options or means of transportation I would have to make do, but practically speaking, if I just need some exercise, I have lots of other more appealing options than riding my bicycle, unless I find the right clothing to make it enjoyable. I know that
is not an issue for you, but for me that is what it comes down to.
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 11 21:58:00 2014
12,000 mile park? Must be in Texas.
Cycling Roberto Tue Nov 11 21:57:00 2014
How to ride in cold weather: put more stuff on. Questions?
Peter J Feyen Tue Nov 11 19:56:00 2014
Sorry Marty, the article only covers cool weather!
Karen Jean Goth Tue Nov 11 19:45:00 2014
@Marty - Thank you so much for researching that article. I am sure it will be helpful to other newbies. But for those people in Florida, they can keep laughing all the way through to April, and I will keep wishing I was there to laugh with them. :)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Nov 11 18:42:00 2014
Here is an article on cool and cold weather cycling clothing:
Karen Jean Goth Tue Nov 11 16:47:00 2014
@Ray S - Yes, I ment you. Hope you had a nice Veteran's Day.
@J. Hugh....ROFL? 12,000 miles. I'm good with the hard helmet too, but I see
how some people might like it.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Nov 11 14:02:00 2014
Crossed the 12,000 mile park for the year, today! New Annual mark possible. Give me a hard helmet, and nothing around the neck to keep heat in. However, if you don't want your hair messed up and you live in Northern Europe or Wisconsin this might work.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Nov 11 13:43:00 2014
@Karen Jean & @Rick - I also share Rick's concern for too much warmth in the neck area. Another issue is that, even though I think it might prevent concussions better than the types currently made, the problem is that because it is inflatable, without a hard shell, it probably wouldn't pass the ANSI or CPSC testing, as currently set-up. If I remember correctly, one of the tests is dropping the helmet (with a weight in it), straight down onto a metal rod or spike.
Rick Gilbert Tue Nov 11 13:24:00 2014
re Invisible helmet: 1) I like it. 2) I'd rather have something on my head than around my neck in the summer. 3) Where would I put my other safety device that helps me avoid crashes - my helmet mounted light.
All that said, it's such a nifty idea. But I probably need the full-body version to avoid repeating the hip fracture that resulted from my fall last December.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Nov 11 13:14:00 2014
KJG Wool .....ROFL
Frank M Keep on riding... Bon ton Roule I'm saying the points count and they left early.
Tammie You are off the couch, way off the couch and those 100+ mile weeks will come again. Maybe even a few two hundred mile weeks?
Ray S Tue Nov 11 12:38:00 2014
I don't know if I'm the Ray you were referring to KJG, but I'll take it :) Thanks to all of my fellow Veterans, and Happy Birthday (a day late) to my fellow Marines. Semper Fidelis.
Karen Jean Goth Tue Nov 11 11:50:00 2014
Anyone buy any wool baselayers from Ibex out of Vermont. They sent me a catalog. Thinking about ordering one of their "woolies". My husband gave me a nice warm balaclava or whatever its called, and I have nice warm tights, and gloves, but my torso is often still cold. It should complete my Winterwear. (Hopefully.) We may get some snow later on today. Taking my veteran out to lunch. Perhaps you know someone you can treat to lunch today also.
Frank McIntosh Tue Nov 11 11:01:00 2014
Amazing how people fall away after "The Challenge" ends. I am having a mediocre November and am in the top 300 nationally. I wouldn't be in the top 1500 during the Summer frenzy. This is my favorite part of Endomondo. When I can charge up the rankings while not working particularly hard. Cheap thrills.
Karen Jean Goth Tue Nov 11 08:18:00 2014
Thank You Jerry, Ray, and all the veterans and their families. Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe. Thank you for enduring difficult training and constant studying. Thank you for risking your lives. Thank you for giving up family time. Freedom is not free. God Bless You all.
Peter J Feyen Mon Nov 10 20:53:00 2014
Well ! I guess on 11/06/13 I bragged way to soon. Do to my returning illness I didn't ride since Thursday and Monday doesn't look good at the moment either. But I'll be back soon because I miss the ride.
Tammie Porter Mon Nov 10 20:03:00 2014
Well, three full days without touching a bike and I am miserable! The fact that I have been sick for two of them does factor into it I guess. I probably won't be able to have the strength to ride for a while too! Drats!!! I have only been riding about 50 to 80 miles a week lately and really miss those 100+ mile weeks. Of course, the weather has been a miserable tease ... absolutely BEAUTIFUL... no fair. I want to ride so much but can barely make it off the couch. ... there is always next week.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Nov 10 15:56:00 2014
OOH, just noticed that I am at 7500 points on the dot!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Nov 10 15:55:00 2014
@ J Hugh, congrats on the 12,000 points!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Nov 10 15:52:00 2014
Hi all, out again today with gorgeous sunshine and temps in the 50s. The wind has not left town so sometimes I was flying down the road and others I was pumping hard. At least a dozen other riders out enjoying the day. RIDE ON!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Nov 10 15:05:00 2014
@ Karen Jean I'm also in favor of anything that will make people safer. I would like to see more crash dummy testing, such as what happens if you go over the handlebars or get hit by a branch from overhead (like the mountain bikers). I would also like more information about how it gets recharged/refitted after it has deployed once. And can you buy a policy so that someone will reset it so it can be used again? (Sort of like the airbags in your car). Should you keep a regular helmet as backup in case it goes off and you can't reset it yourself? Ok, I admit I stole a couple of ideas from the discussion at this other web site: http://jalopnik.com/swedes-develop-invisible-bike-helmet-1460189477 I sincerely hope they will do the testing needed to answer these questions and that they get people to use it. Personally, I think I'll stick to more tradtional bike helmets (or the newer ones discussed earlier this year). But bottom line, I'm 100% in favor of anything that will make you safer.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Nov 10 13:04:00 2014
If invisible helmets would get people to wear them, I hope they succeed. Lovely ride today. Passed 12,000 points on September 71st.
Karen Jean Goth Mon Nov 10 12:51:00 2014
Excuse me, A coworker WHO is also a friend....
Karen Jean Goth Mon Nov 10 12:48:00 2014
Thanks EM!
A coworker that is also a friend on facebook sent me this link a few days ago. I told
her I would share it with you. What do you think? A good idea or no?
Judy Gardner - Handcyclist Mon Nov 10 04:01:00 2014
It is a neat idea, hope they make it to production.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Nov 9 18:44:00 2014
More technology coming in electric bicycles and you don't have to buy a new bike! : http://www.flykly.com/#
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Nov 9 18:44:00 2014
Nice work CR!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Nov 9 18:00:00 2014
@CR - I hear you. I had a relative who once said that they took a leaf blower when they went to a campground, and would blow any errant leaves off of their site.
Cycling Roberto Sun Nov 9 16:31:00 2014
30 solo miles. Stopped and thanked each person I saw doing leaves with a RAKE instead of a gas or electric powered blower! 5% of greenhouse gases come from lawn and garden equipment. 6 people in 30 miles not bad. Even got a hug from one!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Nov 9 13:07:00 2014
Hi all, out this morning in beautiful fall weather: sunshine, wind, and temps in the upper 50s. About a dozen other riders out enjoying this day.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Nov 8 22:12:00 2014
I just had to pick up an inner tube today. It was an 8.25 x 4, with an offset valve stem. I like the wide tubes/tires, as they really work well on my dolly. It has had good traction in the crystallized rain, when I've had to use it to haul things. (Here is the biking related portion of this post - I took the dolly with me on my bike trailer, to make sure I was getting the right thing.)
Tammie Porter Sat Nov 8 19:19:00 2014
I'm here! Just been busy ... still riding almost every day. Went out in 49 degree temps the other evening for a brisk 18 miles and really enjoyed it! Did a group ride yesterday evening for 8 miles and dinner. We had so much fun with all out blinking lights. It wasn't so bad, we were dressed for the cool temps and even went to Baskin Robins for ice cream! Yes, we are nuts!
Rick Gilbert Sat Nov 8 19:02:00 2014
@Brad - an alternative to Jagwire- Gore cables- seals on the housings and thin jacket on the cable between housings. Not enough low temp riding here to challenge them, but my bike mechanic swears by them (not at them) for muddy MTB and cyclocross. About 17 months on this set so far (replaced OEM cables) and I'm happy with them.
About tires - I think one can flat all of them except the solids, and I'm not even sure that one can't flat a solid. Rear orig. equip. Vittoria Randonneur flatted twice in quick succession after about 8000 miles (700x32). Replaced with a Schwalbe Marathon Plus (700x28) that flatted on retread wire 3 months later. Retread wire is like goathead thorns. If it gets in the rolling surface and you don't find it quickly, it's going to cause a problem. This spring, I sprang for Vittoria Rubino ProTechs (700x28) for both wheels for non-winter riding. Much lighter than the Schwalbe and lighter and faster than the Randonneurs. No punctures a couple of weeks ago, when I picked up a piece of glass on my way to a ride. Missed the ride fixing the flat, but I still like the Rubino ProTechs. I keep them at max pressure (100), adjusted just about every day I ride. I might like some pricier road tires better than the ProTech, but for my kind of riding they are a nice balanced package of speed, ride comfort, cost, and flat protection.

But ask me again when I flat on the way home in the dark and the rain.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 8 18:43:00 2014
This guy really loves winter bicycling.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Nov 8 17:14:00 2014
@ Karen Jean, Pennsylvania is one of those states that I haven't ridden in yet, so I'll let you know when I get there!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Nov 8 17:03:00 2014
HI all, out again today. My late fall/winter riding goal is to go out as many days as possible when its nice. Otherwise its back to the WII Fit alternating Yogi and Boo Boo, er, uh, yoga and strength exercises. This time of year riding is defnintely slower partly because of wind and leaves all over the place. I also ride the heavier bike with fatter tires on the trail. But no matter, its fun!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Nov 8 12:29:00 2014
@Burklee - Hopefully you can reach 5,000 points before the dreaded "Glass Shard" and Glass Slivers" zones. they tend not to be too good for tires. if not, hold off until you reach it during either the "BPA Free Plastic", "Recyclable Plastic", "Recyclable Plastic that isn't by your local recycler", and "Totally Unrecyclable Plastic" zones.
Then again, maybe just wait until Burlap. Its a good thing to fall back on, (provided there is padding below it).
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Nov 8 12:28:00 2014
@Burklee - Thanks for the heads-up! Goodman isn't too far from my planned route, which I will now deviate from.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Nov 8 10:45:00 2014
Only 610 points to go to to... well, cut glass at this point. Not even cubic zirconia, and certainly not diamond. I'm still commuting by bike. Morning temps have been in the lower 30's mostly, so I really haven't had to layer up before going out. Not even gloves or headband have been required yet, except for a couple mornings. I'm not the only person around here still bike commuting. I see plenty of people on bikes while I'm riding to work, and there are a good number of bikes at the racks when I go out for break.
Lincoln is running a Winter Bike Challenge from December through February. I will continue riding when the weather is dry, but I don't have the tires for snow/ice, or the means to purchase them. So, I probably won't do terribly well in the standings here, but that's okay. The person I'm most interested in challenging, ultimately, is me.
@Marty - If you get to Goodman, MS, and you run into any Joneses, they're probably my family. Ride away as fast as you can - they're nuts! LOL
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Nov 8 09:40:00 2014
@Karen Jean - Thanks! It should be fun. That is an amazing amount of swimming. But one thing I found a little incongruous is right after you mentioed yoga, which is nice and relaxing, you talked about cramming in bicycling. The dichotomy made me laugh a little. I always have a hard time with the weather transition to colder conditions, especially if it so abrupt, like it was a few weeks ago. I create a lot of unnessessary angst about deciding to ride or not. And, if I do ride, I am usually pleasantly surprized at how much nicer it is than I had thought it would be. Its all a matter of wearing the right clothing, and realizing that you will go a little slower than under ideal conditions.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Nov 8 07:15:00 2014
@Marty - I hope that you have an excellent adventure. If you have a camera, do me a big favor and post some pictures. Have a safe ride also. I only road 4 miles so far this week on my bike, (Don't tell CR!) I ran a total of 7 miles and by the end of the day will have put in 7 1/2 hours swimming in the pool and completed about 3 to 4 hours of yoga stretching. Hope to cram in bicycling this weekend - it is killing me getting used to the wind. My only excuse.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Nov 8 01:31:00 2014
@CR - The posts are dwindling in rough proportion to the rider dropout rate.
It took us 39 days to get the last million miles. (During the Challenge, we were doing a million every 8-9 days.) It will probably take another 39 days more or less to get the next 600,000. So, my revised guess is that we will reach our goal on September 113th.
@Karen Jean - No six-sided multi-symetric crystalized rain drops here right now, but that is happening in Northern Wisconsin as i type. We will probably get some on Tuesday or Wednesday - which hopefully will signal my temporary exit from the dairy state, for my last bike camping of the year, in TN, AL, and MS.
Cycling Roberto Fri Nov 7 23:39:00 2014
Anybody heard from Tammie lately?
Seems the posts are dwindling down.
Fri Nov 7 21:57:00 2014
@KJG, on he day of that 2011 snow storm we took delivery of a new car. When we left Reading to go to Kutztown (20 minute drive), it was raining. By the time we got back home there was 4 inches of unmentionable white stuff all over the place. I had to get out of the car and move branches that were hanging too low so we could pass under them! We got lucky; no power loss, but had no land-line phone for 29 days. Fallen power lines up the block literally burned the phone lines; I watched the smoke from work!
Karen Jean Goth Fri Nov 7 21:05:00 2014
@Jhugh - When my husband retires I want to be a snow bird and move in with my sister from January to March. (You can always dream.)
@EM - Let me know about your next trip.
@Marty - It must be snowing in WI or are you getting ready for a big storm (Just keep it there for a while). - At least we didn't get an October surprise this year. No ice storms. One year we were without power for 5 days after a storm that blew down the tree in our front yard. I had to saw it down with a hand saw - it was a birch tree and broke in two piece in the middle from all the ice, even after I spent a long time knocking ice off the tree in the middle of the night. You could hear tree limbs cracking all night long in Emmaus. In the morning I took pictures. Our Halloween Trick for 2011 and 2012. So I think we got off easy this year. We should count our blessings.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Nov 7 18:45:00 2014
EM thanks for the reassurance that you won't move to Florida. We are full up.
Only 25 years, wow I'll bet Leonard could beat that. I think the crumbly is call dry rot.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Nov 7 17:50:00 2014
PS, forgot to mention that my husband recently replaced his 25 yr old tires on his bike! They were crumbly. LOL
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Nov 7 17:39:00 2014
HI all, out for the first ride of the month today. I didn't ride for a few days due to family stuff. The temp was hovering around 60 and the wind was coming from the NW. Had to take it slower on the trail becuase of all the leaves. In some places it was not even possible to see the trail. At one point a leaf wedged itself between my rim and my break. Made an interesting noise. Beaufitul sunshine. But as far as climate goes, I like 4 seasons and this is as far south as I go for living.
@ Karen Jean, I made a list of the 50 states and checked off the 13 that I have ridden in. Decided to join you on the mission to ride in all 50 states. This could take a while...
@ Jim Jensen, congrats on making diamond: Sept. 48th and beyond....
@ Lori, nice work on the riding streak
That winter bike expo sounds like fun!
RIDE ON EVERYONE, we still need about 500,000++ for the 20 mil
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Nov 7 17:31:00 2014
I haven't seen that much consensus since I got voted off the island... I guess JagWire is it then. Thanks all.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Nov 7 16:39:00 2014
Jagwires keep my cables and derailleur from freezing up, too.
Joe Sacco Fri Nov 7 16:23:00 2014
coated in teflon, per the website
Joe Sacco Fri Nov 7 15:36:00 2014
Take your pick!!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Nov 7 15:24:00 2014
@Brad - Joe is right. Jagwires are lined with something. When you cut them to length you've got to open up the end of the liner or you won't get the cable through. We sharpened a spoke to poke into the end & that did the trick. (I bought some new Jagwire housings when I put Jay's bike together.)
Joe Sacco Fri Nov 7 15:04:00 2014
@Brad~ all ends are sealed, and lined with something, not sure what.
No crud/snow/water/mud/dirt... wait, those last two would be under crud...... Nothing can get into the cables to foul them up and impede brake or shifting. If something is up with shifting or braking it's not in the cable housing.
At least that's been my experience with the Jag wire cable housings; and I go through all kinds of crud!! ;)


Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Nov 7 14:51:00 2014
Joe is there something inside JagWire that resists moisture and freezing?
Cycling Roberto Fri Nov 7 14:46:00 2014
@MG, thanks! The combo of wet leaves, 15 MPH wind, cooling temps, and rain made the hour in the saddle about all the "fun" I was up for today.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Nov 7 14:34:00 2014
Hugh - that sounds like an outstanding day.
I have had cables freeze up too. It was always the lower casing of my rear derailieur. I would yank it out of the stop, and pull on it to break it free of the cable and then work it back and forth a bunch before seating it back in. Oil didn't seem to help much, the next time there was a lot of moisture in the air and freezing temps, it would seize up again.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Nov 7 14:00:00 2014
'Import From Garmin' is definitely not fixed. A drop down menu has been added to select workout type; I selected 'cycling, transport' but it logged as running. ONE aspect has been corrected - now the 'Include In Statistics' box IS checked. Remember this box MUST be checked or you will get no points added to the challenge for that workout. The safest bet has been, and continues to be, 'Import From File', and navigate to the desired activity (workout) within your Garmin. The activity will remain as you select, and Include In Statisics will be checked.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Nov 7 13:39:00 2014
Short ride today. Kayak practice in the Manatee refuge with lots of birds and alligators. Cloudy early with mist. Started to break up and the wind shifted to the north. So, came home and took a short ride as the sun came out. Wondering if it was the same Eagle that I saw on the river that showed up over my house as I put the bicycle away. Fall can be so much fun.
Fri Nov 7 13:37:00 2014
You go, @Roberto! 15 in this slop is still a good ride.
Cycling Roberto Fri Nov 7 13:18:00 2014
Only managed 15 miles in windy, cold, and rainy conditions. "Man's got to know his limitations."
Fri Nov 7 12:06:00 2014
@Jerry, I'd rather have wild leaves than wild frozen rain drops in any meteorological form.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Nov 7 11:14:00 2014
I was attacked by wild leaves yesterday on my ride.
They just kept jumping off the trees and aimed for my face.
Joe Sacco Fri Nov 7 10:10:00 2014
@Bill~ two words Jag Wire!!

For those that may find this interesting; and are within reasonable driving distance..... Check this out!!!!
Even if you have no interest..... It's still a cool event!! Lol

Peace, Joe

Fri Nov 7 08:52:00 2014
@Bill, have you lubed the cables inside their housings? Sometimes moisture may condense inside there and, in your case, freeze up. You sound like the kind of cyclist that shouldn't need this question asked, but is your chain cleaned/lubed? It's amazing what a dry chain will prevent from happening throughout the rest of the drive train system. Either way, you don't necessarily need to ride in the rain for moisture to have an effect on things.
Rode into work for the first time since Tuesday last week. Felt so good to be back in the saddle again. Bonus - it was 62 degrees and I beat the rain by 15 minutes!
@Lori, Kudos on the riding streak!
Bill Werling Fri Nov 7 07:39:00 2014
COLD WEATHER RIDING - I was riding my bike this morning to work in Colorado with a temperature approximately 14°. I had difficulty shifting. At times it seemed as though something along the shifting process (either the rear derailleur or the cable) is frozen. At other times both the front and the rear derailleur shifter would not catch (meaning that I could move it back and forth without having any effect). The bike has not been exposed to moisture within the last week. I currently use Shimano XT shifting lever and have Shimano XT and LX rear and front derailleurs respectively. In the last couple I wrote to as low as 37 below 0. They recommended therapy that I used grip shifter's. I was hoping not to have to do that again in Colorado since the temperature rarely goes below 0 in Colorado Springs. Does anybody have any recommendations for preventing this freezing or ineffectiveness of the shifting levers?
Paul Perry Fri Nov 7 03:46:00 2014
"Eat one less doughnut a week". What if we don't eat doughnuts? :-)
And what about the cost factor of putting an already worn tire on the back when you rotate? Isn't that just speeding up the process of replacing the rear? I'm running Armadillo Elites, and I really like them. Front has over 3500 miles and still looks good. Wondering how long it will last as a rear? Shop told me guys my size + our roads, I was lucky to get 1500+ out of a rear tire. 700 28c if that matters.
Cycling Roberto Thu Nov 6 20:55:00 2014
@Lori, congratulations on such a long streak! Leaves are super dangerous and stay wet close to the ground after the ones on top appear dry. Avoid them if possible.
Peter J Feyen Thu Nov 6 20:54:00 2014
I have rode every day starting May 1,2013 and even was in the hospital overnite once. I did not write down what I did in April. Thanks to NBC and all the riders especially those that made comments.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Nov 6 20:00:00 2014
@Lori - I know there are riders on here with longer streaks, but I'm very impressed! My longest this year (and forever, so far), was 80.
Lori A Hug Thu Nov 6 19:33:00 2014
My consecutive days ride streak ended today at 152 straight days-one day short of 5 months! Rode 4367 miles in those 152 days. Last time I missed was June 6th. Rain, wind, and leaves, after a long day of work did me in today. Be careful out there. A friend who is a "retired" triathlete hit wet pavement with leaves and spilled on his bike a couple days ago. After surgery, he faces a month in rehab):
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Nov 6 18:52:00 2014
I just received a workplace survey. Did everyone who was in charge of their workplace also receive one?
Maybe that means they will also have a team based survey in the next few weeks?
Thu Nov 6 13:53:00 2014
Hi, Kids! Been out of town (and out of touch) since early last week; today's the first day back in the office. Unfortunately couldn't ride in today; had to attend a funeral for a co-worker's father.
PennDOT posts a quarterly newsletter specific to bike issues called Spokes-People. Link to this quarter's issue: ftp://ftp.dot.state.pa.us/public/Bureaus/Press/SpokesPeople/Spokes-People_Fall2013.pdf

Some nice stuff! Can't wait to ride in tomorrow, even though the weather forecast calls for a wet commute.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Nov 6 13:43:00 2014
Good Job Melody! Also, for Leonard and Tim I have Bontrager AW1 Hard Case according to the sticker on the tire.
Melody Munson-McGee Thu Nov 6 09:24:00 2014
colder...slower...but still riding!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 5 20:38:00 2014
Leonard thanks for the suggestion. I am doing the test on the rear and conserving the Hardcase on the front. I have one on and one in reserve.
Tim M you and I are looking to solve the same problem with the x 32 hardcase Race lite. The AW1 has a 100 psi and is much more bulging than the HCRL tire, 10 psi and the tire design make a big difference.. Let me know if you guys find anything worth a try and I will do the same.
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 5 17:47:00 2014
Makes very little sense to wear out the front tire to the point it needs replacing. Remember folks, that's your steering. Doing it the Sheldon Brown way you have new rubber up front each change, and that's where it counts.
Cycling Roberto Wed Nov 5 17:38:00 2014
I hate to agree with a certain FL resident, but putting the new tire on the front and the old front on the rear when the rear wears out is Sheldon Brown's recommendation as well. I do that too. Have you thought about the fact that let's say you spend $60 for a tire (which I doubt many of you do). You ride on it for 15,000 miles you say (I've never achieved that kind of mileage, but I'm not trying and don't buy tires based on mileage). That works out to less than a half a penny per mile. Even though I typically get about 4000 miles out of a Continental Grand Prix 4000x road tire (700x23), I'm spending about 1 and half cents per mile. For that extra penny I get tires with exceptional grip, super-low rolling resistance, and great road feel. So on a 40 mile ride, I think I'm worth the extra 40 cents. Eat one less doughnut a week and you can roll on premium tires instead of bulletproof mileage busters. BTW, I'm not talking about off-road tires... different tires for that, different topic. And I only pay $45 for them, so my cost is actually 1 and an eighth cents per mile, but who's counting?
Leonard Wright Wed Nov 5 14:41:00 2014
@J. Hugh,

A couple months ago our local Trek dealer changed hands and a friend of mine opened a new bike shop here in Sebring. My friend doesn't carry Trek but he recommended the "Armadillo Elite". So far I've got about 2,500 miles on that tire (on the front) and it seems to be wearing very well. Very nice "crown" in the center of the tire seems to be holding up quite well. (The extra Bontrager tires I have are on the "back-up" bike I keep just in case something happens to my Trek.) I'm thinking about putting the Armadillo on the back just to see how it holds up. Will probably do that after my current rear tire wears out (it has about 4,000 miles on it so far).

Leonard Wright Wed Nov 5 14:31:00 2014
@Tim, J. Hugh, Marty,
I hadn't heard about Bontrager discontinuing the Hardcase tires - bummer!!!! Fortunately I still have 2 or 3 new ones, should last me for a few years........
I have never bothered to rotate my tires, I get about 3 times the life out of the front tire - typically 15,000+ miles (about a years worth of typical riding) and have to replace the rear tire about 3 times a year. J. Hugh - I think I will keep my new Bontragers for the front and see what I can find as a replacement on the back. That way I should be able to develop a good idea of how well the new tire will hold up under my usual riding style.
Leave it to someone like McKinley to take my idea and become famous.........
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Nov 5 13:59:00 2014
@Leonard - Mckinley Page has you beat! he started out as a young kid riding behind street sweepers. (Probably has never had a flat tire.)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Nov 5 13:05:00 2014
Tim M and Leonard W, I, too, have used Bontrager Racelite Hardcase, and was shocked to see them discontinued. I have an AW1 and it is wearing pretty fast, including developing a flat top at 750 miles. I will wear this one out, but have to start looking for new tires. AW1 is not the replacement. I rotate tires front to rear and find it works well. Also, I am trying to afford a street sweeper truck, Like Leonard, but some people have all the best equipment.
Tim Mulligan Wed Nov 5 12:00:00 2014
Leonard, the bad news is that Bontregar has discontinued the RaceLite Hardcase Tires. I replaced mine with Bontregar AW1 Hard-Case which I was told by my local Trek store uses all the flat protection technology of the RaceLite Hardcase. Hopefully, but that remains to be seen.
Have you ever considered or thought about rotating tires. I have not, but I've seen where others have. I have been replacing both tires at once and just keeping the best (usually the front) as a spare. When my wife gets upset about the tires everywhere, I take a bunch to the local bike co-op.
The roads around Sebring must be smoother and cleaner than they are in the Tampa Bay area for you to get that kind of mileage.
Leonard Wright Wed Nov 5 11:18:00 2014
Well, they sort of fixed it.........
I've been using the 700x23 Bontregar RaceLite Hardcase Tires for years. I use an oversize thorn resistant tube (28/32) and typically get over 15,000 miles from the front tire and 5,000+ miles from the back tire. It's been over 2 years and 30,000+ miles since I've had a flat. The oversize tube is a little hard to install but well worth the effort.
Tim Mulligan Wed Nov 5 10:37:00 2014
Leonard, they may have fixed it for you but not for me. "Cycling, Sport" just happens to be the top of the drop-down list and it looks like that's the change they made. However, most (87% so far this year) of my miles are "Cycling, Transport" and so I still have to drop down and pick that as my "sport" even though it's listed as my favorite.
With regard to the discussion concerning tires, I just replaced mine this past weekend after 6082+ flat-free miles. I commute almost daily 22 miles each way over debris strewn roads.
The tire setup I had for my commute bike was 700x32 Bontregar Race Lite Hard Case, with flat liners, and standard tubes. Prior to this, I had never gotten more than about 3000 miles on a set of tires and never had gone that long without a flat. Now I need some wood to knock on!
Leonard Wright Wed Nov 5 09:43:00 2014

I entered today's ride as I usually do by going to "Import from Garmin" and it registered my ride as "Cycling, Sport". I didn't have to use the drop-down menu to change the type of activity from "Running" which has been the default setting since Endomondo went to the new download system a month or so ago.


Michael Scott Eisele Wed Nov 5 08:04:00 2014
@Paul just get Gatorskins...problem solved
Paul Perry Wed Nov 5 01:54:00 2014
My last few flats were rim related, caused by road debris (rim strip was damaged, rim burred-minute stuff that took a few rides to figure it all out). Finally got that sorted. But most flats were small bits of wire, from radial tires. And glass. We have unusually large amounts of broken glass along our road sides.Take away the rim damage, and I'm closer to 800 miles on average. Still a bit high, I would think.
As for tire wear, I'm around 215-220lbs. Not tire friendly, but that's dropping. Doubt I'll get much below 200 with my build.
@ Noel;, Past experience (20 years ago) with slid tires hasn't been pleasant. Either too soft or too hard. I'm riding 5-6 hours at a time, and that too will be increasing, so flats vs comfort...I'll take the flats. But I will look into amerityre. A lot can change in 20 years.
Paul Jeffries Tue Nov 4 18:44:00 2014
Paul P, I have been riding on Vitoria Rabino Pro IIIs this year and have over 4000 miles on them with no flats (except for an old tube problem at the base fo the valve). The rural roads in WI are not terrible but it is not like riding on well-paved highways, thanks to weather-related deteriorization. I rotate the tires every thousand or so miles. I think I can get them to last through the rest of this year (although I won't be on the road bike in WI much longer, I suspect) and maybe through my winter indoor training. BTW, I am also not a "light" rider at about 175-180 lbs. Of course, I now will get a flat the next time or two out, but even if that happened, I have had some great luck with these tires. FYI
Noel Cleland Tue Nov 4 07:09:00 2014
@Paul, you should check out amerityre.com - they sell solid tires that fit many different size rims. I have been using them for several years and enjoy not having to worry about flat tires ever!! BTW I get about 3,000 miles on my back tire and better than 12,000 on the front...
Paul Perry Tue Nov 4 01:51:00 2014
Our roads are terrible. I think I'm averaging flat about every 500 miles right now. And I'm running Armadillos. I averaged 8k miles mountain biking.

And I get about 1300 miles out of a back tire.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Nov 3 21:50:00 2014
Actually, Leonard is famous in Sebring. He has a street sweeper truck that drives in front of him. It helps that he own the business.
Cycling Roberto Mon Nov 3 20:32:00 2014
@LW, good luck. Now you're guaranteed to flat. LOL
Leonard Wright Mon Nov 3 20:19:00 2014
@CR, I'll let you know tomorrow what causes the flat :-)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Nov 3 20:04:00 2014
@Karen Jean - You're definitely a better stateswoman than I am.
Cycling Roberto Mon Nov 3 20:02:00 2014
Must be great to have ALL the answers.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Nov 3 17:59:00 2014
KJG Unbeatable.
Karen Jean Goth Mon Nov 3 17:41:00 2014
@Marty - HI Your killin' ME. ;) If I couldn't ride my bike today ID WA-WA AL the way to my MA, OR ID sing FL LA LA LA LA Christmas carols that you would hear AL the way to WI. Good 4 U I rode my bike. OH OH OH - What Santa says when Dasher steps on his toes. Want any MO-MO-OR?
@Gregg - If I wasn't so desperate for a new bike, I would get ME one of those.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Nov 3 15:47:00 2014
How many miles you get on tires has to do with road conditions, attention to inflation and riders weight. Leonard is a leprechaun so his tire mileage may not be typical of mere mortals, Belgian Draft Horses and Clydesdales. You can't jinx a magical figure of folklore.
Cycling Roberto Mon Nov 3 15:01:00 2014
@LW, I think you just threw down the jinx of all jinxes.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Mon Nov 3 14:34:00 2014
I think it is everything to do with luck, and rain/winter. I like knowing my tires have a mortality of some sor, though. My choices in 20" tires usually have horrible flat mileage.
Leonard Wright Mon Nov 3 14:19:00 2014
Carl "BMX",

Getting 3,000+ miles without a flat is good - let me know when you've gotten over 17,000 miles on the same tire without a flat and I'll pass the crown over to you..... BTW, I haven't had a flat since 8/16/2011, over 2 years and more than 30,000 miles still counting - now watch, tomorrow I'll have a flat..... :-)

Gregg Warning Mon Nov 3 13:32:00 2014
You can now pedal your bike on water with this. It attaches to any bike: http://images.gizmag.com/hero/2505_02.jpg.
It's pretty cool.
Peter J Feyen Mon Nov 3 13:20:00 2014
Just checked and in Oshkosh, WI I'm in first place so far in November with only two other riders recording their rides. I love the completion. Lol.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Mon Nov 3 13:20:00 2014
Well more like 3000+ miles, but even getting over 2000 miles without a flat is great for bike tires.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Mon Nov 3 13:10:00 2014
I finally got a flat with the Schwalbe Kojaks. I didn't know until checking the bike later at night (cleaning), and I found a long metal wire folded up on the tire. It was stuck in, and when I pulled it out, that nice "hiss" came. The tire didn't drain until an hour later. I'd say getting a flat after riding for 3 month or maybe 2000 miles, is fine by me. The tire has plenty of cuts from running over invisible objects. This is the time of year to get the flats though. Winter. also the fact staples are all over from the "vote for this guy" signs on all the telephone poles. Winter tires, or Schwalbe Marathons will be going on the bike. Slow, heavy, but worth it.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Nov 3 01:21:00 2014
@CR & @Karen Jean - If she rides to her MD, does that count? And, too bad she lives in PA, otherwise she could bike to her dad's house, and cross off another state.
Cycling Roberto Sun Nov 2 21:27:00 2014
@Karen, you can ride to NJ or MD.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Nov 2 21:24:00 2014
Thanks people! Lake Tahoe! How could I forget? Thanks dp!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Nov 2 20:39:00 2014
KJG Looks like NJ, NY and Md are all pretty close. Maybe a day trip in those direction can get those covered. CT, RI, MA could be weekend trips, maybe. Good luck.
dameon plagens Sun Nov 2 20:05:00 2014
KJG- you have to add Lake Tahoe, Nv.
Paul Perry Sun Nov 2 14:45:00 2014
PA is home for me. Didn't get into mtb before I left. Would love to return for some.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Nov 2 12:14:00 2014
@J. Hugh - Only states on my list. PA and Virginia. Hope to add to that in the new year.
@Marty - HA HA!!! :)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Nov 2 11:18:00 2014
KJG I have a states list and a countries list. I try to add to it every year.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Nov 2 11:09:00 2014
@Karen Jean - The reason you failed at running was because you were using a bike. It is very difficult to run on one of those things.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Nov 2 10:44:00 2014
Failed attempt at running training this morning with me on bike, son running. He said it was too early. Unfortunately he can run faster up a hill than I can bicycle. What is a 50 year old mom to do?
Karen Jean Goth Sun Nov 2 10:39:00 2014
I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to ride in Hawaii, and Florida, and Colorado, and Texas, and Nebraska, and Missouri, and Maine and New Hampshire and Wisconsin and North Carolina and Mississippi and California and Washington State and Oregon and Arizona and Michigan and Iowa and New Jersey and Rhode Island, and Maryland and Georgia and North Dakota and Alaska and Indiana and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Nov 2 09:10:00 2014

Psycho cyclist not good for the PR or getting people to ride.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Nov 2 07:14:00 2014
the delusional arrogance of cyclists http://www.2oceansvibe.com/2011/09/16/the-delusional-arrogance-of-cyclists/
Paul Perry Sun Nov 2 05:13:00 2014
Night riding is the best. My favorite time to ride is to set out a couple hours before sunset, and ride right through and for a couple hours after. You definitely want good lights. I highly recommend Nite Rider.
And hills vs flats...I'll take the hills every time. I'm going this Sunday afternoon back to our hill climb race. 16 miles, 4000 ft!! And it's on the west side of the island, so it will make for an awesome sunset ride. I'll be breaking tradition on this ride- starting at the top, bomb down to earn the climb. Then camp, and do it all over again Monday for a sunrise ride.
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 1 23:59:00 2014
J.Hugh, hardly. I can't say what seeps out of you. This is a family site. At least I never had to stoop to calling someone a cheater.
@Jerry, was the sun shining? 49 and sunshine, nice riding weather.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Nov 1 23:10:00 2014
For all those people who complain about bicyclists runing red lights.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Nov 1 23:03:00 2014
And Leonard is rubbing it in again. I waited until noon to ride. A nice warm 49 degrees when I left.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Nov 1 23:01:00 2014
I like Florida during Febuary. Shorts and t-shirts. Other than that I will take Colorado.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Nov 1 23:00:00 2014
Longmont cyclists optimistic about flood recovery
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 1 22:20:00 2014
cr you are one sad guy. Must be very painful. It just keeps seeping out of you.
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 1 18:36:00 2014
@J. Hugh, went right over your head, huh? Not surprise, although it was quite a climb I'm sure....
@KJ, good for you!
Karen Jean Goth Sat Nov 1 18:09:00 2014
@Roberto - My nasty cold is just about over. Nice weather for Nov. 1. Got to ride late in the day after doing my Winterizing chores in the yard like putting things in the shed and blah, blah, blah. Wonderful to do a nice ride with my husband who keeps me hopping, but didn't drop me this time.
@Burklee - I feel your pain. It's been like that with my days lately.
Now I have to catch up on the old posts.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Nov 1 16:44:00 2014
Nice day outside in these parts. Wish I had the day off. I often envy the retired, semi-retired, and self-employed. I'm stuck in Cubelandia, dreaming of the great outdoors.... Sigh.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 1 16:41:00 2014
cr, wow your watch that crap. Sad.
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 1 16:24:00 2014
J. Hugh, now I know why I recognize you... You're on "Swamp People." 30 dirt miles along the Lehigh River in glorious 70 degree temps in the sunshine. @Karen, hope you got out.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 1 14:25:00 2014
This is the best laugh I've had in a few days.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 1 14:18:00 2014
When i was a boy we caught gators for the fun of it. It is very hard to do. They do a lot to avoid you and for reptiles are very fast and smart. People from nebraska and PA are probably more dangerous with their driving here than the gators.
@Leonard Thanks I know some really dark roads without many lights. I think I might look like a low flying space ship with my blinky lights. Sounds fun.

@John T you can take a great deal off and still be legal. Check out the Fl beaches. And as Leonard points out you can ride at night and enjoy the AC after. Also, don't go below the equator you will not like Christmass there either.

John Tyson Sat Nov 1 14:10:00 2014
I like having four seasons where winter has snow for Christmas. There is nothing stranger than Christmas carols in 60-70 degree weather. As I tell people who complain about the cold. You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so much clothing off.
Leonard Wright Sat Nov 1 13:29:00 2014
@J Hugh, Night riding is wonderful, of course I live in a VERY rural area. I can ride for hours and never see a car - also there are NO lights where I ride. In some places I am the only thing for miles around that has any kind of light. I've been told I can be seen for miles away..... If you decide to do some night riding try to find a dark area to ride in so you will show up. I've gone through housing developments and had cars pull out in front of me, one driver said my lights were lost in among all the other lights in the area........
Leonard Wright Sat Nov 1 13:19:00 2014
@Burklee, Florida hasn't been hit by a hurricane in the last 8 years (this is from the National Weather Service). We don't talk about 2004-2005. In 2004 three hurricanes passed within 20 miles of Sebring, lost power for days after 2 of them.

Should have taken a picture of the snake I saw in the road the other day, about 7-8 feet long. Of course that was nothing compared to the one I saw while on a trail a few years back, about as big around as my wrist and at least 12 feet long. Saw it coming out of the brush, watched it cross the trail (head and tail were both in the bushes), waited a couple minutes after it passed. I figured if that thing wanted to come back across the trail, I didn't want to be there........

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 1 12:55:00 2014
thanks CR some great news today.
@Tim Florida is flat and hot and has tourists and hurricanes. No one from PA would really like only one day below 50 and we pave our trails. Drew some bicycle routes out recently and got complaints because there were two many rolls. Yes Two many.
@Leonard I am going to try night riding next year. You like it so much. I just have to try it. Thanks
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Nov 1 11:26:00 2014
@Leonard, Tim, J. Hugh - Flat, nice weather - good. Hurricanes, big snakes, gators, spring breakers - bad. Pass.
Tim Mulligan Sat Nov 1 10:32:00 2014
Roberto, we have a multitude of seasons. There's hurricane season, thunderstorm season (which coincides with hurricane season), tourist season, snow bird season, and spring break season. We do also have at least one day of winter which is defined locally as any day in which the high temperature is under 50°F.
Cycling Roberto Sat Nov 1 09:53:00 2014
Couldn't drag me to FL to live with wild horses. FLAT is putting it mildly. No real seasons. PASS.
Tim Mulligan Sat Nov 1 09:50:00 2014
J.Hugh and Leonard, over here in St. Pete we were actually considering closing the windows and putting the air conditioner back on. The dew point is back up in the 70s and it's muggy in the morning on my ride to work.
Leonard Wright Sat Nov 1 09:14:00 2014
Beautiful morning for a ride, 71 to start at 5:00am - 75 when I finished 50 miles later. I've been trying to switch myself over to daylight riding, REALLY prefer to ride at night!! I'm going to miss the night riding this winter, it's only the first day of November, I'm ready for summer to be here........
Przemysław Ramza Sat Nov 1 07:44:00 2014
I have 5083 ;)
Rob Gusky Sat Nov 1 07:18:00 2014
Jim - congrats on achieving Diamond!!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Nov 1 07:13:00 2014
@Leonard I will be down your way for Highland Bike Fest. But it was 74 here at 6:30 you must be in a cold spot.
Leonard Wright Sat Nov 1 04:59:00 2014
@Burklee, I lived in Michigan for 50 years - that's why I live in Florida now. I've been there, done that and I plan to brag about our weather all winter long. I can accept people don't like the bragging, but I feel I've earned the right to brag and besides, I enjoy doing it after going through 50 Michigan winters.
@J. Hugh, I have to say I do feel sorry for you, living way up north where it gets COLD during the winter. You need to come down to sunny, south central Florida where it's MUCH warmer than the northern part of Florida where you live.
Enough bragging, it's 5:00am and 71 degrees outside - time to go for a nice WARM early morning ride. @Burklee LOL
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 31 23:37:00 2014
@Jim - Congratulations on the great biking streak!
Jim Jensen Fri Oct 31 23:19:00 2014
The End . . . in the rain. I have biked more this summer than (probably) any time in my life and I thank the people who are behind the NBC - it has been a blast! I've biked every day since May 23rd, missing only 12 days of biking in the month of May. My goal became to bike through the month of October and I made it, though the weatherman made the last couple of days in Appleton, Wisconsin less-than-fun. My biking partner and I are looking forward to NBC 2014 and making Diamond! I made it this year, but on September 48th!
Rob Gusky Fri Oct 31 23:05:00 2014
Anyone ever heard of this app? I just learned about it on Monday and have been checking it out - it is interesting. It is free and has the ability to automatically distinguish between walking, running, cycling and motorized transport. http://www.moves-app.com/ Would be interested to hear what you think about it.
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 31 21:33:00 2014
70 mile round-trip ride from the suburbs to Philly, done. The ride was on the Perkiomen Trail, which is 16 miles of mostly gravel, then connecting to the Schuylkill River Trail for 19 miles of asphalt. Rained half the ride, and the east wind was a headwind going in, but a tailwind on the way back. Given that the prevailing wind is usually westerly, this was a bonus. SportLegs, my secret weapon, did the job once again. Wrapped up another 1000+ mile month for the year.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Oct 31 18:05:00 2014
@J. Hugh - "The good weather has come to Florida for the months and months to come." Nobody likes a braggart - especially those of us freezing our tookuses. :P
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Oct 31 17:41:00 2014
11,500 + for the year with two months left to go. thanks to supportive friends It looks like an all new yearly record for 2013. Enjoyed great weather today. 16 mile sprint and a kayak trip. The good weather has come to Florida for the months and months to come. Yea!
Cycling Roberto Thu Oct 30 23:22:00 2014
Planning on a nice 70 mile round trip ride tomorrow with a good friend who has never done the route. I love sharing a route I'm love with a friend for their first time. This route is a bike route from the rural suburbs of Philadelphia right into the city. All off road, 15 miles unpaved and 20 miles paved. So the middle 40 is all paved. Both routes follow rivers and are rails-to-trails routes. Lunch will be at my favorite viewing spot for the pro bike race in Philly each spring. Just happens to serve a mean plate as well. Calling for light rain in the morning on the northern part of the route. But temps are supposed to warmer and a south wind will be tailwind heading north to home. Plus this will give me my 10th 1000 mile month this year.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 30 21:14:00 2014
HI all, it was a foggy morning. So I rode this afternoon when the temps were in the upper 60s and the sun popped out for a couple of hours. The soggy leaves make a different sound from the crispy dry ones. Part of my ride was on the trail and the mud on my back reminded me that I may want a rear fender for wet weather riding. Loving all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations everywhere.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Oct 30 15:45:00 2014
@jerry B thanks very much. I noticed that having lane control is much better for passing, but the video is very impressive.
JW Jamerson Thu Oct 30 14:36:00 2014
Thanks Jerry for the links. Good info with great pro biking points!
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 30 11:08:00 2014
You’re going to kill someone
Follow up: You’re going to kill someone
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 30 10:45:00 2014
More info on lane positioning
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 30 10:40:00 2014
Lane Control v Right Tire Track
Thu Oct 30 10:22:00 2014
@Jerry, nothing happened (but Thanks for the concern). I have to travel for business today - Friday, then other events will conspire to keep me off my bike until next Wednesday. Life is getting in the way of cycling (sorry, @Roberto...it happens sometimes).
Glad to hear there's some recovery going on, Jerry. Just ride safe out there. Enjoy the white stuff; bet it looks nice!
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 30 10:09:00 2014
I missed something. What happened to you Michael?
There is s... On the ground.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 30 09:41:00 2014
@Michael-you will be back on your bike in no time-with the way time is flying next week will be here before you know it!
Thu Oct 30 08:33:00 2014
Since I'm travelling out of town later this morning, I carpooled with The Better Half. Drove across town to drop the 14-year-old at school, then came back into town to drop me and the luggage. Traffic in this 'burg is a JOKE! Darn, I miss my bike already...
Paul Perry Thu Oct 30 02:56:00 2014
Cubic Zirconia! Doesn't seem right calling it Diamond since I didn't get it in the challenge period. All is going well with my training. Got to update all my profiles today...had to change weight from 230 to 220. :) I was 231 on Oct 7 (first day of training) and 218 today. Resting heart rate of 42!
In a rest week right now, with an anaerobic threshold test on Sunday. Next week, we're adding gym and core workouts, and likely going to incorporate running into the mix.
Sold my TV today as a result. 18-24 hrs/week cycling, and the added workouts on top of a 45 hour work week...something had to go.
Physically, mentally, emotionally...all on lifetime record highs right now. I have NEVER felt better.
The whispers are getting louder...RAAM is calling...
Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 29 23:42:00 2014
It has been raining for two days. And we are supposed to have s... tongiht and tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to get out on Thursday.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 29 23:40:00 2014
Hwy 36 is scheduled to open on Nov 4th. A month ahead of schedule. I don't know if they will allow bikes at first. Photo of a section of the road after the flood.
Leonard Wright Wed Oct 29 20:14:00 2014
@SOS, No problem, I was hoping you were aware of a trick I didn't know that would allow us to select individual defaults. I agree with your comment, it shouldn't be a problem for a programmer to allow each individual to select their own default activity. Let's hope Endomondo updates the selection process soon - it would make it MUCH easier for everyone.
Steve O. Smith Wed Oct 29 18:47:00 2014
@Leonard -- Sorry...in my edits, I reversed the meaning of the message about default rides. I commented "to Endomondo that we need an ability to select a default ride type". We can't make that selection now, but it would be a really easy option for a programmer to modify.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 29 17:21:00 2014
@Roberto - My problem is I have two passions. Swimming and bicycling. Now you make me feel like I'm cheating or skitso. Work and Family gets in the way. Shorter days, colder temperatures, and the pool is heated. Outside it can be cccccccoooooold. (I know that it was a great day to ride bike this afternoon.) Enough excuses. Michael did warn me I would here from you. Also, swimming is #1, bicycling is #2. Now I am going to get shot. <o> (me ducking for cover.)
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 29 16:45:00 2014
@CR-so true!
I signed up for the winter challenge some time ago. Have to see if I can figure out how to log miles. Will try what KJG suggested. I don't have a phone with internet access. Guess it doesn't matter?
Cycling Roberto Wed Oct 29 16:39:00 2014
Great day today! I honestly don't see how passion can be seasonable. Just sayin'
Wed Oct 29 14:12:00 2014
Thanks, @KJG. Stick around, I'm sure between myself and @CR we can give you some motivation :-)
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 29 13:53:00 2014
@Michael - Under new workout on Endomondo page next to the bell icon. First option is manual. I started entering swimming workouts using this option and it seem to record on a Winter Swimming/Kayaking/Rowing challenge I entered. November 1 only a few days away, I hope it works for the Winter bicycling challenge, I need motivation.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 29 10:43:00 2014
@Michael-its so true! The first light in the morning for fall and winter does put a new look to everything. (Bet Mechanicsburg has grown and changed!) When I was young I used to ride my bike to Mechanicsburg from Mount Pleasant at least once a week. Tough ride on an old steel bike. Specially up Bowman's Hill.
Wed Oct 29 10:39:00 2014
@ Phil, Karen, EM and J.Hugh: Thank you for all the advice and best wishes. We may start a campaign to get a “No Right Turn on Red” sign at that particular intersection. http://carfreefam.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/unwelcome-answer-to-my-question/
Wed Oct 29 10:17:00 2014
Good day, all as well! @Cynthia, I like riding in the first light of morning; puts a whole new 'look' on everything I pass. Unfortunately for me today is the last day that I'll be on a bike till next Wednesday. Tomorrow through Friday I'll be out of town for business (Mechanicsburg, PA for those familiar with the area), then Saturday - Tuesday next week other circumstances will prevail and prevent riding. Gonna miss it :(
I've signed up for the Winter Biking Challenge on Endomondo but don't see any way to log points manually like we have here. I'm not using the Endomondo app but have instead been entering points through the website daily since May. Will there be a similar feature there as well?
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 29 09:52:00 2014
Good Morning to All! Its been a wonderful time to commute and a lot of fun with the weather being not too chilly and not to hot. But gosh its hard getting up and getting going in the morning when it is still dark at almost 7 a.m. Ok, so I am trying to back log my miles and it doesn't seem to want to let me from the past couple weeks. I entered my miles in for this week so far though. Sunday was a wonderful 18 miles ride with my Mom. Beautiful day to out riding Sunday.
Phil Wandrey Wed Oct 29 07:56:00 2014
Edgar, hope your wife recovers quickly. 2 years ago, I rode into freshly poured, unmarked, non-barricaded cement where a sidewalk crosses a business driveway (I can legally be on the sidewalk here, was only there since the nearby trail was closed for sewer work - irony there too). Knocked unconscious, broken helmet, broken bike, 3rd degree separated shoulder. The crew was still there pouring more cement; they did not help me, they put up the barricades, smoothed off the cement where I rode thru, and washed the cement off my bike. Rush hour traffic, yet no one helped me. I had no video, no witnesses I could track down, even the police report was taken at the ER instead of on-site, which I requested. Ins Co said they'd pay only up to $1,000 for actual medical bills. Mine was only $250 due to great work insurance and no surgery. I got a lawyer (2nd one, not first...be picky) and 18 months later after 3 settlement negotiations, I got $16k. So, stick with it, be patient and change lawyers if need be. Ins companies will do anything to frustrate you...once they know you are serious, they try to delay settlement with paperwork. I was willing to go to court over this despite lack of evidence, that seemed to help. I wish you success.
Przemysław Ramza Wed Oct 29 06:27:00 2014
4912 points ;)
Leonard Wright Wed Oct 29 05:06:00 2014
@Steve O Smith, Thanks for reminding me about being able to select a "default" sport. Unfortunately, I've forgotten how to get to where I can make that select (I've heard one of the first signs of aging is loss of memory, of course that can't be my problem.....). I would appreciate a quick reminder of how to change the default setting. Thank you.
Steve O. Smith Tue Oct 28 23:56:00 2014
@Leonard: Ref your comment about selecting Cycling, Sport. I commented both last year and this year that each person could have a default ride type, just like a default commute lenght. My default ride is Cycling, Sport
Karen Jean Goth Tue Oct 28 18:07:00 2014
@Roberto - Thanks for doing those miles.
@Jerry - Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
@Tammie - Great job!
@EM - Wish I was on that trail with them. Saw two bicyclists as I was leaving
for work. Jealous :(
@Edgar - Best wishes to your wife.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 28 16:53:00 2014
Hi all, out for a mid+afternoon ride today with temps in the upper 60s, sunshine, and not too much wind. Lots of riders out on the trail.
@ Edgar, sorry to hear about you wife. Hope she recovers quickly. I hope others who have experience with traffic accidents will offer some advice.
Leonard Wright Tue Oct 28 11:17:00 2014
@Tim, When you chose "Import from Garmin" after it initially imports the ride and BEFORE you save them there is a drop down menu that shows "Running". Click on the drop down menu, the first choice is "Cycling, Sport" and the second choice is "Cycling, Transportation". Select whichever category you want to use then "Save" your rides.

As far as being able to change the default from "Running", I haven't found a way, need to make the changes for EACH ride every time before you save the ride.

@ENDOMONDO, This needs to be fixed so each person can set their chosen "default" activity for all their rides..........

Jerry Bengtson Tue Oct 28 09:11:00 2014
@Tim. This has been an issue for a couple of months. I don't know why Endomondo does't fix it. Just chose "import from file" instead of "import from Garmin" to solve this issue.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Oct 28 08:39:00 2014
@Edgar Have your wife see her medical team, Get a lawyer. I didnt and learned. If there is a next time I will lawyer up immediately. Insurance companies have one goal, don't pay. A lawyer who really knows cycling is frequently recommended in articles I read after the fact.
Tim Mulligan Tue Oct 28 08:06:00 2014
When I upload my tracks from my Garmin, it shows all my tracks as running. Is the system trying to tell me I'm that slow that it thinks I'm a runner?

Seriously though, does anyone know how to change the default from running to something else?

Mon Oct 27 23:17:00 2014
Got a good case of irony...my wife wrote a blog about making your self visible while riding your bicycle (http://carfreefam.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/can-you-see-me-now/), then 24 hours later she was in an emergency vehicle after been hit by a car turning ride on red. Any stories to share on how to handles this kind of situation (insurance companies, police repotrts, etc)? More details on the acciden on her next blog.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Oct 27 17:22:00 2014
@ Jerry, nice to read an article that put some stats into the discussion instead of the usual scofflaws accusations. Training cyclists is definitely a good idea. Earlier today I stumbled across a Norwegian article that said that teaching kids to bicycle when they are young is the best way to perpare them to master traffic situations when they get older, regardless of whether they are bicycling, walking, or driving.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Oct 27 17:20:00 2014
HI all, lunch ride today to take advantage of temps in the low 60s. We came back home via the trail, including the part thats high up and unprotected from the wind. No real wind, so it was the perfect fall day. Lots of people out riding, including parents and maybe grandparents with kids. WAY TO ROLL PEOPLE!
@ Tammie, good job on your ride. The wind can sometimes be tougher than hills!
Cycling Roberto Mon Oct 27 16:55:00 2014
@Tammie, AWESOME! Especially like the "didn't put a foot down" bit. Rockstar!
Jerry Bengtson Mon Oct 27 15:28:00 2014
Congratulations Tammie. Great job.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Oct 27 15:27:00 2014
Rough road relations
Tammie Porter Mon Oct 27 14:53:00 2014
Hello everyone. It looks like the weather has generally been cooperative for some nice riding around the country. I just got home from a charity ride for Muscular Dystrophy - ALS in San Angelo, TX. They said the ride has an elevation gain of about 1,200 ft and I knew it would be a challenge. WELL, THAT WAS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! Try more like 2,300 ft and some really steep climbs! There was an optional out and back section that had the majority of the climb and I decided to give it a try. I did it all without putting a foot down anywhere in spite of going up hill into the wind and seeing my garmin showing me going only 4.3mph ... how did I stay upright??? The total for the day was 63 miles and I was completely beat when I pulled into the finish.. dead last but proud as could be. One of the few to have done the complete course. The wind was a major factor of the day close to 30mph at times ... could have done without that!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Oct 27 14:15:00 2014
Another lovely day here in Florida. Bike Florida ride was really good. 62.78 miles start at 53 and finish at 73. Really nice folks along and great rest stop support. Full sun winds pleasant.
Randy R. Reed “CrazyManOnAMountainBike” Sun Oct 26 22:49:00 2014
Hit 14,500 miles for 2013 today. Let's ride!
Jerry Bengtson Sun Oct 26 21:00:00 2014
Went out riding with the St. Vrain Chain Gang today. Chilly morning but warmed up quickly while riding. I am slowly getting better. This was my fastest ride I have done since my accident.
Happy Birthday Karen.
Cycling Roberto Sun Oct 26 20:14:00 2014
Hit 10,500 miles for 2013 today
Cycling Roberto Sun Oct 26 20:14:00 2014
And double diamond. :)
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Oct 26 18:34:00 2014
Hi all, out for a late afternoon ride. Windy and temps hovering around 60. But it was sunny and there were quite a few people out riding.
@ Carl, thanks for sharing the photos.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Sun Oct 26 12:29:00 2014
I made a facebook page showing all the pictures of my rides, which include the last two NBCs. https://www.facebook.com/thenjriderridelog

Forever updating.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Oct 25 19:06:00 2014
Lovely 36 miles after 4 hours of volunteers for the Bike Florida event in Deland, Fl. It is just the best weather here in Fla. Love the coming of winter.

@EM congrats on the bike lane, but the only thing magical about it may be your thinking
@KJG HB2u and many more. You get 28 miles credit for the BD..

Cycling Roberto Sat Oct 25 18:45:00 2014
@KJ, I did them for you. 30 brutal WINDY miles.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 25 17:56:00 2014
PS, a bike lane has magically appeared on a road near me! YAY!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 25 17:47:00 2014
HI all, out in the mid-afternoon with temps in the mid-50s, sunshine and mild wind. A handfull of other riders taking advantage of this great fall day.
@ Matt J, thanks for sharing your story and all the best to you and your family for successful surgery and a speedy recovery (just thinking about getting back on your bike will keep you motivated)
@ Mike & Burklee, I can't wait to join you and the other bike riding law breakers (LOL) in riding on Lincoln's new green!
@ KJG, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Good for you for getting out and riding and then getting in and recovering. ENJOY!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-- inverted candles, flip them over and blow out as many as you like!
@ Cynthia, we'd appreciate your (s)miles, the doggedly determined among us still want to make that 20 million!
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 25 17:20:00 2014
@Burklee - Glad something really great in the annals of bicycle history happened on October 25 (Nice virtual b-day present.)
@Laurie - Thanks for the article. If only people in US were like-minded.
@Roberto - Came back from lunch and went to bed. I am afraid 28 miles is not in me today, but I promise that as soon as my cold gets better I will do those miles. (Not too smart swimming five hours this week with an upper resp. infection, but then again, I am afraid that I am an addict, aka swimaholic.)
@Cynthia - will do with that recipe writing it down AWS.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Oct 25 16:29:00 2014
A bit of history from The Clymb website: On October 25th (that's today!), 1972, Eddy Merckx set the initial record for the amount of miles biked in a single hour on a bicycle. He used a drop handlebar, steel-tubed frame to bike around a velodrome in Mexico City for a grand total of 49.431km, or just under 31 miles. Merckx held his record for 12 years. He summed up the effort by saying, "It was the hardest ride of my life."
Cycling Roberto Sat Oct 25 14:41:00 2014
@Karen, Happy Birthday! Will you ride 28 miles?
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Oct 25 13:06:00 2014
No Bacon! Lol. I thought I would miss it but I don't. Amazing how your tastes change once you stop eating meats. Or other processed foods. Either way, that recipe sounds delish.
Try a mixture of chopped garlic, shallots, tomatoes, mushrooms, orange peppers, pepita (sp) seeds, and whatever other little veggie you want, toss with olive oil and Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese-slice eggplant place on baking sheet, top with mixture and bake.
Sat Oct 25 12:53:00 2014
@KJG, Mmmmm, baacooonnnn...... (Apologies to @CR and all the veggie-tearians out there).
Laurie Rescheske Sat Oct 25 12:52:00 2014
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Oct 25 12:44:00 2014
Happy happy birthday, KJG!!!!!!!!!!!
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 25 12:27:00 2014
@Michael - I'm Benjaima Button. Celebrating my 28th birthday today :) We had Spanish Eggplant yesterday which also includes peppers, onions and tomato sauce, and if you leave off the crumbled bacon on top (which I must admit it tasty) it would pass as a vegetarian dish.
@Marty - Cold, cold, cold, cold. Superman stood me up for Lois Lane AGAIN. It must be the kryptonite earrings I wear. It is just as well, since he would have had to take me to his ice castle just to thaw out. Sniffle, Sniffle. New 20,000,000 mile goal. Thanksgiving Day. :)
Good thing I had a backup plan. My #2 brother, who works night shift, is taking me out to lunch at Sweet Memories. It is a quaint luncheonette in an old Victorian double in Emmaus that is a bakery and gift shop all rolled into one. Thank you all for the birthday greetings! Ride on. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (Marty you don't have to count them -
28 birthday candles. And if I had my wish it would be that everyone has a safe and happy October 25th.)
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Oct 25 11:40:00 2014
@Michael-coffee was great this morning for sure! I was her first customer! No one comes out early here on days like this. In no time you will have your cold winter garb figured out. It's actually part of the fun to find out what works and what doesn't.
@KJG-Happy Birthday Girl and happy riding! Hope your cold gets better though. If it's any consulation-it's all up and down the east coast.

If I had realized we were still trying to get to 20 million miles I would have continued to log miles! Maybe I will try to go back and put those miles in. Guess I been out of the loop too long.

Sat Oct 25 10:46:00 2014
@KJG, Happy Birthday! 29 (again), right??? We have some cake here in the office this morning from another employee; I'll light a virtual candle in your honor. How'd those stuffed peppers turn out?
33 degrees when I left the casa this morning. Butt-chilling cold! Days like this I wear my rain pants over tights just to act as a windbreaker/extra layer for my legs. Was a little too toasty when I got to work. Still refining the wardrobe for days like this.
Mike Heyl Sat Oct 25 09:55:00 2014
Matt Joy...THANK YOU for sharing your experience and for your valuable advice. Prayers to you and your family over the next several months.
EM...looking forward to riding that stretch of road with you on one of your trips back home to Lincoln!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 25 09:43:00 2014
@Karen Jean - Happy Birthday! Not as much as right now. By the end of the day, we'll be around 19,150,000, without your efforts, so only about 850,000. I would suggest you start, NOW..
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 25 09:30:00 2014
Oh, no Gavin used a dirty word! Hands over ears |O|. sl---. Yuck!
I have the most awful cold that won't go away, but I feel the need to ride on my birthday, so I will have to bundle up.
@Marty - How many miles do I have to do to get to 20,000,000? I will have to
find Superman. If he would push me from behind we could do it.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Oct 25 09:28:00 2014
@EM - Thanks for posting the LJS story. I can't wait til that lane is done next August!! It might make it a bit easier to get to the farmers' market in the Haymarket. I read the other story on Lincoln's new Complete Streets policy. Of course, nobody missed the opportunity to bash bicyclists in the comment section, either. I don't think my day would have been complete without reading about how we're just all a bunch of no-account scofflaws, and we'd better get out of the way or drivers "just hope they can avoid running us over." (Sarcasm font off)
Gavin Wright Sat Oct 25 09:18:00 2014
Long johns, cold lower brackets, sleet, a nice crisp west headwind, pickup truck drivers (black GMC) seeing how CLOSE they can get just because its FUN! Welcome to Vermont cycling, late October!
Sat Oct 25 09:06:00 2014
@Cynthia, bet that cup of java felt especially good this morning!
Sat Oct 25 08:24:00 2014
@Matthew J, Thanks for sharing and Best of Luck! Follow the advice of others here: Take the time to heal properly.
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Oct 25 08:18:00 2014
@Matthew and all-thanks so much for sharing your stories and sharing this information. Its so true that you just never know what is happening. I really appreciate your time and energy to make this post. Very educational. (good luck Matthew!)
Dean Barnaby Sat Oct 25 01:19:00 2014
Matthew J., after you have the surgery, take it easy and do what the doc says exactly untlil the doc releases you. It seems like a slow healing process for that sternum to heal, just give it time and you will do fine. You being in good shape will speed your recovery a lot faster than when I had my chest cracked.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 24 23:18:00 2014
GO LINCOLN: http://journalstar.com/news/local/bike-lane-design-through-centennial-mall-gets-ok/article_93164af2-5937-5433-99ec-6a2255ce964c.html
Leonard Wright Fri Oct 24 20:14:00 2014
@Matthew J (and All),

Thanks for the comments Matthew. I had a similar experience in 2010. Mine wasn't as sever as your (although the doctors did say if I tried to ride before surgery it could be life threatening). Like you, I've spent much of my life on a bike and never had any medical problems. In 2010 my heart rate skyrocketed (230+) and stayed there for hours during a 12 hour race. No discomfort other than feeling tired all day. Didn't realize how high the heart rate was until I downloaded the Garmin after the ride. Turns out my heart had grown a couple extra nerve fibers that control the heart rate (basically it was a short-circuit in the nerves). Had surgery and during last year's NBC I rode over 10,000 miles in 4 months.

@ALL - As Matthew said, SEE YOUR DOCTOR on a regular basis no matter how healthy you think you are. The body does strange things, many times without any type of discomfort. Just because you aren't feel sick doesn't mean there isn't something going on that could prove to be deadly for you........

Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 24 20:03:00 2014
Another great fall ride today. About 12 degrees cooler than Tuesday. I was not able to red yesterday. I had two new 220 volt and two 110 outlets installed in my garage. I spent the day removing everything off the shelves, taking the shelves off the walls and removing the walls. Then putting it all back together. It was so tempting to stop working and go ride.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 24 19:59:00 2014
@Matthew. Best of luck on your surgery. At least you are doing it at the best time of year. Hopefully you will be back on your bike before spring.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Oct 24 19:52:00 2014
Roberto - I didn't say my life WAS boring, but I am certainly not going to risk it for the sake of exciting video feed, neither do I have the time to sit and watch a video of something I've already lived. Seems to me that many people don't think reality itself is good enough and only see experiences as real if they are broadcast.
Karen Jean Goth Fri Oct 24 18:46:00 2014
@Matthew - Thank you for sharing your story. I am hoping and praying for the best outcome for you. Keep us up to date if you can.
Matthew A. Joy Fri Oct 24 17:44:00 2014
had to do the reuglar open heart sugery with replacing the section of the aorta with the synthetic graft, which was the main problem at that point, i got a tissue valve or cow valve...if in when that need to be replace it can be done less invasively
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 24 17:43:00 2014
My son is a big GoPro nut. He has three at last count. It's a hobby folks. If you think you life is boring, that's your problem. Still fun to document those special rides, times, events, and the not-so-special ones that just make you smile reliving them. You don't have to be Steven Spielberg to enjoy GoPro.
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 24 17:39:00 2014
@Matthew, thanks for sharing. BTW, my dad had a heart valve replacement using what is called a "Keyhole incision." No chest crack. Ask about it. Not all places do it. He went to the Cleveland Clinic to have his done (and we live near Philly). Best of luck.
Matthew A. Joy Fri Oct 24 17:36:00 2014
A cautionary tale

Probably my last bike ride for the year was September 24th. The week before I had a somewhat annual physical with my family doctor. He heard a heart murmur that had not been there 17 months before in April 2012. He thought it sounded like an issue with one of the valves, but really could not tell for sure how significant it might be. He had me have an echo cardiogram that week which found a genetic defect in my aortic valve and an enlarged aorta. I scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist for the next Monday. His initial thought was to just watch with a follow up echo in 6 months to watch how the valve was acting, but he wanted to confirm the size of the aneurism on the aorta. So he scheduled a CT scan of that area of the heart to confirm the size the next day with a follow up visit with him the day after. So I road out to the local heart hospital on September 24th for the CT scan, then to a client’s office, home, to my office downtown, another stop on the way home and finally home. 27 miles for the day. Every doctor kept asking if I was having any symptoms, shortness of breath, yeah when I rode hard on the bike, chest pain?, no, swelling in legs, feet or ankles?, no, dizziness?, no, no, no, etc. See the cardiologist the next morning who says it is a good thing we did the CT scan. Normal size for an aorta is 3.5cm, the echo was showing mine to be 4.8cm, they do surgery when it is 5.0 to 5.5cm….well mine was 6.0 and extended all the way up the ascending side and started across the top before the descending side. It was a pretty scary picture when I saw it. We are going to schedule a Heart Catherization for next Tuesday and meet the surgeon to schedule the crack your chest, open heart, stop your heart, chill you down surgery.
I decided I had tempted fate long enough and stopped riding the bike.
Really the only reason I am posting this is do not think because you feel like you are in great shape from riding the bike a lot, have no symptoms, doctor checks are good, please see a doctor on a semi regular basis. I certainly was lucky that my doctor heard something he had not heard on my last check, myself, my family and friends will be forever thankful that he heard something and was aggressive enough to get it checked. This type of aneurism would have dropped me dead in minutes if it had burst. While I was not looking forward to the surgery and the recovery, I was more nervous about the bomb ticking in my chest than any of the pain and suffering I might have from the surgery. I have 6 to 8 weeks from the surgery before they will even think about letting me get on a bike to allow the sternum time enough to knit back together. That gets me in to December which around here may be getting pretty late for much riding if the snow has hit. Those rides for the annual check and the CT scan are probably my last longer rides for the day, but I should be good to pound some mileage this next year.
I have literally been riding a bike my whole life since I learned at 5 years old. I just turned 59 in August. I rode as a kid all the time, road to junior high and high school, was off road mountain biking in grade school and junior high long before anyone in Marin county had thought of the name, road all through college both to classes and the bars, have continued to commute to work, to clients, to the bars, restaurants, friends or wherever I may need to go. I certainly consider myself and my doctor agreed that I was in great shape compared to a lot of contemporaries my age, my heart worked well, reacted to stress and recovered well, low blood pressure, no signs of artery disease, controlled cholesterol. He just heard something that certainly saved my life and should give me many more years on the bike. Get yourself a check up by your family doctor on a regular basis no matter what your age.

EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 24 16:38:00 2014
@ Tammie, I'm sure you'll do the 60, no problems!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 24 15:46:00 2014
Woo, early afternoon ride and the wind was whistling all over the place. It was in the 50s when I started. Took a break at the library and when I came out it was windier and in the 40s. Next time the long fingered gloves for sure.
Przemysław Ramza Fri Oct 24 15:30:00 2014
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 24 12:32:00 2014
Good Luck Tammie-you will do great! Hey what's 60 miles? lol
Gregg Warning Fri Oct 24 11:59:00 2014
Looks like our cold spell is going to continue all next week into Halloween with highs here only in the 40's and lows near freezing in the low 30's
Tammie Porter Fri Oct 24 11:26:00 2014
All that s word talk shame on all of you.we're lucky here when we get it it's gone by noon.I am doing another charity ride this weekend for muscular dystrophy ALS. This one is 60 miles with hills, wish me luck. I am a lot stronger than I was when I did the bike MS in July so it should be more fun and I am determined not to hit the pavement this time. I would love to have a go pro myself but I agree it would show how boring my rides are a lot of rabbits and Mesquite.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Oct 24 10:08:00 2014
I agree about the GoPro Hugh; but my thoughts were on the opposite end of the spectrum. I've been tempted, but I think if I had one it would only demonstrate how boring my life really is.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 24 08:56:00 2014
I meant to say morning, not warming....whoops!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 24 08:49:00 2014
Good Morning All! The only thing missing from my commute this warming was having warmer gear on! Whew! It was just a little bit on the side of freezing. Although by 5 pm the temps will be in the low 80's.
No "S" word applies here what so ever!
@Roberto-I agree, it is a drag to take layers on and off. But I wouldn't change doing it for the world.
Fri Oct 24 08:24:00 2014
Nice article from this morning's fish wrapper on one of our local rail trails: http://tinyurl.com/nsra3oh
Fri Oct 24 08:06:00 2014
Good Morning, all: An exceptionally crisp fall morning for a ride. To continue yesterday's discussion on climates, when I left the homestead at 7:00 this morning, the thermal tracking device read 39.8 degrees. By the time I got to the 'lower elevation' portion of my ride, the taxi drivers were in their storage lot warming their cars up and scraping the dense frost off of their windshields. Funny, in the afternoons when the white stuff flies the elevation GAIN gets colder; in the mornings, colder air sinks and it's the elevation LOSS that gets colder. Whoodathunk???
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Oct 24 07:37:00 2014
@KJG It appears to me that the Go Pro comes with a virus that infects minds. You tube is a source of substantial evidence to the go pro virus based insane stuff. In extreme cases it life threatening.
Mike Vanden Wymelenberg Fri Oct 24 00:36:00 2014
Yeah Marty, we had some of that stuff (with a headwind) up here in Appleton. However, riding in wintry weather still beats having to drive in it!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 23 23:45:00 2014
In Milwaukee, we had a trace of crystalline structured rain fluttering down as I was biking this evening. Not enough to write home about, but enough to post here.
Cycling Roberto Thu Oct 23 22:23:00 2014
The only drag about winter cycling is layering up. Beyond that it's really no big deal. I don't shovel since I live in a condo. Winter is to be endured if you live in eastern PA, but certainly never stops me from riding. I could live in a warm climate, but I wouldn't choose a flatland. Maybe AZ or most certainly CA or HI.
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 23 21:44:00 2014
@J.Hugh - Like I was saying......


J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Oct 23 21:40:00 2014
I won't be shoveling S word all winter long. From now until May lovely weather. Continuing the probability to ride every day. Love this macro climate.
Thu Oct 23 20:20:00 2014
Sorry, @CR, I let emotion get the bettr of me. No more four letter 'S'-bombs from me, I promise.
@Rick, same applies here. My ride in the morning is down ~250 feet, then back up another ~70 feet. Reverse that in p.m. Many times in winter I leave the office in rain and get home 2-1/2 miles away to 4 inches of the white stuff on the grass and slick roads. Love those microclimates!
Cycling Roberto Thu Oct 23 20:12:00 2014
@MG, don't use the "s" word on the forum. It's a family site. :)
Rick Gilbert Thu Oct 23 20:02:00 2014
@Michael - we have some pretty amazing microclimate regimes here, especially in the winter. A little elevation and a small distance from the Sound make all the difference in the world. My house sits at about 340 ft. el. It's a 70 foot drop to the main road, about 1/2 mile away. One winter morning I left the house (by car) to take my daughter to school, 2 1/2 miles away. The weather was cold, and there was some snow falling, but the street was clear. A mile from the house I turned the corner from a decent road onto an ice rink. The ice was too thick to crunch through,and so slick that the car would not stay in the lane. It slid down the crown of the road toward the gutter. I managed to get to a golf course parking lot without hitting anything or getting hit and we walked the rest of the way. I walked back to the car that afternoon and drove home on a clear roadway.
Thu Oct 23 19:00:00 2014
Hey @CR, at least we're not shoveling snow!!!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 23 18:21:00 2014
905,258 miles to go to 20 million!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 23 18:20:00 2014
@CR - 30 miles, gravel, flat tire, freezing rain. Invigorating! :)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Oct 23 18:19:00 2014
Lovely cool weather slipping into Florida. 54 forecast in the morning with highs around 72 looking like should last until at least Monday. Really lovely to have summer somewhat behind us.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 23 17:54:00 2014
@Karen. I'll stick with skydiving. Much safer. And much more exciting.
Cycling Roberto Thu Oct 23 17:42:00 2014
Today's 30 mile gravel ride included a flat tire and freezing rain. Great day to be alive.
Cycling Roberto Thu Oct 23 17:40:00 2014
@MG, consider stone busting delayed...
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 23 16:27:00 2014
@Karen - Stuffed peppers at your house this week? And you live where?... :)
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 23 16:24:00 2014
@KJG-nice last fall harvest-how exciting! I have some great eggplant recipes. Tee hee.
Keep warm and ride safe all!
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 23 15:28:00 2014
@Cynthia - Didn't ride today, since I had to pick all my peppers and cherry tomatoes and eggplants, unfortunately it took my bicycling time. Weatherman says temps will be below freezing tonight, but I have those cold weather tights for tomorrow. Just wanted to say Hi. Looks like we are going to have a lot of stuffed peppers at our house for the rest of the week. :)
@Jerry - almost as thrilling as jumping out of an airplane?
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 23 15:03:00 2014
Fro those of you who want more excitement when riding your bicycle than dodging vehicles on the road.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 23 15:02:00 2014
Here is some follow-up on that bat wielding incident in Texas, plus more general comments.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 23 14:45:00 2014
Oh my gosh what an angry man! What a shame...
Yep, its getting cold! Even for here it will be in 30's at night. Really unheard of for this neck of the woods. Guess I will have my lined tights on tomorrow morning!
Thu Oct 23 12:47:00 2014
Besides, I don't want @Roberto bustin' my stones for using weather as an excuse to avoid riding! (light-hearted sarcasm intended)
Thu Oct 23 12:35:00 2014
@Rick, it's incidents just like you describe that I'd like to avoid. I always check the National Weather Service temp reports from our airport, then look at my own thermometer and I always seem to be about 3-5 degrees warmer. However, my morning commute is downhill so, as I get closer to work - even though it's more urban - the temps still fall. Just like you experience. As I said earlier, I'll be investigating tires this weekend and make a decision from there. I have a spare set of rims, so I can mount 'snows' and change them out on an as-needed basis, knowing full well that I'll probably keep them on the bike non-stop between December and March. I hope TBH (The Better Half) doesn't rub it in too much. Thanks for the reality check!
Rick Gilbert Thu Oct 23 11:09:00 2014
@Michael G- which one it is depends on what stories you (or your survivors) are able to tell afterwards. I'm actually driving this week, with no rain and temps between 45 & 55. It's the FOG. We're talking thick, can't see past the bumper at times fog. So, my wife doesn't need the car this week, and I'm driving. Saw stupidity on a bike on my way in this morning - no helmet, no lights, no apparent reflectors, and "please hit me" black/brown/navy outerwear. It was just about sunrise, and with the fog I couldn't distinguish what color he was wearing.
And there's also my experience from last winter. Friday before Christmas, morning temps in the mid- to high-30's. Tuesday of that week, I found ice 'drops' on the edge of a patio table before I left for work on my bike, but rode anyway. When I turned in at a parking lot that I cross on my commute, I went down in black ice. No injury, and I made the rest of the ride without incident. So back to Friday. Seems a little warmer than Tuesday -- 38? Checked the patio table - only liquid water, no ice drops. Spousal unit offers twice to ferry me and bike to work, knowing that the afternoon ride home will be fine. But no, I want to ride. No problem until I decided to take a left turn while accelerating to catch another cyclist... Why am I looking at the sky? And why does my hip suddenly hurt? I caught something slick -- wet crosswalk stripe or black ice -- I hurt too much to investigate at the time -- and fell and broke my left hip.
Enthusiasm? Late-middle-aged pride? Stupidity? Ask the sweet lady who twice that morning had offered to drive me in to the office an hour before her regular wake-up hour. The same lady who spent the next several days getting me to and from the hospital for surgery and bringing me meals and helping me cope with the fracture until I was moving better with crutches.
Still, I'm in denial. It was while the fracture was healing that I searched and found the Conti' Winter tires and made plans to buy before this winter sets in.
Jeffrey D Arnold Thu Oct 23 11:06:00 2014
27 degrees at 6:45 this morning. The first time I've worn long pants this year. Ok, but my sinuses got cold. I really wish the time change would come earlier!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 23 09:15:00 2014
32° for the ride in this morning. I wore a little fleece jacket under my vest, over my working clothes. It felt like it might have been just a bit too much. My legs are still fine in just jeans. I have one pair of tights I can wear under jeans when it gets colder. I'm not looking forward to the time when the weather is consistently frigid/snowy and I have to start riding the bus. The freedom of my bike makes me loathe the schedule of the bus... My bike never leaves without me.
Thu Oct 23 08:45:00 2014
@Cynthia, Welcome Back! You've been missed, I'm sure. Have an enjoyable vacation?
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 23 08:29:00 2014
Hello All! Been out of the loop for awhile. I check in on these great conversations when I can. Was away for about a week. Still commuting to work and about town. Loving every moment spinning wheel. I stopped logging in miles though in NBC.
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 23 08:13:00 2014
@Brad - Bicycling magazine has a big article about web sites like this in their recent issue. If some of the bicyclists who crashed used the hammerhead instead of their Garmins or I-phones they might be alive. I didn't read the whole article since I am not competitive on my bicycle, but you might be interested. I never saw such a detailed article on one topic in this magazine before outside of the Tour de France.
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 23 08:08:00 2014
@J. Hugh - I do the fandango while riding my bike in the water. lol
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 23 08:04:00 2014
@Michael - Groovy Man, Groovy!! Love the wine list!
Thu Oct 23 07:34:00 2014
Ahh, @Jerry, but at least you're back on the road. Savor the small victories.
Dressed for winter this a.m.; headband, fingered gloves and all. Autumn is finally making an appearance in eastern PA. At least going to 'work' gives me a reason to ride!
@Karen Jean, if you like chocolate, get thyself over to Long Trout Winery (Hamburg exit of I-78). They make some awesome chocolate-flavored wines. Look them up on the web: http://longtroutwinery.com/
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Oct 23 07:34:00 2014
@KJG WE are the champions! I was indicating shock at the very idea of a world without Freddie. So glad to see you Love queen, too. I can do the fandango, can you? Bicycle bicycle bicycle I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle What is saucisse de cheval? a hard salami literally sausage of horse.
@JerryB Glad you roads and weather are cooperating for your ride.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 22 22:59:00 2014
A great ride today. Riding in the mid 60's. Beautiful fall colors. A nice relaxing ride.
My first time back on Hwy 36 between Boulder and Lyons since the week after the flood. I can't ride down the middle of the highway anymore. They is traffic on it now.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 22 22:57:00 2014
I agree with Roberto. "Work". Did that. Stopped that. Of course the fact they made me retire because I got too old may have had something to do with it.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 22 22:45:00 2014
@J Hugh - What is saucisse de cheval ? You may send me some with a big box of Lindt Chocolates, but only if you say you like the rock group Queen. They did produce the only rock hit that promos bicycling you know. (My birthday is on Friday BTW - you may send it express.) ;)
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 22 22:42:00 2014
@J Hugh - I am sorry that you don't like Mr. Mercury's music. :( Baguettes and cheese but most of all Lindt chocolates.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Oct 22 21:57:00 2014
90% Lindt. How about adding cocoa to your hot chocolate mix to make it really dark. Ever try Special Dark cocoa
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Oct 22 21:50:00 2014
Hammerhead isn't that the cyclist move that is caused by looking down and not seeing the large stopped truck directly in front of .... in contact with the cyclist.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 22 21:45:00 2014
Hugh - add pastries to the list. How about dark chocolate?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 22 21:44:00 2014
@ Burklee, well said! And congrats on braving the little bike so you could get out and ride. Neither rain nor snow, nor a bike thats a bit too small.... Glad to hear that Jay got the kind of bike she really wanted. Sounds like it made the ride much more enjoyable for her.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 22 21:40:00 2014
The tech-nerd in me loves this thing called a hammerhead. It provides visual navigation directions fed from your smartphone using light patterns. Do I need it? Probably not. Do I want it? HA, I'm signed on. They're in the final hours of their funding drive. Check out the video... http://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects/23-hammerhead
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Oct 22 20:59:00 2014
NO FM! I need some beer and cheese. Money can also get you French pastry in France, yummy baguettes and cheese and saucisse de cheval. But no FM surely you jest.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 22 18:58:00 2014
@Burklee - love it!
@J Hugh - I agree that the three of you are "going slightly mad." ;) - in a good way. Wish FM was still around, don't you?
Przemysław Ramza Wed Oct 22 18:49:00 2014
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Oct 22 18:38:00 2014
@Brad while not discussing it directly we agree on Liefmanns Beer, Bikes and cheese. I only regret that you get to ride by the cheese maker and get the good stuff. Also, we agree that Marty is the Fizzology King!
Przemysław Ramza Wed Oct 22 18:33:00 2014
Wed Oct 22 18:19:00 2014
@CR, work lets me have money so I can afford my hobbies: cycling, photography, woodworking, scotch, cigars, wine...
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Oct 22 18:19:00 2014
@CR - It REALLY does!!!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Oct 22 18:19:00 2014
A wise and ancient prophecy - "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy bikes and bike accessories, and that's pretty darn close." Sage words.
Cycling Roberto Wed Oct 22 16:22:00 2014
What is this "work" thing you people keep mentioning, and doesn't it interfere with your cycling?
Przemysław Ramza Wed Oct 22 15:53:00 2014
@Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin ;)
Przemysław Ramza Wed Oct 22 15:52:00 2014
welcome http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/13045950
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 22 15:42:00 2014
@Przemysław - All I know is that I'm not going to lend you one of my bikes. ;-P
Wed Oct 22 13:32:00 2014
@Brad and @Rick, thanks for the input. I found a rather informative article (granted, from a LBS website) that discusses winter tires http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/studdedtires.asp
A good education that changed my mind about studs. My big concerns are: 1) Being forced into ice or plowed snow at the road's edge, and 2.) Going to work on dry pavement but having to travel home in fresh powder/slush/packed snow. Not sure what I'll do, but the Conti's, Nokian's and Schwalbe's are all on my list to consider. My wife wishes I'd just take the bus or drive - I actually pay monthly for a covered space in the garage directly under my building - but I'd rather embrace the challenge of biking in all conditions. Is that enthusiasm, middle-aged pride, or just plain stupidity?
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Oct 22 13:14:00 2014
If you post a comment at 1 am that is the middle of the night. 3:30 am to 7am morning, 7-11 Brunch, 11-12 second breakfast.
Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 22 12:57:00 2014
@Michael G,
Check out Continental Top Contact Winter II 26 Inch (1.9 in wide). WesternBikeworks.com has these on sale right now, and buying 2 would qualify for free shipping. Not studded, but with a heavily siped tread to give you more gripping edges. The tread compound is designed for better grip at low temperatures. (It will be squishy in the 60's). I plan to buy the 700c version of the same tire before the real chill sets in here. A colleague bought the 26's last winter and is pleased with them. We don't get much snow in the Puget Sound region, but we get lots of wet days, and opportunities for spotty ice. If the weather gets bad enough for studs, I take the bus, put chains on the truck, or work from the house. I'm just looking for a little insurance on those other days against the kind of slip that took me down last December.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 22 12:50:00 2014
Roberto - middle of the night? ...I set out for work at 3:30A
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 22 12:48:00 2014
...and I agree with Hugh. What were we talking about again?
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 22 12:41:00 2014
Michael - I think studded tires are the best way to go. Rock solid on ice, but if the snow gets 2" or more you will squirm around because the tire floats and can't bite into anything solid. The downside is $150 for a pair of Nokians, and after 2 seasons of regular use the studs will be worn down. This year I'm alternating between a studded MTM and a new fatbike depending on conditions.
Przemysław Ramza Wed Oct 22 12:39:00 2014
My virtual trening on Xbox 360 http://www.youtube.com/watch ;P
Przemysław Ramza Wed Oct 22 11:11:00 2014
Thanks to all ;) I try to ;)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 22 11:06:00 2014
@Burklee - Glad you both had a nice ride. The complete change over should eliiminate the broken spokes.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Oct 22 10:18:00 2014
I had to go without my bike since Friday afternoon. I've been snapping rear wheel spokes fairly regularly lately. When I adopted this bike, it had six broken spokes. So one of our mechanics said I should just replace all the spokes. I've never done that before, but the book Zinn and The Art of Bicycle Maintenance was really helpful. Gary finished truing it for me yesterday, since I've never trued "from scratch", as it were. While the wheel was apart I scrubbed the cassette really good and regreased the bearings. It's a thing of beauty today! I'll have to retrue the wheel now that the spokes are set after my ride.
Jay and I went out for a ride down the Homestead Trail on Saturday. She rode her new (to her) cute step-through, and I borrowed her old bike. The old bike, Wanda, is a very small-framed Gary Fisher. My knees spent the entire ride at a less than 90° angle. Over 10 miles of that. I couldn't keep up with Jay on that ride. Still, it was better than sitting at home. It was a gorgeous day. The only real disappointment was the leaves on the tress are still green. I was hoping for lots of fall colors. Oh well. We got out, and Jay enjoyed the ride on the new bike. It was great.
Wed Oct 22 10:03:00 2014
Nice cycling-fundraising article from today's birdcage liner: http://tinyurl.com/mfhg86g
Wed Oct 22 09:55:00 2014
OK, cold-weather riders, help me out please. I'm approaching my third winter as a daily bike commuter. Luckily, we've had little snow to worry about, so there's been no issues. My luck is bound to run out at some time. I'm looking for recommendations on winter/snow tires for a 26" MTB (1998 Giant Boulder). Commute is all city streets, so mostly plowed unless it's actively snowing at the time of my ride, then it's a roll of the dice. I'd prefer not to get studded tires since I'm on paved roads, but I'll keep an open mind. Your recommendations are appreciated.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 22 09:45:00 2014
Check out bike photos on the EPA web site: https://www.facebook.com/EPA/photos_stream
Wed Oct 22 08:24:00 2014
@Roberto, 7 a.m. isn't middle of the night, that's "leave for the office" time, at least for me. A balmy 55 degrees this morning, about 10 degrees higher than yesterday. Finally (yesterday) broke the tights and jacket out, and was comfortable. Probably could have used the headband to keep my ears a little warmer, but survived OK. The big issue this time of year is dressing in layers for the cool morning ride but being able to be in shorts/short sleeves for the warm ride home. At least until the middle of this week when autumn finally decides to stick around.
@Karen, the key to adapting to the weather is taking notes for a few times each season to remember how to dress. I've found that the dewpoint temperature (a measure of humidity) plays a key role. There's a big difference in feel between a 55 degree/53 degree dewpoint morning and a 55 degree/45 degree dewpoint morning. 55/53 and I can get away with shorts and a long sleeved top; 55/45 and the tights make an appearance!
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 22 08:09:00 2014
@Roberto - I went outside at 7:00am to check the weather. My son leaves for the bus stop at 7:00am. I decided that since I felt cold, I would try out my new Winter clothing - tights and gloves. I didn't look at the time when I left the house sometime after 7:00am, but it was light outside and still very cold. My main point was that I liked my new clothing, but needed some more and that I was trying to adapt to the changed in the weather and keep riding. I think enough said.
Cycling Roberto Wed Oct 22 02:05:00 2014
@Karen, 7 AM! Why are you riding in the middle of the night?
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Oct 21 20:25:00 2014
I agree with Marty and Brad. (that may be historic)
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 21 20:16:00 2014
Hi Premyslaw, welcome to our forum!
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Tue Oct 21 20:05:00 2014
Przemysław - I agree with Marty (that's a first)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Oct 21 18:50:00 2014
@Przemysław - Beautiful pictures of scenery from your rides!
Kevin L Mackey Tue Oct 21 18:40:00 2014
Never went above 45 F here in NE Wisconsin today and to top it off there was a 20 MPH headwind on the way home from work. Highs in the 40's all week with chance of snow flurries. Will ride to work each day until the snow sticks or the I can cross the river without the aid of a bridge.
Przemysław Ramza Tue Oct 21 18:07:00 2014
hi im from poland ;)
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 21 17:36:00 2014
I know about these changing temperatures. As I noted it was 45-ish when I started the century yesterday and about 75 by the time I got done. That means most riders spent a couple of hours in 40-some temperatures, a couple in the 50s and so on. The ride organizers were nice enough to allow you to check your clothing at a couple of the rest stops, and by lunchtime they had collected quite a few coats, pairs of tights, etc.
Today I waited until afternoon to ride so I could take advantage of cloudy skies and temps in the lower 50s. I did a mix of trail and off trail and there were some strong gusts of wind just so I didn't forget that its October.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Tue Oct 21 16:32:00 2014
It's normally ~40F here in the mornings and late evenings in NJ, even if it was 70F during the day. Anyway, for my winterish riding I plan on having a fendered up Bike Friday, single speed of course to handle everything I throw at it. Work kind of made it so I only ride nights lately, but that didn't stop my riding.
Karen Jean Goth Tue Oct 21 15:54:00 2014
@Roberto - It was not that warm at 7:00 am when I started in the morning. Fall you know with the shorter days does have greater temperature swings, and I never claimed to be good with cold weather - now I am getting testy so I will stop here.
Cycling Roberto Tue Oct 21 14:27:00 2014
To clarify, it is currently 65 degrees F here in eastern PA. Hardly cold. Just sayin'.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Oct 21 14:06:00 2014
I wish it was 88 here in Colorado.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Oct 21 13:55:00 2014
@KJG I need Baklava too.
@Jerry What a little mud, we got alligators and Water Moccasins on the trail. Not to mention it was 88 by 1pm.
@Marty Wonder what the ppm are in the south Chicago neighborhoods when the Peticoke dust from the Koch Borthers Plant get all churn up by the wind. Some say you have to wear a mask to ride there.
@Tammie when the weather is good ride all you can, you are in west Texas. sorry its not the south.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Oct 21 13:40:00 2014
@Marty. I know. Bunch of wimps.What is a little mud? And crashes and broken bones?
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Oct 21 13:13:00 2014
@Jerry - Most of them weren't even biking.
No matter what conditions you have to bike in locally, you can be thankful you don't have to try it in Harbin, China, where the air pollution reached 1,000 ppm of 2.5 micron particles. Visibility was down to under 20 yards. http://news.yahoo.com/latest-china-smog-emergency-shuts-city-11-million-055104682.html
Jerry Bengtson Tue Oct 21 11:48:00 2014
Just a little something to brighten up your day.
Who says you need mountain bike to go off road?
Karen Jean Goth Tue Oct 21 11:02:00 2014
Hey all! I just got back from my errands on the bike in my cold weather duds. It was not at all bad, except my head was cold. I need one of those babayagas, uh, I mean baklavas, or is that babushkalavas. Ohhhhhh, I need a head onesie! lolololololol
Jerry Bengtson Tue Oct 21 09:56:00 2014
@Tammie. It is going to be warmer here in Colorado this week...just mid 60's!
Tammie Porter Tue Oct 21 02:46:00 2014
Been enjoying the 70's here in West Texas but tomorrow is going to be cooler....just mid 60's! Wonderful 23 miles today which is 3 loops around a nice development we ride on Sundays. Glad I had the energy to do three loops. Sometimes I can only manage two since I am working back to back and doing it on only 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Guess it is the cooler weather that makes it easier. I am not looking forward to the colder weather!
Cycling Roberto Mon Oct 20 23:07:00 2014
@Jerry, should be mid-60's out your way by midweek.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Oct 20 22:28:00 2014
@ Jerry, thanks. Maybe you should consider going east or south for a few days of riding when it gets cold there in Colorado.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Oct 20 22:08:00 2014
@E.M. Glad you enjoyed your ride. It must be nice to be able to ride in 70 degree weather. I keep hoping for a warm spell here in Colorado.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Oct 20 22:03:00 2014
Wow, Jerry you are right. Most of that discussion was full of junk. People just like to hear themselves talk and most of the time they don't bother to listen to what they are saying. Its a shame that there can't be a civilized discussion. I got as far down as Benny Mac BB and finally there was a rational comment. Cyclists seem to have to defend every other cyclist on the road but nobody ever asks a driver to defend every other driver on the road when they do something stupid.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Oct 20 22:00:00 2014
Rode the Rivers Century today. Met some great people and put in some fun (s)miles. It was way better weather than last year. Start temp about 45 degrees and ending temp more like 75. No rain and the wind was way less strong than it was last year.so the long stretches along the river were not as tough.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Oct 20 21:26:00 2014
More on attack on bicyclists
Jerry Bengtson Mon Oct 20 21:25:00 2014
A video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week shows a bat-wielding unapologetic Texas man arguing with a pack of bicyclists that he allegedly brake checked and forced to crash.
Why is really sad is reading the comments after the article. How do you reach people like this?
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Oct 20 15:36:00 2014
@Rob thanks and glad you got to ride on that trail with your brother. It is a great ride. Hope you two get to ride the whole trail next time. Or maybe you will try the Withlacoochee trail up around inverness. Great ride two, with a totally different character.
Rob Gusky Mon Oct 20 14:04:00 2014
Great ride J Hugh. Coincidentally, I was in Florida on Monday and rode 25 miles with my brother - we started at Mabel. I would love to ride it all the way to Polk City someday.
Laurie Rescheske Mon Oct 20 03:59:00 2014
I biked only a 2 mile obligatory ride yesterday but later went hiking over something rather rugged terrain at Kettle Moraine State Forest. I have now discovered that apparently not all leg muscles are used in biking. Said muscles are protesting the workout I put them through. Ouch!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Oct 19 23:59:00 2014
OOOHHH 19 million. Go for twenty in December, surreee wwweeee ccccaaaaannnn (some of us up north with chattering teeth)!!!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Oct 19 22:10:00 2014
We just passed 19 million miles, since May 1st. That means, with the reduced number of participants logging miles, it took us 19 days for the last 600,000 miles. At that rate, we would make 20 million on November 20th, but with continuing diminution, it will be at least Thanksgiving, and probably sometime in early to mid-December.
JW Jamerson Sun Oct 19 19:48:00 2014
Great work J Hugh! Congrats on 11,000 and for not becoming alligator dinner!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Oct 19 16:52:00 2014
What a great ride on the James Van Fleet Trail (a state park) Challenge. Really enjoyed the ride. Alligators and snakes and great support along the trail. Really fun. Pictures on my ride for viewing. Temps 74-86 during the ride. I passed 11,000 miles for the year today.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Oct 19 14:37:00 2014
HI all, out for my ride this morning with temps in the mid-40s to the 50s. Half a dozen other riders out there, some of whom I saw twice thanks to the loops in my ride. Out of those about half were wearing shorts. Not me. At this stage its not so much the cold but the wind that is a factor. It feels chilly. Tommorrow's temps are predicted to start in the mid-40s and end in the low 70s, layering should come in handy. Wind, well yeah, its October and its a river ride, so I expect a lot of that.
@ Gregg, congrats on the 5,000 (s)miles for the year so far!
Karen Jean Goth Sun Oct 19 13:21:00 2014
Great Job Gregg! I can only see half of you in the thumbnail. (If that is you..) :) Don't mind me, it is a slow day at work. lol
Gregg Warning Sun Oct 19 11:44:00 2014
My ride home from the gym today will pass 5,000 miles for the year.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Oct 19 09:17:00 2014
@ Karen Jean, if you have a bike organization/club, or maybe even a big bike store there, they might help push the process forward. They may know a good non-profit that could put in the application. Or they might somehow offer to match some funds (in case of a for profit bike store or the like) or at least have an idea of how to make it happen. The more of these we have around the country, the better GOOD LUCK!
Karen Jean Goth Sun Oct 19 06:03:00 2014
@EM- I intend on trying to e-mail Allentown about that link. I know they already did a feasibility study that was tabled for now. If the mayor is not too busy trying to run for governor, he might be interested. At least I can make sure that they know about the opportunities available. I think Allentown is a good choice. It is growing all the time from transplants from NY, Camden, Philly and other places, and we have already I large park system. Connecting those areas with greenways would be the ideal. If only we had a modern day General Trexler around to funnel money and resources into the project.

@Marty - It is only October in PA and I have to force myself out the door some days and onto my bike, because of the cold. Can't understand it. I can plunge into cold water in the middle of January without blinking, but I have a hard time facing the cold wind. Perhaps it is the warm shower waiting afterward. Have to just force myself onto my bike until it is habit, or at least until I get the correct clothing and comfort layers figured out. Wisconsin in winter sound something like being in Siberia, but I suppose if you are used to it, it has its own charm. Also, I guess if the car batteries don't start in Winter, your bicycle would be the more reliable form of transportation.
P.S (I am glad you have a house and not an Igloo.)

Leonard Wright Sun Oct 19 04:37:00 2014
@Jerry, Yes, I enjoy rubbing it in - wait till January/February, then I really start having fun :-) BTW, it's October 19 at 5:00am, 76 degrees outside - time to go for a night ride. Hope your area manages to get some of the roads fixed, not an easy thing to do during a CO winter.........

@Marty, Used to live in Michigan so I know all about all the different sunscreen treatments used up north. Worst sunburn I've ever had happened in January in Michigan. Had a 2 foot+ snowstorm, went out to shovel the next day - VERY sunny day, royally burned after 5 hours of shoveling.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Oct 19 03:23:00 2014
@Leonard – I agree with you that the biggest problem with winter riding is sunburn. That is why in the Northern climes, we also apply plenty of sunscreen then, too. But our sunscreens in the Winter are much different from our Summer version.
Like the Inuit, who have fifteen lexemes for snow, and many hundred more words for it, we have fifteen lexemes for Winter Sunscreen. And because the sun’s rays can also be so much more intense in the Winter up here, particularly with the added effect of snow reflectivity, we usually use several of the fifteen different Winter Sunscreens at the same time.
They are (in alphabetical order): Balaklava, blizzard (and its various lesser, and non-self-applying) forms – sleet, snow flurries, snow flakes, snow storms, snow squalls, and whiteouts), boots, frostbite wound dressing, gloves, insulated long bike pants, long underwear, mittens, neoprene face mask, parka, ski mask, snow suit, wool socks, union suit, and finally, (but not in alphabetical order), a house, which seems to provide the most protection.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Oct 19 00:35:00 2014
Green lanes use posts, parked cars, planters or curbs to make Dutch style bicycling lanes that are separated from the car lanes. New York City started building them in 2008, Chicago and Atlanta have also built them. Memphis pledged to build 15 miles in the next two years, and Omaha and Lincoln are in a race to be the first city in Nebraska to get one.
PeopleForBikes gave grants and technical support to Austin, Chicago, Memphis, Portland OR, San Francisco and Washington DC to build these lanes. Now they opened the application process for Green Lane Project 2 for six more cities. Want to apply for your city?? Want to know more???

Go to: http://www.peopleforbikes.org/green-lane-project/pages/greenlaneproject2

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Oct 18 21:40:00 2014
How about Cyclocross Jerry?
Jerry Bengtson Sat Oct 18 21:27:00 2014
Rub it in Leonard.
At least we have mountains out here.
Too bad we can't ride in them right now. Some minor problem like the roads are gone.
Tammie Porter Sat Oct 18 18:59:00 2014
well, that 'no wind' turned into 25mph real quick!! I just rode to Midland and back.. 32 miles. It was real work on the way there ... lucky it was mostly a cross wind but it was still work trying to stay upright! I did have a nice tailwind on the way back for the last 10 miles which made my pace about 22 to 24mph! wheee! LOL
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 18 17:25:00 2014
Fits and starts today, since once I thought I got my ride started my bike got locked in the granny gear. It was okay for the first hill, but then I had to manually shift it out. Then that second hill (13% grade) and I had to manually shift it out again. Threatened to take it to the bike shop and then it stopped misbehaving. Will test it again tomorrow since I need it to work on Sunday for the Ride the Rivers Century.
Lots of wind today and temps. in upper 50s to lower 60s. Did part road and part trail riding. Ok, I know guys can last all winter in shorts but the wind blocking tights are working great. Plan to layer Sunday when the temps will vary and I will want to put on something warm for the lunch stop. Today was just a preview. Expect lots of wind along the rivers since thats how it was last year.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Oct 18 16:45:00 2014
dumb is a cheese head, er wait, dumb is a nearly everyday cyclist, er wait, No fair KJG that was a trick question. OH! Ask them.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 18 15:21:00 2014
@J.Hugh - How can you tell which is which? (Hug all around to my favorite comedians.)
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 18 15:11:00 2014
@Tammie - And, you will probably beat me too. In September, I start training for swimming as my main form of exercise. Five days a week - hour and 45 minute nonstop sessions with an average of 2700-3500 yards. Some slow, some fast. I am also starting to do some running for the 5K Turkey Trot race that my husband shames me into doing every year. I would love to do more bicycling, but right now it is just for errands and weekends. If I were a triathlete I could do more, maybe when my son does not need me to drive him around and attend athletic events. I was just thinking today that I need to start doing the exercise bike at night, at least it is something.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Oct 18 14:24:00 2014
Brad and Marty such fun to read dumb and dumber live on the list.
@Tammie the operative words are "no wind" quick to the bicycle and away. Particularly in Texas where there is so much wind! It blows all the way to Washington DC. I hear.
@leonard So glad that I live where if you want you can ride almost everyday! Florida! But if you don't live here please move to Texas, New Mexico or one of those places with way less people. We need to balance the boat.
Laurie Rescheske Sat Oct 18 13:41:00 2014
@ Leonard- -thanks for the weather report. I was out biking last night under the full moon and the temperature was a balmy 44.
Tammie Porter Sat Oct 18 13:16:00 2014
Hey, Karen Jean, I was browsing the leaderboard today and noticed that I am only 30 miles behind you in total miles since the beginning of the challenge! Closer in points at 5592 right now. I am considering a 40 mile ride today if I can convince myself that I can do it and still manage attending a hockey game and work all night. The weather right now is just perfect! 64 and no wind!
Leonard Wright Sat Oct 18 13:11:00 2014
@Laurie, @Brad, @Marty - The Winter Biking Challenge looks like it will be fun. Winter is the best time of the year for riding. It's already getting really cool here, last night's low was all the way down to 71, fortunately it looks like it will be getting back up to 90 before the day is over (it's 88 right now). Biggest problem with winter riding is sunburn, very few clouds during the winter months - got to be prepared with plenty of sunscreen.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 18 12:22:00 2014
@Brad - Oops! Good catch! I spelled it incorrectly. It is Lutsen, but the ZIP Code is correct. Sorry to any Lutsenites or Lutseninians for my faux pas. It is about 17 miles before you get to Grand Marais on 61, right along Lake Superior. (Taking 61 by bike is one of the most beautiful trips one can take - I've done it 3 times, so far.) But seeing that anything in MN isn't in the UP, it will take you more than 3 days to get there. I think you better ask Mark, your other brother about the bathroom locking incident.
Sat Oct 18 12:05:00 2014
Jeffrey, so far here in eastern PA i have not had to resort to long pants (yet) for my morning commutes. I'll stay in shorts till at least ~48 degrees, then I convert. My only bike-specific clothing are padded shorts, some lycra tights and my padded fingerless gloves. All shirts-long and short sleeve-are from sale racks at UnderArmour outlets or Dick's Sporting Goods. Water resistant hi-vis Jacket was a lucky find on the sale rack at Old Navy. I wash and treat it with Nikwax products so it still repels water really well. Rain pants and other cold weather outerwear are leftovers from my backpacking days of yore when I spent waaaay too much $$ at Eastern Mountain Sports. Shoes are old, smelly, beat-up New Balance sneakers. Oh, and my helmet, of course! Looking at the weather forecast, I think the tights will make their seasonal appearance next week :(
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Oct 18 11:53:00 2014
Puppets, rappin about ridin!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Oct 18 11:53:00 2014
32° for the ride in this morning, with no north wind. The Market to Market Relay asked LBK to provide bike support for runners from 6-9pm last Saturday. The other ride captain and I got nifty zip-up Mizuno vests with the M2M logo. The back of the body is mesh, but the front & yoke are a surprisingly windbreakery solid polyester. I wore that over a short-sleeve & a long-sleeve t-shirt with jeans & running shoes, headband & suede gloves. I was warm enough with that. When it gets colder, I'll need to add a scarf to cover my face, a jacket in place of the vest and a layer under my jeans. Except for rainy days, I'll definitely bike commute til the end of October. After that, it will really depend on the weather, as I'm not as hard core as some.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Sat Oct 18 11:46:00 2014
Marty - I'm having trouble locating Lutzen - is that in the U.P.? We do have a weekend coming and I'm seeing SW winds forecast for tomorrow. If I take vacation Monday and the wind holds, I probably could make it in 3 days. I do know some decent roads in that direction, and I think I have enough power bars, and I better bring 2 spare tubes and a few CO2 crtridges... but waaaaait just a minute - hold on there, this isn't another one of your tricks, is it? Like maybe just to get me out of WI so you can lock the door behind me like you did at that party when I was in the bathroom? Well I'll tell you what Marty, I'm not falling for it again. YOU go to Lutzen!!! yeah, thats it - YOU go ...but...mmmmm... is that really where the chanllenge is? ...where is Lutzen again?
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 18 11:34:00 2014
@Laurie & @Brad - I couldn't find oune by that name. The only one I know of, and am on is called Winter Biking. http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/11251965 It starts November 1st, and goes until May 15th. Brad, and several other on here are already on there.
Jeffrey D Arnold Sat Oct 18 11:25:00 2014
32 degrees this morning with wind mostly against me at 12 mph. Also dark and overcast in southern Wisconsin. I don't own any bicycle specific clothing. I am still riding in tennis shoes and shorts. My legs just don't get cold! I do wear a warm jacket, stocking cap under my helmet to cover my ears, and cotton gloves. I have always been a cold weather person and wear shorts at least 9 months of the year.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Oct 18 10:55:00 2014
Snow. Yuck.
Laurie Rescheske Sat Oct 18 10:37:00 2014
I was looking for, and couldn't find the LINK, for the Winter Warriors Challenge. Anyone have it? Marty, a street address doesn't work for me :P
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 18 10:22:00 2014
@Brad - I have it:
Winter Warrior's Challenge
P.O. Box 47
Lutzen, MN 55612-0047
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 18 09:43:00 2014
@ Marty, me too either, I think!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 18 09:29:00 2014
@EM - I can't even remember 10 p.m. last night.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 18 09:12:00 2014
@Marty, thats 10 yrs old if you can remember back that far. LOL
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Sat Oct 18 08:08:00 2014
Jeff Oz - ccould you share the address for Winter Warrior's Challenge. When I searched the only thing I found was Winter Warrior Commuters for UK only.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Sat Oct 18 06:19:00 2014
I never recieved a survey either. My notifications are coming through daily without a hitch. I am using my work email, so the survey could have been stopped by the corporate filter - lots of stuff does..
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 17 22:27:00 2014
Survey emailed 03Oct
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 17 22:21:00 2014
@Joshua - I received my email on the 4th day after. Could you have changed email accounts after you joined? (I posted a comment on one of your rides. See if you get an email notification of it.)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 17 22:15:00 2014
@Jerry - It's not 10 p.m. yet here, so you must mean a.m.?
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 17 22:07:00 2014
What where you doing at 10?
Joshua Buck Fri Oct 17 21:22:00 2014
d i miss the post challenge survey link? they said 48 hours and its now been 17 days but I never saw anything in my email on the message board or on Facebook. Anyone know?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 17 21:01:00 2014
Around here the trail use instructions tell you to use the audibles. Its the norm for this part of the country anyway. Sometimes I say "good morning" instead, depends on time of day. Also, waving and saying hi to drivers & construction people is good. Of course that clown gets around, I have seen him. He has a twin sister who roller skates and thinks she has the right to yell at anybody who disturbs her on the trail. She doesn't need to hear "on your left" cause she is psychic and already knows you are there.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 17 20:45:00 2014
Hi all, out today with noontime temps in the mid-60s. Its October, the wind doth blow. Made a road guy giggle because he was waving cars over to one side of the road so we could get by the roadwork. He pretended to wave me over, but obviously I didn't need as much room as a car, so it was just silly. We both got smiles out of it. Later in my ride somebody passed me up in a big hurry and then got stuck in a construction spot. At that point, I was I was happy to pass her up. Later I waved to a little kid who was having a happy walk accompanied by an adult, another kid about his size (maybe 2 yrs old) and a baby in a stroller. I did a quick wave to the kid and the adult caught it. Did she wave to you? She asked the kid. I was impressed that she even noticed me!
RE: Cold weather, cycling shorts and some kind of moisture wicking shirt. The next layer is tights and a stretchy jacket. Long fingered gloves if needed. Mostly cross country gear for the outer layer(s). I have a pair of light-weight hiking boots that fit in the straps on my pedals and I plan to try them for really cold weather. I’m also going to try them next time it rains because they are waterproof. Keep testing, but the base layer has to be moisture wicking.
RE: Audibles: I say “on your left” or ring my bell when when passing, especially on trails.
Jeff (Oz) Osborne Fri Oct 17 19:47:00 2014
If you live in North America & plan to ride through this winter check out the Winter Warrior's Challenge. This challenge is for snow and ice riders. If you use (or really should use) studded snow tires on your bike any time during the challenge you are in. We had 18 riders last year. Average distance was 880.6 miles in Nov, Dec, Jan, & Feb.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 17 19:26:00 2014
@Kevin - That same clown really gets around. He was in Milwaukee last Thursday, but must have left his earbuds on the plane. He was riding with his hoodie on whie on a 4 lane highway. I passed him, and had to stop for a light. He caught up, slowed down, and then blew through the light. He then crossed all 4 lanes to ride on the left, against traffic. When I caught up, I yelled to him that he was giving bicyclists a bad name, but he couldn't hear me over the traffic. A little later, I noticed a car stopping on a sidstreet on his side, looking th turn right. I had a bad feeling. A couple seconds later, I turned back, and both his bike and him were down. (I think he avoided the car.) I went over to see if he was OK, and he was doing stretches to try and clear his head. I only said that he was in the exact worst position for traffic. He said the reason he switched sides was because he worked to the left of the next intersection 1/2 mile up. I bit my tongue, as I wanted to say so much more. To his credit, he did thank me for stopping to see if he was OK. I'm sure he had a concussion. But I think I'll be reading about him in the obits sometime soon.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 17 18:43:00 2014
One item I forgot.
For my shoes, either a toe cover or a shoe cover that covers the ankle also depending on the temperature.
Kevin L Mackey Fri Oct 17 18:39:00 2014
I had a clown on a bike just tonight. I was riding home from work on the mixed use trail and he passed me w/o warning. At every entrancae to the trail is says for biker to give an audible waring when passing. I sped up and to be honest yelled at hiim. Had to yell twice becuase the fool was riding with earbuds in and I don't think he heard me the first time. His comment was not fit for this board. I had an accident on this trail 2 summers ago avoid and skater who cut me off just as I was going to pass (his ipod was on high) after my bell and yelling on your left.

Sorry for the rant but clowns like this give cyclists a bad name.

Karen Jean Goth Fri Oct 17 18:27:00 2014
@EM and Marty - Thanks for the info and the laughs, your humor is much appreciated.
Glad the offices are now open. My husband can do his National Guard Training next month now. They cancelled training for October. No, he is not going to be paid for not training.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 17 17:06:00 2014
For riding in cold weather.
Head Warmer, Part #:6489-0029 Specialized, $30.00
Gloves, All Weather, Part#:1425 Seirus, $34.99
Leg Warmers, Pearl Izumi
Arm Warmers, Pearl Izumi
Coat, Depending on the temperatures, either light weight or heaver.
Bib instead of shorts.
My helmet adjusts so I can wear thin head caps.
I also us hand and toe warmers on cold days. They last about 3-4 hours.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 17 16:55:00 2014
40 degrees when I left. 50 degrees when I got back. Having hand warmers and toe warmers helped out a lot.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 17 16:51:00 2014
Michael Golembiewski. No joint pain with the weather. I have never had that problem. And the cleanup is slowing coming along. Bicyclists are banned from the mountain roads as they are repairing them. Hopefully it will not be a long term ban. Otherwise there will be an uproar.
They fixed the bridge on CR21 so we can ride up to Carter Lake without having to ride on HWY287.
I would expect that it will be 2-3 years before all the roads are repaired.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Oct 17 15:42:00 2014
Ring my bell, passing on the left said loudly two times, and then treat them like an erratic squirrel by either slowing getting as much room as possible or both. i've stopped and talked to people on occasions this is most successful when they are in groups as they seem more willing to listen to information about how to be safe on a trail. Surprising that many people have no information and no where to get it. The mechanically deaf by device are a problem that bell ringing and shouting can not sometimes overcome so I am prepared to brake and be safe. The experience I have on trails makes me use them sparingly, but on occasion I ride a trail trying to pick the best time for a cyclist.
Melody Munson-McGee Fri Oct 17 15:28:00 2014
@Laurie - I hate the cold but have learned to tolerate it for the sake of my morning ride. My thin PI headband really works under my helmet and takes up very little space during my warmer afternoon ride home. Layers have made it possible for me to bike mornings that are in the 20s.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Oct 17 15:20:00 2014
@Laurie - I have a Pearl Izumi headband. It's really thin, so it fits under my helmet, and yet is surprisingly warm. I highly recommend it.
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 17 14:21:00 2014
@Laurie, tons of caps and balaclavas made to go under a cycling helmet.
Fri Oct 17 14:07:00 2014
@Laurie, have you thought about wearing a head band? I have a Columbia (granted, it's a few years old) that goes around my forehead and covers my ears. Works well on those mornings when a balaclava is too much but nothing is not enough. I don't wear a hat under my helmet; if it's that cold the 'clava comes out. Check out the usual outdoor suspects: REI, EMS, Columbia, North Face, the Campmor catalog. Nashbar.com has a few listed in their winter headwear section.
Laurie Rescheske Fri Oct 17 13:49:00 2014
I am starting to believe that winter biking might not be so bad. However, it was chilly enough last night to give me an earache, so I know that layering to stay warm is going to be essential. Any suggestions? Right now I just want to know if any type of hat/cap will fit safely under a helmet.
Tammie Porter Fri Oct 17 12:37:00 2014
I also give the "on your left" and "thank you" to the walkers, joggers and others on the trail I raide at the University. Those with headphones usually don't hear a thing even when I yell as loud as I can. It is scary passing some of them because they weave side to side on the trail and many have run me off the 2 inch high path into the very scary thorn and gravel side dirt. It is the drop off that scares me first then the worry of a flat. I am also always ready with a quick "the other left" when they move to the left when I alert them! I consider it practicing my biking skills running an obsticle course! Temps here have been cooler too. The group ride yesterday evening was in the 50's or low 60's and I got a bit chilly after 20 miles. Glad I have my new jacket. Time to buy full finger gloves!
Fri Oct 17 12:28:00 2014
@JW, I didn't include it in my previous post, but I also include the 'niceties' with my encounters on the trail. If I get a wave, I say "Good Morning"; if they have to actually move out of the way, they get a "Thank You". Momma taught me to use my manners!
JW Jamerson Fri Oct 17 11:38:00 2014
Edgar I rode the DC trails this summer and got in the habit of warning walkers or slower bikers when I come up on them. "Bike Left" or "Bike Right" or a bell ring often gets attention. This is not common practice in my area. When they acknowledge me and move over I offer a polite “Thank You!” Which often draws a refreshing smile, or a nod of approval. The next time I see them I get a friendly wave … new friends made each day. Win-Win…. (Now if they have ear phones in …all bets are off)
JW Jamerson Fri Oct 17 11:31:00 2014
Thanks Michael I think that might be the case. My last ride was apparently not added in yet!
Fri Oct 17 11:28:00 2014
@Edgar, since my commuting is all city streets, most of my audible warnings (to drivers) consist of, "Hey, I'm here!" as they try to cut me off so they can be first at the next traffic light. When casual riding on the local trail, I do give the "On your left" audible to the joggers, knowing full well that I can't be doing my NASCAR imitation. Many use headphones but are smart enough to keep them turned-down enough to hear outside noises. Most will give a wave letting me know that they got my message; if I don't get a wave I give another warning.
Fri Oct 17 11:16:00 2014
Do you give an Audible Warning? Interesting ideas from this blog:
Fri Oct 17 11:10:00 2014
@JW, point calculation seems to be off by about a day or so. At least that's been my experience this week.
@Jerry, is the cold weather affecting your injuries? Feel any of the typical joint pain now that it's cooler? And, speaking of injury, how's the clean-up going? I read in the Denver Post about the multitudes of bridges that had damage. Gonna be expensive and time consuming, unfortunately.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 17 11:02:00 2014
I guess it is finally warm enough to go out. All the way up to 40 degrees. I miss summer.
JW Jamerson Fri Oct 17 11:00:00 2014
Is anyone aware of glitches in the NBC point tabulation? I’ve ridden 415 miles so far this month but somehow have only received points for 389? The GPS also seems a bit off.
Fri Oct 17 08:09:00 2014
What a great ride in this morning. Temp was 65 degrees (yes, by the way, it IS mid-October), so a perfect morning for shorts and short sleeves.
With it being darker in the mornings now, and even more so on cloudy days, I've been using my Road Noise vest ( http://www.roadnoise.com ) to make me more visible. If you've never seen one, it's a vest originally designed for runners that contains small speakers in the shoulders so you can have music while still keeping your ears open to the road. Now I'm still stuck in the late 70's - mid 80's time frame when it comes to music; I have on my phone everything from ABBA to ZZ Top. This morning's 'shuffle-mix' was some Eric Clapton, Doobie Brothers and Rush. Wish I could've kept going...
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 16 23:47:00 2014
@EM - Neigh.
@Karen Jean - It is the seat stay. The seat stay is the tube that goes from the rear axle up at a 50 degree or so angle and connected to the seat tube, (near the top). The seat tub connected to the bottom bracket, the bottom bracket connected to the crank arm, the crank arm connected to the pedals, the pedals connected to the bike shoes, etc...
The stay mount is one of two options for one of the bike trailers, and it was recommended by someone in their comment section, to avoid it.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 16 23:01:00 2014
"Stay mount" = a stationary horse
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 16 22:27:00 2014
@ Karen Jean, after the votes that just took place in the House & Senate, I guess the Arch and courthouse will be open (national parks/monuments). BTW:: I knew Wed. was called "hump day" but I guess I didn't realize the camel connection!
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 16 22:16:00 2014
@EM - I suppose the good news is, if they know longer need the extra car lanes, they can give them to the bicyclist for bike lanes. And, I will have to start thinking about researching the attractions around St. Louis. lol - Hope you had a good "hump" day!
(Inside office joke from the popular camel commercial.)
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 16 22:09:00 2014
@Marty - What is a "stay" mount?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 16 21:13:00 2014
Motor vehicle miles declining. Its a start: http://mobikefed.org/2013/10/us-vehicle-miles-traveled-level-or-declining-huge-shift-americas-transportation-direction
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 16 18:56:00 2014
You can do it Burklee!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 16 18:09:00 2014
Only 999 more points to go to get to Diamond!!! LOL
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 16 17:48:00 2014
HI all, all that crunchy leaves talk lately made me go pick the short winding trail today. Its got lots of trees, some breeze, and a rustling river neaby. Thats not to mention the lack of cyclists, and people in general. Unfortunately, its only about three miles long, so I did some other riding to get in more miles. Then I went to the library. Beautiful fall day here with the accompanying smells and sights. Plenty of pumpkins hanging around on people's porches, and graveyards and dancing ghosts in people's yards.
@ Michael, persistance pays off. Congrats on making platinum!
@ Karen Jean, wow it absolutely seems to be in the cards that you need to come to St. Louis. One of our sports stores is having a swap meet this weekend and when I dropped off the stuff I had for sale, I noticed few trailers. Wish I could help. ...
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 16 17:19:00 2014
Thanks for the help @Michael and @Marty - I will do more research on craigslist and check out those suggestions also.
Thu Oct 16 14:37:00 2014
@Karen Jean, I originally replied to the trailers that @Marty suggested. I re-read your post and did some more quick sleuthing. The Frugah is 19.9# while the Avenir is 29# - ten pounds heavier! That being said, the Frugah is a single-wheel while the Avenir is two-wheeled. I've never used a trailer, so I can't speak for the differences but would think that load balancing would be much more critical on the Frugah than the Avenir, while the Avenir has the taller sides to contain a larger load (but still weighs more). Like I said earler, you're going to have to strike that compromise between cost, weight, and function. Others please chime in (and educate me in the process).
Thu Oct 16 14:10:00 2014
@Karen Jean, I fully understand the limited finances, but remember that--like most things nowadays--you get what you pay for. The most striking factor I've seen so far is weight; the Aesom's range between 21# and 41#, while a much more expensive Burley is only 15#. Given the hilly area you live in and the potential hauling you will be doing, I'd be very leery of an inexpensive trailer that weighs as much as the cargo you'll be hauling. You'll have to strike a compromise between price and weight. Others on the list here will know more than me, but my backpacking background is similar enough to cycling to know that a few extra pounds in the morning WILL become a real challenge by the afternoon. JMHO
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 16 10:49:00 2014
@Karen Jean - Looking at reviews of the Avenir, there weren't too many negatives, so it might be good. You'll want to use a hub mount, not a stay one. The M-Wave is only a few bucks more, and looks like a better trailer. The Veelar is much less expensive, and looks like the M-Wave. But the Aosom looks like the best for carying grocery bags, as it is tall enough, with a cover, and still very inexpensive.
Do a search on Craigslist, using different key words, and it will lead to options up to over 100 miles away. Be patient. I'm thinking a child carrier could easily be converted into a cargo carrier. Just remove the covering, mount a sturdy base, maybe some sides, and some bungies.
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 16 10:00:00 2014
@Michael- Congrats! And thanks for the official quote. I have one of those handbooks published by Penndot (If only I would read it.) p.s. - I have read most of it - so much for retention.
@Marty or others in the know - I have been looking on Craigslist and Amazon at bike trailers. The trailers do not seem to be any cheaper on Craigslist, and I don't seem to be lucky enough to pick one up at a garage sale. SO, I was wondering if someone would look up the specs on these and tell me if they look sturdy enough to work for Shopping and transporting big loads of veggies from my garden. I can not afford the $300+ models. Two I was interested in were on Amazon: Frugah New Steel Bicycle Cargo Trailer One Wheel $69.99 and Avenir Cargo Bicycle Trailer $177.87 - It can not be much more than $200 with shipping and taxes added. From your experience, is 70-77lbs. adequate?
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 16 09:18:00 2014
If getting one side of the tire off the rim was a huge struggle, I'll leave the other side on, just to save myself the annoyance. I find it easier to manipulate the tire for a good inside check if it's completely off the rim, though.
Thu Oct 16 08:13:00 2014
I hit Platinum yesterday!!! Finally!! I guess delayed gratification is better than none at all...
Paul Perry Thu Oct 16 05:26:00 2014
@ Rick...I was thinking road bike. Never been able to do it with one. MTB on the other hand, easily with one, and sometimes none. And I remember the 3 lever days.
@Roberto, maybe a personal preference. I just prefer to remove the tire completely. I just find it easier. Just one of those things that you have to find what you're more comfortable with.
Miguel Lopez Thu Oct 16 00:13:00 2014
hello tempe scottsdale via the greenbelt!!!yeaaaaaa!!!
Rob Adams Wed Oct 15 22:58:00 2014
Just mounted a new tire yesterday after rear tire had a catastrophic failure. Had to order it, was down for 3 days:-(
Rob Adams Wed Oct 15 22:50:00 2014
My Sun rims are .5mm more circumference than another 700 wheel which makes mounting a tire a total PITA without soap/water solution. The solution makes mounting any tires a breeze, you wont have to fight it at all. It will pretty much slip right on with using only 1 tool for mount or dismount.
Cycling Roberto Wed Oct 15 17:07:00 2014
Had a flat today. Fixed and gone in 10 minutes and it was the rear wheel. I can check the entire inside of the tire without removing it completely from the rim. Never in decades of riding have I ever had a problem. Do as you choose, but some tires can be really hard to get back on once completely off.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Oct 15 14:55:00 2014
@ Brad Right Arm, er on!
@Paul Yep checking that tire can mean you don't have to walk home after the second flat of the day. Some get to phone home for a ride.
@Michael Thanks for the facts. It seems that safety is really important, If there is any doubt I stop. I even get the hell off the road if they are crazy folks in cars around. I choose not to be dead right.

Two singing Bald eagles, three red shouldered Hawks, four honking sandhill cranes, oops too early for the 12 gifts of christmas. Great ride on a cloudy cool day, way cool.

Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 15 14:48:00 2014
@Roberto - I didn't take the tire completely off the rim. And I've replaced a tube on this tire once before without tools, but not with wet rims and 50 degrees.
@Paul. The Crank Brothers tool I have is designed for a lift and slide motion to lift the bead over the rim with just the single tool. In retrospect, I don't remember breaking the bead set around the entire rim before trying to use the tool for this flat. That makes a difference. With standard levers, I've even seen instructions for the use of 3 levers - one to hold a starting point, locked under a spoke, and the other two alternating along the rim until enough bead pulls over to free the tire. I've never needed more than 2. On an MTB tire, I really don't need even 1, except that it's quicker.
Paul Perry Wed Oct 15 13:36:00 2014
RE: Flats...two tire levers are a must. And I always take my tire completely off the rim. It makes it easier to check for multiple bits of debris. Never assume there is only one. I run my bare fingers through the entire inside of the tire feleling for anything that might be penetrating. Three of my last five flats have been tiny bits of wire, like that in a radial tire. I had six of those little bits in a tire once.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 15 12:23:00 2014
Show me what you see. What did you smell? What do you hear? Tell me what you think when you’re out there. What do you believe? Give me poetry; give me humor; give me life. If we only see things in a limited scope, life is not very much, is it? If this is juvenile; be more juvenile... Please?
Wed Oct 15 12:01:00 2014
@Karen Jean and @Roberto - As taken directly from the Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver's Manual http://www.dot.state.pa.us/Internet/Bureaus/pdBikePed.nsf/BikePedHomepage), Page vi:
Section 3112. Traffic-control signals.
(c) Inoperable or malfunctioning signal.—If a traffic-control signal is out of operation or is not functioning properly, vehicular traffic facing a:
(1) Green or yellow signal may proceed with caution as indicated in subsection (a)(1) and (2).
(2) Red or completely unlighted signal shall stop in the same manner as at a stop sign, and the right to proceed shall be subject to the rules applicable after making a stop at a stop sign as provided in section 3323 (relating to stop signs and yield signs).
Comment: Standard traffic signals sometimes do not detect bicycles. You may be unable to pass through a signalized intersection because the green signal is never received. When faced with this problem, you may treat the signal as malfunctioning and take the following steps to safely proceed through the intersection. First, determine that the signal will not detect you. Try to position the bicycle directly over the saw cuts in the pavement behind the white painted “stop bar” at the head of the lane. These cuts, which often take the shape of an elongated hexagon, contain the loop wires that detect vehicles. If no cuts are evident, you may have to guess their location. Wait for a complete cycle of the signal through all legs of the intersection. If you still believe that the signal will not detect you, treat the red signal as a stop sign and proceed through the intersection only after yielding the right-of-way to all intersecting traffic (including pedestrians) that may be close enough to constitute a hazard during the time when you are moving across or within the intersection or junction of roadways.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 15 10:54:00 2014
@Roberto - Glad to have that information about traffic lights. There are several lights I try to plan my rides around since I know I might get "hung up" there waiting for a car and have to wait or walk my bike across. Now I know that I would not be breaking the law by bicycling through after a reasonable stop. One light is especially annoying. It turns green for the traffic turning right on the opposite side of the street, but never turns green for thru traffic if a car is not waiting - it goes right to red again - I would sit there waiting for the green while the the traffic with the arrow is turning in front of my path going right, then my mouth would flap open when it goes directly back to red again, AND the walking button doesn't work- Try to go through that one, URRRRR. (Chestnut street at the Pizza Hut in Emmaus.)
I also will use the hand warmer idea for my emergency bike stash (Thanks, Rick was it?)
Jim Gilchrist Wed Oct 15 10:46:00 2014
Well, I know fall has arrived here. The majority of the traffic in the morning is farm trucks loaded with apples heading for the packing house. The sun is not cresting the eastern mountains before I get to work and it was -1*C when I left the house this morning.

Felt like fall to me.

Wed Oct 15 09:51:00 2014
@Ian, I can track the seasons by where/when the sunlight hits me on my morning commute. I either have sun on my back the entire time (summer), after about 10 minutes (late summer), not until I get into my 14th-floor office (first day of autumn), or not even streaming in my window till after I'm changed (this morning). The front/back blinkies have been very effective on the road the last few weeks with less light, particularly on cloudy mornings. Morning/evening twilight riding this time of year is almost magical, even here in the 'hood.
Ian M. Seecof Wed Oct 15 09:11:00 2014
Fall has definitely arrived in Indiana. Our morning rides have been moved up to 9:30 and we are cycling to the start by 8:45 and it is just past sunrise. Beautiful morning light but it no longer sits atop the corn and soy beans. Most of the crops are in which means we have lost a lot of wind-break. Temps are now in the upper 40's to start and 60's by rides' end. We have to work harder in the brisk winds, but riding is still a thrill. Next weekend is the Hilly Hundred Bicycle Tour in Southern Indiana and the forecast is quite favorable for about 5,000 riders. Not much wind in the hills and the fall colors are getting ready to peak. Last Saturday we had over 50 cyclists show up for the Columbus Fall Color Ride. It is just a club GT ride, but everyone is fine tuning the climbing skills for the Hilly 100 next week. Cheryl and I were very happy powering the tandem up the big climbs even though our legs are talking to us about riding too many days in a row.
Cycling Roberto Wed Oct 15 08:49:00 2014
@Rick, you know that you don't take your tire completely off the rim to change the tube, right?
Cycling Roberto Wed Oct 15 08:46:00 2014
@Laurie, when at a light with cars waiting, always move to the front of the line (providing there isn't a right turn lane). That way when the light turns green, you aren't lost in the sea of cars. However, "breezing" through without stopping is a good way to make that crossing your last.
Laurie Rescheske Wed Oct 15 03:04:00 2014
I am aware of the law allowing a bicyclist to go through a red light. However, in this situation there were cars waiting for the light on both sides of the intersection when that rider breezed through without slowing down.
Peter J Feyen Wed Oct 15 02:55:00 2014
I took an early morning ride just in case the weather Chanel is right with a forcast of RAIN. The wind was SE at only 5 mph which made for a nice riding even though I only put on 5.4 miles. Still not bad for around 12:35 am. Ride & Smile for Life is Good.
Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 15 00:57:00 2014
Left the house to join a group ride Saturday and didn't make it. Within 1 1/2 miles of the meetup location, rear tire flatted. Piece of glass. And with wet rims, my single CrankBrothers tire tool was tough to use to get the tire off the rim. (It had worked just fine in the garage last month.) The change-out took 30 minutes, and I missed the group. So I rode to the meetup point to count cars (about 7 with bike racks), and then to my favorite coffee shop for a warmer. Biked on down to meet my wife at an estate sale then home for a total of only 13,5 miles - but it was 13.5 miles. And I learned a couple of things. I've added a second tire lever to my kit and I'm packing a chemical "toe warmer" - smaller and cheaper than the hand warmers - to warm my hands up if I get stuck doing this on a chillier day this fall or winter.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 15 00:20:00 2014
@CR - In WI, it is the same, provided you wait at the red light for at least 90 seconds, if you think it is sensor activated.
Cycling Roberto Tue Oct 14 23:18:00 2014
@Laurie, in PA, you are allowed to go through a red light on your bicycle if you stop first. Since many lights are activated by the metal in your car, your bicycle might not trip the mechanism. Not saying that what your grunting cyclist did was correct; however you can proceed through the red light if you can do so safely when on your bicycle. In Pennsylvania that is...
Laurie Rescheske Tue Oct 14 21:58:00 2014
I was out biking tonight and stopped at a red light. Across the intersection another rider whizzed past a couple of cars and blew through the light without even slowing down. He said hi to me, apparently thinking we had some kind of bicycle camaraderie. I said "do you realize you just ran a red light?" He grunted and kept riding. I really hate when other riders do stuff like that because those of us who bike responsibly lose respect and legitimacy.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Oct 14 21:56:00 2014
carbon fiber, titanium, bamboo, 2X10 with a 11-27 cassette, Phil woods grease, eddy Merckx, Garmin, The Forest of Arenberg, champs Elysee, cadence, power meter, death by car from behind, Wipperman, KMC, Shimano, Selle, Bontrager, Are you specialized?, Sven Nys, Mariana Vos, blade spokes, moon lander bikes, 50 miles of gravel in the rain, helmets, and a big sense of humor to face a head wind when you get one in all directions of your ride of the day.
Cycling Roberto Tue Oct 14 21:54:00 2014
This board has descended into juvenile nonsense. C'mon guys, let's get back to cycling.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Oct 14 21:54:00 2014
bubble wrap suits makes me think of my old auntees vinyl couch covers and when you wear shorts on a hot day and then you get up and ... No bubble wrap suit for me.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 14 21:01:00 2014
@ Brad, I'm in for the bubble wrap clothes. I think I'd go for rubber duckie yellow!
Karen Jean Goth Tue Oct 14 17:51:00 2014
@Brad - Thanks for the laugh - I don't know what a rubber ducky fall is, but I can just imangine.
@Jerry - Thats one driver that needs to wake up before they put the key in the ignition. Put them in a corn maze and you wouldn't see them again until next September.
Tammie Porter Tue Oct 14 14:44:00 2014
Thanks Jerry, that was a good laugh! I really need one of those bubble wrap suits.. I went riding yesterday and after 7 miles it started raining for the rest of the 18 miles. I have been feeling a bit stronger this past week and my challenge hill that the first time I tackeled it months ago I barely stayed upright..was at a 6mph crawl.... well, made it up yesterday at a constant 15 to 16mph and slowly gained on Dennis all the way up! I was so happy that as I turned at the corner in the pouring rain I was not as careful on the slick road as I should have been and the tires went out from under me! Nothing hurt other than my pride! Still happy as can be because Dennis usually turns around at the top and does circles waiting on me but this time he was surprised because I was right behind him!
Jerry Bengtson Tue Oct 14 12:17:00 2014
I don't know if I want to be on the road with this person.
dameon plagens Tue Oct 14 12:14:00 2014
@ jerry
2 thumbs up to the rider and another thumbs up for the out takes at the end and letting us see what it really takes to put together a vid like that.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Oct 14 10:57:00 2014
A very enjoyable BMK bike video.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Tue Oct 14 10:47:00 2014
Karen Jean - what a perfect lead in to my new line of bubble wrap cycling clothes. PVC is perfect for the cooler weather. And taking a fall doesn't have to be a worry any more. Bruises and lost skin are a thing of the past, and with the sounds created when you do, just TRY to contain the laughter. You will find yourself giving rubber duckies on purpose with absolutely no worries. YOU can be the life of the group ride. At select retailers now. Available in black, but I highly recommend the traditional transluscent. This is going to be a thing.
jorge espino chavez Tue Oct 14 09:25:00 2014
The Challenge was done !!! 100 kms MTB, that was rerally hard !!!!!!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Oct 14 07:21:00 2014
Use Google or Ask if you want to read the science about Cell phones and bicycle accidents.
Cycling Roberto Mon Oct 13 20:28:00 2014
And 2011 was up from 2010 with 623, and 2009 with 628.
Don't get me wrong. The numbers are still far TOO HIGH. I just don't think you can attribute cell phone use to cyclists fatalities any more than any other distraction, including driving with a dog in your lap (my own pet peeve, pun intended).
Cycling Roberto Mon Oct 13 20:24:00 2014
@KJ, it's that more people are cycling, and information flows faster. Cyclists killed in 1995 830; 2011 677
Karen Jean Goth Mon Oct 13 19:49:00 2014
One more thing. So happy that I got to enjoy a few miles on my bicycle today riding to my mothers house to rake her leaves. The leaves fall early at her house. Even enjoyed the ride home even though I was exhausted by that time. Fall is a different experience on the bicycle, and I so enjoy riding over the leaves when they are nice and crunchchchy - so like bubble wrap, what hey! (Or something like that - Brad and Marty?)
Karen Jean Goth Mon Oct 13 19:37:00 2014
@Roberto - I find that statistic surprising. Not that I doubt your information, but it seems the opposite from the discussions here over the last 5+ months. Oh, yeh! The Halloween Parade in Emmaus is having a hard time collecting donations to put on the parade this year - if you looked in the Morning Call this weekend you would find them begging for funds. They would have had a few more dollars from me if they weren't so mean to bicyclists.
Cycling Roberto Mon Oct 13 19:21:00 2014
@KJ, actually bicycle fatalities are on the decline.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Oct 13 18:55:00 2014
this summer I learned that in France if a cyclist is struck by an auto it is the auto drivers fault, unless the driver can prove the cyclist was at fault in a court of law. This was the explanation that I was given when i asked why people were so good to cyclists on the road in France. If it is true it would be a proven successful model.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Oct 13 18:48:00 2014
@ Ian, I say give them all bicycles. Take away the driver's licences of these people who hit pedestrians and cyclists and make them ride a bicycle if they want to get around. Murder by motor vehicle, murder by guns, yes take those things away and give them a bicycle or tricycle or other human powered vehicle.
Karen Jean Goth Mon Oct 13 17:54:00 2014
Just wondering if anyone has done a study of the correlation between the rise in cell phone use and the increase in pedestrian and bicycle related fatalities like in the "lol teen driver" in Jerry's post last week. I wonder if stronger laws related to cell phone use while driving would help lower the statistics. Just one more thing to think about and talk to our elected officials about. (Good luck getting one to listen since they don't seem to care about the people anymore, just their pals in Washington and people with the big bucks.)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Oct 13 16:57:00 2014
OK Ian you got my signature. I still want to point out that in 1900 the most popular gun sold in American was called "a Bicycle revolver". Maybe we should be showing a hip holster. Bet you some driver would notice then.
Ian M. Seecof Mon Oct 13 16:27:00 2014
Just learned today at a SAG stop that a friend was out west and was hit by a car,AGAIN. He is a very experienced ride leader and touring cyclist. Last hit was a fractured hip. Do not know yet what damage was done this time. It seems like every day now a cyclist or pedestrian is struck by drivers that' did not see them". For the past 2 weeks, in our metro area, there has been someone injured or killed by inattentive drivers every dsy. On the days when there are no pedestrians/cyclist/wheelchair victims there is a murder by guns.I think we should petition for the substitution of bicycles for guns in the second amendment and add a clause punishing voluntary stupidity !!!
Jerry Bengtson Mon Oct 13 14:50:00 2014
In Tucson, lives of walkers, cyclists are cheap
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Oct 13 07:16:00 2014
If I add in the warm up period for NBC I passed triple Diamond.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Oct 12 18:27:00 2014
Hi all! It sure felt like I deserved 20 points for wishing I could ride my bike today. I had to work all day as a substitute for a coworker, and I came home with a cold, all run down to see my husband and son's bike setting out. If there is such a thing as "bike envy" I sure felt it today. After all the rain it was a nice day to ride. I am sure Roberto made up his miles today, I hope that I will be able to do the same tomorrow.

@Jerry - Thanks for including the links.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Oct 12 14:03:00 2014
Today is the 285th day of 2014. @EM When i look at the leader board 5014 participants have at least one mile. King Marty is correct if a ride is less than one mile you do not get the 20 point bonus. Also, in the Challenge period section 27992 people have at least 1 point.

I watched a cyclist on ear phones talking on his cell phone ride off the road on a curve and into a ditch. He was fine, just embarrassed to have been practicing distracted driving. So, ride, drive or pull over to use your devices of any kind because you can be in a spot and your mind and attention can be far far away.

Jerry Bengtson Sun Oct 12 12:20:00 2014
17 Year Old talks about how texting caused him to kill a bycyclist.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Oct 12 11:30:00 2014
Local cyclist and advocate speaks out after crash
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Oct 12 00:09:00 2014
The second easiest way to avoid getting that darn 20 points for riding at least 1 mile in a day, is to ride, but ride less. Both people with 4 points for October have multiple days with rides totalling less than 1 mile in a day. One has 6 days riding .35 miles twice a day, for 4.2 miles. And the other should have 24, but for some reason, Endomondo didn't quite calculate one of their days correctly. There are 6 days with 2 rides each of .31 miles, for 3.72 miles, and one day with 4 rides of .31, which is 1.24 miles, and should have earned them 21 points.
Tammie Porter Sat Oct 11 23:46:00 2014
I have been oh so bad this month. I have already taken 4, yes 4 days off since the first! I did have the excuse of my injuries but I am feeling quite a bit better now. The ribs still hurt when I try to sprint and need those really deep breaths and my neck still is requiring treatment twice a week but compared to how I felt a month ago... I feel great! I only rode 6 miles today just because I ran out of time! Total for the week so far is 90 miles. The temps have been fantastic but winds have been in the mid 20mph range! UGH!!! Did I ever mention I hate wind? Trying to make friends with it. Doing better all the time but 20+ mph is just not fun.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 11 23:25:00 2014
@ Roberto, OH, so thats where the 1 point comes from!
Cycling Roberto Sat Oct 11 23:21:00 2014
@EM don't you get a point for thinking about going for a ride?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 11 23:11:00 2014
@ Randy, I was going by the leaderboard it shows just under 5000 riders with 1 point or more for the month of October. There may be more riders, but I can't see that they did any riding this month. Plus, I don't know how you get 1 point.
Cycling Roberto Sat Oct 11 22:47:00 2014
265 days of riding.
Cycling Roberto Sat Oct 11 22:46:00 2014
@Randy, yeah I guess the 10,000 miles I've ridden this year so far doesn't count.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 11 21:09:00 2014
@EM - Close. This is the jolly young soul, who sometimes has a mohawk.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 11 20:47:00 2014
@ Marty, I was guessing that 6 was that guy with the white beard and the reindeer!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 11 20:46:00 2014
@ Rick, YEAH, never a bad time to ride, and no excuses needed!
Rick Gilbert Sat Oct 11 20:25:00 2014
@J Hugh about Google - basically, there's no bad reason to get on a bike. Any excuse is good enough. Like, say, biking to the cafe in one campus building from another building that probably also has a cafe. Neat! Now we have an excuse to bike back to where we started.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Oct 11 19:00:00 2014

Who get these points?

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 11 18:42:00 2014
@Laurie - Correct!
@Brad - Howdy.
@Karen Jean - Corrent. We won't make it by Canadian Thanksgiving, and will be lucky to make it by U.S. Thanksgiving.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 11 18:02:00 2014
Not quite 5000 riders logging (s)miles and points now, so we're gonna have to work hard to get to 20 million!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 11 17:22:00 2014
Hi all, temps in the lower 70s and partly cloudy skies. With the exception of a little wind, it was a great day for a ride. Same ride as yesterday but no glitches with the Garmin. YAY. Could be getting your rain tomorrow, so IRIR, maybe. Congrats to Roberto for taking a day off. You will be rested and restored and ready to roll... RIDE ON ALL AND RIDE SAFE!
Sat Oct 11 16:04:00 2014
You mean I rode on a day that @Roberto didn't? Wow, I musta been whacked!!
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 11 15:48:00 2014
@Laurie - You can make it by October 25! That is the day we are going to reach 20,000,000
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 11 15:37:00 2014
@Roberto - You could always go to the pool. They have hydobikes. -(Just joking) Did a 3000yard swim workout today, but if the rain lets up I will do some miles on the bike before I make supper. I am really getting lazy with the rain, but Roberto don't feel bad. Every trainer I talk to, and every book I read suggests one rest day each week, especially if you go hard at it and do sprinting for at least two days in a week. The body does better when it is given a chance to rest and repair. (Correct Marty?)
@Marty - Congratulations, and you didn't even have to do you Superman flight.
@Jorge - Wishing you all the best! (And if you see a Chupacabra take a picture and post it on youtube.)
Cycling Roberto Sat Oct 11 15:27:00 2014
First non-riding day since June 10th. Driving rain all day, plus Friday motorists are the worst... no paved trails nearby... so, guess I'll have to draw a goose egg.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 11 15:05:00 2014
@ Laurie, don't let a little old deadline stop you. Keep riding, you will make diamond!
jorge espino chavez Sat Oct 11 13:08:00 2014
Tomorrow is the big challenge, 100 kms of MTB CHUPACABRAS race !!!!!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Oct 11 13:02:00 2014
Brad forgive Marty he finished the challenge in 34,611th place.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Sat Oct 11 12:32:00 2014
#6 checkin' in, eh?
Laurie Rescheske Sat Oct 11 10:46:00 2014
Well, September 40th came and went, and I am still 598 points away from Diamond. Hope to get it by the end of the month. Marty, would that be September 61st?
Sat Oct 11 08:36:00 2014
@Randy, the September 40 concept goes back to mid-summer when some folks were concerned that they would be close, but may not get, their personal goals (Platinum, Diamond, or 20 million miles by the official end of the NBC (Sept. 30). Not a typo or misprint, just something fun going around the blog here.
Randy R. Reed “CrazyManOnAMountainBike” Sat Oct 11 08:33:00 2014
Marty: Check your calendar, my friend, because 40 just seems like a few too many days in September to me.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 11 08:01:00 2014
Here are the final results of the September 40th Guessing Contest. And, since I didn't quite last to midnight, the results are tabulated as of this morning (which didn't change the overall standings).
1) 152,210 Marty Malin
2) 184,515 Karen Jean Goth (Would be 1st if contest were for Sept. 41st)
3) 210,507 Rick Gilbert
4) (tie) 1,240,065 EM Matteson & Rick Gilbert
6) A certain person of interest up nort der hey.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Oct 11 08:00:00 2014
LESS MILES BY MOTOR VEHICLE. NBC deserves some credit for this, YAY NBC!! http://mobikefed.org/2013/10/us-vehicle-miles-traveled-has-level-or-declining-huge-shift-americas-transportation-directio
@ Paul, congrats on the personal best
@ Michael, I agree down to about 45 degrees the rain is nice. Then there is a bone chilling zone where precipitation and cold are bad. Then you get below freezing and its a nice clean cold that is okay!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 11 07:47:00 2014
@Paul - Congratulations X 6!
Sat Oct 11 07:35:00 2014
Well, yesterday morning I thought the lovely women in my life were over my bike commuting obsession. Today proved that to be a wet (because it's raining, for those with dirty minds) dream. "I can't believe you're riding AGAIN today; it's raining harder! You're friggin' NUTS". Call it pride, a challenge, or whatever you want. Aww hell, call it middle-aged stupidity; I LOVED IT!!! Everything's quieter, the rain hitting the road makes that nice white-noise sound, even the drivers were more polite to me at left turns. it's just like my backpacking days; as long as you're dressed for the weather, the weather doesn't matter. That being said, the rain hitting my face on a 55 degree day isn't so bad. When it's sleet on a 33 degree day, well, that's another matter (and I've done that already).
@Paul, Congrats on the PR's. You and I are about a year apart in age, but you're light years ahead of me in fitness level. Keep at it!
@Roberto and everyone else, stay safe today.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 11 07:19:00 2014
@Paul - Great banner day for you! [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||]
Crepe paper streamers - or my car stopped in its tracks to watch you speed
by. Congratulations! Time for a victory lap,a recovery drink, and a quiet spot to record your ride in one those new log books. :)
Paul Perry Sat Oct 11 01:20:00 2014
Had my best day yet. Hit all six PRs that endo tracks*. And even took over 23 minutes off my best 100k from July 1st. Very excited. Maintained 18mph avg over 75 miles. Previous best was 16.1 on 75 and 17.2 on a 50k.
And then I hit walmart up on the way home. New Composition books!!! Even got one with a red cover just for tracking progress on PRs!
* Some of my PRs listed on my profile are a bit better than the PRs I actually set today. The first three (the shorter ones) on my profile were all heavily gravity assisted on extreme downhill, which I choose not to recognize. Today's were ALL on flat ground. Not a hill to be seen. NO gravity assist.Had one hour today of 19.26.
I am faster NOW than I was in my peak, 15 years ago at age 32. All of these improvements, I got on my own in the last five months with no real training. Now that I have the fastest man on a bicycle coaching me, I can't wait to see where I will be in 6 months.
Fri Oct 10 18:08:00 2014
Thanks, @Roberto. Just wanted to ensure that I wasn't missing anything. Like the refrigerator idea for the shoes!
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 10 18:00:00 2014
Oh, I will wipe the frame down to remove any dirt that resulted from riding in the rain, but that will happen on a sunny day.
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 10 17:56:00 2014
@MG, since my bicycle is aluminum I just let it drip dry. The drive train is another matter. Before my next ride on this bike, I will clean and lube the chain, get all the grit out of the cogs, and wipe off the brake pads. Shoes get left close to the bottom of the refrigerator to dry overnight. Stuffed with newspaper to help keep shape and draw out moisture.
Fri Oct 10 17:18:00 2014
I wanna party with you folks!!! I'll bring the Scotch and cigars.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 10 17:09:00 2014
@ Michael, plenty of limes for all of that and a few key lime pies to boot. Yeah, I'm cranking up the Jimmy BuffetT1
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Oct 10 16:48:00 2014
@Michael - "are the limes to go with tequila, Corona, or gin & tonic??" Yes. :)
Fri Oct 10 16:44:00 2014
@EM, are the limes to go with tequila, Corona, or gin & tonic??
Fri Oct 10 16:41:00 2014
@Roberto, after a ride in such pleasant conditions like you had today, what do you do for your bike? Cleaning, drying, lubing, that sort of thing. Just looking for recommendations, please.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Oct 10 16:32:00 2014
The lovely riding weather is moving to Florida for the winter. Such a great day here. Sorry for all the bad up north kind of weather, but you and I knew it was coming. I am really excited that we have from now until mid May 2014 of pretty great weather. I certainly have all of you in my thoughts and prayers to be safe.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 10 16:11:00 2014
Hi all, with temps in the mid-60s and a partly cloudy or partly sunny forecast, depending on who you believe, I think we got the good weather here. At any rate my ride was going well until the last half mile when my Garmin suddely when bonkers and credited me with a few hundred extra miles that I didn't ride. So I had to guesstimate my total. GRRR. I don't know why that happens. Alien radar I suppose. Or maybe its a Sept. 40th time warp thing. At any rate the limes should be arriving by bicycle messenger in two days and the party will be on! LOL
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 10 16:08:00 2014
@Karen Jean - Don't give up. When we get to 18,751,222 miles, you and Rick will be tied for 2nd. The next mile, and you're in second all by yourself! That should happen within the next two hours.
But, unless recent decreases in logged miles somehow reverse themselves dramatically, it will be really tough for the total mileage board to read 18,780,371 by midnight, Central time.
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 10 16:06:00 2014
Why do you guys look for excuses to bail on such a lovely day? @MG, have a great commute home. Of course you're looking forward to it.
Karen Jean Goth Fri Oct 10 16:01:00 2014
You GO @ Michael yourself! (You both put me to shame today. Alas, my son came home with a cold at I now have a sufficiently convenient excuse not to do my IRIR ride.) :)
Fri Oct 10 15:51:00 2014
You GO, @Roberto!!!! Getting ready to do my 2.6 miles home straight into that north wind-driven rain. Actually looking forward to it!
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 10 15:49:00 2014
21 sodden miles in driving, cold rain to hit 10,000 miles for 2013 so far. Don't know if it was determination or stupidity. Got 'er done.
Fri Oct 10 14:58:00 2014
Aww, c'mon @Karen, you're no Little Miss Wimpy. You've logged a bazillion more miles than I have.
Sorry I couldn't make the event at the Cycling Center last Friday evening. With a high school freshman in the house, autumn Friday nights are now spent at the football stadium. Go, Saints!
Karen Jean Goth Fri Oct 10 14:54:00 2014
@Marty - It seems like Rick snuck up on me. How many IRIR miles would I have to do to win and I will get my Wonderwoman cape out and fancy lasso and rustle me up some lightning fast miles? (Actually, I am going to get some hot tea and a good book and let you and Rick win like a true wimpette.)
Karen Jean Goth Fri Oct 10 14:52:00 2014
It's raining and cold, and I am all out-of-sorts - whaaaaaa :( Don't want to ride in the rain. Signed, Little Miss Wimpy
Fri Oct 10 14:51:00 2014
This bike commuting thing has finally, officially, after 2-1/2 years, become second nature in my house. Today is a truly butt-ugly day here in eastern PA. Rainy, north wind, low 50's, just bone-chilling miserable. Yet preparation for this morning's ride was mostly unlike any other day. What was different, however, was that I didn't even consider riding the bus like I typically would. Even my lovely wife and 14 year old daughter--who always bust my chops about riding in less than perfect weather--didn't even give me a second glance. Just the usual "bye-bye" smooches and well wishes to "be careful, see you later, luv ya". Although it's a short commute, I'm still logging my points. After all, I was hoping for my Platinum by September 40th but, alas, I'm 47 points shy...
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 10 14:23:00 2014
@Laurie - Well, look at it this way. You aren't doing any worse than Brad.
Laurie Rescheske Fri Oct 10 13:59:00 2014
@ Marty, I didn't submit a guess at all, which means even the losers will be lapping me :P
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 10 13:33:00 2014
J. Hugh - Thanks. That makes sense. And, congratulations on Double Diamond!
And yes, it is September 40th, which means, at midnight tonight, Central time, it will be time to name the winners of the September 40th guessing contest.
Currently, I am in 1st place, 130,887 away from actual, and Rick Gilbert, (if he isn't disqualified on a technicality), is in second, 189,184 away. Closing in quickly on both of us is Karen Jean Goth at 205,828 off of the mark. And EM Matteson and Rick Gilbert are tied for 4th. (Rick's first guess is in 4th place, and his 2nd is currently in 2nd.) And I won't even mention Brad Waldoch's name, (so as not to embarrass him), since he is way back in 6th place, otherwise known as dead last.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Oct 10 13:25:00 2014
Today is September 40th. I passed double diamond today.
King Marty in London it was like paint. It could have been colored asphalt in the Netherlands but I do not remember looking closely enough to really know.. The green stuff I have seen is like the coating on green tennis courts, which is designed to be grippy.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 10 08:54:00 2014
In an article about a concussion sensing (actually G-force sensing), product, they mention how much more likely one is to get a concussion with each successive one.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 10 08:50:00 2014
@Rob - I've never seen it up close. Is it blacktop that has green color added to it when mixing?
Paul Jeffries Fri Oct 10 08:27:00 2014
Jeffrey Arnold...give your wife greetings from Ripon! If you all do any mountain biking, she should bring it when she comes to an alumni weekend...or bring the road bikes and enjoy the great surrounding country roads. Ripon is a bking heavan, IMHO.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Oct 10 07:14:00 2014
The green pain in London and Paris is not slick in the rain. There are other colors used in some EU countries, large cities are where you usually find paint cycle ways and lanes.
Rob Adams Thu Oct 9 23:58:00 2014
I agree with the barrier but in reality it is not feasible in most locations. This is a great start, won't be any more slick that black asphalt.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 9 23:14:00 2014
@ Rob, love that color! Would be great to have bike lanes everywhere brightly colored like that.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 9 23:07:00 2014
@Rob - Definitely an improvement over what they had, and I'm sure it would be an improvement on most streets throughout the country. But there still may be some issues, like if it were in a rainer city, how slick would the paint be during rains or even at night/early in the morning? Does the parking lane allow enough room for the door zone, before the bike lane starts? And the best type of bike lane would still be one with a physical barrier.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 9 22:58:00 2014
One is one too many. Interesting discussion asking for ideas: http://www.peopleforbikes.org/blog/entry/the-gorilla-in-the-room
Peter J Feyen Thu Oct 9 22:31:00 2014
@ Laurie R close calls are common in Oshkosh. I wish they would install the bike lanes that I saw in the master plan. Start continuing to the bike lanes from the college and make continuing lanes instead of start where ever and stopping a little ways later. It's a very slow works in progress. Plus driver education, car drivers and some bicycle drivers.
Rob Adams Thu Oct 9 22:10:00 2014

This is very cool and should be a national standard

Cycling Roberto Thu Oct 9 22:02:00 2014
Guy in Ohio not as lucky:


Laurie Rescheske Thu Oct 9 21:53:00 2014
Wow Peter, sorry to hear about your near misses, but glad that you're okay. Sounds like experiences I had biking in Oshkosh earlier this summer.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 9 21:20:00 2014
HI all, out today with even better weather than yesterday. Temps in the upper 60s, but the sunshine made it feel warmer, and the wind wasn't blowing as hard as it was yesterday. Still not many cyclists out there. It occurred to me that the rate of miles being added to the NBC is slowing down, probably because there are fewer people reporting their (s)miles since the official challenge is over. So it many take another month to get to 20 million.
RE: SFPD, I suspect that there are similar attitudes around the country. Its going to take all of us working together to change these attitudes. Incentives to get more police officers to walk and ride bikes would help. (Potential bike donation and training programs for police departments????) It certainly couldn't hurt!
Peter J Feyen Thu Oct 9 21:07:00 2014
When leaving McDonalds in Neenah I decided to walk my bike across the busy street think crossing with a walk single it would be safer. A half way across the 12 second count down started. Got about 2/3 across a red SUV making a left turn missed me by a few inches. She just about hit the curb and drove always down the bicycle lane. Good thing I didn't take the time to mount the bike, then ride across. The only other closes call along Hwy A was a pick up truck that missed me by inches when he passed. He drove quite a ways very close to the white stripe. He must of been afraid of the center line. All in all I had a enjoyable ride and made good time going into a SSE 7 mph wind. For me this was my best time from Neenah into wind.
Rob Adams Thu Oct 9 20:10:00 2014
Got new gloves for this coming winter but as for now I am still wearing shorts and t-shirt.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 9 17:56:00 2014
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 9 15:36:00 2014
I just found out last night at the city budget information meeting that Lincoln now officially has a Complete Streets policy. That's awesome. And the Public Works Director said the N Street Link is fully funded and will definitely happen. Yea, Lincoln!!!
Tammie Porter Thu Oct 9 14:02:00 2014
Wow, glad I don't live in SF! Enjoyed a 19 mile very windy ride yesterday evening. I was very thankful my new jacket arrived from Nashbar just before I left the house.... it came in very handy after the sun went down. The temp drops very quicly at that point. I will be doing a group ride today about 18 miles. I really enjoy those but then we go eat! I try not to over indulge but when having so much fun with a group of friends, you know how it goes. I am glad everyone is still here enjoying the fall weather and putting in the miles that make them happy.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 9 11:19:00 2014
@Jeffrey - Thanks. I guess I would have had a rather difficult time finding it in town, and would have never thought to look for it in the next state.
@Jerry - That is terrible the Police conditions those bicyclists are confronted with. Hopefully, it starts to change soon.
Jeffrey D Arnold Thu Oct 9 10:44:00 2014
@Marty, the Donut Shop is in Hebron, IL. Just 5.26 miles from my door.
@ Paul, my wife is a proud Ripon Alumna, class of 81.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 9 09:53:00 2014
Victims Share Tales of SFPD Anti-Bike Bias and Hostility at City Hall
Paul Jeffries Thu Oct 9 04:42:00 2014
EM--thanks for the kind words re Ripon's riding. I am a bit of a stats junkie related to the NBC. Another feat for Ripon's 22,000+ miles...we beat four entire states--AL, ND, WV, and WY. Don't know if that is good for us or not so good for them (or both). Regardless, I was still amazed when I came across this data in my end-of-year review. Even more impressive is the fact that there were some single riders that I know beat some of these states, as well. Ride on and add the (s)miles! (h/t to EM for the "(s)miles")
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 8 23:14:00 2014
RE, journals: My Garmin takes care of the data and I just write things down when I get back from my ride. Its amazing how alive your senses are when you ride and how much you can remember when you get home!
@ Karen Jean, thanks for sharing the link about the cancer patient. Such a sad loss of an amazing young man and such a wonderful way to carry on his legacy.
Paul Perry Wed Oct 8 22:05:00 2014
Karen, I never carried anything with me. My bike computer recorded the stats. I just copied them later. Now mt bike journal is digital. I'm using a wordpress blog.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 8 19:35:00 2014
@Karen Jean - 1) Another similar plank to the swimmer one is the Superman.
2) It is best to generally just keep the journal at home, and record things afterwards.
3) Inspirational story about the young man, and it is great that they are continuing his message of hope after he is gone.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 8 18:46:00 2014
Since we were talking about Superheros and Cancer Patient. I thought I would share this link. This young man was in the library often. I still can't believe he is gone.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 8 17:48:00 2014
Ment to write: I guess Paul's composition books may be too large to bring on the bike ride.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 8 17:40:00 2014
Thanks Cynthia and Paul! Is it small enough to carry with you on the ride? I just Paul's composition books may be too large. (Sorry you lost them, Paul - I can also see how your family will be disappointed not to have them. I studied history in college- primary source material - real bummer!) And, Cynthia, the way you write about your bike trips, you could probably publish yours.
Miguel Lopez Wed Oct 8 15:59:00 2014
@cynthia. awareness to foods and about how our bodies react to exercise is not posted enough. respekt.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 8 15:44:00 2014
I keep a manual bike journal. I track how I felt, what I ate and drank, miles, average speed, and who I rode with or alone. I also record any cool thoughts I had (if I can remember them). I keep it simple though. Just the basics so there is something to compare too.
Paul Perry Wed Oct 8 15:30:00 2014
Notes are nice too. About the weather, how you felt before/after...odd occurrences that may have affected the ride.
I had over a dozen of those composition books we used to use in school filled with ride logs, and lost them all in a flood. So bummed.
Paul Perry Wed Oct 8 15:25:00 2014
@ Karen,
Elapsed time

Avg will let you track improvements, how you are getting stronger, faster
Time vs elapsed time...for longer rides if you stop, as the gap closes, that indicats improving strength as well.
I have a few established routes, and keep separate sheets for each to track improvements.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 8 15:17:00 2014
@Jeffrey - Congratulations on doing so well for your town. Even though Superman doesn't live there, I'm going to have to make a point of riding through there next Summer, and I'll stop at the donut shop. Zenda is home of the famous Zenda meteorite, and also home to Buddy Melges, Olympic Gold medalist in sailing! Impressive for such a small place.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 8 15:05:00 2014
I am sure that this was a record year for me, but since I don't keep a bicycle log, I have no way to tell. I have been thinking of starting one next year. I know that we discussed this before, but I am wondering what I should record besides millage and MPH. What is most helpful?
@Marty - I did "swimming planks" at the pool today. I don't know why, but they made me think of you. lol (They were hard to do BTW.) Got to work that core for next year's NBC.
@Shawn - Good luck!
See you all tomorrow - Same bike time, same bike channel!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 8 14:47:00 2014
@ Tammie, good for you for taking some time off to heal. I know you will enjoy the cooler weather once you have a chance to get out again. It was cooler here for a few days but now its warming up again.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 8 14:46:00 2014
@ Marty, congrats on exceeding your record from last year!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 8 14:37:00 2014
Hi all, out for a ride this morning with temps that managed to get just above 70. Not many other riders out there.
@ Paul, interesting stats. Congrats on your college for rolling so many (s)miles.
@ Shawn good luck with the run/race and congrats on dropping the pounds!
RE: Superman versus Batman, I think Superman would win a bike race, whether on or off the road!
Shawn Joseph Gössmann Wed Oct 8 12:59:00 2014
19.17 miles done by road bike after not biking for a week! Got a biathlon coming up (5k run/18 mile road ride race) so need to train all I can! Hopefully I do better this year than last year as I am 90 pounds lighter! But I did win 2nd in my age group 26-29 last year so that ain't bad I suppose...
Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 8 11:51:00 2014
Way to go on the descent, Paul!
Jeffrey D Arnold Wed Oct 8 11:08:00 2014
Marty, I was the only rider in Zenda, WI. Way less than 200 residents. I was very surprised by the results, as you can imagine. Superman doesn't live here either!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 8 09:55:00 2014
@Mike - Thanks for catching that mistake. That means it must be way too long ago that I read comic books. I'll have to correct that situation. (And superhero movies, too.) Its on to the bat cave, (as my comic book tree is no more)! (Growing up, I used to climb to the very top of a white poplar tree in our driveway with about 5 or 6 comic books, wrap myself around the main stem, [which was under 1" diameter at that point - I was really skinny], sway with the breeze, and not come down until I was finished reading.)
Gotham, WI only had two bicyclists in the Challenge - both with the same last name, but not Wayne. Somehow, I don't picture Batman as a bicyclist, like I could Superman. Batman relies on the batmobile too much.
Mike W Wed Oct 8 09:29:00 2014
@Marty JBFKM 10/7 13:56 post: Superman's home town was Metropolis, Batman's was Gotham City. Gotham, Wi has population <200 which means there are a lot of bikers/ capita.
Paul Jeffries Wed Oct 8 08:30:00 2014
Marty, you forgot one area where WI ruled over NE in this year's NBC. Among Colleges and Universities, the U of Wisconsin--Madison at #2 topped Nebraska-Lincoln at #3, and my little (a bit under 1000 students) Ripon College (#16) topped every other high ed. institution in the state of NE, including U of NE @ Omaha. Ripon even would have taken 4th in the Big (can't count to) Ten. We topped all other liberal arts colleges in the nation, as well. Go Redhawks!
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 8 08:10:00 2014
@Marty-awesome on that record.
@Paul-wow what a ride!
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 8 08:02:00 2014
@Burklee-no worries-never act your age and there are a lot of us that love animated super hero movies!
Well, no ride home last night as a storm has settled over the area, with the torrent beginning at about 3pm and still going strong till about 6pm the roads were flooded by the time I got off work. Had to get a ride home-and then this morning the winds are at about 25 miles mph with rain! So IRIR was not a safe go this time....
Paul Perry Wed Oct 8 01:47:00 2014
You give some. You take some. And sometimes, you just get some in return. Today, in two separate instances, I had cars pull toi the side to let me pass!!!
5300 feet descent on a 20 mile course. Grades of -6, -8, -12...all the way up to -19%. And I earned every bit of it doing the climb first. 40 miles round trip bottom to top to bottom. with 50+ total on the ride.
Tammie Porter Wed Oct 8 00:30:00 2014
Go, Marty! That is what is so great about NBC... you may be doing this with so many others but you are really challenging yourself! This is only my first year.. can't wait to see what I do next year.
Karen Jean Goth Tue Oct 7 22:28:00 2014
Yeah, Marty!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Oct 7 22:13:00 2014
Thanks in no small part to the NBC, for the second year in a row, I broke my long-standing yearly mileage record from 1982. In 2012, I broke it on December 11th, (and set my new personal standard on Dec. 16th). This year, I'm a little over 2 months ahead of last year. Thanks everyone!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Oct 7 21:43:00 2014
I don't care what the speed limit is when the local PD posts a speed sensor. What fun to sprint to victory over me. Current winning speed 27 mph, think that down hill really helped.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 7 17:49:00 2014
@ Allen, I have a spot where the limit is 20 mph its fun to beat that however briefly!
Allen Kibler Tue Oct 7 17:35:00 2014
I have to find me some of these things :)
Allen Kibler Tue Oct 7 17:34:00 2014
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 7 17:05:00 2014
@ Marty, yeah, I get the POINT about the good Wisconsin beer!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 7 16:21:00 2014
HI all, out for a ride today with windy weather and the temperature right at about 70 degrees. A couple of other riders out there including one very speedy guy, but I don't think it was Clark Kent. LOL
@ Marty, thanks for posting all the results. KUDOS to all the winning towns including Appleton, Wisconsin, without which, we would not be doing this challenge. And thanks for posting the update about Jack Hoffman. His story is bringing badly needed attention to the issue of children with brain cancer. Its wonderful that his is in remission.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Oct 7 16:04:00 2014
Marty - Re: Clark Kent riding his bike faster than the speed of light - not only do you have the issue of melting tires & rims, there's that whole time travel thing to contend with, which can turn out badly. I know, I just watched "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox" this weekend. (That's right. I rented and watched an animated Justice League video. As far as I know, I'm not actually required to act my age.)
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Oct 7 15:25:00 2014
Marty - Thanks for posting the GMA story. Love that video of Jack's TD run. Never hurts to watch that, just one more time. :) And congrats to Madison & Wisconsin!! Y'all made it an excellent challenge. Mike's invite to anyone who'll be in town for the post-Challenge party is genuine. If you're here, come join us. We'd love to see you!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Oct 7 15:13:00 2014
Other good news for Nebraska - Jack Hoffman's brain cancer is in remission!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Oct 7 14:56:00 2014
@Lincoln & @Nebraska - You guys/gals kicked our butts in Madison and Wisconsin as a whole, and should be commended for a job well done!
We are busy drowning in our sorrows, (luckily, with enough beer stored up until April 30th), but we stil didn't do too bad on the Community Leaderboards.
In Class IV, we had 2 of the top 10, including Gotham, where Clark Kent lives. (Too bad we couldn't get him to ride a bike faster than the speed of light. I guess the tires [and the rims] kept on melting.)
Waterloo, WI won Class III, and led 4 other Wisconsin communities in the top 10!
In Class II, Appleton led everyone else, and was followed by two other WI comunities in the top 10.
And in Class I, our 2nd and 6th place showings were only beat out by your 1st and 4th.
Cycling Roberto Tue Oct 7 14:23:00 2014
23 IRIR miles.
Tammie Porter Tue Oct 7 14:22:00 2014
Hello everyone! I see things have continued on without me. I have been busy with work and actually took 3 of the last 7 days off from riding. My body thanks me so very much as do the herniated disk in my neck and the cracked ribs. I took two days in a row and then was able to ride 28 miles yesterday and felt great until I did a sprint and need to take some really deep breaths.. BIG MISTAKE! LOL I guess moderate and steady is going to have to stay the order of the day for a while. Absolutely LOVING the cooler weather! It was in the 70's yesterday! I understand why some of you have been able to ride those long miles.. I could have ridden longer if did not have to go to work! I too am not looking forward to the cold stuff but am slowly buying what I need to keep on riding as much as I can through the winter. I can't imagine those of you who have real winters! Burrrr!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 7 13:33:00 2014
Just one more reason to love Lincoln!
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Oct 7 12:50:00 2014
Go Lincoln!
I don't know I think everyone went away...
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Oct 7 12:13:00 2014
Can you tell, from the previous two posts, that Lincoln is quite pleased about having won the Class I title? :)
Damon Hershey Tue Oct 7 11:02:00 2014
Mike Heyl Tue Oct 7 09:00:00 2014
Lincoln, NE will host a celebration of this years Challenge with a gathering at the Brewsky's Haymarket location in downtown Lincoln on Monday, October 14 from 4pm until 8pm Any Challenge bike riders are invited to attend!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Oct 7 07:48:00 2014
Hi all, here's a truly inspiring story: http://waytooindie.com/review/movie/ride-with-larry/ GO LARRY!
@ Cynthia, beautiful description of your ride!
Cynthia A Nelson Sun Oct 5 22:32:00 2014
Hi Karen, nice find on the winter riding gear. Once you start riding in colder weather with the right clothing, you will enjoy riding! Its really not that bad. I love it. And I hate the cold.

Well commuted to work all week via bike, miss being out there to log the miles. Will get back to it in week or more. Tomorrow instead of riding with group I am going on a kayak journey. kayaking ok. Takes some effort to get accustomed too. Then off to Florida mid week this coming week until next Monday with no option to bring bike or ride!!! But, once I get back, will get into a riding routine with milage that Is Not commuting miles. Don't think I can stay away from the road too long.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Oct 5 21:05:00 2014
KJG I have heard of swim bike canoe here in Florida. But maybe you could start a new race Bike, run , Hot tub.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Oct 5 19:04:00 2014
@Gregg - I like the idea of a swim, bike, swim race - only not in Wisconsin on a cold day if you get my drift. BRRRRR!!! lol
Update on the Velofest - Wish I had more money to spend. They had a multitude of bikes on sale. From old classics to racing bikes. No child carriers, at least not the kind I was hoping to find. I have to remember to check craigslist more often. I did get a new helmet with visor for half price (new from a dealer.) Also new from dealers: Winter legging and winter gloves for really great prices- at least I am going to try to keep riding through the cold weather.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Oct 5 18:37:00 2014
@Gregg - Congratulation! Thank you for sharing!
Cycling Roberto Sun Oct 5 15:41:00 2014
J. Hugh, you haven't had a kind word for me since day one that you decided to call me a cheater. I publicly called you out hoping you'd go away. Now you seem to be backpedaling, when if you read "birds of a feather.." as joining in my sarcasm, you have to be on acid. Get a grip.
Gregg Warning Sun Oct 5 15:33:00 2014
I finished 5th out of 16 in my 50-54 age division and 36 overall in the Aurora Bay Care Duathlon this morning at the Aurora Bay Care Sports Medicine facility in Green Bay. I wore my Get Up & Ride Bike Challenge jersey as a way to celebrate the end of the bike challenge this year and this was the last race of the year for me. I only do races that have some biking in it, never just running, since I really don't like running all that much. I have never done an aquathon before (swimming, biking, swimming), but they are growing in popularity and I definitely like to swim more than running. I had some really tough competition in my age division today because there were people who won awards in the younger age divisions with higher times than me. My older age division was faster than some of the younger age divisions. lol We ran 3 miles and then biked 26 miles on a hilly course, and then ran another 1.5 miles to the finish line. My total time, including transitions, was 1:54:13, so that was very good for me considering the gusty winds, wet roads, and the hills. On one of the downhills with the tailwind on the 2nd half of the course my chain fell off the bike as I was shifting into my highest gear. I probably lost about a minute and a half because it took me about 30 seconds to put my chain back on and because I was going downhill at about 24 mph, I coasted a ways before I stopped to take advantage of the downhill. But I count my blessings because it's better than having a flat. The bike course was the longest distance of all my multisport races this year. This was a new location and course this year, so I can't compare from previous years and I probably should have practiced this course a few times before. But I did the best ever in the 1st 3 mile run with a little over 20 minutes and I ranked 20 overall in the 1st run!!!! This was terrific and I am getting much better at running. My average bike speed was only 19.6 mph and is the lowest speed I have ever done this year in a race. It was probably the slowest speed for everyone else, too, because even the top speeds were only 22-24 mph. The wind was so brutal the first half of the course and since no drafting is allowed and we were climbing in elevation as well, I was riding in a very low gear and could only sustain about 16 mph through much of the 1st half of the course. But with the tail wind the 2nd half, I was sustaining over 24 mph and even hit 35 mph down a moderate hill! The weather was crappy with the wind, mist and wet roads, but at least this year it was warm with the temp 60 degrees at race time. Last year it was also windy and was only 48 degrees at race time and we needed skull caps, long pants and jackets, and full finger gloves.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Oct 5 15:19:00 2014
Go for a ride and look for your sense of humor. You must have lost it out there somewhere. i was joining in your sarcasm about Doug D. No one rides 3500 miles in one day, so making him your hero was funny. I joined your humor. Very sad to see so much suffering rushing out of you on to this comment board. I hope the pain goes away.
Cycling Roberto Sun Oct 5 15:04:00 2014
I took the survey and suggested a way to block members you find offensive. I can think of one right off the bat.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Oct 5 13:09:00 2014
Birds of a feather flock together. Way to get noticed Doug Drysdale.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Oct 4 23:19:00 2014
Here are a couple (much more successful) downhill bicycle rides in France:
Cycling Roberto Sat Oct 4 21:10:00 2014
Doug Drysdale is my new hero.
Rod Smith Sat Oct 4 17:41:00 2014
@DavidS, There are more than one winner! BikeArlington All-Stars won the medium size team category. Congrats to Gainsville for finishing in first place overall and for winning the large team category. They have some great riders but BikeArlington All-Stars earned more points per rider. :)
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Oct 4 16:19:00 2014
@Karen, very cool you bike to swimming lessons! If I got that correctly. Have fun at the bike flea market. Maybe some good finds even items that have been suggested on this forum.
Cycling Roberto Sat Oct 4 15:57:00 2014
@Karen, have fun, but 8 bucks just to get in and drool... pass.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Oct 4 15:33:00 2014
Hey all, We had Indian Summer here again today, wish I had more time to ride, too much work to do to ride to the pool - my coach really pushed us all hard today. I hope the nice weather holds out until tomorrow so I can ride longer and attend the bike flea market - Mike and Roberto its not too far for you to go also, say hi if you see a 5" 2" women with long brunette hair in a Penn State baseball hat looking totally overwhelmed.
@Rick - I hope that they go with the business card idea. EM I think did that too. I handed out full page ones to my pool friends and posted at work. At least they were polite, but no one joined. It was a little disappointing. I am going to push hard with the two men in my house next year. They did some miles with me, but they blew me off about joining. (Maybe I should refuse to do their laundry until they sign up next year.) I tried to do the Survey, but couldn't get in. They posted a link on my e-mail account. I will have to try again this weekend.
Rick Gilbert Sat Oct 4 15:13:00 2014
On the survey, I put in my plug for an NBC promo template in business-card format that we can print and easily carry with us. I made up my own this year and gave them to folks I talked with about the Challenge. I figured the card would be a reminder to check out NBC when they got home. I'm just not stuffing a jersey pocket full of postcards (for which there was a template), nor did I want the expense of printing in that format; but a 100 business-card-sized handouts would be fine.
Wonderful weather in the PNW for a day or two here, albeit a little cooler than normal. Nice ride to work, and looking for the same kind of ride heading home.
@Cynthia - your ride description almost makes me want to return to that part of the country. There are certain times of year when it's a grand place to be.
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Oct 4 11:56:00 2014
Wounded Warriors just went by, we all went out and cheered them. The entourage included support vehicles, motorcyclists and bicyclists. Town residents are providing lunch for them over on the beach. Talk about inspiration! There were about 15 cyclists.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Oct 4 11:17:00 2014
@Hugh. It is only for one day. I should be able to get out tomorrow.
Sat Oct 4 11:11:00 2014
@Christine, any new recommendations on the SB bourbon front? My Angels Envy is gone (sniff). I'd get another, but my wife already has dibs on it as a stocking stuffer. She's the BEST!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Oct 4 10:55:00 2014
@jerry B Well maybe it won't last long. I'll pray for an indian summer for you.
Steven Kahan Sat Oct 4 10:55:00 2014
@WrongHat: thanks. I also found it in my work spam folder.
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Sat Oct 4 09:55:00 2014
@Cynthia, if we had buttons, I'm pretty sure everyone would "like" your latest contribution! I surely do!
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Sat Oct 4 09:52:00 2014
@J.Hugh, love 3 and 4! @EM, 3 and 6 are great ideas! I'd love to "see" some of my friends!
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Oct 4 09:43:00 2014
@Michael-sorry about trash day! Yes, it's was a Friday morning stop at Mavericks Java for coffee and wine. Now, if only it were 5 o'clock. lol
Sat Oct 4 09:27:00 2014
@Cynthia, coffee and wine day for you?
Jerry Bengtson Sat Oct 4 09:20:00 2014
Rain and sleet. And cold.
Sat Oct 4 08:57:00 2014
@Cynthia, how poetic and descriptive! Wish I were there instead of here (deep sigh...). Today is trash day, so my commute was an olfactory assault. But at least all of the motorists I encountered were nice to me!
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Oct 4 08:24:00 2014
Wow, what a great commute I had this morning! I was thinking this is my life, this is something I choose to do, this is amazing as pedaled on and could not help but stare at the beauty of the coastal fall sky. There is nothing to beat it. The sun rises over the waterway awakening and shining as its rays stretch through the puffy clouds that hang over the ocean. The suns light is a fall light; a dim vision of summers past now. And is reassurance that season continue to change allowing us all to be a part of it. Keep it simple and ride on with peace!
David Stempnakowski Sat Oct 4 08:02:00 2014
@RodS - when I look at the Challenge period it shows Gainsville as #1. No matter what, it was a fun challenge. Just disappointed I couldn't get anyone else in AETC to participate on the team and I know we have several tri-athletes here in the HQ.
Laurie Rescheske Fri Oct 3 23:02:00 2014
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 3 22:23:00 2014
To all those wondering why October points are still being added to the Challenge totals: The same thing happened last year, for a short while. A week or two after the Challenge ended, they added another category to the pull-down menu, and that was titled something like Overall - comprising May - December. I expect they will be doing the same, although they didn't mention anything this time (just like last year).
Rob Adams Fri Oct 3 21:37:00 2014
It does continue as it always has. The only thing that ends is the actual contest itself. Keep riding my friends.
Jim Johnson Fri Oct 3 20:59:00 2014
Thank you Stan. I totally agree. It's like the Challenge is officially continuing.
Rod Smith Fri Oct 3 20:04:00 2014
Yep, BikeArlington All-Stars won! I'd like to see a list of ALL the winners!
Wrong Hat Fri Oct 3 19:39:00 2014
@RodS.--Hit leaderboard--then teams--then challenge period. Then hit the asterick to go to the 1st place.
Wrong Hat Fri Oct 3 19:34:00 2014
@StevenK--It was on the League of American Bicyclists webpage.
Stan Sunderwirth Fri Oct 3 19:28:00 2014
How come the totals from October are still be added to the challenge period totals? Should that have been frozen at the end of October?
Rod Smith Fri Oct 3 19:07:00 2014
@Roberto, I'd like to see a list of the winners of the challenge, not the winners of the drawings. My team won, but I haven't received an email asking where to send the plaque. I'm going to drop into LAB headquarters tomorrow and see what's up. :)
Steven Kahan Fri Oct 3 18:29:00 2014
Hi all, has anyone received the survey?
Cycling Roberto Fri Oct 3 18:21:00 2014
@Rod under prizes
Rod Smith Fri Oct 3 17:36:00 2014
Is there a list of winners?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 3 17:19:00 2014
Survey completed. I suggested:
1. start & end on weekends
2. buttons on comments section
3. award prize(s) for spirit (motivating other riders)
4. Fliers to advertise start of challenge available in advance of challenge
5. help with organizing locally
6. Photo page to upload photos from NBC related rides/events
Ok, I copied some of those from you guys, but I figure the more repeats the more likely they are to happen!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Oct 3 16:12:00 2014
Took the survey.
1. begin and end on weekends
2. invited all who participated this year.
3. start warm up in January
4. Have cool down through December.
5. Fix Garmin upload problem.
6. Put buttons on this comment section
7. Invite people to organize locally.

Bon ton roule

Earl Long Fri Oct 3 16:10:00 2014
Great ride only 14miles but lots of hills.
Laurie Rescheske Fri Oct 3 15:29:00 2014
@ Christine- - if they already had buttons I would've liked your comment. :)
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Fri Oct 3 14:21:00 2014
Took the survey! Suggested buttons.
Peter J Feyen Fri Oct 3 14:17:00 2014
My story is that I'm 29 with 40 years experience. And at the end of Dec. it will be 41 years experience and still 29 years young. Ride & Smile for Life is Good.
Leonard Wright Fri Oct 3 13:40:00 2014
29 Jerry, 29 - when you start getting into the 30's you're admitting to being too old
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 3 13:39:00 2014
@Leonard. I agree with you. They tell me I am 59 years old now. But I know they are wrong. I can't be older than 30.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 3 13:34:00 2014
@Leonard. Your stepfather pushing people around in a wheelchair at the hospital reminded me of an experince with my father-in-law 20 years ago. He had a heart attack just before the National Model Railroad Convention we were going to. He missed most of the convention, but I took him one day to see the train show. I was pushing him around in a wheelchair. Which I told him was totally wrong. I was the one who broke my back four months earlier. And I was pushing him around. It just wasn't right.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 3 13:32:00 2014
Last year I was climbing up to Ward. A rider caught up to me and we talked for a few minutes. Then he took off and left me in his dust like I was standing still. He was 85 years old.
Gene Smith Fri Oct 3 13:21:00 2014
@Cynthia, super idea! My recommendation for South Dakota is to ride the Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills. An excellent ride.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 3 13:17:00 2014
After the Flood
What happens when everywhere you ride is gone?
John Vaccaro Fri Oct 3 13:13:00 2014
@ Leonard And there is a lady, from Canada, that comes down to Florida for the winter months in the Tampa area. She still competes annually in the Senior Games and entered 4 cycling events and one triathlon this year and she just turned a young 85. Her daily training is 25 miles riding a triathlon bike + a 2 mile run + a 1 mile swim, four days a week, sometimes 5.
Fri Oct 3 13:11:00 2014
My grandfather passed away at 96 a number of years ago. He only had about 10% lung capacity left after being riddled with emphysema (lifelong smoker) and black lung disease (coal hauler as a young man). However, till the day he died, every brain cell worked and every synapse fired in the proper sequence. The best story about the way he lived his final years was that his daughter could not keep a home-bound nurse for him. Even in his 90's, he'd make an inappropriate grab for them every time they bent over near him. A 'dirty old man' till the very end. He may not have been a biker, but he still had energy!
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 3 13:11:00 2014
@Cynthia. We are lucky with were we live. It is beautiful here. And overall the weather is great. Sunny most of the year. Even when we get snow it is usually warm within 1-2 days to melt the snow.
The only bad thing right now is getting to the our beautiful mountains in this area. Further south there is no problem. But we spoiled. Only 20 minutes away from the mountains here. To get to the mountains down south we are looking at 2-4 hours. Estes Park is 45 minutes away from our house. Now it is a three hour drive to get there.
I really feel sorry for those who live in the flooded areas. It has been hard on them even if nothing is damage.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 3 13:08:00 2014
HI guys, just finished a short ride. The temps are in the 80s and it is just plain HOT. But I found some shade here and there so not a bad ride. All your posts today are totally making my day. Its so true, you are as old as you feel and the more you ride the younger you feel. At least it works for me.
@ Cynthia, I'm sure you can do at least one organized ride in every state. And yeah you can even double up and do a couple of rides in the same year or some rides that take you through two or more states. That way, who knows, maybe you can go around twice!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 3 12:58:00 2014
Great inspirations! You are all the best!
Leonard Wright Fri Oct 3 12:37:00 2014
Karen Jean's comment about her friend reminded me, there is a lady in our area that still rides 30+ miles a day, 5 days a week - she's 84.
@Cynthia, There's no reason you can't keep going well into your 80's/90's.
My stepfather received an award one year for the most volunteer hours at a local hospital. He used to push the old people around the hospital in wheelchairs (he was in his 90's).
Yes Marty, I'm repeating myself. The story seemed to appropriate for the topic. It's not a case of old age causing a loss of memory about what I had posted last week. My mind is still just as tarp as a shack.
Karen Jean Goth Fri Oct 3 12:29:00 2014
@Rick - Seattle to Vancouver sounds like a dream to me, if only I could fall asleep.
(Seriously, I have been wanting to vacation there for ages.) You and Cynthia must get to work immediately. lol
Karen Jean Goth Fri Oct 3 12:26:00 2014
@Cynthia - I was good friends with an elderly women when I was in my twenties, like a third grandmother to me, she was alert and active until she was 104. You have a chance.
Leonard Wright Fri Oct 3 12:19:00 2014
All the talk about age, I have to admit I'm 29. I used to be 39 but I decided I didn't want to be that old so I went back to 29. Always remember - age is just a case of mind over matter, if you don't mind, it don't matter.

True story - Up until about 5 years ago I had my grandson convinced I was 29 until his mother said she was 40 and there was NO WAY I could be only 29 - I said she was just jealous because I was so much younger than her.

{ OK, my body is 67 but my mind is still says I'm 29 - that's my story and I'm sticking with it!!!! }

Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 3 11:52:00 2014
@Burklee-so with you! Cycling is the best antipressant, stress management EVER!!! If I did not bike to work on ride on a regular basis I am not sure what I would do. Its my sanity maker!
@Rick-great idea-I will write that one down!
Rick Gilbert Fri Oct 3 11:52:00 2014
@Burklee - when talking to people about Wilma (my touring/commute bike), I generally refer to her as my 'mood stabilizer.'
Sometimes there's a bit of a hurdle committing to that morning commute, but once on the bike, it's always better. Even that day last winter when I fell and broke my hip. It was still a good day to ride.
Rick Gilbert Fri Oct 3 11:49:00 2014
@ Cynthia - here in Puget Sound, you could knock off two states in one ride with the STP - Seattle to Portland. Or you could even start to add Canadian Provinces with the RSVP (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party).
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Fri Oct 3 11:48:00 2014
@Burklee, YES! I agree completely with all you said! (We, REALLY need Educational, Interesting, Funny, Agree, Disagree, and Love buttons for the posts so we don't clutter up the list agreeing with each other!! Guilty!!!)
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Fri Oct 3 11:24:00 2014
Wow, some really great conversations overnight and this morning! @Jerry, congrats to Karen! @Michael, put your desires out to the universe and maybe you will have two retirement homes! @PAUL, you are SO right, as is everyone who posted other benefits of the NBC! The friends I've made here have helped me immeasurably, in many ways. While you might not be able to see it right now, I AM better, stronger, faster than I was before the NBC.
And to all of you "spring chickens", in my brain I feel 26, in my body (when it's not going nutz) I feel like I'm between 45 and 50 (I feel MUCH better - mentally, emotionally, and physically - than I did when I was 50!). And I walk--no, I biked!-- over the 60 hill in April! They say you're as young as you feel...I'm so glad biking made me feel so much better, so that I feel so much younger! Wahoo and RIDE ON!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Oct 3 11:15:00 2014
There's a blog post on the LAB site that's really good. It talks about getting more people interested in biking. When reaching out and talking about running or yoga, bloggers always emphasize the emotional/spiritual/medication-like aspects of those sports. That's totally how we should talk about biking to others who don't bike. We talk about it here all the time, but here we’re just preachin’ to the choir. My bike is my anti-depressant. It doesn’t have a page-long list of detrimental side effects, and it starts to work immediately. My bike is my anger management tool. It keeps me from biting the heads off my co-workers. I have a better outlook on life when I ride regularly. This is the stuff we need to tell people to get them interested in biking. It’s a good article that you can get to by clicking on the League’s logo at the top of the page.
Fri Oct 3 10:55:00 2014
@Cynthia - My brain is back A LOT more than 10-15 years, and I'm only 48. Remember, you're never too old to have a happy childhood!
@Jerry - Congrats on getting your wife out. Best of luck to both of you!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 3 10:49:00 2014
@Jerry-you must live in a very beautiful place with all the mountains and lakes.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 3 10:48:00 2014
Wahoo! I did, and 100 years it is....just goes to show you how short and precious this life is. I don't feel 51 and so I don't think like I am old. I guess my brain is back about 10 or 15 years.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 3 10:36:00 2014
@Cynthia - If you already did an organized bike event this year, (or if you haven't, there is still time), then you only have to bike until you are 100.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Oct 3 10:08:00 2014
@EM. Now you have an idea what it was like for me when I started riding again after my accident. X 1,000.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 3 09:37:00 2014
So I had this thought yesterday-a new bucket list or ongoing bucket list would be to do an organized cycling event in each of the 50 states. At least one a year, I am thinking its a great way to travel and meet people. Well, then I realized....I am 51! ...I will need to live and be able to cycle till I am 101! Think I can do it? lol
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Oct 3 09:33:00 2014
@EM & Paul-so so right about us all being winners! Wahoo and we roll on.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Oct 3 07:47:00 2014
@ Paul, add to that more friends, more (s)miles, and more fun!
Paul Perry Fri Oct 3 03:50:00 2014
I got a prize from this challenge. And I'm sure many others received this very same prize:
"Better, Faster, Stronger".
Who could ask for anything more?
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Oct 3 02:16:00 2014
@Don - Don't be too disheartened. Things tend to even out over time. While it does look like you had only one winner in the months of May, June, July, and September, (a smaller percantage of winners than your 2.9% of participants), Washington did have five winners in August, making you about even for the entire Challenge.
Paul Perry Fri Oct 3 02:03:00 2014
WOOHOO!!! Bike shop called. I get my mountain bike back tomorrow!!
Don Lester Fri Oct 3 00:34:00 2014
Well, one person from WA got a free water bottle. No other winners from our state though.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 2 23:49:00 2014
On my ride today I had the feeling that I hadn't ridden for a long time. Really, I only skipped one day. It wasn't that I felt sore or out of condition, it was just that it felt SOOO GOOODDDD to ride. Post NBC withdrawl syndrome???
Judy Gardner - Handcyclist Thu Oct 2 21:05:00 2014
Thank you
Wrong Hat Thu Oct 2 20:56:00 2014
Go to the top of this page and click on prizes.
Judy Gardner - Handcyclist Thu Oct 2 20:43:00 2014
Can anyone see the September winners? When I click on the link it just go to this page.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 2 18:14:00 2014
Karen enjoyed her ride. But she does not have a passion for riding like me. And she will only ride on the greenways. Which don't exist anymore other than the one around MacIntosh Lake. Though she will ride on the street to get to the lake. When she was riding she would ride 20 miles. Today she made 5.23 miles. Hopefully she will ride tomorrow. And than it gets cold on Friday with rain and possibly snow.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Oct 2 17:33:00 2014
All this talk of two places gives me an idea. Perhaps I could use Brad's guest room when the weather is hot and humid in Florida. @Brad W I asked Dad and he said sure thing Brad would love to share, but then he suggested that Marty would be upset that I was not staying at his house and riding. Just when you have a plan there are those complications of people getting their feeling hurt. But I don't have an accent for the language of Wisconsin, either.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 2 17:17:00 2014
@Jerry - Yea for Karen!
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 2 16:45:00 2014
Sure-then Michael would be able to bike in all those states!
@Jerry-how did she feel? Hopefully like a kid again and riding lifted her spirits.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 2 16:40:00 2014
@Jerry - Super!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 2 16:39:00 2014
@ Jerry thats WONDERFUL!!
Jerry Bengtson Thu Oct 2 16:35:00 2014
Today, Karen, my wife was able to ride on her first bicycle ride since Mother's Day.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 2 16:33:00 2014
@Michael - I was thinking that you would get retirement homes in North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, AND New Mexico, and have the best of all four worlds.
Thu Oct 2 15:25:00 2014
@Cynthia - Sure, two houses, no problem! Except when we vacation in CO the 'Better Half' would want to come back. Now THAT would be a problem....
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 2 15:05:00 2014
@Michael-well you have a house here and a house there in CO. hee hee Of course the NC/SC mountain areas are beautiful and then your still close to the beaches by a few or more hours.
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Thu Oct 2 14:46:00 2014
@EM, way to go for your whole family!
Gregg Warning Thu Oct 2 13:34:00 2014
It's been feeling more like summer here in Wisconsin with temps 15 degrees above normal. It's even been a little humid,. But I think big temperature drops are headed for the Midwest by the end of this week. In fact they are forecasting snow in some parts of the country and even a blizzard in the Dakotas. I'm not ready for snow and winter yet and I want it to stay warm yet for awhile. But it looks like it's going to be a very cold and windy day for the duathlon in Green Bay on Saturday. This one is a 3 mile run, 28 mile bike, and ends with another 1.5 mile run. The bike course goes on both sides of the Fox River and we cross the bridge in Wrightstown. It is very scenic and beautiful with the fall color, but hopefully we don't see any of the white stuff that morning. I don't think I would do the race, if it is snowy or icy. It's my last race of the year. I have won 3 awards this year in my age division (1st place in Green Bay Triathlon, 3rd place in High Cliff Triathlon, and 3rd place in Run, Bike, Unite Duathlon in Steven's Point). And my highest speed ever on the bike was in Race the Lake this year (90 mile bike race) with a finish time of 3:32:13.93, which was an average of 25.1 mph. This was totally incredible for me and I still can't believe it yet. It qualifies me for the elite pro wave 1 next year, going for over $15,000 in prize money. To qualify for this wave, you need to average at least 25 mph in a race of at least 60 miles in distance. Anyone can enter the other waves, if you can average at least 12.5 mph. The date for next year is August 17, 2014. This year there was over 2,000 riders. Although you get a timing chip, many do it like a bike tour and don't race. It is the largest and longest all citizen bike race in the United States and involves law enforcement in 4 counties. The bike course passes through my hometown of Neenah and only a mile from my house, which is cool and we have great support in the community for this race. There is always a lot of spectators here in Neenah. We finished 1st overall in the bike challenge in the Fox Cities and 6th overall among all cities nationally and 4th in the class 3 cities (<50,000) nationally.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Oct 2 13:27:00 2014
@michael G Humidity is relative. From now through early May we dry out and cool down making riding very nice. But if humidity is a concern the summer (May to October) can be hard. I lose speed over the summer due to humidity and what seems to me to be huge sweating and maybe lung function. Yes, please consider moving to a state with less people. We should spread out. @ Cynthia I sent you a private note on a ride.
Thu Oct 2 12:51:00 2014
@J Hugh, may be cool but the year-round humidity would keep me away. Give me a dry heat any day! Big difference between my wife and I; she wants to retire south (NC/SC), I want to go west (CO, NM). Somehow I think we're gonna stay here in PeeAyy.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 2 12:46:00 2014
@J Hugh-do you ever participate in Bike MS events down there? Apparently there is one for Break Away to Key Largo. Was wondering what that is like-no doubt flat!
(I have family in WPB).
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Oct 2 12:29:00 2014
@Michael G Cooling down here in Florida only in the mid and upper 80's but the best 7 months of cycling lie ahead.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 2 11:52:00 2014
I will continue to post miles and here on this board until we can't anymore. Then we will roll through a couple winter months and be right back b4 we know it!
Thu Oct 2 11:46:00 2014
@Jim, because we're not cooling down yet! Weather forecast for Reading, PA today is for a high of 85 degrees, with low 80's for the rest of the week. Calendar may say October, but it's still summer!!!! Keep racking up the miles, kids!
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 2 11:44:00 2014
@Christine-great to have you back! I hope you get well and are back to the two wheeled adventure soon.
@Michael-well said a few pages back. (I lived in Shippensburg for many years btw).
@Karen-me too-#1 rider and only rider for my workplace and my town and whole area for that matter although I think there are may have been a few riders from Wilmington NC who are an hour north of me.
@Em-hey, that's cool that out of seven participants your family made up four of those. That says a lot! Well, that your definitely a biking family too!

The world and its creatures and everything else are better viewed from a bike. Hands down!

Jim Johnson Thu Oct 2 11:37:00 2014
So with the challenge over why are they still updating our Challenge standings? Before the challenge we had warm up points why aren't these considered cool down points?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 2 11:07:00 2014
I was also first and last at my workplace, since I'm the only one here. However, under the "self employed" category for the challenge I was #5. I never bothered to look at community before, but by zip code I am in "Ballwin" and I just found out that I was #1 for community, my husband was #4, my daughter #5, and my son #7 for our community. Thats not saying much becuase there were only seven people entered for the challenge period. But hey, it was FUN!
Thu Oct 2 10:46:00 2014
@Karen, I was also #1 here at work (out of 1), but #3 out of 8 here in Reading. Last week one evening we had a Great Horned Owl surprise us in the alley out back. Just saw a HUGE silhouette on the electric wire in the full moon. No mistaking that beauty! Sat out back yesterday after getting home from Shippensburg and watched three Common Yellowthroat Warblers migrate through the yard. Not bad for an urban landscape!
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Thu Oct 2 10:32:00 2014
LOL @Karen! I was first, and only, at work, too! However, for Kenosha, there were 10 or 11 riders, most of whom were from UW-Parkside, so I'm pretty sure they were all younger than I am!
We had a red fox and a deer in our neighborhood recently, and I live in the "city" of Kenosha. I'm a bit nervous to see "wild" animals so close to "civilization". It usually means bad things for them. Hoping not...
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 2 10:23:00 2014
I just saw what I think is a red-tailed hawk across the street from my house as I was finishing a ride to my garden and back. It let me get 10 feet from it and didn't fly away. That was fun - it didn't look sick or injured.
@Christine - I was first in Emmaus, PA and at Work. Then again, I was the only rider from Emmaus and the only rider from Work. ;)
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 2 10:20:00 2014
Yay Christine!
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Thu Oct 2 09:54:00 2014
Hey, Marty! I was #1 for the entire challenge period for the community of Kenosha! That's diamond for me!! ;-D
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 2 09:50:00 2014
[email protected] - It may not seem like it right now, but you have been a winner the better part of this Challenge, and you will be one again!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Oct 2 09:44:00 2014
If last year is the template, in a few days, or maybe a week or so, Endomondo will add an overall option in the dropdown, which will have all of the points from May 1st and forward, up to December 31st, and revert Challenge to its September 30th end date.
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Thu Oct 2 09:43:00 2014
@Tammie, I've not been reading much in here lately, and didn't know you'd had a crash! Heal well and quickly!!

@Leonard, THANK YOU for your info on the ablation! They are talking about doing that if the meds don't work for me, so it's extremely wonderful to know I will be able to ride again after! I am SO sick and tired of this heart doing the "whackety whack" all the time! It really is debilitating and annoying!!

Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Thu Oct 2 09:41:00 2014
I can't get the list of September winners to open! Did I win anything? I know I didn't ride in September but that shouldn't disqualify me from winning should it?

:::removing tongue from cheek:::

Thu Oct 2 09:34:00 2014
Oops, almost forgot: Please keep in mind those cyclists we lost this year (moment of silence). Keep them in your hearts when you ride.
Paul Jeffries Thu Oct 2 09:23:00 2014
Could there be a drop down on the Leader Board that shows the "Frozen" NBC results as of Sept. 30? Now that "Challenge Period" totals go beyond the actual challenge period. I am glad to have the annual totals, but it would be nice to be able to reference the "fixed" statistics. Actually, maybe there should just be an "annual total" that then picks up the warmup, NBC, and post-NBC. Some ideas/requests/suggestions...but thanks for all the work you all at Endomundo and NBC have done.
Thu Oct 2 09:23:00 2014
I wish I could be enjoying this incredible early autumn weather here in eastern PA; absolutely perfect. My commute yesterday was 4 hours IN THE CAR, and I despised every minute of it. To top it off, I spent 8 hours in a university classroom (Shippensburg) learning about Census statistics used in transportation planning. Interesting, but what was outside the windows was calling me... .
I'll still be on the board here as long as Endomondo keeps it up, but--with the official end of the Challenge--just want to say Thanks to all for your friendship, knowledge, enlightened banter, communal spirit, and overall good times. Congratulations to all who met or exceeded their personal goals, and best of luck to those who have or are facing adversity in the face of injury, accident, illness, weather, or other difficulties that keep you off the bike. Enjoy the weather, increase your mileage, and--most of all--Please Stay Safe.
Thanks to all of the sponsors of the Challenge. This was my first year involved and, though I didn't win any prizes, your participation made the Challenge that much more enjoyable. Participants, support our sponsors!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Oct 2 09:13:00 2014
@Marty - I watched the video. Holy crap, that looks painful!!!
Cycling Roberto Thu Oct 2 08:58:00 2014
@Laurie, slacking off never works.
@Karen, what's a recovery day?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Oct 2 08:50:00 2014
@ Karen Jean, not sure since they are talking kind of fast. But they wanted to know if the one guy was okay. They commented on the damage to the bushes and at one point the guy who takes his helmet off and faces the camera thanks God they are okay. Then one of them asks if they want to do it again. But obviously one of the bikes has a damaged front wheel. The also say something about the trail. Sorry, I can't make more out of it. This is why I'm a translator (which means I translate stuff that is on paper from one language to another) and not an interpreter (that's the people who do the talking, saying what somebody said in one language in another language without writing it down).
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Oct 2 08:50:00 2014
Fall riding is the best! Except we are having a Northeast type fall! It's normally not this chilly this early. I didn't commute in yesterday due to hurting my back Monday night so I just took it easy and a friend drove me into work. I am doing pretty good without my car so far.
Can't wait for next years challenge! I have already set my goals for the challenge period. I will still recreation ride and commute from now till then. this will make my 3rd year of commuting to work by bike. And for all those who aspiring to do just that-know that it takes to time to learn, what to pack, what to wear when weather changes, and how to not let life get in the way. It's amazing how you fall in love with it and how you well you can adapt.
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 2 07:59:00 2014
I feel wonderful today after my day off. I knew that my big problem was not factoring in recovery days, but I was too stubborn to give up my - through H--- or high water -approach, and every day bragging rights. Like many out there, I am looking forward to 2014, setting my new goals, and enjoying the extra weeks of Summer. Enjoying the Ride! (Also remembering our friends on the other side of PA.)
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 2 07:56:00 2014
@Mike - I forgot about riding to the Pagoda, (thinking about MTB). Fall would be a good time, if I can get my husband interested.
@EM - What are the MTB saying in Marty's video link?
@Craig - Thanks - you and Marty should collaborate!
Karen Jean Goth Thu Oct 2 07:51:00 2014
@Marty - At least the bush broke their fall. The one time I went on a mountain bike trail, it was an easy trail and I loved it. There is something about tracking a line that adds to the difficulty and fun. Too bad my tires weren't up to the challenge. My son and I, (my son owns a mountain bike) had to wait for an hour for my husband to show up. BWT - a cheap tire pump is not worth the money, better to just flush your money down a toilet.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 23:58:00 2014
@EM - You're close. The extra includes those abroad who work for a company with U.S. ties, (and they are eligible for prizes - you can find them without a state listed in the prize winner lists for most months), and those with no U.S. ties, who aren't eligible for prizes.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 1 23:55:00 2014
@ Laurie, thats the spirit!
@ Craig, the difference may have something to do with riders who live abroad. They were allowed participate in the challenge if the company they worked for had some connection to an American company. They just weren't elegible for prizes.
Laurie Rescheske Wed Oct 1 23:38:00 2014
@ EM -- I keep kicking myself for slacking off in September and missing Diamond. I am going to keep going until I get the points, just to know that I accomplished that goal, better late than never.
Craig Weinhold Wed Oct 1 22:46:00 2014
I put together an excel file of National Bike Challenge summary data for each state -- it let's you play with the rankings a bit... You can get it at http://beeline.org/endo

Top 5 total miles/rider : South Carolina, West Virginia, Nevada, Florida, Delaware

Top 5 transport miles/rider: Nevada, Oregon, Maine, Nebraska, Virginia

Top 5 average points per non-0 rider: South Carolina (1943), West Virginia, South Dakota, Louisiana, Virginia

One thing I can't figure out is that if you sum the states, you only get 33,018 riders and about 17.4M miles, less than the leaderboard summary. Seems like fuzzy math.

EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 1 22:41:00 2014
I don't think the points earned today should change anything. There won't be any more prizes, but I say go for the virtual diamonds anyway. Its still about personal bests.
Tommy Bender Wed Oct 1 22:39:00 2014
Points made today shouldn't change the leader board, should they? Seems like it should be like the warm-up period, where it still keeps track, but doesn't actually count towards the challenge period.
Rob Adams Wed Oct 1 22:14:00 2014
Happy October 1st. I am still wearing t-shirt and shorts on my commute.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 1 22:05:00 2014
@ Christine, hugs for your healing. And let us know where we can contribute to your new bike!
@ Tammie, hugs for your healing too, only maybe I need to hug Black Beauty until your ribs are up to it.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 21:51:00 2014
Now that the Challenge is done for 2013, if you're thinking of getting into mountain biking, here is how you do NOT want to do it: http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/excursions/post/taking-a-jump-instead-of-a-turn-leaves-mountain-bikers-in-a-heap/
Steve O. Smith Wed Oct 1 21:48:00 2014
Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's challenge. It doesn't matter if you can ride 5 or 105 miles if you are 5 or 105 years old, this sport is something that can be enjoyed by most. I am not done pedaling yet and will be monitoring all of the progress until the challenge starts again next year.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 1 21:09:00 2014
Yay Brad, so we are masters of the universe after all!
Leonard Wright Wed Oct 1 20:30:00 2014
I'm satisfied with how I did this year:

4,260 miles (way below my 10,043 miles last year)
6,500 points (just over half of my points total for last year)
355 overall national ranking

Unfortunately I didn't start riding until June 12th so I missed the first 6 weeks of the challenge. June was more of a warm-up period for me, I only had 404 miles in June. If I had started May 1st, I would have had around:

6,426 miles
9,426 points

These numbers would have put me somewhere around 50th nationally. That gives me a target to shoot for next year. Bring on the 2014 NBC, I'm warmed up and ready to begin :-)

Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 1 20:25:00 2014
@Tammie and Christine - Get well soon, both of you.
Anyone in PA or thereabouts - Saturday, Oct. 5 - 8:30 - 2:00(I think it ends at 2:00) Bicycle flea market at the Valley Preferred Velodrome. ($8.00 admission.) With a season pass I get in free. Maybe I can find some bicycle stuff cheap. I am hoping!
Leonard Wright Wed Oct 1 20:08:00 2014
@Christine "AN" S,

I've been where you are. Had heart problems back in 2010. They did a Cardiac RF Ablation procedure that corrected the "electrofizzyology" condition. The procedure isn't all that much, basically just another heart catheterization where they trace out the electrical circuits of your heart and find out where it's miss-connected i.e., shorting out. The worst part is you remain awake during the procedure (they do give you a sedative to sort of "twilight" you, help you relax) but you MUST remain perfectly still throughout the procedure. It's not easy to lay perfectly still on an operating table for 4 hours even when you are in a "twilight" state. The good news is I was back to riding in a couple weeks and managed to ride over 10,000 miles during the 2012 NBC (4 months long or an average of over 2500 miles/month). What that means for you is that you will be better, faster and stronger after the procedure. Hang in there, next year you will be in FANTASTIC shape for the 2014 NBC.

Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 1 19:56:00 2014
Keep it going, day by day. If you adjust you're clothing gradually as the weather changes, you may surprise yourself with how long you can keep going.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 1 19:22:00 2014
@Brad - Back in the saddle tomorrow I guess with 20 makeup miles to do.
Laurie Rescheske Wed Oct 1 18:43:00 2014
Nathaniel -- awesome! I'll go with that and keep chasing my Diamond. Thank you so much for pointing this out to us :)
Kevin L Mackey Wed Oct 1 18:35:00 2014
Since I guessed the closest to the final miles maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.
However, I did not win a prize again this year so I probably better save my $.

@ Christine/Tammie-Get well soon.

Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 1 18:30:00 2014
@Christine. We are looking forward to seeing you back next year. Healty and ready to ride. Keep getting better.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 1 18:28:00 2014
@Tammie. Hope you get to felling better. I know about the sneezing. I dreaded it when I felt a sneeze coming on. The spike in pain hurts a lot.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Wed Oct 1 18:18:00 2014
I'm not done until New Years EVE at 11:59PM
Tammie Porter Wed Oct 1 18:13:00 2014
I finished #1022 Nationally for the Challenge period and #20 in Texas.. #1 Female in Texas.. can't complain about that at all. I have a couple hours to decide if I am going to take another day off from the bike. Last friday was difficult enough to do but have come to the determination that I do have a cracked rib and it has finally reached the most painful period in the healing stage.. 3 weeks since my crash. Bone breaks become the most unstable at this point when dead bone has been absorbed leaving a gap and makes the break unstable until new bone grows into the gap. ... bottom line, breathing HURTS! I sneezed last night and did not know if I wanted to laugh or cry. I bit my tongue instead. ... darn I want to take a short ride! Congrats on the bike win! Nice to have a spare available. You never know when it will come in handy.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 1 18:11:00 2014
Bruce - the points I gained today DID add into the challenge period (we're not done til we say we're done)
Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 1 18:09:00 2014
Oh no. I forgot to add in the May milage. Now it looks a little better.
3,282 Points.
1,957 miles.
145th in Colorado
3,452 National.
1,023 miles is what I would normally ride in a month during the summer. It was discouraging when I first looked at that. But than looking at what I was able to ride after my crash I am pretty happy with it..
Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragment during my recovery. You made the summer much better than it would have been without all your help.
Bruce Herbach Wed Oct 1 17:58:00 2014
So now that the challenge is over. The site is continuing to track miles and points. Does that mean standings for the "The Challenge Period" will change as we continue to ride? I like the way it continues to Track but would like the Challenge Period to lock at the value it had a midnight last night. It has been a great summer. Managed to get in over 2900 miles so far this year.
Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 1 17:43:00 2014
Hail Caesar! And Nathaniel, his lieutenant! Anything to stretch September out a few more days. Since it's now only Sept 18, can we bring back the pre-equinox daylight as well?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 1 17:37:00 2014
@ Nathaniel, thanks now I get to have my birthday all over again! LOL
Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 1 17:01:00 2014
@Cynthia. I bet you waste time sleeping every night when you could be out riding. <grin>
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Oct 1 16:59:00 2014
@Nathaniel - That is brilliant!! Keep riding everyone, we still have 12 days!!! LOL
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 1 16:54:00 2014
Hi Jerry,

Your weekly ride sounds so nice.
Maybe someday I will be able to easily fit in one 63.5 mile ride per week!

Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 1 16:40:00 2014
3,282 Points.
1,023.6 miles.
145th in Colorado
3,452 National.
1,023 miles is what I would normally ride in a month during the summer. It was discouraging when I first looked at that. But than looking at what I was able to ride after my crash I am pretty happy with it..
Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragment during my recovery. You made the summer much better than it would have been without all your help.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 1 16:31:00 2014
Hey Roberto-a real face with a name!
Jerry Bengtson Wed Oct 1 16:31:00 2014
I must not be too bright. Pati and I went out this morning and rode up to Pinewood Reservoir and Carter Lake. AGAIN. 63.5 miles with that hard climb up to Pinewood Reservoir and then up the north side up Carter Lake.
We have decided to make this a weekly ride, weather permitting.
Nathaniel Pak Wed Oct 1 16:31:00 2014
I thought I got it all out of my system with yesterday's post/rant, but here's one last idea for everyone looking for extra time to meet their goals, pad their miles, or who just can't bear to see the challenge end just yet. If I am not mistaken, today is only 18th of September, Julian. Given our current rather ungoverned state, I say feel free to reject the Gregorian reform, and Hail Caesar! for the next few days.
BTW, thanks to all for compliments and kind words.
Cycling Roberto Wed Oct 1 16:27:00 2014
@Burklee, thanks!
Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 1 16:22:00 2014
@Roberto - you're right about the weather. Here in the PNW, we've had a wacky last few days. Blue skies and broken white clouds to black-sky squalls and downpours back to blue skies and that's over the course of an hour or two. Too busy to ride is just too busy, but I was just that this past week. Managed to sneak in one brief ride on Sunday between the storms for my last miles in the official challenge. Looking forward to a 50 miler this Saturday.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Oct 1 15:25:00 2014
@Roberto - Nice selfie there, mah man!!
Cycling Roberto Wed Oct 1 15:13:00 2014
October off to a good stop with 40 solo nonstop miles. We used to call this warm type of weather Indian Summer, but with the seasons so out of whack, "typical" just ain't no more.
Amber Finkelstein Wed Oct 1 15:02:00 2014
Thank you, everyone - I've been lurking and reading your conversations, and they've been a huge motivator. I started bike commuting in May (just two miles a day), but I think the NBC and the community here has been a big reason I've stuck with it. You all made it fun and satisfying. And putting up some extra points last night with a 23 mile ride (the longest I've done to date) was extremely satisfying. :-)
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 1 14:56:00 2014
My guess for Sept 40th is 18,499.
Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 1 14:51:00 2014
My name didn't make the prize list, but someone on my team did win a bike light earlier. That still feels like winning to me. Something to look forward to next year.

And the points system is like it should be. Twenty points per day helps overcome the inertia that otherwise keeps us off the bike. Once one gets on the bike, it's easy to rack up the miles - unless something like "arriving at one's workplace, and needing the income" gets in the way. Enjoyed riding vicariously with you. Congratulations, all! Ride safe, and ride often!

Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 1 14:47:00 2014
Go, Dixie! Gonna try to make WA more competitive next year. We'll need Dixie to get there.
Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 1 14:46:00 2014
Congratulations, Laurie!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 1 14:35:00 2014
@ Laurie, SWEET! When you posted your message I almost went for a bike ride to celebrate your new bike. But today, I'm suppposed to be getting other things done that I have put off, so I'll save the victory lap for tomorrow! Enjoy your new ride!!
WOAH, Way to go Dixie!
Rick Gilbert Wed Oct 1 14:33:00 2014
@ Marty - I'll guess proportionally this time - 18,553,703 for Sept 40th, and with a little windage for 20MM - Halloween. I hope I underestimate our performance, but those are my entries.
Andy Pryor Wed Oct 1 13:57:00 2014
Thank you, Dixie Elementary is looking forward to NBC 2014.
Dwain Leonhardt Wed Oct 1 13:52:00 2014
Dixie WA deserves commendations for the effort they put out. The town population is <200 and 33 of them signed up for NBC! That is amazing. Good work #1.
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Wed Oct 1 13:45:00 2014
Nice bike, Laurie! Can I have your old one? ;-D
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 1 13:08:00 2014
@Laurie-short and sweet story-lol. Nice bike! You will enjoy rolling out and around on that!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Oct 1 13:06:00 2014
@Laurie - Congrats on the win!
Laurie Rescheske Wed Oct 1 12:46:00 2014
This is the bike I won: http://americancycle.com/product/13se-bikes-palisade-7-speed-bike-17096.htm
The story is, at our local NBC Celebration on Sunday, reps from Scheel's were there and were holding a drawing for the bike. I signed up. They called me. That's a short story... sorry Marty :)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 12:46:00 2014
@Christine - I hope the news continues to be good, and that you have to take the least amount of meds possible.
@Brad - Thanks for noticing. I just put down how far away what you gave me for a guess was from actual - nothing more, nothing less. One of my best skills is as a party crasher, so buy extra.
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Wed Oct 1 12:21:00 2014
Hi, all! Heart catheterization showed NO blockages! Now we're looking at the electrofizzyology side of the A-Fib that's plaguing me. First meds, then stronger methods if the meds don't work. I hate that I lost the second half of challenge, but, God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be back next year, primed and ready to go!

@Laurie! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about it and read your story!

hugs and love to all!

Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Wed Oct 1 12:17:00 2014
Marty - thanks so much for finding room for me on your list. I appreciate that you were able to include me in the fun - and the sheer exhileration I was able to provide you being able to find somewhere to put me in last place (and by the way if I have any more parties with the best beer you've ever had in your life, this time you're not invited). Cheers bro ;-p
Ray S Wed Oct 1 12:13:00 2014
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm looking forward to being able to take a day or two or three off without having to worry about losing 20 points. I put in anywhere from 1 to 107 miles on all but 1 day during the challenge, I'm ready for a vacation. I already beat my 4000 mile goal for the year and I still plan to ride year round, but for now I'm back to riding when I want to.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 1 12:06:00 2014
@Laurie-how awesome! You must be so excited! Do tell the details!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 11:50:00 2014
@Everyone - Wait until you hear Laurie's bike winning story. It will be good!
@Karen Jean - Thanks for the September 40th guess. You're right, Pennsylvania did drop a notch on the Leaderboard, despite having the second most total number of miles for the second year in a row. Utah was one of the big improvers, going from 17th place last year to just beat Pennsylvania for that 7th place ranking.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 1 11:22:00 2014
@JOM - thanks for sharing - Hope you cold improves!
@Marty - Sept. 40th - 18,948,725
and it is fun to see other States doing better this year. I think PA dropped from 7th to 8th place this year if I am remembering correctly.
@J Hugh - didn't mean to "diss" people who are retired, but it is a bit easier to work the bike around a schedule, and hit the road, when you don't have to make sure the children at home are safe and sound is all. Thanks for all your help and the fun posts during the challenge.
Laurie Rescheske Wed Oct 1 11:05:00 2014
OMG Scheel's just called me! I won a bike! Gotta go pick it up then I will post details!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 1 11:02:00 2014
Gotta agree with Burklee!! And diamond was a big motivator for people this year. For those of you who are close, keep going for that diamond, its your challenge, Sept. 40th and beyond >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
@ Laurie, WOW, CONGRATS!!!!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 10:58:00 2014
There is still time to guess both what our mileage will be on September 40th (October 10th), and when we will finally hit 20 million. Get your best guesses in.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 10:46:00 2014
The final results of the Total Mileage Guessing Game are:
1) Kevin Mackey 59,918
2) EM Matteson 79,266
3) Marty Malin 123,582
4) Scott Van Zyl 137,091
5) Rick Gilbert 149,454
6) Randy Reed 195,437
7) Howard Hess 269,727
8) J Hugh Strickland 280,457
9) Karen Jean Goth 302,760
10) Leonard Wright 373,124
11) Robert Jay Breitling 658,418
12) Cynthia Nelson 1,094,418
13) Mike Wagster 1,353,037
14) Mike Heyl 1,470,961
15) Brad Waldoch 18,405,582
Laurie Rescheske Wed Oct 1 10:44:00 2014
Ditto what Burklee said. I probably would have biked one-tenth of what I did if the Challenge had not spurred me on to keep riding. Thank you NBC. Thank all you wonderful, encouraging, helpful people here. I can't wait until next year!
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 1 10:29:00 2014
@Karen-I so agree about the jersey! Would love one! Lol. Maybe next season I will spring for one.
@Burklee-well said and I feel the same way!
J OM (Vegan Power) - youtube.com/user/cyclesdejom Wed Oct 1 10:27:00 2014
This is what I got up to on the Penultimate day of the Mileage Challenge - http://www.youtube.com/watch - racing at Iron Cross XI - the original North American Ultra CX race.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 10:27:00 2014
The state that improved the most this year was Hawaii.
They went from 48th place last year, all of the way up to 23rd!
How did they do it? They (almost) tripled the number of people signed-up for the Challenge, going from 51 in 2012 to 152 this year. And those riders quintupled their total mileage, going from 11,649 miles all of the way up to 58,161! Impressive!
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 1 10:03:00 2014
NBC - How about a sale on leftover Jerseys from this years challenge for those cheapskates among us? (as in me.)
Jade Lynn Blacksher Wed Oct 1 09:59:00 2014
I am very proud of myself and everyone else out there that stuck with the challenge and kept up their miles! Congratulations everyone! I had some very inspiring teammates who kept my spirits up through the heat of the summer and kept me motivated! Thanks to Todd, Theresa, Patti, Heather, Kit, Tim, Emily, Sam, Nate, Lynnette, Ryan and Brian!
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 1 09:56:00 2014
@Cynthia - Last year I tracked miles up to December after they rearranged things.
@Paul - more sorting options would be an improvement, I agree.
@Marty - Who won the guessing game?
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Oct 1 09:25:00 2014
Please understand what I'm about to do... Yea, Lincoln!!! Yea, Nebraska!!! Great riding, everybody in the NBC!! Thanks LAB, Kimberly-Clark, and Endomondo for giving us this great motivator. Thanks to the prize donors, even though I have yet to win anything.
I didn't make it to Diamond this year, but I think the van sat undriven even more than last year. Reading the comment board is a great part of my day. I feel like I'm a safer, more prepared rider because of what I read here. Y'all are most excellent!! Pat yourselves on the back... Approximately 27,000 people put up 18+ million miles in 153 days. Pretty amazing.
Paul Jeffries Wed Oct 1 08:52:00 2014
One more thing for all the historians out there...the "original" WI Bike Challenge of 2011 was, as I read on these blogs, inspired by an internal Kimberly Clarke Bike Challenge. The company challenge was expanded and K-C supported the first WI--and then the subsequent NB--Challenge(s). I wanted to be sure to give credit where credit was due!
Paul Jeffries Wed Oct 1 08:42:00 2014
Karen, I agree that we should keep the point system as it really does encourage a wide variety of cyclists to enjoy the Challenge. And I am fine having the points system as the main way of ranking/encouraging folks. I would just like a different way to sort the data. As an historical FYI, for the original WI bike challenge in 2011, on which the NBC was based, there were lots of different ways to "rank" the data--by points, miles, calories, number of rides, kinds of riding (transportation, sport, mountain), etc. The initial rankings were by points, but you could sort the data by many catagores...like we can somtimes sort our email--date recievce, subject, sender. I really liked this option. But you are right, the points is a better way to encourage diverse riding and riders!
Joe Sacco Wed Oct 1 08:33:00 2014
Be thankful it wasn't like last year!!
When the challenge was done, boom....... everything was shut off, like they turned off the light switch and left the room dark!! LOL
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 1 08:15:00 2014
My 2 cents - NBC is not a race, it is a "Challenge" to get people off their sofas, love seats, couches, day beds.... and on their bikes. It is to encourage non-bicyclists and weekend bicyclist to ride more often and for more than just recreation. Its purpose as they state it is to encourage "sustainable" living alternatives like commuting to work. I chose to "play" the Challenge as it was presented, by its own rules. The best I could do this year, at my skill level was to ride every day and increase my fitness in doing so. Next year I will be going for the miles. I think the rules should stand as they are to help out the "not so fit" bicyclists have a "handicap." It only makes the better bicyclists work harder (and get fitter themselves.) What they do about state rankings is not so important I think, but if they change the way they calculate the totals to make it more equitable, fine by me.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Oct 1 08:03:00 2014
@All-it has been such a pleasure conversing with you all, hearing stories, sharing ideas, knowing what other people from all over the country are doing, where they ride and picture sharing. I can't wait for next years challenge and I vow to reach out to at least 10 people and encourage them to join the challenge, mainly from work. And I will expect that maybe one or two people will actually join. Thanks for all you do and have done NBC! I hope over the next few years this event gets bigger and better and I couldn't be prouder to have participated!

One question-how long can we continue to track miles in the system before it "shuts off"?

EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Oct 1 07:54:00 2014
There will be a post ride survey so please fill that out with all the great ideas you have for next year. My suggestion (actually somebody else came up with this idea) is to have the official challenge start and end on a weekend so more people have a chance to organize and participate in events to officially kick off and close down the challenge!
Paul Jeffries Wed Oct 1 07:50:00 2014
An early suggestion for next year...please allow sorting/ranking by (only) miles ridden, not just Challenge points. For some folks, that is just (if not more) important. For example, WI looks to come in third among states in pts per citizen (kudos to VT and a late surging NE--alas, my almost midnight ride of 17 miles...after doing 38 and 7 earlier in the day, didn't hold you all off. ;-) ), but we crushed the entire field in terms of total miles ridden (about 3.5 million...unless there were some major changes I haven't be able to check yet, I don't think any other state was over 2 million).
Paul Jeffries Wed Oct 1 07:48:00 2014
I suspect that they shut it down to "finalize" it for the official Challenge period results. Once that has been done, I imagine it will be up and running as usual.
Kurt Gering Wed Oct 1 07:27:00 2014
What happened to the leaderboard?
Karen Jean Goth Wed Oct 1 07:09:00 2014
Everyone! I am taking a rest day off my bike to celebrate the end of the challenge. I guess I will see if I became addicted to bicycling after a few hours. I can't see my stats for riding in the challenge (don't really care.) I got my diamond, I didn't break anything. I wore out two tires and had to repair one wheel. Stretched my husband's patience, then made a bicyclist out of him (If you can't beat 'em join 'em comes to mind.) My son is even including bike riding as "cross-training." - a term I am sure he learned from his fellow runners. And I had a interesting Summer conversing with everyone here. I will keep posting miles at least until November, but will only bike five days a week. Got to train for the Turkey Trot - a 5K race held the day after Thanksgiving in Bethlehem, PA on a hilly course. This is my 3rd year and I am always humbled by the number of runners who put me to shame. But, my husband takes me out to lunch afterwards and I get a free t-shirt as a reward. Something tells me training will be easier this year. To my fellow posters and lurkers thanks for the memories.
Howard Hess Wed Oct 1 06:18:00 2014
Okay, so who broke the leaderboard?
Laurie Rescheske Wed Oct 1 05:22:00 2014
@ Marty, sorry. I was brain fried last night.
Paul Perry Wed Oct 1 04:30:00 2014
I only managed just over 4000 points.
Hawaii: # 23 State
Kapaa: # 1102 for Community
HME, Inc. # 1513 for Workplace (I am the sole rider)
Clydesdales on Bikes: # 265 for Team
Me: # 2154 for Rider

It's been a fun first year, and it will be even more fun next year improving immensely on all those numbers.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 01:23:00 2014
Congratulations to Vermont, for winning the Challenge for the second year in a row, and to Nebraska, for passing Wisconsin right at the end for 2nd place! (And everyone else, too!)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Oct 1 00:36:00 2014
@Jason, @Laurie, @Jason again - Check the post right before Rick's post (the one he was referring to) for these three states.
Jason Sutch Tue Sep 30 23:49:00 2014
Laurie Rescheske Tue Sep 30 23:48:00 2014
Alabama too
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 23:48:00 2014
Nebraska gets two vowels and Missouri has a record breaking three!! LOL
Jason Sutch Tue Sep 30 23:44:00 2014
@ Rick: Mississippi
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 22:58:00 2014
@Laurie - Congratulations on a new PR! (And a new wardrobe!)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 22:57:00 2014
My brief two hour reign as closest guesser in the total mileage game has come to an end. Kevin Mackey is now in sole posession of 1st place, only 90,517 miles off and dropping. I am 92,983 miles away, and EM Matteson is making a late charge, and will shortly pass me for second. She currently is 109,865 off the mark. Rick Gilbert is in 4th, and Randy Reed has dropped to 5th, but will soon be overtaken by Scott Van Zyl. J Hugh Strickland is in 7th. Howard Hess is in 8th, Karen Jean Goth just beat out Leonard Wright for 9th.
The next four are Robert Jay Breitling, Cynthia Nelson, Mike Wagster, and Mike Heyl.
And don't forget everyone, there is still time to enter the September 40th mileage guessing game, and also the what day will we reach 20 million miles game.
Laurie Rescheske Tue Sep 30 22:48:00 2014
I wanted to end the Challenge with a bang, and decided to shoot for 50 miles today. Didn't quite make that, but I DID beat my previous personal best by 1.3 miles, so I'm pretty happy with that (exhausted too!)
It has been awesome being in the NBC this year. Gained a lot of new friends along the way, and lost enough weight to need a new wardrobe (the money saved by not having to put gas in the car sure came in handy).
Looking forward to next year!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 22:08:00 2014
For whatever its worth, I was first in my workplace (last too for that matter) LOL!
@ Rick, thanks for the laugh!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 22:06:00 2014
With a little bit less than 3 hours for the NBC total mileage guessing game (Central time, since that is all I can see), currently, here are the leaders (and how far they are from current actual):
1) Me 76,844
2) Rick Gilbert 102,716
3) Kevin Mackey 106,656 (moving up fast - both Rick and I are headed in the wrong direction with each additional mile logged in)
4) EM Matteson 126,004 (1st woman on this leaderboard)
5) Randy Reed 148,699
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 22:02:00 2014
@Rick - Thanks. I was being lazy.
Rick Gilbert Tue Sep 30 21:57:00 2014
@EM - check the comic 'Frazz' from 9/27 and 9/28 re 'honkers.'
Rick Gilbert Tue Sep 30 21:55:00 2014
Not as many miles as I'd hoped for this year, but lots of smiles, thanks in part to a bunch of good people on this blog. Of course I'll keep riding into the fall here. Enjoyed it, folks!
Rick Gilbert Tue Sep 30 21:49:00 2014
Marty - Arkansas has just 3 vowels, but all are the same, as does Alaska. Kansas - 2 a's. After that, I don't think there are any other mono-vowel states.
Mary Bierbaum Tue Sep 30 21:23:00 2014
Ended the challenge with 2243 miles and 4082 points. Going to keep riding and maybe get Diamond by the end of October.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 21:13:00 2014
I've enjoyed this Challenge, too. Without all of you last year, I would not have broken my 30 year old mileage record by just over 100 miles. And this year, with more determination on my part, plus the inspiration I received from seeing what is possible by everyone else, I am only about 250 miles from breaking last year's record. I will do that shortly, and add on more with a 500 miles trip planned for later in October for Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, (And something I just realized while typing - each of those states have exactly 4 vowels, and each of those vowels within that state are the same. Are there any other states like these?), and more still to follow, to hopefully break my current PR by well over 1,200 miles.
It was nice to see some new posters on here in the last few days.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Sep 30 21:01:00 2014
Thanks to American League of Bicyclists and all the sponsors and of course Endomondo for a great 2013 National Bicycle Challenge. I am please to have reached today.
6360 Miles
9379 points
50th place in NBC
4th in my sunny Florida
8th in my workplace and it is work being retired.
Bon ton Roule
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 20:50:00 2014
Hi all, I ended my challenge (S)miles today with a 44 mile ride. I set out to do 40 but a zig here and a zag there and I had it. I ended the challenge with 6333 points, and I rode 3693 miles during the challenge period. I did not get to ride every day but I managed to ride every day in June and July. I finished somewhere in the 400s overall and at the moment 4th overall for Missouri.
Ironically, after I posted about the 1925 complaint about motorists honking their horns to annoyingly announce their presence, I had an annoying honker behind me today. It was in a spot where I cross a major intersection and then take the middle of a lane to avoid being run over. There is plenty of room and most drivers just go around me in the left turn lane or in the right turn lane. But, some people just don't get why I would be "in the middle of the road and make sure I know they don’t like it!" HAH!
Done with my riding for this challenge, I'm sitting around in my all-time favorite, and 20-some year old bike t-shirt. Its in mint condition, I only wear it for very special occasions like today. It has a bike on it and says "miles per gallon unlimited. . . .” And of course, I am wearing one of my many pairs of socks that have bicycles on them. All this is so I can reflect on my lifetime of bicycling from a blue kids bike to a red road bike and everything in between. I’m thinking about all the great friends I have made on this challenge, all the cycling secrets I have learned, all the life experiences we have shared. Good, bad, happy, sad, angry, glad. Its all so amazing and my life is so much richer for it. My greatest wish is that all of you continue to pursue your cycling goals and continue to go for those diamonds until September 40th and beyond. Continue to fight for the rights of cyclists everywhere. Continue to remember those we lost. Continue to ride for a better planet, better conditions for cyclists, better health, for your personal bests, to reach your personal goals. Continue to enjoy the (s)miles that every ride brings. You have been doing your part by inspiring others, coaching the teams, and getting people to add their miles to the cause, or by simply being out there on your bike. I won’t name names for fear of leaving someone out. I will just say I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride. And of course I’m looking forward to next year! THANKS ALL OF YOU, RIDE ON, and RIDE SAFE!
Karen Jean Goth Tue Sep 30 20:35:00 2014
@Nathaniel - :)
James Grimm Tue Sep 30 20:15:00 2014
My profile says I saved $400 by commuting on my bike. With the extra food and wear on my bike I'm not sure I really saved anything. I don't ride for humanitarian reasons. I ride because I love it.
Tammie Porter Tue Sep 30 20:10:00 2014
2175 miles
5135 points
... and I am about to go out on a ride with some friends that is typically about 20 miles.. hope I can get back in time to get it logged in before midinght! Just got home from a short 7 mile ride. Had to give Black Beauty a ride on the last day of the challenge since I will be riding my hybrid 'Blue' this evening. The 'Rebel Riders' are not typically road bike type riding. LOL
James Grimm Tue Sep 30 20:08:00 2014
7861 points
4821 miles
333th overall and falling
1st in state
1st in community
1st in company

Looking forward to next year and reaching some new goals.

Cycling Roberto Tue Sep 30 19:41:00 2014
8661 points
5761 miles
74th overall
8th in state
1st in community
1st in company
Thanks to the folks behind the scenes of the NBC for putting this together. Great meeting new folks on here, and I hope everyone continues to advocate for safer bicycling infrastructure. Enjoy, and see you on the road.
Steve Moore Tue Sep 30 18:59:00 2014
Midnight in which time zone?
Brendan DeFaoite Tue Sep 30 18:53:00 2014
@Carl....I would be so riding one more mile. LOL
Brendan DeFaoite Tue Sep 30 18:52:00 2014
@Burklee Yes Sir, you are living life! Thanks.
Brendan DeFaoite Tue Sep 30 18:50:00 2014
@EM Thanks. It's all good.....Just starting to walk again, so it'll only be a matter of a few hours before I'm on the bike. LOL
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Tue Sep 30 18:19:00 2014
6699 final points for this years NBC. 3800 miles is what I put out in the challenge also. Maybe next time I will do more?!
Allen Kibler Tue Sep 30 18:07:00 2014
Is it time for the 2014 Challenge yet???? I've had a ball riding , and road more miles on a bicycle than I have thought I was capable of. I'm gonna miss this :(
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 17:40:00 2014
@ Brendan, so sorry your challenge ended in such a painful way. I am happy to see that you are out and about again and wish you all the best!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 17:34:00 2014
@ JIm Johnson, what cool creative keyboarding. Love it!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Sep 30 17:27:00 2014
@Brendan - Sorry you're Challenge was shortened. Glad you're doing better. You're right, it IS the little things... properly inflated tires, taking the long way around on errands, my sweetie's hug, shuffling through fall leaves, the cat sitting on my lap, Barbra Streisand in my earphones. Sigh. Life is alright, you know?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 17:19:00 2014
@ Ray gorgeous photo!
Brendan DeFaoite Tue Sep 30 17:16:00 2014
Unfortunately, my challenge came to an end on Aug 27. It was fun while it lasted.
Rick Gilbert Tue Sep 30 17:01:00 2014
Thanks, Nathaniel!
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 30 16:51:00 2014
@Nathaniel-superb and awesome and it had a beat you could roll to it-would make a great commercial for NBC.....Happy Diamond Day to you!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 16:07:00 2014
@ Nathaniel, thanks for such a spectacular summary. Enjoy that final mile and let that diamond shine on!
Gene Smith Tue Sep 30 16:06:00 2014
Tammie Porter Tue Sep 30 15:58:00 2014
Wow! Nathaniel, I think you got it all in there.. kudos! Well said.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Sep 30 15:54:00 2014
Nathaniel Pak, Thank you! You have summed up the last 153 days to perfection.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Sep 30 15:48:00 2014
@Nathaniel - Beautiful!!! Bravo! I think you got everybody. Thank you for lurking and riding. Cheers to you!
Nyla Greenberg Tue Sep 30 15:46:00 2014
Nathaniel; Thanks for the perfect, alliterative, illustrative, hearing-the-beat-in-the- background, virtually symphonic celebrational Challenge synopsis and sendoff!
Nathaniel Pak Tue Sep 30 15:45:00 2014
Been lurking around this comment board since the start of the NBC, never felt the need to jump in, just enjoying the buzz of the conversation. But lately, on the final day of the challenge it occurs to me...
Here's to the cyclists, the riders; the bikers, the pedalers; the bicyclists, the cyclers, the bicycle riders, the peddlers. To the new-to-it-alls and the know-it-alls. To the raw, the seasoned and the cooked; the cussed and the concussed; the fabulous and the fabulists; the poets and the poseurs. To more petit fours, less petty force. To the spinners, the mashers, the crashers, the flashers. To winkies and blinkies and fixated twinkies. To mountain bikers, bmxers; roadies, tourists, cyclocrossers; commuters, fixters, low riders, cruisers; 'bents and tandems, tandem 'bents; newer random French words, older Dutch bike connoiseurs. To Cu w/Sn, Ag, Au, Pt; C (fiber), Ti, Al, Fe w/C,Cr,Mo; apply heat and pressure to reach pure crystalline C (it's real!). To rear wheel lockers, front wheel floppers. To the clipped in, the clicked in, the strapped in, the trapped in; the clipless, the strapless, the shoeless, the clueless. To carlessness, and less car mess (carefree, but careful, never careless). To the midnight miles, and the forty miles daily. To the skinny, the knobby, the slick, bald, and fat; the tubular, tubeless, airless, and flat; the skoshi bit, sorta, kinda, semi, and flat out (re) tired. To Endomondos, mondo endos (panic stops), wheelies, manuals, barspins, grinds, and (silly rabbit...) bunny hops. To Garmin geezers, Charmin squeezers; TP winners, PT spinners. To the outlaw rebel riders; and the level headed law abiders. To wildlife spotters, people watchers; road construction, traffic cops; rolling, track stand, foot down, fall over stops; heelers, healers, heavy breathers; rain gear, sunscreen, drought, and floods; gels, goos, honey stingers, otter pops; backpacks, baskets, panniers, trunks; racks, trailers, milk crates, bungeed junk; taking lanes, aches and pains, oiling chains, greasy stains; friendly feuds, favorite foods; vegetarians, carnivores, fast food junkies, locavores, mileage munchers, number crunchers. On city streets, country roads, suburban parkways, rural routes, fire trails, single track, velodromes, skate parks, alleys, parking lots, narrow shoulders, broad bike lanes, sharrows, side paths, bikeways, highways, asphalt, concrete, gravel, dirt, mud, snow:
Ride on, in peace.
Finished yesterday's Honolulu century ride a mile and a day short of diamond, so I'm going home; I'll sit down, patch my bones, then get back...
Karen Jean Goth Tue Sep 30 14:17:00 2014
@Jim - CRAZY!!! LOVE IT!!
I am not used to those long rides. Nothing at all hurts today, if you don't include a sour throat, but I have absolutely no energy. It was difficult for me to do five miles total from my garden and back. Perhaps I will feel better after work. At 2:10 we had 18,245,505 miles. Mine is the last 5. Hope I can add to that later, but now I feel like taking a nap before work. I did my part yesterday, so I need some last day troopers to do some miles for me. (I rode every day of the challenge from May 1 to Sept 30.)
Karen Jean Goth Tue Sep 30 14:06:00 2014
@Jerry - Wow! I have to admit that I called the police last week about two neighborhood teens who were racing around our quiet neighborhood, this while I was out on my bicycle- I saw the same boys twice in the same week at around 2:30 in the afternoon. Its a shame that they don't seem to realize the implications of their actions.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Sep 30 14:03:00 2014
The seemingly carefree life of a teenager appeared to hit rock bottom last Saturday as Darriean Hess reportedly struck and killed two bicyclists and seriously injured two others.
Darriean Hess posts on Facebook laugh about speeding, drug possession
Throughout Hess' arraignment, defense attorney Tony Naro described his client as "absolutely grief-stricken" and said she hadn't left the house in days except for one time to get food, since she hadn't been eating.
Naro painted Hess as a chaste 19-year-old with no prior criminal record who made a simple mistake. But her Facebook photos shine a different light on her life.
Also see the related stories in the sidebar.
"So Hess is grief stricken. So are four families of the bicylists she hit. She just wants to go home to her family. There are two familes that will never have a family member come home again.
Nyla Greenberg Tue Sep 30 13:48:00 2014
Final (I think) Challenge ride in beautiful, blustery, fragrantly- leaf-blown, filtered-through-stained-glass seasonal sunshine. Congratulations to all persistent pedalers for every accumulated mile and smile along the way! Many thanks for the increased motivation and enhanced sense of community generated by generously shared stories and imagery here. I am immeasurably richer for having pedaled across your respective, collective, variously informative, inspiring, entertaining and lyrically poetic paths. THANKS! Autumn Beckons..Roll On…EnJOY the RIDE!
Nyla Greenberg Tue Sep 30 13:22:00 2014
Time to cook more roadside-gathered puffballs from yesterday’s ride: Otherworldly orbs sprouting overnight beneath autumn’s more familiar Kodachrome hues, and harvested at the firmest, whitest peak of their alien life-span. Surprising tasty. (-; Here’s to a pedaled pace inviting observation and celebration of all autumn gifts..Ride on!
Jim Johnson Tue Sep 30 12:54:00 2014
~~~(o)/ (o)
This is me riding off into the sunset after the National Bike Challenge!!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 12:43:00 2014
@Laurie - I know you'll do it. Enjoy the bike/book/lunch! Can't beat the weather.
Laurie Rescheske Tue Sep 30 12:31:00 2014
@ Marty -- gonna take my lunch and a book and bike to the river before work this afternoon. Then a longer ride after work. I'm still hoping to hit Diamond by October 15th or so.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 12:13:00 2014
@Ray - Beautiful scene!
@Laurie - Go for it.
Laurie Rescheske Tue Sep 30 11:50:00 2014
It's a beautiful fall day here in Wisconsin, sunny and 62....couldn't ask for better biking weather! Let's see how many miles I can squeeze in today to finish the Challenge in style :)
Ray S Tue Sep 30 11:24:00 2014
Here is a picture of the Cleveland skyline (if you want to call it that) from Edgewater Park, taken on Saturday afternoon. For the geographically challenged, that body of water is Lake Erie ;) http://goo.gl/eezmx2
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 10:21:00 2014
Current total mileage guess leaders (and how far they are from current actual):
Randy Reed 21,758
J Hugh Strickland 63,262
Rick Gilbert 67,741
Me 93,613
Leonard Wright 155,929
Next update in about 8 hours.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 10:00:00 2014
@ Paul, congrats on making 4000 and even more for sticking it out in the face of that last minute psssstttttt.......
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 09:37:00 2014
@ Howard, congratulations on your mission accomplished plus earning the diamond ! SHINE ON & RIDE ON!!!
Howard Hess Tue Sep 30 09:14:00 2014
Mission accomplished! The workplace squad I organized for NBC crossed over our goal of 30,000 miles last night, just in time! Impressive to me, when you look at the fact that our company logged about 12,000 miles during the same five months last year. Kudos to the team! Oh, and I earned diamond a few days ago, icing on the cake! :)
Laurie Rescheske Tue Sep 30 06:40:00 2014
Today's the day.
Paul Perry Tue Sep 30 04:28:00 2014
What a ride. Got the metric century in. At 44 miles, I stopped at a beach park 2 miles from my house to fill my water bottles, and it started dumping rain. And this was in the dark. I decided to push on. At 55 miles, I was literally 1/4 mile from my house when I felt my rear tire was low. Decisions, decisions....bag the ride? Gix the flat? I was mostly dry (thanks to all the great winds-except my feet were still soaked). Seemed to be a very slow leak....so decided to forgo changing the tube...CO2 to the rescue. Just kept doing laps, not getting more than 1 mile from my house, just in case.
Finishe d the ride, got the 100k, and missed a PB by 8 minutes. I could have easily had it as I was taking it easy to get the miles.
I broke 4000 points for the challenge. 65 miles for today. Clost to 40 of them as night riding. 214 miles for the week. Not bad considering I got a total of about 275 for the last 4 weeks combined due to illness/colds/flu.. Feels so good to be back to full health. 473 miles for the month with one day, and a planned century to go. Hoping for 125. If I can manage 135, by 5pm, I will have 200 miles for 24 hours. 101 miles tomorrow will give me my second best month.
On such a high right now. More focused, motivated and driven than I have ever been.I have to believe a lot of that comes from this new adventure I am about to embark upon. I should have my first training plans week!! The anticipation is killing me!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 04:25:00 2014
With 21 hours left in the Challenge, J Hugh Strickland is in 1st place with his guess for the final tally, but fading, with Randy Reed pushing into second place, ahead of former leader Leonard Wright. Rick Gilbert is currently in 4th, but is getting close to overtaking My Wright, with your's truly in 5th,
Rounding out the top ten are Kevin Mackey, EM Matteson, Scott Van Zyl, Howard Hess, and Karen Jean Goth.
To give you an idea, J Hugh's guess was 14,000 under the current mileage total, and Randy Reed's guess was 70,000 over the current tally.
There is still time to post your guess.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 30 01:52:00 2014
@Cynthia - You're getting ahead of yourself. Check your calendar. We are still in 2013.
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Tue Sep 30 00:57:00 2014
My weekend wasn't too bad. I did my Bike MS City to Shore Century and and the 75 second day ride. Nice weather. There only seemed to be a head wind going north, like on the Century turn off, and the 152 bridge on day one. Day two there was a head wind somewhere around Hammonton. All in all the Century only took me 6 hours and 55 minutes on day one, and day two's 75 miles, or really 80 miles, was 5 hours and 27 minutes. I did fine on BMX bike. I learned one about Endomondo that day. I can't run it and expect the battery to last 5 hours in my smart phone. It made it so my pictures were kind of minimal. Day two I even forgot to turn it on, and didn't turn the app on until nearing the end of the ride. I think a Garmin is in my sites.
J OM (Vegan Power) - youtube.com/user/cyclesdejom Tue Sep 30 00:41:00 2014
Super stoked - the team I Captain will win the Teams category of the Mileage Challenge! We cracked 500,000 points today, brilliant!
Jonathan Baty Tue Sep 30 00:09:00 2014
We've hit 18 million miles, if everyone updates their miles tomorrow we'll probably hit 19 who knows maybe 20?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 30 00:05:00 2014
Hey all, soon to be on the bookshelf: the most exciting new book about the history of bicycling is Carlton Reid's "Roads were not Built for Cars." Among the many amazing things he uncovered in his research is an article discussing annoying and dangerous thiings that motorists were doing in 1925. One annyoing habit some people had was honking their horns to get people out of the way. The article goes on to say that similar behavior by pedestrians would not be tolerated and among the recommendations made was a ten mile an hour speed limit!!! If you want to know more of the amazing and interesting things Reid uncovered, I suggest you take a look at: http://www.roadswerenotbuiltforcars.com/
I am anxiously awaiting the publication of this book with all the connections between bicycles/bicycling and cars/driving ,including the fact that the first people to heavily promote paved roads in the US and the UK were bicyclists!
@ Roberto: bookshelf recommendation for you: "Road to Valor" the history/biography of Italian cycling legend Gino Bartali and Italy during WWII. Excellent book, highly recommended for pasta lovers who ride bicycles and play the accordian!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 29 23:29:00 2014
@ Karen Jean, nothing wrong with an early birthday present. And all for a good cause, so it was great of your family to let you have one present a little early!!!
Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 29 23:12:00 2014
@Roberto and EM too - I was meaning to say earlier, that my guess for the day we reach 20,000,000 miles was October 25, which is also my birthday. My husband gave me the day off to ride my bike as much as I want to, which was suppose to be on my birthday as EM suggested, but in order to include the miles in the NBC I took the day off today. But, I will accept the happy birthdays today. Today, however, is Jerry's birthday, I think. He might be eating cake as we "speak." I did interrupt my ride to attend my son's soccer game and also to make a simple supper, so I am thinking that I really COULD do the MS or maybe even a century if they don't pack up and leave after 8 hours, which they might.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 29 23:08:00 2014
HA HA guys, I was predicting for Sunday, when in fact I meant MONDAY, Sept. 30!! LOL
Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 29 22:51:00 2014
@Karen, BTW, did I get it right that today is your birthday? Happy Birthday!
Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 29 22:51:00 2014
@Karen, next time!
Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 29 22:11:00 2014
@Roberto - Yes, you smiled nicely and said hello. I tried to say, is that you Roberto?
I don't think you heard me, but you ride a lot faster than I do, and I am pretty shy, and I was not sure it was you, so I didn't stop myself.
Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 29 21:38:00 2014
@Karen, I was around mile 45 at that point, and getting hungry. I remember saying hello as we passed going in opposite directions.
Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 29 21:26:00 2014
@Roberto - Yes, sir you did, and now I know why you didn't stop. I was not sure, however, if it was you. :)
Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 29 21:24:00 2014
And great mileage! :)
Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 29 21:22:00 2014
@Karen, did I pass you at the railroad crossing in Albertis today?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 29 21:17:00 2014
Hi all, out today in Illinois where I rode around Carlyle Lake over by Carlyle, Illinois. It was a beautiful day for a ride. A lot of wind, but that's life in Illinois. I think it will help me be ready for the Ride the Rivers Century next month. My husband also got out and put in some (s)miles around the lake today so the NBC got some extra miles.
@ Kathy, congrats on your century.
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get us to 18 million plus+++++++
Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 29 20:59:00 2014
I just completed the: END OF NBC 2013 - 60.6mile

Congratulations Roberto! We both know who the real champion is!

Paul Perry Mon Sep 29 19:03:00 2014
Nice ridrs, Roberto and Kathy.
And Kathy ...be carefil. Centuries can be addicting. :-)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Sep 29 17:42:00 2014

enjoy this is a kind of wind, too.

Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 29 15:45:00 2014
55 nonstop solo miles in 3 hours and 38 minutes of steady pedaling. Not bad considering a stiff East wind for a 25 mile return with headwind.
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Sep 29 15:19:00 2014
Hello All! What a beautiful day. I missed all the posts since yesterday morning and I have enjoyed catching up!
To all those who made Diamond-Congratulations! Awesome and way to go.
@all who knock being vegetarian-don't knock it till you try it! I could go on and on but I won't....lol
@Jerry and Karen-Happy Birthday! Hope this day and the coming year are the best ever! Your both awesome and its been a pleasure getting to "meet" you.
@Kathy-hi stranger! Hope your first century was great!
@All-the NBC 2014 has been a great ride! Wonderful to interact with you all, learn, an d grow in our sport. I can't wait for next year already! Although Diamond was not in my sights this year, it's still been great. Maybe for 2015! Wahoo!
Ride on with peace all and keep on riding, commuting, enjoying, and living!
Paul Perry Mon Sep 29 15:02:00 2014
Karen...yes, further and faster. My new philosophy.
@Leonard...thanks. I am finally learninh to pace myself.

Coming from a mountain biking and downhill background, my old philosophy was "Faster and Faster-until the thrill of speed overcones the fear if death". The time is right for change. I feel ultracycling calling to me. I did nit choose the direction. It is just where I feel my journey is taking me.

Gregg Warning Mon Sep 29 13:32:00 2014
Only 720 more miles before we hit 18 million. It looks like we won't quite make 20 million, but this is still a big achievement.
Leonard Wright Mon Sep 29 13:28:00 2014
@Tammie and J Hugh,

Same thing, when I downloaded my Garmin this morning the mileage showed up right away - it took a couple hours for the points to update but they did eventually.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Sep 29 12:55:00 2014
@tammie I think its just the end of the month/weekend slow down. Should clear up in a few hours. I noticed that my endo stats changed but my NBC points didnot. so It seems like the usually pattern.
Mary Bierbaum Mon Sep 29 10:27:00 2014
I think I'm going to go out for a ride today because I can't stand those zeros and because it's suppose to rain tomorrow and 2 days off seems like too much. And I want to add a few more miles to the total. Congrats to @Kathy for the Century. I hope to do one eventually. And congrats to the Diamond achievers. What amazing accomplishments.
Tammie Porter Mon Sep 29 09:41:00 2014
Looks like we are into the end of the month point freeze. Mine have not updated since I entered my ride yesterday. I used the endemondo app that uploaded automatically and it has not shown here so I tried uploading through my garmin.. still no change. I guess there will be a big jump when all those who have the same problem suddenly show up. I will be riding about 20 miles today. ... last night to work before I get three nights off.. YEA~!!
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 29 09:28:00 2014
@Kathy. Congratulations on your first century.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Sep 29 09:19:00 2014
At only a few hundred miles below 18 million, we're reached our combined mileage goals for 2012 & 2013. If you recall, we were over 12 million miles last year, when our goal was 10 million.
But, if everyone in the Challenge only did 1.5 miles per hjour from now until the end of tomorrow, we would make our 20 million!
Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 29 09:11:00 2014
@Everyone - "dije in hitreje" means further and faster in Slovenian. Good Saying, only to me it applies to swimming. Totally appropriate for an endurance athlete, whatever the sport. It must be a form of mental illness though, and I think I have the ailment because I totally "get it."
Kathy Rieck Mon Sep 29 07:23:00 2014
Rode my first century in the MS ride yesterday. And then I passed out and slept like a rock.
Leonard Wright Mon Sep 29 07:05:00 2014
@Paul Perry,

According to the t-shirt I received from Marko back in 2011(12?) when he was selling them as a fund raiser for his RAAM ride, the correct spelling is "dlje in hitreje". I made a typo on the earlier message. I think your idea of having a sticker made with the message on it is a wonderful tribute to both of them.

Congratulations for all the miles you have been doing this year. Have a great time on your 125 mile ride. Don't try to set any land speed records. The goal for the day is to complete 125 miles, just relax and enjoy the ride.

Paul Perry Mon Sep 29 04:09:00 2014
And Leonard, I found a website that makes professional type stickers like the pros use with their names on their bike frames. I am going to have this mad for my bike "dlie in hitreje"
Although google suggested this spelling: dlje in hitreje

Which is right? Because that sums up exactly how I feel about riding.
I want to keep it in Slovenian, as it was Jure Robic that first got me interested in ultacycling, It was a story I had read somewhere about how he was pushing the limits of training. That in turn led me to RAAM, and to Marko. I have been following both since their 2003 RAAM races. I think it would be a fitting tribute to both.

Paul Perry Mon Sep 29 04:06:00 2014
And I want to add to what others have said about the posts and people here...
I would not be at the point I am now had I not discovered this app and this site. So many great folks here that I would love to go out and ride with.
Your stories are all very inspiring. And I know NBC is not a competition, but when I see my name on a leader board, I just can't help but try and climb it.
All of you + NBC + Endomondo challenges = me already surpassing and consequently having to re-write almost all of the goals I have set for myself to hit by the end of this this year.I want to thank you all for that.
Paul Perry Mon Sep 29 03:47:00 2014
I'll be making up for some lost opportunities on Sunday and Monday myself. Shooting for a 100k Sunday night, and then a PB on Monday as I attempt 125 miles. Hoping to do the 125 as a single ride.
I just hope and pray it's not as windy as last Monday was.
Leonard Wright Mon Sep 29 01:57:00 2014
@Marty, As of 1:58 am we were at 17,990,240. Going to add another 100 to that in a few hours (2 days of riding, not a century ride.....).
Leonard Wright Mon Sep 29 01:33:00 2014
@Jerry B,

Oops, my bad. Got to learn to read what is actually written on the page, not what I think is written.

I'm afraid that many miles per day may be too much even for your fantastic abilities :-)

In my defense, I was on my way to bed and my eyes were already sleeping............

EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 29 00:02:00 2014
PS, prediction for Sept. 30, 18,484,848 (s)miles that is!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Sep 28 23:53:00 2014
I think we've reached 18 million miles! (But the odometer is on its usual end-of-month routine. If I remember correctly, the mileage total hasn't changed for at least an hour.)
So, we have just over two days to do 2 million miles. Its time to start recruiting some ringers.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Sep 28 23:49:00 2014
Hi all, out in the late afternoon today. I was expecting to IRIR, but it didn't rain so my rain jacket just stayed stuffed in my bag and I raced up and down the trail and took all the side trails I could find to rack up some miles.
Congrats to all the new diamond owners Timothy, Kevin, & Don.
@ TAmmie good for you for taking care of you and Black Beauty. A day off can may you stronger when you get back on.
@ Jerry, its your birthday toimorrow, and you are already eating your cake? Is this because you are secretly planning to have chocolate chip cookies for your actual birthday??? Watch out, cookie commandos have been known to swipe cookies from unsuspecting victims and eat them to power their rides! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
@ Karen Jean, WOO HOO, YOU DID IT!! You got a birthday and you got a day off so you can RIDE!! YEAH, YEAHOO!! ZZZZZZZZZ and ride on HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU!!!!
Gotta go catch some z's myself, ride in Illinois tomorrow cause it would take us too long to get to Appleton, but thanks for the invite Rob!
Cycling Roberto Sun Sep 28 23:48:00 2014
@Jerry, not with all that meat weighing you down.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 28 23:44:00 2014
@Leonard. I need to ride 839 miles on each day. Total of 1,678 miles. Still think I can do it?
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Sep 28 22:58:00 2014
@Karen Jean - I know, I shouldn't have done it, but I'll be nice to Jerry his entire birthday. Right now, I'm a little dizzy, (OK, a lot dizzy), trying to count all of the virtual candles. I think it would have been a lot easier for me about 4 or 5 years ago, when I could see better. BTW Nice creativity on the candles.
Here are some after they were pulled off of the cake. / ~ l \ __ ^ ) (One broke in half, and some partially melted)
Karen Jean Goth Sun Sep 28 22:54:00 2014
@Marty - OOOOO, going for the jugular, and its Jerry's birthday tomorrow, shame shame. -tee,hee - I think we will reach 20 Million on October 25th, my birthday - |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| - approximate number of candles on my birthday cake - and now Marty is going to count them (They are virtual candles Marty.) Maybe I should have typed iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
The number of candle I can blow out in one breath 111111111111111111iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Candles on an upsidedown cake - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -
I think I am done now, tomorrow is a big day, family gave me the day off to ride my
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Sep 28 22:49:00 2014
Notice how the ones who are talking about eating meat are the ones who are always falling off of their bikes?
Howard Hess Sun Sep 28 22:40:00 2014
My guess... 18,675,309.. in honor of Jenny :)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Sep 28 21:34:00 2014
Check out Friday's and today's Frazz: http://news.yahoo.com/comics/frazz-slideshow/
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 28 21:17:00 2014
@Tammie. I agree with you. Real meat. Not vegetables.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 28 21:14:00 2014
@Roberto. Actually I two pieces of angel food cake my wife made me for my birthday tomorrow.
Timothy M Walsh Sun Sep 28 20:11:00 2014
Congrats Kevin, did it with 4 days to spare myself
Timothy M Walsh Sun Sep 28 20:09:00 2014
Congrats Don
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Sep 28 20:07:00 2014
With just over 2 days left, we have 12 guesses for the final mileage number, with an average guess of 18,735,127.72. And so far, everyone's guess is still in the running. Any more takers in this winner take all event?
Right now, Leonard Wright is the closest to being right, with J. Hugh Strickland in second place, and Randy Reed to show.
Also, you can get in all three guess Chalenges for the price of none: The second one is how many miles on September 40th, (which we may owe to Mr. Leonard Wright), and when will we hit 20 million.
Leonard Wright Sun Sep 28 19:56:00 2014
Jerry B.

Local record for 24 hours is 523.9 miles (Jim Verheul, 2012 Bike Sebring, Recumbent, 24 hour Drafting Event). If you get 523.9 miles on Sunday then you can catch a few hours of sleep and only have to do 315.1 miles on Monday (piece of cake). With your awesome determination it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see you make it...........

Don Harms-Jones Sun Sep 28 19:01:00 2014
At the beginning of this thing I thought that if I avoided injury I could hit Diamond in mid September. I did it on September 16th.
Kevin L Mackey Sun Sep 28 18:58:00 2014
Diamond with 2 days to spare!
Paul Jeffries Sun Sep 28 18:17:00 2014
I, like Lawrence A, would like to thanks all the folks involved with the NBC this year. It has been a good year, even if looks like we won't hit 20 million...but 6+ million more than last year is not bad! I am looking forward to 2014 already! But with regards to 2013...I had some of my toughest riding today...an hour+ into a 20-25+ mph head wind. Brutal...but I really cruised on the return! May everone have a good last few days!
Paul Jeffries Sun Sep 28 18:10:00 2014
Jerry...my recommendation...Head west...that way you get an extra hour every time you corss a time zone...now, once you get to the west coast... getting to Hawaii for some of the last NBC riding will be your last challenge. Does water biking count for the NBC?
Cycling Roberto Sun Sep 28 17:58:00 2014
@Mary, it's a shame that a beautiful state likes ours ranks so low on the LBA bicycle friendly list. But anyone who has used the "Bike Routes" knows, what those green signs really mean is, "Find another way."
Mary Bierbaum Sun Sep 28 17:28:00 2014
@Cycling Roberto, we have both the A Route and the Z Route. I've ridden parts of A and all of Z and they seem to take the most direct and busy roads. I don't care for most of the routes though A includes the Presque Isle Peninsula which is a great place to cycle. The group rides avoid them as much as possible.
Cycling Roberto Sun Sep 28 16:57:00 2014
@Jerry, piece of cake.
Cycling Roberto Sun Sep 28 16:57:00 2014

Does your state have these? Funny thing is, this is about as far into cycling infrastructure PA goes. And if you follow these routes, you might just get yourself killed on some of the sketchy roads ever. Obviously designed by a non-cyclist.

Today's ride was nearly 43 miles of gravel. Getting off the road on amateur day.

Don Harms-Jones Sun Sep 28 16:55:00 2014
A few days ago I checked when the last day I took a day off riding was and it was May 6th. This is the first time I've ever gone an entire summer without having to take at least a few days off for injury. Last year I had to take about a month off total. First I broke a bone in a foot walking into a door frame, then I had major eye surgery, and in August I had a minor crash that cost me a few days.
Cycling Roberto Sun Sep 28 16:54:00 2014
@Tammie, good for you that you have enjoyed the NBC and achieved Diamond. As forf the vegetarian bit, as my grandmother used to say, "What you eat doesn't make me fat." Watch the documentary, "Forks over Knives."
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 28 16:11:00 2014
I only have to ride 839 miles tomorrow and Monday to make Diamond.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 28 16:10:00 2014
It was 37 degrees when I left this morning. Fall is here. I want summer back. Especially since I missed most of it.
Tammie Porter Sun Sep 28 16:08:00 2014
I was bad yesterday and actually took a day off my bike. I really was not feeling well and decided it was time to actually take a day off. Strange but my body was telling me to rest and my brain kept saying "just a little ride will make you feel better!" ... I listened to my body. I am going for a short ride today before heading off for work. LOOOONG work week... only one day off in a long line of 12 hour shifts. They did find someone to work tuesday night. Otherwise, I have been working since sunday and will finally have next monday off... I am TIRED! I too am so glad I found The Challenge in my first year of riding. I have learned so much and had so much fun with all of you. Acheiving Diamond was a goal I am very proud of ...what is next? LOL Sorry you vegiterians.. I am a carnivore all the way! I do eat a lot of fish though.
Mary Bierbaum Sun Sep 28 15:45:00 2014
I've been planning on posting exactly what A Lawrence said but he said it better. I didn't make Diamond but when I realized I wasn't going to make it. I set my goal to 4000 points which I achieved today with a 51mile ride around Wine Country in north west PA. It included wine tasting but my riding buddy was on a deadline so we only really stopped for lunch. You guys are awesome and reading your posts have given me encouragement when things were looking down. Thanks. Next year I will get to Diamond.
Rob Gusky Sun Sep 28 15:20:00 2014
@A Lawrence - you said it all, man. Congratulations and glad to have you with us!
A Lawrence Sun Sep 28 11:45:00 2014
I need to thank all of you who post on this board. From helpful tips to encouragement to inspirational stories I have leanred more by paying attention here than I can adequately show my gratitude. A lifelong rider and mostly of mountain bikes as of late, this year I turned 40 and put together my first road bike using spare parts and eBay, and got the last shake-down runs where I felt confident on the thing in mid-June. Learning through a series of falls into luckily grassy areas what it meant to clip in, and realizing what I already knew about how relaxing it can be to crank out 2 miles or 20 miles, it is understated to apply the term 'welcome addition' to this FrankenBike; so much so that I have also spent the summer running 5Ks (see also-not a runner), canoeing and kayaking more and ultimately signing up for an adventure triathalon that is approaching fast, as in next weekend fast.
Today, I hit Platinum in my morning ride of 21+ with a challenge total of 949 miles, and that acomplishment is placed appropriately behind the offering of thanks to all of you from this first-time NBC Participant in this post.
Rob Gusky Sun Sep 28 09:00:00 2014
If you are near Appleton, WI tomorrow, you are invited to join us for our free Challenge Celebration. We achieved our local goal of 1 million miles! The weather looks great for some fun, food and riding! https://www.facebook.com/events/532695420125231/
Leonard Wright Sun Sep 28 08:31:00 2014
@Paul Perry,

Congratulations, have a great time training with Marko. He is a great cyclist.

dlie in hitreje

Karen Jean Goth Sun Sep 28 08:29:00 2014
@Paul - That sounds very exciting! Wishing you all the best!
Just wanted to let everyone know that my husband informed me yesterday, he is not in danger of missing his paycheck if we have a government shutdown. His workplace is covered under a special provision related to military readiness and is part of another fund. I wish he would have told me a few weeks ago when I was talking to him about it, but as the married ladies out there can verify for me, sometimes when your husband says, "Yeh, uhu, I know," he is not really listening, only pretending to do so. Still, it was good news. I am still remembering this morning, however, that some people would not be so lucky.
Paul Perry Sun Sep 28 06:05:00 2014
I did it. (not diamond ). I made the commitment to take my cycling to the next level. Signed an agreement today with my new coach...Marko Baloh!!! I can't even begin to express how excited I am to start working with him. He's been a hero and an inspiration to me for quite sometime. Training begins in October. I feel like now I finally have the direction I need to get both the quality and quantity of miles in.
Paul Perry Sun Sep 28 06:03:00 2014
103 on a mtb is quite an impressive ride. I think my best was 75 over the course of a day, but not as a single ride.
Andrew Dodds Sun Sep 28 02:43:00 2014
103 miles of super technical MTB riding in Morocco done. Need to try and find another 64 points before Monday to get diamond... Could be tough!
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 27 23:05:00 2014
@Karen, thanks, and yes it is tofu. I haven't had lemon tofu sushi from Wegman's. I normally do everything from scratch homemade. I'm also use as much organic ingredients as well as locally produced as possible. My biggest gripe with the local farmer's markets... nothing organic. Not so elsewhere, but here in good old home of "Organic Gardening" magazine, nada. Oh well.... guess that goes with the zero bike lanes. End of rant.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 27 22:42:00 2014
@Roberto - You Da Man!! I am not a vegetarian, is that tofu? Yum! Have you had lemon tofu sushi from Wegmans? Very Good!
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 27 22:21:00 2014
@EM and Burklee - Thanks, I just snagged your graphic representations of your stellar personalities, or perhaps, maybe, Burklee --- is---Uh, you're saying --a, a talking bear? - Smarter than the average, Hey, Boo-Boo!!
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 27 21:29:00 2014
Thanks Marty-my memory is a mess!
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 27 21:25:00 2014
@Roberto-that looks yum! Sounds like your going to have another person to help clean up...just got done leafing thru the Fall issue of Vegetarian Times btw.
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 27 21:18:00 2014
@EM, I always share. Lifelong vegetarian, have knives, will travel.
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 27 21:18:00 2014

More on how the Dutch see it...

EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 27 21:16:00 2014
@ Roberto, YUM! I'll wash up if you want to share! LOL
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 27 21:08:00 2014
@Burklee, nap? Then who would fold the wash, prepare dinner, and then do the dishes afterward?


Leonard Wright Sat Sep 27 19:48:00 2014
I know who came up with September 40th but I'm not saying...........
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 27 19:44:00 2014
@KJG-neat on the photo montage.
@Burklee-great pic of ya! lol
2Roberto-looks like the perfect ride day in a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing.
Rick Gilbert Sat Sep 27 18:57:00 2014
Had to drive again today (he makes an excuse), and this weekend's not looking good for two-wheeled travel - or four-wheeled, for that matter. Saturday's forecast is heavy rain (100%) with steady south winds at 21 mph, with significantly higher gusts. Sunday lets up a little. The forecast last weekend missed big time, and we dodged the rain-bullet. I'm not expecting that kind of luck two weekends in a row.
Rick Gilbert Sat Sep 27 18:54:00 2014
I'll take a raffle ticket, even with a penalty point - 18,256,128. And I'm doubling my NBC entry fee so the pot will be bigger.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Sep 27 18:07:00 2014
@Karen Jean - Of course! 11 guesses at an average of 18,778673.15 for September 30th, 19,537,333 for September 40th, and October 20th for 20 million.
@Cynthia - September 40th was the guess several weeks ago for us to reach 20 million, since we were already behind pace to make it on the 30th. I don't remember who came up with it, but it was good!
@Mike - September 40th would equate to October 10th. (30 days has September...)
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Sep 27 18:04:00 2014
@EM - :)
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 27 18:03:00 2014
@ Roberto, nice place to spend your day!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Sep 27 18:01:00 2014
@Roberto - Well, that'll tire a guy out, won't it? Have a nap.
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 27 18:01:00 2014
View from the trail of the Lehigh River:


Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 27 17:58:00 2014

Where I rode today. 42 miles of gravel.

EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 27 17:48:00 2014
HI all, out today for two rides. The first was my regular route to put the miles in. The second was a lunch ride. My husband had a half day off. Temps. rose into the 80s but it didn't feel hot since its been cooling off at night. And the clouds moving in and out helped the cooling off process. Lots of other people out riding today. YAY!! RIDE ON PEOPLE!
@ Karen Jean, a photo montage, what a great idea. In case you were wondering my "photo" is four cookie commandos riding bicycles. Long story, its a secret club! LOL!
@ Burklee, I was hoping for one of you on your bike! I'm so jeaolus, I love your fur!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Sep 27 17:41:00 2014
@Karen - Did you get my picture? You should, I was having a really good fur day that day. :P
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Sep 27 17:35:00 2014
Are we keeping you up, Roberto?
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 27 17:33:00 2014
@Roberto - copied your new picture for my own photo montage of the NBC people I have talked to. You have been very helpful with your tips. Thanks for putting up with my shinanigans (not sure of the spelling, but you know what I mean.)
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 27 16:53:00 2014
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 27 16:41:00 2014
@Mike-check back through the pages, Sept 40th was a date picked through some back and forth conversation as a wishful end date for the challenge....I think I remember that correctly....Marty-help! lol
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 27 16:22:00 2014
@ J Hugh & Joshua, congrats!
Kevin L Mackey Sat Sep 27 15:54:00 2014
21 points to Diamond
Mike Wagster Sat Sep 27 15:52:00 2014
My prediction: 19,758,619 miles when NBC officially closes.
Mike Wagster Sat Sep 27 15:48:00 2014
@ J. Hugh: Way to roll!!! 10k miles in a year is an awesome milestone....
@ Joshua B: Welcome to the Diamond club!!
@ Cynthia: What calendar are you using -- Sept 40th??? LOL I guess that equates to Oct 9th??
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 27 15:25:00 2014
@J Hugh-awesome guy!
@Joshua-awesome on catching that diamond before Sept 40th!
Joshua Buck Sat Sep 27 14:48:00 2014
finally hit diamond today. so excited.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 27 13:50:00 2014
@Marty - Are you getting all these down? lol
@J. Hugh - Good job J. Hugh!
Was watching Xtreme bicycling earlier today with bicyclist flying of mountainous ramps. I watched a similar video of a dare devil bicycling off his roof at home. (I am not recommending this.) Here I was today, if you can picture this, on my mothers porch roof trimming wisteria vines, moss and leaves out of the gutter on my stomach, spread eagle most of the time. How in the world do they have the courage? Now jumping out of a plane, well...............? (Smiles, Jerry.)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Sep 27 13:34:00 2014
I passed 10,000 miles for the year today.
I think there will be 18,125,125 miles in the NBC 2013
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 27 13:19:00 2014
@Roberto, yes I know. My point is that these people get off. The policeman here who killed two teenagers in a car "accident" was driving way over the speed limit and texting and God knows what. Long story short he keeps trying to get his drivers license back. What they should say is if you need to get somewhere so badly, get a bicycle. NO DRIVER'S LICENSE EVER. Sometimes they get them just to drive to work and back. NO MORE EXCUSES. NO MORE LICENSES.
Mike Heyl Sat Sep 27 12:55:00 2014
Scott B. Van Zyl Sat Sep 27 11:25:00 2014
My guess 18,542,673 miles.
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 27 10:43:00 2014
@Jerry-wow sky diving-what a brave brave soul! My feet tingle just standing on high overlook after hiking! And like KJG said-lucky wife. lol.
I was so saddened to hear about that cyclist who was rear ended! My heart is with those who love him as the go through this time. And like Roberto said-I can compare his age to my sons who is only a couple years older. I hope they throw the book at the person who was behind the wheel.
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 27 10:09:00 2014
@EM, this wasn't an "accident." The man is being charged with vehicular homicide. He was stone drunk. You drink, you drive, you kill, you do time. As it should be. He should never be free again. The man he killed is my son's age.
@Dean, so sorry for the loss of yet ANOTHER cyclist on the roads of America. We average two a day.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 27 10:03:00 2014

Fun MTB video, hope you all like it!

Time to get out and RIDE!!!!!!! - Ride safe Y'ALL!

EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 27 09:14:00 2014
@ Tim, congrats on the diamond!
@ Dean, so sorry about the accident. The driver should be charged with hit and run and his license should be taken away. If he claims he needs it to get to work they should give him a bicycle.
Kevin L Mackey Sat Sep 27 09:12:00 2014
18,465,500 miles.
Rob Gusky Sat Sep 27 08:37:00 2014
@ Timothy Walsh, that diamond looks great!
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 27 08:33:00 2014
It's been a beautiful week here this week, perfect riding weather. Fall here at the beach is so unbelievable. The sunsets are the kind they put on postcards. The marsh grasses change colors and everything seems to glow with Carolina blue sky and sunshine.
Well, guess this is the last official week of the challenge the last week to report my Friday stop at Mavericks.
Timothy M Walsh Sat Sep 27 03:47:00 2014
Made diamond level with my ride yesterday
Dean Barnaby Sat Sep 27 00:39:00 2014
We lost a local cyclist last night here in Big Sky Country, rearended by a drunk driver. http://www.kxlh.com/news/bicyclist-dies-after-being-hit-by-vehicle/
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Sep 26 23:46:00 2014
So far, we have 5 guesses for total miles as of midnight on September 30th (and since it is the only one I can see - Central time), with an average guess so far of 18,632,824.12. Leanord Wright has the most precise guess, going down to the 100th of a mile. But since they only show whole number mileage for the total, he will win if the total is less than one away from his guess - either side. We need everyone else to take a stab at it. Winner takes all, in the big jackpot, which is comprized of a percentage of everyone's entry fee to be in the NBC.
(To be fair, anyone guessing on Friday will get one penalty point, 2 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday, and on Monday, the penalty will double every hour.)
And, since we've already had two guesses for September 40th, you can either guess that number too, or the date we finally hit 20 million miles, for a lesser prize. My guess for the 40th is 18,612,000, and for 20 million - November 11th.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 26 23:20:00 2014
I did not go riding today because I had a free spinner class tonight. I wanted to see what the class was like for this winter on days I cannot ride. They about killed me. I may have to do this on snowy days. Yuck!!!!
Karen Jean Goth Fri Sep 26 21:59:00 2014
Hey, Jerry! - Karen is one lucky woman.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 26 21:39:00 2014
Cynthia, E.M., Tammie. All of you and the others on this challenge were a great encouragement to me during my recovery. Without all of you I would have had a really rough time this summer.
And yes Tammie. There is one more thing I want to do. I want to start skydiving again. But my wife won't let me. It was my life for years. From 17-25. Until I choose to get married. Karen did not make me quit. It was my choice. Because I was and still am addicted to skydiving. I spent every two day, three day, and four day weekends on the dropzone. Plus any day during the week that I could. 10-12 jumps per week. With my best week of 44 jumps in one week. But it wasn't fair to Karen to have me spend so much time on the dropzone. And I knew I could not cut back if I still kept jumping. So I choose to sell all my equipment. And give up skydiving. I miss it more now than when I quit. But Karen is far more important to me than skydiving. I have never regretted my decision to give it up. But it doesn't mean that I don't want to go skydiving. But I know better.
Karen Jean Goth Fri Sep 26 21:18:00 2014
@Rick - THANK YOU!!!! Someone finally explained what IRIR means.
@Marty - 18,708,342
Had to drive my car an hour to watch my son run in his second race. He was a little disappointed, 63rd out of about 150 boys, but he has only been running since the middle of August, so I told him to just look at how far he has come, not how much he fell short. Since the long drive, I had to ride my bike after dark, but it was such a lovely evening I stayed out as long as I dared, thinking my family would start to worry and send out a search party I made my way home. The crickets were out chirping, and I road by the High School as the band played a half-time number. Breezy and warm and peaceful.
Rick Gilbert Fri Sep 26 19:57:00 2014
Have missed riding this week. Too many commitments mid-day and after to make bike commuting practical. It does take more time than driving, and my DW is out of town, so the truck is available. I know, it's mainly excuses. And the bummer is that today is sunny, the rain comes back tomorrow through Sunday, along with lower temps and fierce winds in the forecast. Maybe the forecast will be wrong. Maybe I'll go for a couple of IRIRAW's anyway (Intentional ride in the rain and wind).
Kevin L Mackey Fri Sep 26 18:32:00 2014
@ David-I only use the trunk bag on the hybrid. I have other issues with that beast (low gear ratio for the flat rides etc) but its paid for and it gets me to work. The road bike only has a wedge bag under the seat.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 26 17:59:00 2014
OK everyobody, its time to turn in your (s)miles. If you don't the challenge police are going to come and collect them! So please record them!!!
Cycling Roberto Fri Sep 26 17:16:00 2014
@Tammie, nicely done.
David Stempnakowski Fri Sep 26 16:49:00 2014
@Kevin I have the same trunk bag w/o the side panniers - catches too much wind. It's my main tool for commuting and is a snap to get on and off. Beats the bungee cords I had been using with other bags.
Kevin L Mackey Fri Sep 26 16:36:00 2014
@ Cynthia- I have the TOPEAK trunk bag with panniers on a TOPEAK quick release rack. the panniers will hold my laptop on one side and rain gear/clothes on the other. If you don't need the panniers you can zip them up. MTX Trunk Bag DTX is the one I use. It even comes with a shoulder strap if you so desire to carry it to your office.
jorge espino chavez Fri Sep 26 16:32:00 2014
Buena Suerte, !!!!! not bad, undertand, thanks Michael Golembiewski !!!!!!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 26 16:23:00 2014
Thanks all for the tips! I do so appreciate them. I did try dropping cloths etc off at work about once a week. My problem is I don't have a locker or any real storage area and I do have to dress business causal so my cloths especially in winter do get a little bulky.
You are all the best! Keep rolling with peace!
Howard Hess Fri Sep 26 15:10:00 2014
@Cynthia, I use a Topeak MTX trunk bag. Started with it on a seat post mount, but that swung around too much... so it's on a rack mount now. Quick release. Works great for hauling my emergency stuff as well as my lunch. I have the luxury of a locker at work, so I haul in fresh clothes via car about once a week, and bring home the dirty stuff. Really happy with my setup, but I may have a different opinion if I had to haul lots of stuff with me. Although, there is also a version with panniers...
Shawn Joseph Gössmann Fri Sep 26 14:42:00 2014
26.05 Miles by Road Bike completed. Folks if anyone is interested, I started a cycling blog sometime back at Cyclistville.com and I am looking for guest bloggers. If you have a site yourself, we can add it to your guest blog for some extra promotion. Just hit that contact link on the top right and let me know if your interested at all!
SABINE J HALE Fri Sep 26 13:57:00 2014
I will ride in some "form" until it snows ...my time at night is limited once the clock is turned back and it is pitch dark by 5pm....I will miss it terribly and can't wait until next May...
Fri Sep 26 13:51:00 2014
@Rick - Like you, I can generally get away with a single pannier. Once colder weather (and heavier clothing) comes, I'll go back to two. I don't have locker space, so I have to creatively fold and roll my stuff. Boy Scout backpacking training comes into play here! Also, depending on what I take for lunch and/or snack stocking, I'll take a second pannier with me. Very, very rarely (like once per year) do I need both bags and a trunk. Since my only bike serves as both commuter and non-commuter, the rack, fenders and seat wedge stay on year-round.
Rick Gilbert Fri Sep 26 13:50:00 2014
@EM - 20MM by Sept. 40th. Sounds like a plan!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 26 13:41:00 2014
My prediction, we will make 20,000,000 by Sept. 40th. RIDE ON EVERYONE!!
Rick Gilbert Fri Sep 26 13:29:00 2014
@Cynthia - another possible approach is rethinking what you have to have for your commute. I normally use a single pannier, but I do have the luxury of a full height locker at work. I keep office shoes there and ferry in fresh clothes by car about every week or two (usually via my wife's stopping by on her way somewhere, or her picking me up for an evening meeting or for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant). And I just stuff each day's dirties in the pannier to take home.

Then I put Wilma (my all-purpose touring-commuter) on a diet before the STP - bye-bye rack, fenders, and hello lighter wheels and tires, and a seat wedge. After the STP, I hated to put the rack back on, and I managed my commute with just the seat wedge and minimal stuff in the little drawstring pack that I got in the STP packet.

With the return of the fall rain, the fenders are back on, and the rack will go on soon. In winter, I need heavier biking clothes that I may only need one way on the commute, and I don't want to wear any kind of pack for that. But I am continually rethinking how I commute, and whether or not what I'm carrying is really necessary.

My Novara pannier is not waterproof, but it has a rain-fly that is. It's easy to pull out and cover the pannier under wet conditions.

Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 26 13:21:00 2014
@William-sweet! See ya next year! Some miles are better than no miles.
Eat well, play well, work well. It's all a part of it.
william Lindenmuth Fri Sep 26 13:04:00 2014
64 pounds lighter, a combination of a smarter approach to eating and cycling.
Both have been a pleasure. I just wish i would have been consistentwith logging my miles, what i have logged unfortunately is far less than what i have done. My goal for the next chal;lenge is to meeet it and to be more consistent. I have truly enjoyed reading about the experiances of other riders and i am proud to be among them
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 26 12:59:00 2014
HI all, out this morning with temps in the upper 70s and 60+ percent humidity. Half a dozen other riders out there. Some blasts of wind, trying to blow my socks off!
@ Jerry, I have to echo what Tammie said. You have done your share of inspiring the rest of us and that matters for about 10,000 brownie points!!
@ William, if you have time and know some miles from your big rides, please record. In any case thanks for participating and congrats on losing those pounds!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 26 12:26:00 2014
@Michael-thanks much-will try it again. Really helps out. I have Bike Nashbar panniers too-I do like them and no, they are not waterproof so I did spray some stuff on but it doesn't really work-so yes, thank goodness for zip lock bags! I just needed a little more room to carry stuff and for my commute and trail trips along with the panniers. So that is why I got the trunk. Actually got it from Walmart and its nice. Will try securing it again. Oh, I have been using mine for about two years too. They are really holding up well. I just needed some more space.
Fri Sep 26 11:55:00 2014
Bueno Suerte, @Jorge (if I correctly remember my high school language classes from 30 years ago...)
jorge espino chavez Fri Sep 26 11:46:00 2014
Training for the next chalenge, 100 km Chupacabras MTB race in Juarez Chiuhuhua Mexico. Oct-12
Fri Sep 26 11:36:00 2014
@Cynthia, I have a Nashbar Deluxe Rack Trunk that I use on a Delta Post Rack. It straps on with long velcro tabs, 2 on each side. The straps don't cross over the wheel, which makes it nice. For panniers, I use Nashbar ATB Panniers. The trunk is big, but--like yours--it hangs slightly over the edges of the rack. I haven't used it in tandem with the panniers, but the potential exists to have the same issue that you do. What's nice now that I think about it is that, to get the panniers off, you just unhook the velcro on one side of the trunk (but don't completely remove it), slip the pannier off, then restrap the velcro back onto the trunk. Repeat for other side. Really, about 5 seconds of effort per side. Both trunk and panniers holding up surprisingly well after 2 solid years of use. Not waterproof, however; that's why Ziplock bags were invented!
Mike Wagster Fri Sep 26 11:21:00 2014
@ Tammie: CONGRATS on achieving DIAMOND!!!! And it do it on Diamond St is even cooler.
@ John: CONGRATS on achieving DIAMOND as well. Quite an accomplishment considering your setback in late June!!!
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 26 11:02:00 2014
Jerry, you did more than your share with your spirit and encouragement during those dark days! I think it is amazing how you have recovered and are riding again so quickly after your accident. It will always be inspiring for me. You have overcome not only that but floods have not kept you off your bike... anything else want to try??? LOL
Leonard Wright Fri Sep 26 10:44:00 2014
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 26 10:32:00 2014
@Jerry-you had spirit-that should count for something. And now you get to look forward to next year! You did great considering all you have been through.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 26 10:24:00 2014
I just know I did not do my share of miles this year.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 26 10:12:00 2014
I am looking for a trunk for my back rack. What kind of trunks does anyone have? I was looking at a quick release trunk. Seems the everyday ones you have to strap under the rack and over the wheel. A little awkward to try and do. Is it just me? Also, the trunk that straps hangs a little over the panniers so I have to take the trunk off to get the panniers off! Which mean unstrapping it and restrapping. Kind of a pain.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 26 10:11:00 2014
Nineteen and half million...my guess, what did we do last year?
Randy R. Reed “CrazyManOnAMountainBike” Fri Sep 26 10:08:00 2014
My guess is 18,210,145 miles.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 26 09:51:00 2014
Congratulations Tammie on your Diamond. A major accomplishment.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Sep 26 09:33:00 2014
So far, with all of the guesses we have in to this point, the average is 18.673 million. Once we get the other 34,448 guesses, I will calculate that average, see how it differs from our first average (above), and how they both differ from actual.
Robert Jay Breitling Fri Sep 26 09:21:00 2014
19.064 million miles
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Sep 26 08:47:00 2014
My Prediction - 18.282 million miles. What is your guess?
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 26 08:32:00 2014
Beautiful commute in this morning, although it was a little rainy. Amazing what you can experience in just a 3.5 mile stretch. All the thoughts that go through your mind and the beauty you get to take in. The day just couldn't get any better and it certainly makes work a lot less stressful.
Fri Sep 26 08:18:00 2014
Way to go, @Tammie and @KJG! Aren't those rewards and the personal satisfaction so sweet?! I have to prevent any more weight gain; have to get into my tuxedo in two weeks.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 26 08:18:00 2014
Go Tammie and John! Hope Diamond feels great.

Yea, I am worried about weight gain too. Specially after the Bike MS ride and all the preparation for that. So, I am going to try some other things to help maintain the weight I have lost. Everyone is complimenting on how I look so slim. I tell 'em to ride bike.

Karen Jean Goth Fri Sep 26 08:10:00 2014
Way to Go Tammie!!
Just tried on a dress that my mom bought for me five years ago, but never could
wear. It fits now. Never give up. I say to them at the pool all the time, at my age, it's two steps forward, one step pack, but I am making progress. It is nice to hear that many of us have the same reward for doing the challenge. On to ride for a cup of free coffee at McD's and work on my brother's lawn. Oh, yeh! Tell your congressman not to shut down the government, we would like to pay our mortgage this month.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 26 07:52:00 2014
YAY Tammie!!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Sep 26 00:18:00 2014
@Tammie - Congratulations!
Tammie Porter Thu Sep 25 23:59:00 2014
Why does the Facebook link break half way through? I have tried to correct it but it keeps doing the same thing? Anyone have any suggestions?
Tammie Porter Thu Sep 25 23:57:00 2014
DIAMOND!!!... with 2 points to spare. LOL I calculated perfectly and the mile that put me on the 5,000 point was at Diamond ST... took a picture. If you have facebook you should be able to see it here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/tammie.porter.58 I even celebrated with a beer when I got back to my van! Congrats John.. we did it on the same day. Feels good doesn't it? It took me 2,120 miles to reach that 5,000. I am also very happy with the weight loss that went along with it!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Sep 25 22:40:00 2014
@John - Congratulations! You made it with plenty of hours to spare.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 25 22:29:00 2014
@ John, ouch, glad you recovered enough to get in those 5000 (s)miles!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 25 22:28:00 2014
Hi all, noontime ride today with temps in the 70s and enough humidity to make it feel hotter. About half a dozen other riders. And DA WIND has not gone away!
@ Roberto, we appreciate all the miles you are putting in !!
@ Rick, no worries, I have written down my serial number and I agree that everyone else should do so as well. I heard a story about a bike being recovered by local cyclists faster than the police could do it. It was recovered by a local bike group posting photos on their web page. PEOPLE NEED TO DO BOTH, HAVE PHOTOS AND THE SERIAL NUMBER!!!
Phil Wandrey Thu Sep 25 21:51:00 2014
@Shawn - be sure to get 'fitted' to get the proper width seat (sit on a cushion for your tush imprint). Makes sure your sit bones and hips can move properly while riding...too wide seats inhibit their movement.
John Wardlaw Thu Sep 25 20:58:00 2014
Finally made it to 5000 pts. I had my doubts after being hit by that pickup back in June.
Gina Gil Thu Sep 25 19:47:00 2014
@Cynthia- Thanks for following my blog!
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 25 19:03:00 2014
@EM, I'll get right on it.
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 25 19:01:00 2014
@Rick, the serial number on my Eddy Merckx is 58 of 100 made. Special Edition. Many manufacturers allow you to register your bicycle with them. Often for warranty purposes but excellent proof of ownership as well.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 25 18:43:00 2014
@ Tony, YAY
@ Roberto, nice work, now can you just add another 10,000 or so, so we can make the challenge goal?
Rick Gilbert Thu Sep 25 18:35:00 2014
@EM - a good description is great for identifying the bike that you say is yours. Having the serial number registered in your name is the way to prove it (or a sales receipt with the ser. number). The serial number is stamped on the bottom bracket. You generally have to flip the bike over to see it. I think it's put there because it's not very aesthetically pleasing. But it is a fairly permanent way of marking a bike. Hard to eradicate without completely compromising the integrity of the bike.
Tony Jones Thu Sep 25 18:11:00 2014
Yeah!!! Made it to 2500 points!!!!
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 25 17:37:00 2014
@Michael, keep the rain away thanks very much.
@Cynthia, it's all about priorities.
@Burklee, no problem; there's more where those came from.
Thanks guys!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 25 16:46:00 2014
@Roberto - Brother can you spare 1500 points? ;)
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 16:16:00 2014
@Roberto-that's so awesome. It's cool that you get the opportunity to pursue your cycling passion and log so many wonderful miles!
Thu Sep 25 15:48:00 2014
You go, @Roberto! Gorgeous week here in beautiful PA, though we need some real rain, soon. Things outside are getting crunchy again!
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 25 15:45:00 2014
50 nonstop sunny miles for my 250th day of cycling this year; 9416 miles, 8352 points. Good day on the bike. Now for some America's Cup action.
Dean H. Hicks Thu Sep 25 15:17:00 2014
Nice to have a day with no rain and with lite winds. My seat is padded with a Bell gel cover..makes my old bones feel better.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 15:08:00 2014
Go coffee!
@Miguel-nice looking seat...may have to write that one down and keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 25 15:06:00 2014
@ Burklee, yeah they were city licences and you got them for the lifetime of the bike.
RE: Serial numbers. Found mine down by the pedals. You might be able to figure it out if you Google the make/model and year of the bike. But it is really secondary when it comes to identifying the bicycle. Better have some photos handy. The bike will get identified a lot quicker by appearance. If we're gonna go with registration, I agree that the lifetime of the bicycle makes sense. I'd think most people would be okay with $10 and just saying its to help identify it in case it gets stolen, lost, or damaged. Anybody talked to insurance people, what kind of requirements do they have??
Miguel Lopez Thu Sep 25 15:05:00 2014
Miguel Lopez Thu Sep 25 14:50:00 2014
I like a comfy seat that's not so much gel. I'm on a wilderness trail bike seat.look emup and see if they got emi n your area.
Shawn Joseph Gössmann Thu Sep 25 14:34:00 2014
25 miles done by road bike. Was fairly windy today and I think I need a better saddle, the ole'Bontrager Affinity 1 just isn't doing a whole lot for me. Any suggestions from my fellow roadies?!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 25 14:34:00 2014
@Michael - Or do you need MORE coffee?
Thu Sep 25 13:35:00 2014
Scratch that, @Paul. I read "bikeways", but my brain said "greenways". My bad, sorry for the misunderstanding. Gawd, I need to lay off the coffee.
Thu Sep 25 13:30:00 2014
@Paul, while I heartily agree with you, you may want to think about your last sentence. You comment that bike licenses pay for bike paths and greenways; can you then convince a motorist that you belong on the road because you paid for paths and greenways?
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 13:15:00 2014
@Laurie-hope it all comes together soon for you!

@Michael-I was going to guess it was something from their Christmas Store. Unbelievable place. Do you know I never get there. Oh cool, sounds like you will have something to look forward too. One restaurant you will need to put on your list if you haven't been there already is Sugar Shack in Ocean Isle Beach.

Paul Perry Thu Sep 25 13:11:00 2014
We have mandatory bike licensing here. $15. Good for the life of the bike, and transfers with the bike to the new owner. There may be a $1 fee for that, but I am not sure. All money from bike licenses goes to bike paths and bikeways. So I do no mind paying at all. It gives me something to stand on when I have an uniformed motorist say something to me. I can point it it and let them know that I paid for the right to be there.
Thu Sep 25 13:07:00 2014
@Cynthia, we get the annual Christopher Radko Breast Cancer Awareness ornament every summer. Unfortunately this year they were not released as yet; Calahan's took the name and number and actually remembered to call about 2 weeks ago to confirm that I wanted it. We've never been anywhere in Sunset Beach other than the beach adjacent to the pier, and--this year--the seafood houses just down the street from Calahans. Your discussions about the rest of the area have me planning day trips for next year. Sigh........
If my 1998 Giant Boulder MTB has a serial number, I've yet to find it, and I've looked EVERYWHERE.
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 25 12:39:00 2014
I was planning to drop my bike off tomorrow, and pick it up Friday, to get new brakes put on (which are VERY overdue). Last night I noticed a slight bulge in my fairly new Kevlar-type tire, so took the bike in this morning instead. They told me they would simply replace the tire. But..... 2 days without my bike :( Even though I haven't been riding every day lately, still it's a comfort to know my bike is there when I want it to be, so I'm going through some major withdrawal right now. But group rides Friday night and Sunday, as well as participating with the local bike group in Octoberfest on Saturday, should partly make up for it.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 12:12:00 2014
"Cause I'm the tax man....yeah yeah I'm the tax man....if you take a walk I'll tax your feet...."

You know somewhere in my distant memory I seem to recall somewhere in PA where they had local registration for bicycles.

@Michael-what did you get her? Ever been to the Blue Heron Gallery in Sunset Beach? Yep, would love to be on this trail.

Does anyone know where to find the bikes serial number? I need to locate mine to register with the police department. I can't seem to find it on my bike.

Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 25 12:06:00 2014
@JHugh - Folks who think along those lines don't think these things through. So, you make the registration fee high enough to actually generate revenue, which means covering the cost of record keeping, etc, and guys like that will scream about government reaching into people's pockets some more, and it's outrageous that government thinks it needs more money, and my kid just wants to ride his bike to baseball practice and he could save me some money by me not having to drive him and now he can't because the bike license costs too much, blah, blah, blah. You just can't talk to some people, and they ain't never happy.
Thu Sep 25 11:56:00 2014
The City's bicycle ordinance also calls for, at the time of registration, a safety inspection of the bicycle and a rider's test of the registrant. Yeah, right!!! Like we have the manpower for that.
Thu Sep 25 11:48:00 2014
@EM, here in Reading, PA our bike licenses have a serial number that is printed on a (roughly) 2"x3", reflective sticker that gets placed on the bike. Once on, it's there for good. Costs a buck for a lifetime registration. Records are still kept on pre-printed index cards in the Police Bureau. In PA, bike registration is a municipal responsibility, not the Commonwealth. When I registered my bike last year, the clerk doing it had no idea how to complete the card, or even where they were; someone else had to find them for her. Tells you how many registered bikes there actually are...
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 25 11:48:00 2014
@EM - Those were city issued licenses. When I moved here 20+ years ago, they cost a dollar, you could get them at any fire station, and they inscribed a license number on the bottom of your bottom bracket shell, in addition to putting the sticker on your bike. Those licenses are no longer available.
@Cynthia - Yup, very sad. And yeah, he could be a "tax-dodging" bike rider if he chose. Perfectly legal. I'm sure he has no idea that the vast majority of road maintenance money comes from general funds, like income tax and sales tax, which I pay. I wonder if he would like people who walk on the sidewalks to have their feet licensed?
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 25 11:46:00 2014
I am glad to say that I passed my NBC Challenge goal today. I have 9032 and still 5 rides to go.
@EM M and Capt. comp. I like that Idea, but you know that rate would cost goverment to administer a bike license fee, and if you let them set the rate to generate any revenue it would be much higher. Perhaps we should be insured on our auto, not just by law as in Florida.
Thu Sep 25 11:27:00 2014
@Cynthia, nice picture. Know where I'd like to be right now? Let me give you a hint: Yesterday when I got home, there was a package from Callahans of Calabash waiting for me. Early Christmas gift for the wife. Can you guess the answer???
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 25 11:26:00 2014
@ Cyntiha, its about time they did see some cyclists. Way to go, making our presence known is part ot the challenge!
@Burklee, when I was a kid, we actually did have bike licences right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. If I remember correctly, the cost was about $2.50 a year. The idea was if the bike got stolen, it would be easier to recover. However, it was just a paper sticker you put on your bike, so I suppose it could have been removed if the bike got stolen. I don't remember if the serial number was recorded in connection with the license and I don't know if it was a state license. Maybe somebody else can jump in here with more info.....
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 11:17:00 2014
@Burklee-wow-how sad. So, he could ride a bike if he chose to instead of using his car. And at some point you do pay taxes in your county or state-doesn't that go toward road maintenance in some round about way? You still have to pay those taxes regardless of whether you drive or ride.
Guess he never rode bike as a kid and experienced that joy and freedom or maybe he just forgot.
Just took an early lunch and rode down to the post office. A lot of vehicular traffic in that general area. Got a lot of strange looks from drivers. Guess they don't see cyclists down that way much. lol Oh well...
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 10:22:00 2014
Changed my profile picture-it's where I would like to be right now!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 25 10:05:00 2014
Spoke to a fella yesterday who doesn't like bicycles. Bikes are in the way on the road, you know, and they don't pay for anything. And, of course it's not enough that a bike rider pays for car tags for a year and then doesn't use the car (and cause the concomitant wear and tear on the roads.) So, I have decided to give up on that line of reasoning. I have decided that I will gladly pay to license my bike, in an amount commensurate with car licensing. I pay around $250 a year for car tags. My vehicle weighs approximately 2500 pounds. That comes up to about a dime per pound. So, State of Nebraska, feel free to institute a bike licensing requirement. I will happily pay my $2 for my 20 pound bike, if it means bike riders will finally get the respect and courtesy we deserve as fellow road users.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 09:43:00 2014
Hi Gina Gil-I already subscribe to your blog. Been getting posts lately.
I have recently taken my car off the road and am going car free.

At lunch time today I will be taking a package to the post office to mail. Have it stowed in my grocery pannier! Wahoo!

Gina Gil Thu Sep 25 09:06:00 2014
Hi, I am car-free mom who often writes about cycling for transport in the DC metro area. Check out my blog!

@Rick- Thanks for the read and your comments!

Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 08:02:00 2014
@Allen-thanks for the Rails to Trails link-I did not know about the conservancy and I want to join. Does anyone get the actual magazine for that? Do you like it?
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 25 07:43:00 2014
@Jerry-nice riding in those elevations, and it sounds so beautiful. Hope your area recovers as quickly as you have!
@Karen-after reading a similar article in The Complete Book of Long Distance cycling, I definitely have become more aware of my breathing and how I breath when cycling. It makes a huge difference!

I wish I was even semi retired!

@Janice-very very cool! You go girl!

Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 25 06:19:00 2014
Also, interesting excerpt from Bicycling Magazine's Complete Book of Road Cycling about breathing. Of course, as a swimmer I am used to breathing drills, but on a bike, no. Davis Phinney, p.23
"Even breathing. Try a rhythm where you take long, even breaths and begin exhaling at the top of a stroke. Alternate legs each time. By tying your breath to the pedal stroke, you are less likely to exhale incompletely and start gasping. Use a consistent gear and effort. Try counting, "1, 2, 3, in; 4, 5, 6, out." And, "Quick in, long out. U.S. cyclist Alexi Grewal, the 1984 Olympic road champion, used to work on exhaling as slowly as possible--like a weight lifter timing the push phase with a breath. Because cycling is pretty much a continuous push phase, he would inhale deeply and quickly (1-2 count) then slowly exhale (3-4-5-count), like air leaking from a balloon." Any one else find this interesting? I can quote a little bit more later about Breathing through your nose, etc., if anyone is interested. The purpose, by the way, is to master hill climbing easier and faster, with much less effort.

See, these Bicycling Magazine guys are not all about marketing (the only connection I have with Rodale is geographical.)

Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 25 06:17:00 2014
For the Mountain Bikers and wan-to-bes:
Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 25 00:14:00 2014
There is one road out of Estes Park.
Estes Park Hwy 7 to Peak to Peak Hwy to Nederland, then over to Blackhawk, Golden, then either Denver or Boulder.
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 25 00:06:00 2014
@Laurie, no.
Matt Dickey Thu Sep 25 00:05:00 2014
@ Jerry. SO sorry to hear about all the damage out there. As I think I mentioned my spouse and I vacationed out there for a week in 2011 and ironically enough we stayed up on Greenwood Dr, right before that little drop down to Pinewood Reservoir after the crest. We took our bikes on the trip and rode into Estes Park one day, I still remember that beautiful ride along 34 into Estes Park, hard to visualize the road all destroyed. But I must say you, Sir; are being modest. We rode that climb up to the Pinewood several times. It's a BEAST. The first time up I had to stop twice to catch my breath and it took me 45 mins from the base to the top. And I had a compact crank. Later in the week after we had time to acclimate to the altitude (house was at about 7000 feet elev), we were able to do it without stopping. But it never got easy. You are doing wonderfully to tackle that so soon after your recovery. Keep that in mind and take it from someone who has doen the same climb!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Sep 24 23:53:00 2014
@Laurie - Simple - Just get 2 more miles tonight, and then 110 miles each of the next 6 days. Alternatively, to get it by the 40th, 8 more tonight, and 29 more a day.
@Janice - Congratulations! (Although I am not a woman.)
Janice H Wed Sep 24 23:44:00 2014
I'd love to hear from other 60+ aged women who have hit their Diamond Badge already. (I'm 61.)
Laurie Rescheske Wed Sep 24 23:03:00 2014
I still have 792 points to make Diamond. Can I do it?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 24 22:46:00 2014
@ Edgar, thanks for posting that blog. Very nicely written.
@ Jerry, I heard on NPR this morning about how Estes Park is anticipating potential problems getting patients to further away hospitals when there are cases the local hospital can't handle. Even with helicopters its going to be a problem. So I sincerely hope that they get at least one road fixed quickly!
Cycling Roberto Wed Sep 24 22:14:00 2014
WOW Jerry, I knew it was bad when I was driving around the area, but you couldn't see the results (it was raining too hard) at the time.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 24 21:01:00 2014
Just got some information on our three roads to Estes Park washed out during our floods.
Hwy 36 Lyons to Estes Park 40% destroyed.
Hwy 7 Lyons to Estes Park 50% destroyed.
Hwy 34 Fort Collins to Estes Park 85% destroyed.
Tammie Porter Wed Sep 24 20:23:00 2014
Sounds like everyone is having wonderful weather to get out and enjoy their bikes. I just finished 16 nice miles myself which now brings me only 38 points away from Diamond! Tomorrow is the day! I have someone I will be riding with and will be riding by a street named Diamond about the time I hit the 18th mile tomorrow.. pure planning! LOL Definitely picture time! We have been talking about this for several weeks. Nothing like a little fun to make a day out on the bike even better.
Allen Kibler Wed Sep 24 20:13:00 2014
Cycling Roberto Wed Sep 24 19:17:00 2014
@Jerry, good on you. Keep up the good work.

On another note the teenager who struck and killed two female cyclists in NH has been charged with vehicular homicide and assault. She has no driver's license, and she was stopped 7 hours earlier and ticketed for speeding. Question: why was she allowed to drive away from the first stop with no license? She wouldn't have killed anyone if the police had arrested her the first time.

Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 24 18:44:00 2014
Just about a perfect day for riding. A bit chilly when starting out. 42 degrees. Needed a lightweight jacket, long fingered gloves, and a skull cap. Removed all of them 40 minutes into the ride.
I can see I still have a long way to go on my recovery. 65 miles. 4 hours 59 minutes. Normally this would be a four hour ride. Though the 3797 elevation gain and the headwinds impacted it. Especially the elevation gain to Pinewood Reservoir. That was a steep climb. At times slowed down to 3.1mph.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 24 18:26:00 2014
@EM - You are a genius!
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 24 18:24:00 2014
@Roberto - Sorry, ment no offense - just being silly.
Rick Gilbert Wed Sep 24 18:20:00 2014
@Edgar - thanks for the link. We're not car-free, but a lot of "Yelling and Yielding" sounds like my bike commute experience.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 24 18:09:00 2014
A ride with Pati Pascoe Walker to Carter Lake and Pinewood Reservoir. I knew it would be a hard climb to Pinewood Reservoir. I just didn't know it would be as hard as it was. Mostly 10% grades with sections of 12-13% grades. I am worn out. Hardest ride I have done since my accident.
This was my first time up to Pinewood Reservoir. Beautiful scenery. Deep valleys, beautiful views. Far better than I expected. I will have to make this a weekly ride since we don't have Jamestown anymore.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 24 16:56:00 2014
@EM-what a great way to spend quality family time for your birthday. Great idea....!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 24 16:18:00 2014
Hi all, my head was so full of lawnmowing mush that I forgot to tell what happened today. I was going up one of my hills and two cars passed me. The first guy was okay and the second guy got way over into the left lane and almost hit somebody making a right turn into that lane. And he HONKED at the guy making the turn. If it had been an accident, I would have had to explain to the cop that the guy who passed me was way over the double yellow line. Well that didn't happen but when I got up to the top of the next hill there was a cop with a car pulled over. It was THAT GUY!! I don't know why he got stopped, speeding maybe??, or did the cop actually see the almost accident? Needless to say, I didn't hang around to find out. But I couldn't help but find it funny.
@ Karen Jean. Ok, next time its your birthday, you give yourself a big present. On the weekend closest you your birthday you declare your present to be a ride. Announce that everybody else will have to take care of food, laundty, etc. Great present, NO? Or alternate, use mother's day. Personally, I use mother's day to say okay the whole family is going for a ride and then we have lunch, either in the middle of the ride or at the end. Best present ever!
Cycling Roberto Wed Sep 24 16:07:00 2014
@Karen, I'm semi-retired.
Cycling Roberto Wed Sep 24 15:17:00 2014
Heading for my first sub-1000 mile month since March. Too many B-cycle rides in Denver for relatively short distances.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 24 15:12:00 2014
Criminy, my head hurts!!! J Hugh and Roberto, can I be retired and change places with one of you for just one day, so that I do not have to miss riding on a beautiful day like this? I should not complain, since I was lucky to be allowed to participate as a part-time employee in a department meeting with the director, but my mind is mush from concentrating for three hours - even though it was interesting, its been over ten years at home and my mind is in overdrive. Coming out of the meeting, seeing the beautiful day, riding with head banging, and knowing I have to go back to work in the next hour, just deflating. One day guys, just one day to just ride my bike - all you have to do is put the chicken in the oven and do the dishes, I will be home before bedtime. No? Shucks! I thought you would say that. :(
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 24 15:06:00 2014
HI all, out today and the wind was back. Managed to mix the ride with another errand today. Then reality had to mow the yard. It was nice riding, with temps in the 70s but I noticed the heat a lot more while mowing (felt more like the 80s).
@ Cynthia, nice ride. So much can go through your head. Nothing like a nice long ride to sort it all out.
@ Paul, wow a century a week. I'm doing good to get one in per year. I know its going to be windy because a lot of it is along rivers. Wind, well thats just a fact of life!
Miguel Lopez Wed Sep 24 14:45:00 2014
single speed hill rides = feel the burning crawling up my legs.
Wed Sep 24 10:03:00 2014
Interesting blog post about sharing the road at: http://carfreefam.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/yelling-and-yielding/
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 24 09:39:00 2014
@KJG-have you done an event like this before? If not, I highly encourage it! What you give to it and get from it is more than you can imagine. It's not a race and if you finish you finish if you don't you don't.
@Michael-thanks bro-lol
@Tammie-I am so cheering for you and your diamond status! You go girl. Its only a few miles away.
@Paul-you doing great too! Sometimes, you just can't get through it all. Been there done that. There's always tomorrow and always a new ride!
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 24 08:59:00 2014
@Cynthia - Me Too! Our local MS race is also in September. I didn't think I was good enough to finish the race. I am learning that is not the main idea. It sounds like a great event to be part of. Glad you enjoyed it so much!
Wed Sep 24 08:44:00 2014
Way to go, @Cynthia! Proud of ya!
Paul Perry Wed Sep 24 03:04:00 2014
@Tammie, I bet you'll be doing a century before you know it. Just prepare properly, and remember one thing...the major battle in doing a century is mental. Don't let it intimidate you. But don't just rush into it either. Work up to it. You'll get there.
Paul Perry Wed Sep 24 02:57:00 2014
@Cynthia, nice job on your ride. We do a fundraising event here, two days, 150 miles. I have a hand in designing the route.
As for my century, I wanted to do more, but time was limited. Had to have miles logged for an endo challenge. I wanted to do 100, but feeling the way I did, I would not have made it. I would have stopped after besting my previous best of 102. Soooo close...
I've had several 100+ mile days over the last few months since I started riding again, and I felt great throughout and after. I knew the century was going to be tough, but it was a bit tougher than I expected. I battled 15-20mph headwinds throughout half the ride. Unfortunately, it was second half!
I've already planned my next century for next Monday. This time with a little better preparation. My goal is 125 this time.
Tammie Porter Wed Sep 24 00:37:00 2014
Congratulations on your successful ride this weekend Clynthia! I knew you would enjoy it! Wow, Paul.. way to go! I don't know when I will be able to do such a ride. I just finished a 28 mile ride this evening. Only 74 points left till Diamond!!! Nothing is going to stop me now.. not even knowing that I do have a vertebrtae shifted slightly out of place in my neck from my accident 2 weeks ago.. yes, I did finally go to the doctor today for x-rays because the headaches did not stop. Have an MRI tomorrow. He thinks I may have strained or torn some ligaments in my neck. I am so used to ignoring pain that I have been just 'pushing through the pain'.. that is just me. That is why I hurt so much the few days after the accident. Not really hurting so much now but I get a headache when I look down.. I know, don't look down! Good thing is, when riding a bike, you are looing UP! Yes, I am taking this seriously.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 23 22:45:00 2014
10,000 mile charity trip cut short by driver's mirror. The only good thing is that the young man is still alive. http://gma.yahoo.com/cross-country-bike-ride-hearing-loss-derailed-truck-204208740--abc-news-topstories.html
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 23 22:01:00 2014
@Paul-a century will make you feel alive and broken and when your done and the smoke clears and you calm down some-did you find yourself wanting to go again? Even for just a few miles?
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 23 22:00:00 2014
Sorry it was 136 miles.
Paul Perry Tue Sep 23 21:55:00 2014
Just finished my first century in over ten years. i never felt so good feeling so beaten and battered. I think I may have to make this my new Monday thing. I do have a goal for a weekly century in 2014.
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 23 21:47:00 2014
Hi All! I had the greatest event ever! 130 total miles. Found my legs, my gears, the weather could not have been any more perfect on Saturday, Sunday was overcast, windy but still not too bad. Met some awesome people. Had a great support team(partner and dog) and just relaxed into the saddle and let myself roll. I thought about you all during the many miles I rode alone. (alone was just fine). And I wondered about the conversations I was missing and the people writing them. It was an amazing weekend one I will never forget. Not to mention this particular ride always falls on my birthday-its a great present to myself.
@Michael-I did not go over the bridge...I almost did. The ride actually ends at "Town Center" there is an option to go over the bridge.
I had many a-ha thoughts while riding. Many ideas, emotions. After the lunch stop temps reached 92 degrees while riding through the fields and farms and of course dry head winds for approx 20 miles. As I was pedaling and sweating I found myself singing out loud "Let it snow, Let it snow". Lol
Thanks to all those who donated to this event for me-I helped to raise monies over my goal.
The organizers and volunteers who spend thier time and energy, the hotel that had employees come in early to get breakfast going for some eager to get going cyclists (who filled the hotel) and to all the behind the scenes goings on we will never exist....this is one of the reasons I ride...
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 23 21:23:00 2014
@Karen Jean - The other core work will help you get ready for the back planks. Back Planks work the abdominals and shoulder girdle. The front planks (similar to pushup position) work the back muscles. If you want, in a few weeks, try them with your hands or forearms on the edge of a bed, and your heels on the floor.
Karen Jean Goth Tue Sep 23 18:58:00 2014
@Marty - those back planks have me puzzled, as I still can not seem to be able to do them. I should have strong back muscles from swimming, but maybe its just me. I am not good at the back stroke when I swim either. I am doing other core exercises and the other planks, maybe when I am stronger or leaner I will try again.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 23 18:53:00 2014
@Rick this has been a saga. Stupid state sent the renewal notice a week after the kids took the car out of state for school. So we had to retrieve the car and then get the tests and then get the registration. Long story short there was only a few days to complete the task Hence the standing in line. Oh well, got it done and renewed for 2 yrs.
Karen Jean Goth Tue Sep 23 18:49:00 2014
Very windy day in PA The ride home from the pool was nicer, even with the wet hair underneath the swim cap underneath the baseball cap, underneath the bike helmet. I think I deserved the weird looks that I got when I stopped by the grocery store for a few items. The crosswinds were blowing coming as I rode down a hill near home. I was nearly swept me off my bike. First time that happened. Maybe I was not balanced properly with the bag on the one side of the rack.
Rick Gilbert Tue Sep 23 18:44:00 2014
I renew my vehicle tabs online, so no bike or motor vehicle required. But I did need a certificate that the vehicle passed required emissions testing. Took the truck in and it passed. Don't think they'd have let me do that on my bike. Darn.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 23 18:11:00 2014
@ Cynthia, oh yeah you also took your bike into the DMV to get the car registered. Love it!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 23 17:59:00 2014
@ Elaine, very cool way to meet the bison!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 23 17:57:00 2014
HI all, out on a very blustery day today. But I guess that is what I will have to deal with when I do the Ride the Rivers Century next month. Zigged and zagged and copied Burklee's idea of registering the car by bike. Yep, I took the bike inside the BMV with me! A guy was making jokes about having to register the bicycle and getting a license to ride. Lots of traffic and a handful of bicycles. And I hed the experience of having to move aside and stop for an emergency vehicle. No shoulder so I just went off into the grass.
@ Michael on the Bicycle, & Christine hope your recovery continues without obsticles! You each get mega brownie points for keeping up the spirits and inspring the rest of us. Remember you have until Sept. 40th!!
Elaine Harrison Tue Sep 23 17:31:00 2014
Saturday rode in the Cycle Yellowstone "Old Faithful" ride. 30 miles from West Yellowstone MT to Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park. Experienced bison up close and personal, traffic up close and personal, awesome people, a fabulous support team and a gorgeous day. Didn't ride out due to the winds and the nerve wracking traffic. I have a new stiicker on my car from Freeheel and Wheel in West that says "I survivied the traffic in Yellowstone National Park". Ride on.
Cycling Roberto Tue Sep 23 16:32:00 2014
Jeff O Tue Sep 23 16:19:00 2014
This was in our paper last week - this couple had a 6k mile trip home for his HS reunion http://tinyurl.com/lp9qogv
Tue Sep 23 15:18:00 2014
This was in Saturday's fish wrapper. Couple biked to their high school class reunion. Same year as me! http://tinyurl.com/k3hzuhf
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Tue Sep 23 15:13:00 2014
My crash kept me from Platinum!
I just enjoyed a lovely article on the NY Times website. Thought some of you might enjoy it as well. http://tinyurl.com/kgn8l8o
Jerry Bengtson Tue Sep 23 13:07:00 2014
@Michael on Bicycle. I know the feeling. My crash is keeping me from reaching diamond this year also. But at least I am riding. I was not expected to be able to ride until the end of September at the earliest. I started riding on August 10th.
How is your hand doing?
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Tue Sep 23 12:38:00 2014
Michael on bicycle i hope you are healing. Keep that riding for recovery frame of mind.
@Brad yes I agree that its hard to defend against the silent dogs. Glad I've only seen one in all my years.
Mike Wagster Tue Sep 23 09:50:00 2014
@ Tammie: I know you're recovering from an injury and just getting back on your bike - but I have faith you can achieve Diamond by Wed!! GO FOR IT!!!!!!
Michael on Bicycle Tue Sep 23 09:08:00 2014
Bummer, my 7/20 crash will keep me from reaching the diamond level. :'(
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Tue Sep 23 08:32:00 2014
Dean, my pepper spray is in a sheath hanging from my handlebars using a zip tie. Quick access. I needed it once this summer and it worked like a charm. The dog was at my heels maybe 5 feet back, I gave him a shot and he shook his head (probably trying to get rid of it), then turned for home. I almost needed it Saturday; the dog was running towards me and was just coming out onto the road, he chased until he started getting beyond his yard then turned back. I had the spray out with my finger on the trigger, but didn't need it. As long as I anticipate as soon as I hear a dog and start preparing before he gets to me, it seems my reaction time is adequate. The only problem I forsee is if a dog would start persuing WITHOUT barking, so that I would have no warning. I have read that there are a few breeds that are known for just such attacks.
Tammie Porter Tue Sep 23 07:21:00 2014
I a.m back I'm back and read 15 pages of posts, you all have been busy! I did not get to ride like I was hoping during cyclefest. I ended up working working working. It was raining Friday night when we got there and I was only able to ride my 1.5 miles in the rain on muddy gravelly unfamiliar dark roads ..that was an experience. Working SAG was a great experience meeting lots and lots of fantastic people on the ride. I did not do the hill climb I was cautioned buy those who ride with me that I was not ready for it I did help with the climb and after seeing it, I'm glad I did not try it this year! I have my work cut out for me training for it next year. my goal is to achieve Diamond by Wednesday which means I have to ride a total of 38 miles on Monday and Tuesday! that's what I get for not having time to ride over the weekend.
Dean Barnaby Tue Sep 23 02:57:00 2014
What is the best way to ward off an attacking dog? I've never had one come at me before at a dead run from about 200 feet away, there is hardly any time to react, I barely got out of my pedals and used my bike as a shield while I reached in my bag for the pepper spray. I'm thinking of a smaller bottle of pepper spray velcroed to the handle bars or cross bar. I like dogs, but I've always been on alert for the very few problem ones.
Rick Gilbert Tue Sep 23 01:22:00 2014
@Jerry - re your TC line article. Nice. I'm having a conversation on FB with some folks who seem to think that all cyclists are hazards to navigation. Their complaints are general. My responses are specific. These folks (and others) seem to think that safety training and licensing of cyclists will remedy the problem of bad cyclists. I reminded them that all the specific motor vehicle infractions I cited were committed by people who were supposedly state-licensed drivers. The bicycle does not cause the bad behavior.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 23 00:43:00 2014
@Laurie - Last year, Endomondo kept this site usable until December 31st. After that, you could look here for another 2 or so months. It will probably be the same this year.
Laurie Rescheske Mon Sep 22 22:38:00 2014
@ Karen, I do plan on doing some swimming. I am very slow but I keep plodding along until I get 18 laps in. I have a kit locker at the Y so can keep my suit and other necessities there. Also want to see if my knees can handle jogging now that I've lost significant weight. I do NOT want to lose the gains I've made this summer!
Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 22 22:34:00 2014

Until cyclists in the USA are willing to demand improvement, it will not happen. Write your government representative, and tell them to End the Slaughter.

Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 22 22:32:00 2014
@Laurie - I know you know what I am going to do for exercise. Swim, Swim, Swim Swim!!!!!!!!!! Low impact. Good for the heart and the muscles! Did I mention NO CARS!!!!! And if you get cold easily, wear a one piece dolphin suit with a rashie like I do, and bring a hair drier in your gym bag. (I know that Jerry will give me demerits for writing this.)
Laurie Rescheske Mon Sep 22 22:23:00 2014
Several questions: Does this site stay open all winter, so that we can keep up on the message boards? And, for those in cold climates who aren't going to bike during the winter, what do you all plan to do to stay in shape?
Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 22 22:13:00 2014
I loved seeing all those bicycles in Amsterdam!
@Jerry - Hope things get repaired soon. I am sure that you are doing what you can to be a help to your community. Thanks for the response that you wrote.
I was riding with family today and lost it with a motorist going too fast down a side street in front of me since my son was riding a block ahead. She pulled into the Seven 11 minute mart where we were going to get something to drink. What was so important? - a movie rental. She got the "mean mom if looks could kill treatment." And my son did 10 miles - Yipee! Don't ask me why he won't join the challenge. Maybe next year.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 22 22:10:00 2014
Beautiful fall day here. Waited for the temps. to warm up and had a nice casual ride over to Kirkwood for lunch in the brilliant sunshine. Took a meandering way back down most the the Meramec Greenways trail then cut through Valley Park to backtrack to our neighborhood! Great sunshine and no wind! AWESOME!
@ Wrong Hat, what a gorgeous place to ride. Congrats on the diamond.
Kevin L Mackey Mon Sep 22 21:52:00 2014
Er enomondo mapnot neon.
Kevin L Mackey Mon Sep 22 21:45:00 2014
@Jim on my blackberry I can be as much as 1 mile off in10 to 15 miles compared to my sigma bike computer. When I look at the Neon map it has me riding through buildings or crossing the river without a bridge. It may be my blackberry but I have seen iphone and aneroid users complain to..
Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 22 21:36:00 2014
@Jim, Garmin
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Sep 22 21:31:00 2014
Amsterdam what a great place. The bicyle parking garage is even more amazing in person. You can't believe the numbers of bicycles. Quick I need a waffle cookie.

Great video. The system of numbers bicycle paths is great and also great in Belgium.

Jim Johnson Mon Sep 22 19:58:00 2014
So I had a little time to kill just now, so I took my new iPhone 5s and started it the same time as my Garmin 800. Did a short ride. Garmin had me at 6.80 miles with an avg speed of 15.3 while Endomondo had me at 6.74 miles with avg speed of 15.1. My Garmin is mounted just in front of my handlebars while my iPhone was in my pocket. So to all you numbers people which do you think is more accurate? This is the first time I used Endomondo. I've always used my Garmin.
Phil Wandrey Mon Sep 22 19:11:00 2014
Ah, fall temps, luv em! This will be my second year bike commuting in winter...coldest ride last year was 4 degrees, just 7 miles each way. New desire this year is to ride on the frozen lake, of course with the studded tires. Perhaps at dark, with full moon too!
Be safe those who ride in the darker times now, lots of lights and reflection please.
Kurt Nygaard Mon Sep 22 18:27:00 2014
I enjoyed this video "Kona Bikes in Amsterdam." A great plug for bicycle commuting. http://www.youtube.com/watch
Greg Januska Mon Sep 22 18:05:00 2014
@Jerry - well done article
Shawn Joseph Gössmann Mon Sep 22 17:20:00 2014
11 miles done yesterday doing real mountain biking... 22 miles done by mountain bike today from a concrete path at the campground I stayed at.
Timothy M Walsh Mon Sep 22 17:18:00 2014
Congrat @Wrong Hat
Wrong Hat Mon Sep 22 17:13:00 2014
Here's where I was when I earned my Diamond today--I'm the photographer.
It was an absolutely glorious autumn morning.
Dean Barnaby Mon Sep 22 17:10:00 2014
Trainer miles are not allowed in the NBC.
Marcia Skinner Mon Sep 22 16:43:00 2014
Countdown 8 days and I have 4223 points. Sooooo want to make Diamond! I have 5 more twice a day commutes and 3 long (usually 50 miles) ride days. I may have to do some rides on my trainer at night. Any suggestions?
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 22 16:18:00 2014
Of course being a train addict it was interesting watching them repairing the track here in Longmont.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 22 16:16:00 2014
All that volunteer time really cuts into my bike riding. What was I thinking?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 22 15:44:00 2014
@ Jerry, well said. I'm glad the entire thing got published in the paper. We need to educate motorists any way we can!! BRAVO and RIDE ON!
Cycling Roberto Mon Sep 22 15:40:00 2014
@Jerry, I got in more miles that week in Denver on B-cycles. C'mon dude, get back on your program.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 22 15:11:00 2014
Photos of some of your washed out roads and the Greenway in Longmont.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 22 15:11:00 2014
Weekly milage once I got back on my bike after my accident.
Week 1: 3.1
Week 2: 129.4
Week 3: 176.6
Week 4: 207.5
Week 5: 163.7
Week 6: 38.1 The week of our floods
Week 7: 89.2
I seem to be going the wrong way on my milage.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Sep 22 14:19:00 2014
@Jerry Nice job! really like what you said and how you said it.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 22 14:11:00 2014
Our local paper has a "T-C Line" where people can call in and leave a short message. Which is usually complaints about something. This last Monday this was in the paper.
How are motorists supposed to cpy with arrogant bikers who refuse to get over to the right and dare you to pass them if they don't, even on a street where there's a bike lane.
My response which was published in Saturday's paper.
Cars, bikes can share roads
There was a TC Line complaint about bicyclists who won’t get over to the right and “dare you to pass them” even with streets with a bike lane.
Why don’t bicyclists ride in the bike lane. It is not arrogance. It is for our safety.

There are several reasons bicyclists don’t ride in the bike lane. Many times there is debris that you can’t see from your car in the bike lane that makes it unsafe to ride there.
When we are riding next to parked cars we ride far enough out in the lane so that if a driver opens their car door we don’t hit the door. Hitting a car door will cause at the least serious injury and has killed bicyclists.
When approaching a red light I will move over to be in the line of cars. I will not ride next to the cars due to the danger of a car making a right turn when I am going straight.
Another reason for riding out in the lane is to keep a car from passing us without enough clearance. If a car is approaching from the other direction, on many roads there is not enough room for both cars and a bicyclist.
We don’t want to be hit by the car coming up behind us. Many times a car will pass a bicyclist with a car in the other lane. Missing the bicyclist by inches. Risking their life. You are required by law, and common courtesy
to give a bicyclist three feet of space when passing them. Even if the bicyclist does not ride out in the lane, don’t pass a bicyclist until it is safe to do so. It is not worth hitting a bicyclist to save a few seconds. I a sure you
don’t want to hit the bicyclist.
Yes there are bad bicyclists. There are bad drivers. I have had two drivers in the last two weeks create dangerous situations. One driver passed me when I was in the lane as a car was approaching from the other direction.
He almost hit that car head on. To save a few seconds At the next intersection I was right behind his car. Just where I would have been if he had waited ten seconds to pass me when it was safe. Another driver deliberately
tried to hit me with his car when I was not blocking him at all. He yelled at me to ride on the sidewalk. Which is much more dangerous than riding on the street.
We have to share the roads. Bicyclists are husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. Don’t risk our lives to save a few seconds. And bicyclists need to ride safely. Don’t judge all bicyclists by the ones who don’t
ride safely. As I don’t judge all drivers by the ones who drive dangerously. And if you do come across a bicyclist who does not ride safely, call the police, don’t risk his life to teach him a lesson. It comes down to what we were
taught in kindergarten. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Jerry Bengtson is a Longmont resident

Mark Haldane Mon Sep 22 13:43:00 2014
For cold weather riding up here in Alaska I like to use varying thicknesses of balaclavas. If I start to get too warm I can just pull it down to expose my nose and mouth and then cover back up for warmth. Mittens are also a lot warmer than gloves. And then there are "Hippo Hands" or poggies that go on the bars covering your grips for extreme cold. Good luck, have fun, and warmest regards from way up north.
David Nelson Mon Sep 22 11:21:00 2014
As long as you are dressed properly cold weather biking can be a lot of fun. I usually just pull my scarf up over my nose and my breath keeps me plenty warm. For my winter commutes to work I have an adapter that puts my bottle cage on my handlebars and I bring some hot chocolate along on especially cold days. Just be careful not to overdress, doesn't take long to get warm with a couple of layers on in any temperature and too much sweat in extreme cold can be dangerous.
Jim Johnson Mon Sep 22 11:19:00 2014
Basically one more week to go. It seems to me the miles ridden are slowing down. I know for me I've ridden my butt off these last five months and I'm tired. Will cut back to my 30 to 35 miles a day soon. May even start this week.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 22 10:41:00 2014
@Laurie. I agree with you. I do not like cold weather biking. But I do it anyway. Riding a bike when it is cold is better than not riding. Right now I can wait until noon to to go ride for warm temps. But soon I will have to start off with cold weather clothing and shed layers as I ride and warm up. And then winter will be here and I will really have to layer up. I have to force myself out of the house when it is cold. But once I am riding I am fine. Especially after about 15 minutes of riding when I have warmed up.
Laurie Rescheske Mon Sep 22 09:55:00 2014
@ Peter... brrrrrr. I am realizing that cold weather biking is not my thing. More power to you!
Peter J Feyen Mon Sep 22 07:31:00 2014
Up in the UP getting ready for my ride in 40° damp weather before we leave for Northern Michigan University to visit our grandson. Of course not by bike!
Karen Jean Goth Sun Sep 21 21:58:00 2014
@Howard - sounds like a great plan.
@J. Hugh - Could not get on with your link - have family in NH . I will have to look it up myself.
I had to work today, and too much to do to before that to commute. 2 meager miles today. I will have to make that up tomorrow. So much for doing more than normal, sigh. The dueling dynamic duo will have to pick up the slack for me.
Howard Hess Sun Sep 21 21:20:00 2014
@ Richard G - I get to Columbus once a month, for business; have been doing it for 13 years now. Been fortunate enough to keep a bike in the hotel maintenance closet for the past year or so, which has been great! Probably logging ~1000 miles / year as a result; much, much better than spinning on the exercise bike in the hotel :)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Sep 21 20:24:00 2014

Prayer and good thoughts please

Jim Catlette Sun Sep 21 20:00:00 2014
Why does Endomondo show almost double my calories burned vs what my Garmin says I burn?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Sep 21 19:17:00 2014
HI all, waited for it to get past 60 today so I could get out and ride. Beautiful fall day but some strong wind for my early afternoon ride. Sunshine and lots of other riders out today.
@ Ian, you are making me want to do the Hilly. But I haven't been able to talk anyone else into going!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Sep 21 18:45:00 2014
sometimes when someone gives you a straight line opening for a joke, you have to avoid being Don Rickels and let it go flat.
richard graves Sun Sep 21 17:34:00 2014
Howard Hess glad you could ride during your visit to Columbus, IN I live in Indianapolis and thought of doing the Hope ride Myself. Safe cycling.
Cycling Roberto Sun Sep 21 17:04:00 2014
40 gravel miles, the last two with a flat tire.
So glad I don't live in FL.
Howard Hess Sun Sep 21 16:53:00 2014
44 points until diamond... will reach it tomorrow! :)
Howard Hess Sun Sep 21 16:51:00 2014
Way to go, Ian! I was actually in Columbus Indiana this week, and had some friends trying to convince me to stick around for the Hope ride :) Next year, I will definitely plan my schedule better, so that I can do the century. (I did manage to do a ride from Columbus to Hope on Wednesday, though!)
Ian M. Seecof Sun Sep 21 15:52:00 2014
Just finished the Hope Ride, SE of Indy. It is always a very beautiful route and the sky was brilliant blue and white. Thousands in attendance, but not too many for the 5 distances. 13-100 mile routes. Temps in the 60's and pretty windy. I always forget how many hills are on the longer routes. Lots of iron bridges, horses, lakes,etc. It is so good to be alive and our tandem makes it even better. We get stronger every year and what used to be difficult is now just plain pleasure. Can't wait for the Hilly Hundred in October, followed by the Crane Cruise.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Sep 21 14:52:00 2014
www.upworthy.com/maps-what-your-state-is-good-at-and-what-its-lame-at Since this is a challenge here's some state maps.

Stop reading if you don't like blinky safety lights. Others I have this one and its sure is bright and I have notice a difference in driver behavior, for the better. Really bright

Wrong Hat Sun Sep 21 13:48:00 2014
Awesome autumn everyone.
Peter J Feyen Sun Sep 21 13:02:00 2014
I got damp from light rain yesterday and couldn't ride in the heavy rain in the late afternoon. Got damp this morning but made it to the Mobil station in Gulliver before a heavy shower that lasted about 15 minutes. All in all enjoying the UP.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Sep 21 12:14:00 2014
@jerry I posted the Drone mapping story to facebook. In the middle of a mess it seems to me what you need is more information about the mess.

@Brad you very wise and you didn't mention his name.

Kevin L Mackey Sun Sep 21 11:47:00 2014
232 points to diamond. Thats less that 6 miles per day and since my commute round trip is 14 miles I should make it be next weekend.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Sun Sep 21 11:09:00 2014
...I don't care who started it; don't touch each other, don't even look at each other, if you two don't knock it off right now you're both walking home!
Laurie Rescheske Sun Sep 21 08:50:00 2014
@ Paul, sounds like you had exactly the same illness I had. I finally got over it, but too late to get Diamond by 9/30. I do plan to keep biking and get the points sometime in October. Even though they won't count toward the challenge, I will still know I accomplished something good :)
Karen Jean Goth Sun Sep 21 07:33:00 2014
@EM - You are absolutely right about my son. I am not going to push him into bicycling, it would just make matters worse. Hope he doesn't read that post as I was a little frustrated last night - have to let him be a teenager. That's the way of things. Used to be, he was pushing me along just six years ago when I was wishing I could ride again. I was the one asking to go home then. but it made me cry inside. How things have changed. At least he has running. That makes me happy for him.

@Marty - I will give back planks one more try. :)

Paul Perry Sun Sep 21 05:35:00 2014
3 weeks of crap health, and I am finally feeling better. First steep, then a throat/lung infection. Went out for a short ride last night to test the lungs and legs...feel like I'm ready for some good riding again. Yesterday was the first day I woke up not hacking my lungs out. Probably one of the windiest nights I've had to ride in too. But wow, what a moon. made for some great night riding, short as it was. Felt like I could have easily tacked on another 20-30, but decided to play it cool. Feeling like an animal in a cage right now.
Was kinda cool watching/reading about those of you hitting and closing in the milestones. Lots of diamonds out there. Congrats all. It just wasn't meant for me this year. Just have to go for a double nxt year, I guess.
Leonard Wright Sun Sep 21 02:17:00 2014
@EM, Limes being arranged, expect delivery by bicycle messenger Sept. 42nd.
Last time I looked less than 23,000 riders had logged at least 1 mile per month (100 points in 5 months). That means we almost achieved our goal of 20,000,000 miles with less than half the number of riders the challenge was planning on to reach that goal. Personally I feel everyone has done a FANTASTIC job this summer. Enjoy your rides and above all, BE SAFE.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sun Sep 21 00:15:00 2014
@ Rick sorry you didn't get the grant. I would have clicked the button a few more times, but was afraid they would think you were cheating. Glad the project will go through anyway.
@ Rob, kudos to you for getting the ball rolling on this party. Don't forget we have until Sept. 40th. Then Leonard is going to send up 14, 000 limes from Florida so we can have our big WE DID IT BLAST!!! LOL RIDE ON ALL!
Rob Gusky Sat Sep 20 23:14:00 2014
2013 has been a great year. 853 NBC riders have earned Diamond and 4930 Platinum thus far. I hope to earn my Diamond on Monday. Nice job team - lots of good encouragement on NBC. A lot of negative vibes in the world around us, glad there is so much positive here. Thanks everyone!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 20 22:01:00 2014
@ Karen Jean, I thought with a buddy he might give the road another try. RATS! I guess you have to figure out which friends have the mountain bikes and go from there. Maybe just try it with rentals instead of making an investment. Wish I could be more help. But on the positive side, the running seems to be going well, so maybe he deserves a break for a while.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Sep 20 21:05:00 2014
@Karen Jean - Instead of being on your forearms, you can do the back planks by supporting yourself on your hands (and heels). That will provide more than enough clearence.
Also, I haven't looked at the issue yet, but if you can play jacks while in the plank position - more power to you!
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 20 20:21:00 2014
@Jerry - Hope they fix things soon, so sorry :(
@EM - My son is not a road biker, he is definitely holding out for mountain biking. He just finds road biking boring and came with me just to get some "cross-training" as he put it - HA ! - 33 min. - 4 miles - that's all he could stand. I can just hear the mountain bikers saying an amen and a HOORAH to that. Now, how do I drum up some mountain-biking friends for him? And the bribe of a treat didn't work either, if you can believe it. Signed, disappointed mom. :(
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 20 18:56:00 2014
@Jerry, I was in Longmont, and the rain was epic. Sorry to hear of all the damage.
Rob Adams Sat Sep 20 18:55:00 2014
@Jerry, time to get a canoe and a mountain bike.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Sep 20 18:18:00 2014
I was supposed to ride 65 miles today up to Carter Lake. But my riding partner was sick. So I rode around Longmont photographing the flood damage as the waters recede. Our greenway is gone. I found three sections that I can ride on. Two are 3/10's of a mile long. One is 1/2 mile long. One section of the river is completely filled up with rock and dirt. And the river is about 100 yards north of where it used to be.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 20 18:07:00 2014
Hi all, its been raining on and off all day here. Managed a couple of rides to do errands. Looking forward to a much nicer weekend so I can put in some real miles.
RE: bribing, yeah, go for it. If it gets your kids to ride, so much the better. It works with my kids. Also getting one of your kid's friends to go along on the ride is a good bribe. They don't want to look like wimps in front of their friends, throw in a treat and wolla!
The cycle club in Cincinnati had a halloween ride when we lived there. Everyone put on a costume and we got out our lights and rolled on. It was great fun! For more fun, throw in a snack stop at the end: apple cider & doughnuts anyone?
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Sep 20 16:45:00 2014
treats make every ride a pleasure. plan the treats into the ride.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Sep 20 16:14:00 2014
Fema is so not helpful.
They didn't ask for them to go home. They threatened them with arrest.
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 20 16:10:00 2014
I would love to meet some of the folks on this forum. For various reasons; some should welcome me with open arms; some should run and hide. You know which category you fall into.
At any rate, had a glorious sunny ride on the D&L Trail along the beautiful Lehigh River.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 20 16:04:00 2014
@Andrea - nice idea, do you think my son would go on a bike ride with me if I promised him a chocolate yogurt cone? (My son is 14 and only rode once with me this Summer.
@Marty - I did the planks today. Only on 3 sides. I can do a regular plank 30 seconds, no problem as I have been doing them for years. I always find side planks hard to do - did both sides for 20 seconds. The other side plank I just don't understand. Ain't no way, yes I know ain't is not a word and...., again, ain't no way this butt is going to leave the floor in a straight line any time soon, (INSERT HUGE GUFFAW HERE IN REFERENCE TO MY BUTT.) I can, however, do the jackknife as I have also done these a lot before, and the yoga bridge, but I just do not understand that kind of plank, unless I am understanding you wrong. Also, Bicycle magazine has core exercises in their October 2013 issue: tried plank jacks and prone shoulder presses which were fun. You should look on page 35 and tell us what you think. Next week I will move on to the squats. When I did squats before they were indeed more strenuous. Right now it is enough to be doing the swimming training and the NBC at the same time.
Andrea Birch Sat Sep 20 15:48:00 2014
@Peter............uh, maybe it was me. Maybe it wasn't. But we did get one of my favorite candy bars. A King size Twix! Yum!
Peter J Feyen Sat Sep 20 15:42:00 2014
Just sitting and relaxing in our travel trailer and getting sleepy because of the rain that started about 1/2 hr after I got back from riding my bike. I think sin e the rain is letting up, I will take a nap with light spitter-spatter on the roof! ZZZzzz.
Peter J Feyen Sat Sep 20 15:40:00 2014
@Andre, who really wanted the treat?
Carl "the lonely BMX guy" Drexler Sat Sep 20 15:40:00 2014
September is almost over. After doing the MS150 City to Shore with its Century ride, September might be the last "full" riding month (every single day just about). I still ride in the cooler months, but the every day thing is beating me up. The year flew by, so maybe the next 3 months can also..... lol
Andrea Birch Sat Sep 20 15:18:00 2014
I went on a very short bike ride (5 miles) with my teenage sons yesterday. It was so nice to share that time with them. I think they only did it because I bribed them with a treat! Whatever it takes! :-)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Sep 20 15:01:00 2014
Of course rain is coming, you know who is back. Flood watches have been issued.
Allen Kibler Sat Sep 20 13:45:00 2014
@ Karen It's already sprinkling here in my part of PA, good thing I was out at day break :)
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 20 12:56:00 2014
I am off to ride some miles after a very strenuous swimming work out this morning. PA people take advantage of the sunshine, I heard on the weather forecast that rain is a coming! Repeating the common adage, Ride on, and ride safe!
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 20 12:53:00 2014
@Laurie - I hope that you didn't think I was making fun at your expense. Blame it on that one cup of coffee in the morning that sets me off. (I'm just upset that they won't let me ride in the Halloween Parade is all.) I plan on setting my sights on Diamond earlier next year also. May was a slow month for me, so if I ride some over the Winter, and manage to keep off the extra Winter weight gain, I should be able to make a better start next year, of course if I win or buy and new bike that would help as well. Hey, you can always dream, right?
Laurie Rescheske Sat Sep 20 12:21:00 2014
@ Gregg, you sure picked a great time to vacation in Wisconsin's northwoods. I am also looking forward to biking through the fall colors over the next month or so. Have fun!
Gregg Warning Sat Sep 20 12:01:00 2014
I'm on vacation next week and spending the weekend and next week in the northwoods. This will be a fun way to end the bike challenge with daily rides touring the fall color of the northwoods. Looking forward especially to the 76 mile "Lakes & Leaves Food Ride at Summit Lake tomorrow morning.. We will be touring the lakes and fall color in Langlade County. Food rides are my favorite kind of ride lol
Rick Gilbert Sat Sep 20 11:30:00 2014
@Tammie about the hills - Roberto's advice is good. He has a lot of experience and a lot of miles. But from a guy who has fewer miles on the saddle - if you get to a point that you are getting plumb tuckered out on the hill, remember it's not a race. The goal is to get there, not to get there fastest. On my first 1-mile-600-ft-climb, I was trying to use a couple of other riders to pace myself. I stayed behind them to keep from over-driving. Then they each pulled over, one from fatigue, the other to wait on the first. Tried to keep my plan, but legs just got tired. Pulled over to the side and just dropped a foot on the curb (convenient to have a curb), waited about 20 seconds, and started pedaling again. It was like fresh legs. Now two things resulted. First is that I have no qualms about pulling over and dropping a foot briefly (or pulling onto a flat side road for a few yards) before pedaling upward. The second is psychological. Knowing I can drop a foot, rest and continue if I have to actually makes it easier for me to keep pedaling toward the crest without stopping.
Ride safe and have a great time!
Rick Gilbert Sat Sep 20 11:24:00 2014
Final tally on the Volunteer Champions Challenge. We did not get the grant. Our cause (Federal Way Biking - bike & pedestrian greenways) was 4 Likes behind the winner (189 to 185), with the next project down the list receiving 161 votes. Thanks for all your support, though. Not getting this grant doesn't stop the project by any means, but it would have been a real boost to morale for certain members of the team (me, for one). Ride safe; ride often!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Sat Sep 20 10:43:00 2014
Congrats to all the new diamond riders, happy birthday to celebraters, way to go to the personal best acheivers (riders & runners)! I have a miserable cold, and I'm going home. Great weekend, all!
Laurie Rescheske Sat Sep 20 10:22:00 2014
I wasn't being serious when I suggested the extension. I'm just frustrated that events in the last month or so have conspired to keep me off my bike far more than I would like, and I was venting. Next year I plan to make a much stronger start so that I can achieve Diamond on time :)
Laurie Rescheske Sat Sep 20 10:20:00 2014
Congrats Kathy!
Peter J Feyen Sat Sep 20 09:27:00 2014
Foggy morning and just got done breakfast and the fog is clearing up. Since I have only a choice of east or west but still US 2. I waited so I could be seen even though life is short. Why shorten it! Now the enjoyment of kitting up and enjoying a ride. East or West will be decided when I get to US 2 which is only one tenth of a mile, not much thinking time.
Kathy Rieck Sat Sep 20 08:56:00 2014
Diamond is a girls best friend.
Cycling Roberto Sat Sep 20 08:41:00 2014
Extending the NBC would take the C out of it. Hopefully, there's always next year. Just keep riding regardless.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 20 08:14:00 2014
I think that we should look at last year's stats, because everyone plans extra miles the last week. (I know that last year, when I started in August, I bicycled at least double what I normally did on the last day of the challenge. That should take us up to maybe 19 million - you think. So if we all do 3x our normal ride starting today we should make it! (Always the optimist, Karen.) - If you dwell on the positive, the positive repels the negative - psychologically speaking that is.
@Laurie- just wait until next year, NBC will end the challenge on Halloween night and we all will have our own parade with bikes shining in lights, while we wear our NBC jerseys and ride down main streets all over the country. (Of course NBC will have upped the goal to 25,000,000 miles and we will be still a few million miles short, but it would be awesome to see.)
Laurie Rescheske Sat Sep 20 06:23:00 2014
Could they extend the challenge through October 31? Then I'd get Diamond for sure and we'd get the 20 million... "Smiles"
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Sep 20 00:48:00 2014
The last million took us 10 days. So, with 11 more days of the Challenge, including the end-of-the-month bump, we will end the Challenge right around 18.5 million. Not bad.
Jonathan Baty Fri Sep 19 23:52:00 2014
17 million miles! 3 to go!
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 19 23:15:00 2014
Thanks for the tips Roberto. I am still not really strong and balanced well when I try to stand. Getting better at it though. Only 199 points to diamond now. Did not get to ride much today. So much to do to get ready for Cyclefest! I will be doing some riding while down there after the riders are finished though. I can't go down there and NOT get to enjoy the area! It sure is great to have Black Beauty home where she belongs!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 19 23:05:00 2014
@ David, congrats on the diamond
@ Rob, WOW, way to roll, not just miles but down to one car, thats AWESOME!
@ Karen Jean, congrats to your son!
Karen Jean Goth Fri Sep 19 22:27:00 2014
Also, I am finally getting my own comfort zone down in my cold layers. I have come to realize that I am going to be cold and slightly uncomfortable for the first half hour bicycling in the mornings now, until I warm up, and after that I am good. I bought two sets of never worn woolen socks at a community garage sale recently for $3. They are just what I needed to keep my toes warm this morning, along with the two layers of clothing. I will have to slowly buy the bike specific clothing, however. Word of a possible government shut down is not happy news in our household this week.
Karen Jean Goth Fri Sep 19 22:12:00 2014
@Nyla - nice to see you are still enjoying the ride!
My son did well in his first race today. There were about six schools racing. He came in at 14:08 on a course that was a little more than 2 miles. He was in the first third of the runners. Two weeks ago he ran his first timed 2 miles in 15:50. A nice improvement I think. Sorry, this proud mom couldn't resist bragging on him. (Now, if I could only get him to finish his history assignments early.)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Sep 19 21:57:00 2014
Here is an endo challenge that gives away 5 free memberships. It Started August 1 and ends September 30th. It would appear that this challenge will acheive 20 million miles before the end of the month.

18.91 M
3,684 M

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Sep 19 20:59:00 2014
Moon's up and the lunatics are out
Rob Gusky Fri Sep 19 20:42:00 2014
17 million miles! Nice work team. Some people I know in my area are planning a big ride to finish out the 2013 Challenge - route is to circumnavigate a big body of water. Anyone else have similar plans?
Fri Sep 19 20:18:00 2014
@Tammie, you go, girl!
@Cynthia, Good Luck with your MS 150 this weekend. We'll be rooting for you. Think of me when you go over that bridge and hit the sand!!!
@Roberto, glad you chose to take the High Road. We're glad you chose to stick around (at least THIS local rider is!).
Cycling Roberto Fri Sep 19 20:08:00 2014
@Rob, that's quite an improvement. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the kind words.
Rob Adams Fri Sep 19 19:54:00 2014
Well my cycling dedication has improved since last year, although I ride every year but just started Endomundo last year. I hit 3000 points Dec 31 of last year and I will hit 3000 tomorrow morning this year. Most of these miles are strictly commute miles but not all. I don't track mountain biking at all. I got our (wife and me) down to 1 car which forces me not to be lazy. Once I had my car down to 2k a year I knew I didn't need it anymore. I am a self motivator but I also use other peoples strengths for motivation also. Cycling Roberto doing 40 miles a day is awesome but I just don't have the time for that yet.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 19 18:40:00 2014
Won't be in touch until Monday! Have a great weekend riding all!
Scott Ussery Fri Sep 19 18:14:00 2014
@ Michael - You're right, how could I forget! Except it was only about a 4 mile ride so I was probably already putting my bike into my car and thinking about the drive downtown with the windows open. I love fall.
Cycling Roberto Fri Sep 19 17:47:00 2014
@Tammie, remember start at the cadence you want to finish at the top in. Shift when needed, and I always try to stand for a couple of feet at least before shifting to a lower (easier) gear. Don't spin yourself out too early. Good luck. And congrats on the return of your bike.
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 19 17:23:00 2014
Yea! My bike is ready.. I am going to pick up Black Beauty...she will be with me on Sunday for my first real climbing challenge! Everyone says I have to at least TRY so I will. It is a 7 mile long real climb and I hear it is really, really tough. Nothing to lose and a lot of confidence to gain. I am looking forward to the effort... spin, spin, spin! LOL
Cycling Roberto Fri Sep 19 17:10:00 2014
@Tammie, and the rest. You've given me reason to re-evaluate my choice. (THANKS TAMMIE), and I am happy to continue to join in the conversation. The forum needs a "block" option like Facebook has.
Broke the 8000 point mark today and 9220 miles for 2013 so far including @Jerry, over 60 miles on B-bikes! Those things are monsters.
I appreciate the kind comments. I will do my best to have a thicker skin.
See you on the road.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 19 16:39:00 2014
Congrats Tammie and David-this is one of the best diamonds you could have!
David Stempnakowski Fri Sep 19 16:38:00 2014
I don't mind riding in the rain now and then, but every single day this week on the way home is starting to get a little old.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 19 15:51:00 2014
@ David congrats on diamond
@ Roberto, remember your friends outnumber your enemies here. You will be missed. Keep rolling buddy!
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 19 15:38:00 2014
17 million miles coming up soon! Get peddling everyone. Guess the rest of the laundry will just have to wait. Congratulations David.. I am not far behind. My plan is to reach it on wednesday.
David Jones Fri Sep 19 15:24:00 2014
I hit Diamond today! Woohoo!
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 19 14:23:00 2014
oh, only 227 points to Diamond!!
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 19 14:18:00 2014
... speaking of cold... it is only 73 right now! Wow! Is winter here already? LOL We even had a little rain shower. I have been very lazy on the couch so far today. Need to actually get things done and take a ride before our thursday evening casual dinner ride which only nets me a total of about 9 miles and tons of calories! Sorry to see Roberto go... I just ignore the things I don't like.. it's easier and they are just words. We choose what we allow to bother us. Life is too short.
Shawn Joseph Gössmann Fri Sep 19 14:07:00 2014
19.28 miles by road bike today! 13 mile per hour wind gusts along with 90 degree (f) temps. It sure was a ride today! Sported to ole' Freemason Cycling Club jersey today!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 19 14:01:00 2014
@Roberto-so sorry and sniffle sigh. Ride on with peace, we hate to see you go. Very sad that this is happening.

I didn't think I would like riding in the cold but gosh I love it with the proper apparel. I just really hate being cold. Maybe I should move to a much warmer clime....

Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 19 13:57:00 2014
@Roberto. Sorry to see you go.
Joe Sacco Fri Sep 19 13:52:00 2014
The hardest part of the ride in the cold is leaving the house!!! Lol
As I learned to dress for the cold, I found it's actually very pleasant to be out in extreme cold temps.
It's not for everyone, but I love it!!
Pedal On!!
Cycling Roberto Fri Sep 19 13:50:00 2014
I will continue to log my miles, but I'm leaving the message boards. I'm tired of the backhanded slights being sent my way both on this board and on private comments by Mr. Strickland. He thinks he's being funny, but this type of behavior is more acceptable in grade school. Sorry guys, but I don't hang with bullies. And he just won't let it go in spite of numerous requests and reporting him to the moderators. So rather than put up with Strickland's attacks, I'm moving on. Happy trails all, and see you on the road.
@J. Hugh, pick another target.
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 19 13:46:00 2014
I am still having trouble comprehending myself on a bike below 50! I see a fireplace with a trainer in front of it! Not as much fun but sure would be a LOT warmer!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Sep 19 13:36:00 2014
I;m just hoping that there is no bad moon rising.
Fri Sep 19 13:12:00 2014
@Scott, how could you forget Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'?
Joe Sacco Fri Sep 19 13:04:00 2014
I don't break out my cold weather gear till it's consistently 20 and colder.
Until that time the only thing that changes is a long sleeve base layer, and maybe foot wear. My rain gear (both jacket and pants) serve me well, up until the temps go below 20.

In my cold weather tuff-tote I have Craft Storm XC ski tights/pants. These have worked well down to -50 with no base layer. 2nd best purchase of cold weather gear I own!! It may need replacement since it's going on year 4 of use.

The 1st??? A NeoShell heavy weight jacket handmade by Lou of foxwear.
Size xxxl (for layering purposes) with xxl arm length.

Dogwood Design Plus Pogies to keep the digits warm, with only summer weight riding gloves need being worn.
3rd best cold weather purchase. Don't underestimate warm hands!! Lol

A couple different sets of base layers. Use dependent on length of ride and weather conditions.

A heavy weight LS performance fleece jersey........ Only worn on the coldest of days, or as a top layer on warmer days..... Very dependent on weather, and if I know I'll be stopped for any length of time during a cold ride through the woods! ;)

For my feet, two different gram weights of Rocky boots, 1,000 gram for normal riding days and 1,600 grams for the coldest days.

Carried in my frame bag are hand warmer packets, (unused in 5 years!! Lol), big old time "chopper" gloves for extended stops. 2 or 3 different beanie hats.

Wow, when I type this all out it doesn't look like all that much!! Ha Ha

I understand some may look at this, and say "are you crazy??"

Why yes, I may be a bit touched; but come see me after I haven't pedaled for a week straight and I'll show you crazy!!!!! ;)
Pedal On!!


Karen Jean Goth Fri Sep 19 12:44:00 2014
Boy, I must be OLD, all that is going through my mind is Moon River right now. Maybe, it I can hack the cold, I will ride around a little bit tonight.
@Jim - Cut and Pasted your clothing suggestions for cold weather, looks like it might be helpful.
I get discouraged talking to people about joining the NBC. I don't know of anyone who actually logged miles because I told them about it, and I have told quite a few people. It would be nice to get a few business cards to distribute for next year from League of American Bicyclists for the people who are members that logged a predetermined number of points, just a thought (probably to expensive.)
Laurie Rescheske Fri Sep 19 12:36:00 2014
@ J. Hugh, I just read your comment, and guess what song is playing on Pandora right now? lol
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 19 12:25:00 2014
@Scott-great tunes!
Gosh, I really need to get one of these lights to ride at night. Feel like I am missing something! Although when I exercise at night I have trouble getting to sleep. Anyone have that issue?
@Jim-seeing as how I freeze when the temps go below 80 degrees-I pretty much do the same as you except I am wearing long sleeves and/or more winterized clothing at 40 to 70 degrees.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Sep 19 12:24:00 2014
@Scott and the MOON should be very bright again tonight. Weather permiting and if you get any from the street lights the Moon Shadows are really cool. So just go leaping and a hoping on a moon shadow if you can.
Laurie Rescheske Fri Sep 19 12:22:00 2014
@ Scott, I took the scenic route home from work last night, so got to enjoy the full moon along the way. But... priorities.... I HAD to be home before 9 pm to watch Duck Dynasty, otherwise I would have kept riding and enjoying the peace and beauty of the evening.
Scott Ussery Fri Sep 19 12:20:00 2014
Man, did anyone do a ride last night? I made a short trip here in Nebraska last night after 9 pm. The moon was up and bright. I had all kind of "moon" songs going throught my head, Blue Moon, King Harvest's Dancing In the Moonlight, Van Morrison's Moondance, The Police-Walking on the Moon, and the Rolling Stones-Moonlight Mile. I only met one other rider and a jogger. If you have a chance, experience that (with lights of course).
Jim Franzen Fri Sep 19 12:17:00 2014
I posted this on my local page but I thought some of you southern riders would like to see what us all year riders up north have to do.

Now that cold weather is starting I thought I'd share my clothing layering plan
60 and up T shirt and shorts
50-60 Jogging pants, long sleeve t
40-50 Jogging pants, T shirt, windbreaker, head band closer to 40
30-40 Jogging pants, long sleeve, wind breaker, head band,closer to 30 i add an additional head band to cover my face.
20-30 jogging pants, t shirt, wool socks, under armor, long sleeve, wind breaker, head bands
10-20 jogging pants, under armor pants, under armor shirt, long sleeve, sweat shirt
below 10 two pair nice socks one wool, everything above will use a balaclava. I try to keep rides under 30 minutes as my toes get COLD
Due to my diabetes and Raynauds I wear gloves below 50. below 40 I start to layer many gloves.
what do you do?

Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 19 11:58:00 2014
It's just amazing and truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story Rick. And then, they also golf once or twice a week and travel and all this stuff.
Promoting the NBC is a great idea. Sounds like they would for sure add to the states numbers!
I did mention the NBC to some of them this year but they didn't seem interested. Like you have done, I need to do up some biz card type of promotion and hand them out. Having some type of reference in your hand as opposed to talking about it while riding together are two different things.
Rick Gilbert Fri Sep 19 11:40:00 2014
@Cynthia - one of the great things about being out here in the Seattle area is the number of calendared daily rides on Cascade's web site. I rode my first one last Friday, and I was one of the youngest of the 15 riding. MId-60's and up is what I'd guess for most of the group. It was a 40 miler with 2000+ feet of climbing between about mile 5 and mile 25. One of the older guys in that group was on each of the the other 2 Cascade rides I did Saturday and Sunday. Word is that he rides just about every day. He left the first ride early when his atrial fib monitor went off on one particularly steep climb that happened to be close to his home. (He's wearing the monitor so they can figure out what's wrong and fix it.) Still he was back out for more 40 milers on Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking to lobby some of these folks next spring to join NBC to help boost Washington numbers. They're out doing what we're promoting. We just aren't capturing the data.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 19 11:37:00 2014
@Michael-thanks for sharing. It's so inspiring though. The same here, our local bike group is predominatly older men 70 and on up who map their weekly routes ahead of time and get out there and spin. They actually meet twice a week and do 30 to 50 miles each time! They ride at about 20 24 mph!
Fri Sep 19 09:52:00 2014
Nice article in this morning's bird cage liner about 'more experienced' cyclists: http://tinyurl.com/nr2w66o . Don't forget to click on the 'Related Articles' link and also the pictures. What's scary (for me) is the 82-year-old they interview was my principal in junior high school! He was always an avid runner; he holds a number of statewide records in that sport.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 19 08:59:00 2014
Gosh, you wouldn't believe what it is like here during a full moon event and then high tide coming in to boot! Swelling body, can't sleep, people are definitely a little more whacked out! I would have never believed it to experience it if I did not observe this for myself and living here. But I will tell ya-the moon full or not is beautiful at any time but when you see a full moon rise up off the oceans horizon, there is nothing like it. Incredibly beautiful as it casts its rays over the waters.
Karen Jean Goth Fri Sep 19 08:24:00 2014
@EM - The first, and only time I was in St. Louis was when my husband and I traveled (by truck) to California on our honeymoon. I didn't feel like we were making any progress until we saw the Gateway Arch. We stayed at campgrounds mostly, and that evening we tented in such awful heat that my husband wanted to go home, but I wouldn't let him. We were at a state park and the only relief was touring the awesome caves you have in your state. From there, we traveled towards Texas, Arizona and on to California. My family thought we were crazy. Next time we take bicycles, and who cares what they think. - Thank you for the invitation. I would be honored to share a cup of coffee with anyone I have met here at the NBC. EM, if you should ever be in Emmaus, I would be happy to return the offer. Enjoy that birthday!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Sep 19 07:47:00 2014
@Richard M Wow what a close call that you made it home without injury.
@Brad If you look at the research it actually says that other stages of the moon may be more indicative of luiatic activity depending on the complaint and the place reporting the info.
@Leonard W You are amazing with your ridnig.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Sep 19 07:37:00 2014
JHugh - I don't believe it's an all or nothing proposition; there are an infinite and wonderous array of degrees of crazy.
Nyla, I think you're right - I'm getting taller.
Leonard Wright Fri Sep 19 01:48:00 2014
For all of you that are moon struck today - the full moon occurs at 7:13 EDT this morning (Sept 19th). Now (2:03am) is a great time for a night ride.
Nyla Greenberg Fri Sep 19 01:29:00 2014
And yet......the moon controls the tide.......and we are about sixty percent water........hmmmmm (-;
Richard C. Moeur Fri Sep 19 01:14:00 2014
I thought my steering felt a bit funny on the ride home...
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 22:23:00 2014
Does the full mooncause crazy behavior? http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/moon.html
Short answer is NO, you either are crazy or not.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 22:21:00 2014
PS, bring your own helmet!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 22:17:00 2014
@ Karen Jean, clearly you need to take a trip to St. Louis. We have all those exciting stores! Just let us know to make sure we're home. We've got lots of room and can even rustle up a bike or two in case you bring a riding buddy!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 22:15:00 2014
You might check into natural food stores. My local, mom and pop, gives a discount if I buy in bulk. It is the best source for things like puffed barley cereal, which is really amazing. Nuts and other products take planning and they seem happy to help when I do a bulk quantity. How about a coop organization? We have several in the area and over the years have participated in many areas with like minded people.
Miguel Lopez Thu Sep 18 21:55:00 2014
now that the horrible heat is gone I'm back in the saddle!!! WOOOO!!!
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 18 21:44:00 2014
@Karen, no Whole Foods either. They won't build here. Take a look around. Enough said.
Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 18 21:42:00 2014
@Cynthia - I am reading: Bicycling Magazines Complete Guide to Road Cycling Skills. Hope you have a great birthday!
Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 18 21:36:00 2014
Lehigh County, PA has no REI store, no Costco and no Trader Joe's. (Sigh) Anyone out their who works for these companies check out the Promenade Shops area - perfect location for REI store or Trader Joe's - I am feeling a little deprived here. ( I do think that Costco plans on building a warehouse in the area, however.)
Rob Adams Thu Sep 18 21:25:00 2014
@ J. Hugh, the moon is awesome on my way to work in the morning.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 20:54:00 2014
The moon while not officially full is very bright where I am. If you are a night rider you don't have to wait until tomorrow night. Maybe a two for one. But becareful out there it is the FULL MOON.
Rick Gilbert Thu Sep 18 20:53:00 2014
Trader Joe's is a bit of a 'boutique Costco.' Limited brand selection, but good everyday prices on most stuff all the time - often as good as sale prices at other grocers on comparable products. Difference from Costco is that package sizes fit in a small pantry. No storage locker needed. Not knocking Costco - we're just a two person household now and don't need mega-sizes of peanut butter or pickles, a tray of giant muffins or milk by the multi-gallon pack.
Rick Gilbert Thu Sep 18 20:46:00 2014
Thanks to all of you who responded to my call for FB Likes for our grant funding project. The final tally isn't in, but I believe we fell a few votes shy of winning the challenge. Even so, your support is encouragement as we continue to work to make Federal Way, WA, a friendlier, safer place for pedestrians and cyclists. Ride safe, and ride often!
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 18 20:36:00 2014
@J. Hugh, broken link. But why the hell you decided to zero in on me with accusations that I "made up rides," and now this stupid name you've tagged me with, I mean, c'mon and grow up. This isn't third grade. This is supposed to be about cycling and its benefits. How it became a personal crusade with you about me is beyond understanding. Please STOP. If anyone is moderating this board, could you please inform Mr. Strickland that I do not find his comments amusing.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 20:17:00 2014
@ Cynthia, not sure if you consider them bulk but at least there are lots of choices on the TJ nuts. They have roasted, not roasted, salted, unsalted, lightly salted etc.
Oh, yeah, I have some fresh chocolate chip cookies for the party too!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 20:16:00 2014
You can buy raw nuts and roast them yourself. These are great, no salt or oil and all favor. Also, HB2U and many more.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 20:13:00 2014
Costco is also a good place to buy nuts in bulk. A Trader Joe's just opened an hour north of me-I have yet to get up there to check it out. Will have to check out there bulk nuts if they have them.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 20:13:00 2014
And I have some pumpkin beer!
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 20:12:00 2014
Awesome virtual party Karen! Hey I have some champagne in the fridge....
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 20:09:00 2014
@ Karen, on the nuts, if you have a Trader Joes you can get nuts there more cheaply than in the regular grocery store (at least thats the case around here).
Rob Adams Thu Sep 18 20:01:00 2014
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 19:54:00 2014
Thanks for the b-day wishes. Having a great day. @ Cynthia, Happy B-day early. Sharing some of Karen Jean's virtual party. Don't forget the LIMES!!! HA HA!
Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 18 19:47:00 2014
Confetti ',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',', Streamers ===================
Bubbly %%%%%%%%%%% Cup Cakes (] (] (] (] (] HAPPY VIRTUALLY
BIRTHDAY PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hip-Hip Horray!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 19:45:00 2014
Important weather http://www.weather.com/weather/today/18062

Also for those that like night riding tomorrow is the FULL MOON! It was great on the rise tonight.

J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 19:42:00 2014
and he Cycling Roberto posted on my workout for today
4 minutes ago
What is your deal? Knock off the name calling. I don't like it. I've reported you once, and will do it again if you persist. Get the message?
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 18 19:32:00 2014
J. Hugh, I know you're trying to be funny with the name, but it isn't funny to me. DROP IT.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 19:13:00 2014
We are sooooo close to 17 million miles! Amazing!
Rob Adams Thu Sep 18 19:11:00 2014
The ride home today felt like I was in a wind tunnel.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 19:10:00 2014
@EM-hey-Happy Birthday! Mine will be this weekend for this 50 something gal too!
Hope your having a great day. And now since everyone is posting all at once, I see you have had your sparkling diamond for a while now. Belated congrads!
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 19:07:00 2014
@Rob-hope you catch your diamond!
@EM-I did bring my bike in the DMV! Did you make Diamond? If so, I missed it in your post-that is awesome!
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 18:59:00 2014
@Karen, oh yes! Pine nuts are way too expensive, when making pesto I use walnuts (instead of pine nuts) which are also a good on the run snack or almonds. Other good snacks is putting togehter raisins, craisens, cashews, walnuts, almonds and seseame sticks. If you buy these items in bulk and mix them together and have them ready in a baggie-you will not only be choosing a healthier non junk food chemically laden snack, it will give you a bit of energy. I mean "you" in the general terms.
If I am in a minute-mart type place I try to choose nuts or pretzels. And some places now are carrying hummus with veggies in little snack packs. That is always yummy.
I love popcorn! I eat a few times a week. Done on the stove with a little oil and natural sea salt tossed on it. No microwave popcorn.
What book are you reading?
Have any of you gals out there read any good books that are specific for women and cycling?
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 18 18:12:00 2014
@Jerry - Wow, too much. Towns all along the South Platte in Nebraska are sandbagging now in anticipation of the flood waters. Oy!
@Karen - Big sparkly congrats on your diamond!
@Cynthia - Turned in your plates? Good for you, brave soul. Love that you rode your bike to do it! I've started riding my bike over to renew our plates. They look at my helmet, then they look at me funny when I say I'm there to pay my plates. It's great.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 18:09:00 2014
@ Jerry, well maybe its not raining in Southern California. Oddly enough my husband just drove home in heavy rain, but there was none at all in our neighborhood just a few miles away.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 18:03:00 2014
@ All, its been a crazy week here, but I finally got out for my ride around 2 this afternoon. Was waiting for a friend to get off work so we could blaze our way down the trail. Could have ridden earlier but hey its my birthday and this 50-something couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than ride with a friend. Temps were in the upper 80s, so its not completely fall yet. BLAZING BLAST!!! LET THE FUN TIMES ROLL!!!!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 17:59:00 2014
@ Rob, just to clarify I was congratulating Karen Jean. I got my diamond a while back, but thanks and GO FOR YOURS. You are toally right this is great fun.
@ Jim, what do you mean nuts? Its nuts if you aren't having total fun. Congrats on breaking your miles per ride barrier!
Rob Gusky Thu Sep 18 17:56:00 2014
@EM, congratulations. Hope to get my diamond next week. This is fun!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 17:54:00 2014
@ Cynthia, HAPPY DANCE. Way to go to turn in those plates. Did you take your bike inside when you turned them in! CONGRATS!!!
Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 18 17:50:00 2014
@EM - Thanks!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 17:49:00 2014
@ Christine, good to hear from you again. Good for you for putting your foot down. Now if you can just tell us what bike shop you are ordering your wheels from, we can all pitch in and make a contribution. ROLL WHEN YOU CAN. Even a jaunt around the neighborhood can make you feel better!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 17:45:00 2014
@Aesop see PA wants you to stay and ride. You brought out the sun.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 18 17:43:00 2014
Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 18 17:34:00 2014
@Cynthia - Wishing you a great ride this weekend!
@Christine - So good to hear from you!

I am reading yet another book on bicycling, guess who published it? Rodale must just send every book they publish to my library. (joking) They suggested a bunch of healthy snacks to pick up when you are riding, for example from a minute-mart type gas station. I like popcorn, he didn't mention that one. Anyone have a favorite "buy on the run snack" available at one of these stores? He also mentioned pinenuts, which I thought I might like. It took me 30 minutes to find them in the local Giant - Almost $10 for 4 oz. - WOW! They are too expensive for me.

Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 17:27:00 2014
@Jim Jensen-have fun going nuts! Biking is an excellent sport to go nuts over.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 17:21:00 2014
Didn't know if it was clear but I did ride my bike to the DMV to turn my tags in. What fun!
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 17:19:00 2014
@Christine-hi there! Great to hear from you! Sounds like your doing ok. No doubt your ready to log in some miles.
And, Jerry did great during his recovery!
Jim Jensen Thu Sep 18 17:14:00 2014
Yesterday (Sept. 17) my riding buddy and I did the Elroy-Sparta (Wisconsin) Bike Trail. 35 miles in 3 hours and 25 minutes of biking - 4 hours on the clock. That was milestone #1. Milestone #2: that is the longest single ride either of us has done. #3: we did the least amount of talking of any bike ride we've taken together! #4: nobody passed us! We now know there are 4 bike trails over there and we want to ride them all now! The National Bike Challenge is turning us into biking nuts.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 17:14:00 2014
Ok, it's been quite the day. Took today off to get a nice 40 mile or more ride in preparation for the Bike MS this weekend. 24 of those miles was to the DMV and back to my town. I thought it would be appropriate to ride to the DMV and turn my tags in.
Well-nothing and mean nothing turned out the way I planned this morning. To make a long story short, I only did 24/25 miles and yes, Michael, I did turn my tags in. The woman there was so nice (I have spoken to her on the phone about this a couple times) and she said she admired me for what I was doing. I thought there would be more ceremony going on within myself-but-honeslty I have been wanting to try this for so long that it just felt natural. So, I am going to give through the winter and see how I do. After doing more research, thanks to everyones help here, I found that it is quite simple to reregister my car and reinsure it. I think too that with the upcoming ride this weekend I am a little preoccupied so it has not sunk in yet.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 18 17:03:00 2014
Remember how I said it finally stopped raining.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 18 17:01:00 2014
Hi All! Just catching up on the conversation today....what fun I have missed!
@Heather-I have fleece cycling tights. They were expensive but well worth every penny. Wash and wear great! I recommend too get some gloves. I went simple and inexpensive as it is not quite that cold to need cycling winter gloves here, I use a good pair of fleece/wool gloves with liners underneath and they work great!
@Roberto-glad you back with us. I think you were missed!
@All-no comments on the no pants as maybe I have considered going pants free on occasion, butt, for obvious reasons I have not.
@Karen-you got your diamond! Wahoo! I am so happy for you!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 18 16:54:00 2014
@Christine - Hey, been missin you, girl! You're ready to ride again, already? That's awesome! Don't overdo it, though. Hope you find just the right bike!!!
Thu Sep 18 15:46:00 2014
@Jerry, glad to know we helped. Time to now direct the collective support to the recovery in CO.
@Roberto, Welcome Back!
@Christine, keep with it, and don't let the overpaid professionals get the better of you!
@Cynthia, did you turn those plates in yet? Howzit feel?
Rick Gilbert Thu Sep 18 15:46:00 2014
One last plea for support in our quest to win a $1000 grant to support our efforts to get greenways and other improvements to safety for walkers and cyclists in Federal Way, WA. We're in second place right now and within about a dozen votes of the lead and only hours from the deadline. Your vote matters, and I will appreciate it. If you've already responded, I really do thank you.

To vote for our project, go to the WYmakingWAVES page on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/WYMakingWAVES, find the posting from Brent Frandsen that includes the Federal Way Biking video, and 'Like' it.

Ride safe, and ride often!

Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Sep 18 15:45:00 2014
Christine, it's great to hear from you again. Go for those little rides as soon as possible. I bet they will speed recovery, fizikally and spiritually.

JHugh - I appreciate the sentiment. Someday we will be able to share some of that rare and lustrous Cuvee, and perhaps a few of our other favorite beers. And when I'm out biking some skirt trials, and the wind is ruffling my feathers (so to speak), I will be thinking of you.

Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 18 15:41:00 2014
@Christine. Glad to hear from you again. Hope you get back on your bike soon.
How do you know I didn't go loopy? Actually it was the support and encouragement from everyone here that helped me through my recovery.
Cycling Roberto Thu Sep 18 15:25:00 2014
@J. Huge, you need better material.
Sunny days here in PA and a nice ride in the countryside.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 15:17:00 2014
@Abby Normal Go for that ride. Good for you.
@Brad My transporter is broken, scotty is bitching about not being able to fix it, so I am going to have to ride with you another day. Butte the ride, beer and testing skirts is so inviting.
Google cycling kilts and look for the collection of images, sorry could not get the link to come up on NBC. wow, who knew?
Christine "Abby Normal" Salvatore Thu Sep 18 14:57:00 2014
Hi, all! I'm still alive, believe it or not. I've been going through a bit of a rough spot with MDs not listening to me and me having to put my foot down (on their toes, when needed) being as how I'm the one being "treated". Knee MD has okayed me to ride again, but I'm really coaster-brake-bike-shy. I'm headed to Milwaukee to try out a Public bike this weekend, but it will have to be ordered if I decide to get one, so no telling if it will be here before the end of the challenge. I'd really like to go platinum before September 30! Maybe it would be worth riding the old cruiser for a mile around the neighborhood??
I've really missed riding. Jerry, I can't imagine how you went so long without going loopy! Hoping to be back on a bike in the next couple weeks. Miss y'all a bunch, but I'm way behind at work and need desperately to catch up! Later!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 18 14:32:00 2014
@Laurie - Nice attempt at making the case for bikes & bike lanes after that article. Sadly, you and that one other guy were outnumbered.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 18 14:26:00 2014
@Brad - Should you decide to experiment with riding a bike while wearing a skirt, please post video of said experiment. You know, for scientific purposes; peer review, analysis of your methodology, that sort of thing. :)
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Sep 18 14:15:00 2014
Laurie - remember when capris were pedal pushers? Strangely appropriate.

Agreed JHugh, but money can only carry you so far, and eventually people will realize who the bad guys are here - and its not the teachers.

However, I get out of work at 3, anyone want to do some skirt trials and maybe get a couple beers after? I heard of a nearby tavern that caters to bikers.

Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 18 14:09:00 2014
@ Karen, congrats on your Diamond!
Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 18 14:03:00 2014
Toot, Tooooot!!! Toot, Toooot!!! Just made diamond. (Barely) Now I have to go and mow the 2 foot high lawn my son couldn't mow this weekend because of the Minuteman Challenge.
Kevin L Mackey Thu Sep 18 13:59:00 2014
@ Tammy, I rode to work in the low 40's this week already. I will ride till there is snow on the Fox River Trail (Green Bay) and streets. Last year I made it to Thanksgiving and the year before that it was Dec 1st. Then I hit the basement and the trainer. Don't trust the drivers to ride in snow and Ice. By November I'll be wearing wind proof tights, long sleeve T's, long sleeve jersey, fleece vest and a wind resistant shell. Balacava on the head, toe covers for the feet and claw fingered gloves.
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 18 13:50:00 2014
@ Brad, I'll leave it to you to do that research. I prefer capris and shorts.
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 18 13:49:00 2014
@ Brad, excellent point. After the night of tornadoes earlier this summer, during the cleanup a lot of twigs and branches somehow ended up in the bike lanes of the College Ave. bridge, and were there for a few days until a member of the local bicycling association contacted Public Works about it. In the meantime it was perilous to cross the bridge.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Sep 18 13:47:00 2014
So would biking in a skirt perform like a hood scoop? At certain temps, there could be an advantage. Hmmm, that may be worth some trials.
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 18 13:40:00 2014
I've never tried to bike in a skirt.......
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Sep 18 13:39:00 2014
...and few people take the argument far enough; if the streets are so broken up and the edges strewn with debris, what value are bike lanes if you fear to ride in them?
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 18 13:30:00 2014
Our local newspaper published an editorial about the unnecessary-ness of bike lanes: http://www.postcrescent.com/article/20130918/APC0602/309180163/Editorial-Reject-bike-lanes-Appleton-s-Badger-Avenue
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Sep 18 13:26:00 2014
I'm over 30? Just when was somebody going to tell me? Shesh, I supose now I'm going to have to get more serious... if I have to... I guess.
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 18 13:24:00 2014
@ Burklee, good one :)
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 18 13:15:00 2014
@Brad - And now that you're over 30, we're all glad you're wearing pants! Thanks, Bro!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 18 13:14:00 2014
@Jerry B I think Aesop is going to move there. Will there be ark building when that happens? Also, others report that when Roberto left the sun can out in several regions of CO.
@Brad W I know there are naked bike rides butte now I am wondering If its every day above 40 degrees in Wisconsin. That would be 360 days a year in Florida. I've ridden when it was 39 degrees here, but that was only once and I was in tighhts and multilayers. It reached 72 shortly after on that day which is how you sweat lodge on a Bicycle ride. AHHHH Winter. What about cycling kilts for men? that would give you a cooling draft, although reduced aeroness, and no one could lament your spandex. Just when it looks like Appleton Wisconsin is worth visiting to cycle, there comes the Koch Brothers editorial against bike lanes. I am waiting for the bill that bans bicycles from the roads and streets of Wisconsin because cars are the way to go to see your Governor. Also, what is the big deal, When the bikes lanes have crap in them I call up and the appropriate maintenace is done in a day or two, but this is not Wisconsin.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 18 13:08:00 2014
Did you notice that when Roberto left Colorado it is no longer raining?
Douglas Bowman Thu Sep 18 13:04:00 2014
Pants are for the 20's:D
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 18 13:03:00 2014
The message board is going to get interesting again.......
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thu Sep 18 12:49:00 2014
Monday and Tuesday morning were 41 and 46 - felt great. I don't even put on pants until we hit 30's haahhha. (waiting for Marty)
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 18 12:39:00 2014
Tammie, I know it's all in one's perspective, but I'd love to have 50 degree temps all winter :P
Tammie Porter Thu Sep 18 11:34:00 2014
Welcome back Roberto! Glad to hear the rains seem to be receeding along with the waters.. sorry the damage left behind is so severe. Hope they are able to take the chance to make things better when they make the repairs. I too am starting to buy winter wear and got some winter fleece riding tights. I nearly froze this spring when temps were in the 50's .. LOL NO, I am not used to anything cooler than 80! I managed to ride at 2am on monday and 11pm on tuesday night a minumum of 2 miles each at the beginning and end of my work trip to Dallas so technically, I did not miss a day. Yea! (still feels like cheating but I got my points anyway) Riding the borrowed bike is physically killing me and my neck and back are going into spasms.. lots of pain. Can't keep this up for long. I need my black beauty that is fitted to ME back! They did their best fitting this bike but the adjustable stem makes a BIG difference. Cyclefest in Ft Davis, TX is this weekend and I really would love to be able to do some riding down there. I don't know how many entrants there are, traditionally it is about 400-450. Looks like it should be beautiful riding weather. Our club holds this event every year. This is my first year to be a club member so I am learning it all this year. So much to learn, so little time. LOL
Rick Gilbert Thu Sep 18 11:07:00 2014
@Roberto - so glad to hear that you're OK - and even better than OK.
David Nagy Thu Sep 18 10:56:00 2014
@ Heather April - Also, I suggest looking into full-fingered bike gloves. Your legs will warm fairly quickly (yea, you gotta put with with chilly shins and thighs for the first mile or so) as you pedal while your fingers remain fairly inert and taking the brunt of the wind (natural and by your pedaling).
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 18 10:19:00 2014
@Heather - Nice!!
Heather April Thu Sep 18 09:40:00 2014
I got the registration numbers for my first metric century yesterday. I also bought cycling tights to cycle through fall. Firsts!! :)
Howard Hess Thu Sep 18 08:35:00 2014
I love it when I click on the leaderboard in the morning, and see that my company has moved up to the next page. Home stretch, think we're going to (barely) make our target of 30,000 miles as a team!
Cycling Roberto Wed Sep 17 23:28:00 2014
@Jerry, so I had to pick the historic week of rain... oh well, I will return soon. Denver is an amazing bicycling friendly city. In spite of the rain, I rode every day using the bike share bikes. Not exactly my Eddy Merckx but acceptable non the less. Got to sample the Cherry Creek Trail and a short section of the Platte River Trail. Loved the cycling infrastructure throughout the city. Got up to Loveland and saw the cycling opportunities there too.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 17 23:16:00 2014
This is what it looked like when three Boulder residents evacuated from Four Mile Canyon.
This is a great video. Don't miss it.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 17 21:28:00 2014
@Burklee, good luck. I forgot to mention that they are giving away 10 bike helmets with the show's logo as prizes!
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 17 20:24:00 2014
@J Hugh-liked the post about todays ride. I could feel the spirit of what you were describing.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 17 20:15:00 2014
@ Roberto, glad to hear from you again!
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 17 20:13:00 2014
@SWS - Can you do it? Yes, you can!!
@Roberto - Thanks for posting.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 17 20:10:00 2014
@Roberto-welcome back! Have a good trip with some great riding and no flooding?
@SWS-sure you can catch your diamond. We have till September 40th.
@Laurie-maybe you will be back in the game by the end of the week.
@Jerry-thanks again for the pics. Hope they can restore roads sooner than later.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 17 19:50:00 2014
I hope you took all your rain back home with you.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 17 19:50:00 2014
Finally. Two days of camping. Six days to dry everything out. The camping gear is finally dry and put away.
Wed Sep 17 19:49:00 2014
so close, can I make diamond by the end of the month
Laurie Rescheske Wed Sep 17 19:49:00 2014
This morning, leaving to go to work, I had car problems, and since I needed to be there in 20 minutes, caught an emergency ride. Back home after my morning shift, it occurred to me that maybe this was God's way of telling me to get back on my bike. So this afternoon I biked to the library and then to work for my afternoon shift. And... it wasn't nearly as bad as i had feared, guess I am closer to being healthy again than I realized :)
Cycling Roberto Wed Sep 17 19:38:00 2014
I'm here, and I haven't missed a day since June.
Rick Gilbert Wed Sep 17 18:09:00 2014
Just check profiles and it looks like Roberto has left us. No rides logged since Aug 17. I just hope he's OK and rolling safe wherever he is.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Sep 17 17:56:00 2014
@Cynthia - Sure! Why not?
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 17 17:45:00 2014
I was out riding today exploring to see what roads are open.
Lefthand Canyon toward Jamestown 1.3 Miles from Hwy 36
Note you see the bike lane and the right lane. The left lane is gone.
Video of Lefthand Canyon
I will never be able to do this again. Hwy 36 between Boulder and Lyons. No traffic due to flooding.
Approaching Lyons on Hwy 36
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Sep 17 17:43:00 2014
@EM - Done! I love haiku.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Sep 17 16:55:00 2014
I had a great ride today. It was in the low 80's with 100 % humidity. I rode mostly into the wind for about two hours and then turned to home with the sweat flowing out of my sandals. That's when, a great relief came, it was a non thunder/non lighting rain of intensely cool water. It soaked me completely and came down so strongly that I had to peak over the top of my glasses and pedal on. For 2 miles the cool, wet ride soaked me and washed my bike, then I cycled out from under that cloud and the down pour. 6 miles of riding later, I was nearly dry and oh so cool and refreshed. Made it all the way home from there without sweating. No rain at my house.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 17 16:52:00 2014
@Burklee-how about it?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 17 16:25:00 2014
Hi all, the Takeaway is having a Bike Haiku (Baiku) challenge.. You can enter by going to:
We all know Nyla is likely to win if she enters, but hey its fun so why not?
Rob Craig Wed Sep 17 16:02:00 2014
Bike Cleveland, ride everywhere!!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Sep 17 15:11:00 2014
An IRIR going home last night. I have to say, I just love the sound of rain falling on the leaves on the trees.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 17 15:06:00 2014
@ Shawn, glad you didn't get bumped off and that you gave that fat chiwawa a little exercise. I hope if you get the dream bike its not by getting run over!
Shawn Joseph Gössmann Wed Sep 17 14:50:00 2014
26.02 miles completed by road bike. Got chased by a fat Chiwawa today... the poor little obese thing looked like it needed the roadie more than I do... A few cars overtook me but no wreck so far... All they have to do is barely bump me, I'll fall on the ground, flop like a fish and say don't you touch me til the helicopter gets here, LOL. Then maybe I can get my dream bike, a Trek Madone 7.9 =P
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 17 14:46:00 2014
Cool weather here too, barely 70 degrees when I took my ride at 11 am. But I braved it in shorts and a short sleeved jersey. Suppose if it gets below 65 I'll try the long sleeved jersey. It was a bit windy and I got sprinkled on too. Spotted a turkey today. Only a couple of other riders out there. RIDE ON AND RIDE SAFE EVERYONE.
@ Michael, what a great view from your work window. My office is downstairs so my view is our back yard!
Wed Sep 17 12:54:00 2014
@Ray, yes, shorts in the 40's. I had a long-sleeve UnderArmour top over a tee shirt, mountain bike shorts with liner, and short socks with my shoes. Only part that got cold was my fingers! Otherwise, it wasn't bad. Then again, I have an excess of insulation around my middle (protective packaging for my rock-hard six pack, or so I tell the wife!), so the heat can be sent to other parts of my body.
Ray S Wed Sep 17 12:38:00 2014
I haven't lived in NC for a few years and can't recall what it costs to keep a car on the road annually, but here in OH, it only costs me $50 to keep plates on each car for the year. I store a car in the winter and suspend liability and collision coverage during that time, but Ohio doesn't require me to turn my plates in. Without liability, I cannot legally drive it, but all it takes is a phone call and I am immediately covered again and can hit the road if I need to. You've probably already checked into all of that, but if not, you may want to verify before you turn those plates in
Shorts in the 40s? I must be getting weak, it was in the high 50s last night and I was wearing full finger gloves, thermal long sleeve top and tights, I even taped over the vents on my shoes. I didn't break out the winter gear though. I'm going to have to toughen up before the snow starts falling.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 17 12:23:00 2014
@Michael-thanks for the tip!
Wed Sep 17 09:58:00 2014
@Cynthia, just a word of caution on de-registering your car. Make sure it's garaged or at least out of sight. Here in Pennsylvania, many local jurisdictions have ordinances against outdoor storage of unlicensed, unregistered and/or uninspected vehicles, whether it's on your property or not. Not sure how it is in your area, but you may want to check. All it takes is one neighbor with a bad attitude or an overzealous codes inspector to make your life difficult. Congratulations on your decision!
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 17 08:23:00 2014
@Michael-what a boost to your spirit to see such beautiful scenery from your office! Gosh in the 40's? It's cold here today-and windy. Has to be in the 50's. Or maybe it just feels like it.
@Laurie-sorry to hear your still not feeling the best.
Well, after a great deal of thought and consideration-I decided to take my car off the road. I am going to turn my tags in tomorrow. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I decided to keep the car and not sell it. Since it's paid for at least if I decide that being car free is not for me I can get it registered again without a great deal of expense.
@Karen-good luck on finding a bike trailer!
Wed Sep 17 08:12:00 2014
What a great ride in this morning. Temps in the low 40's, so time to break out the long sleeves. Still in shorts, though fingered gloves may have to make an appearance. Got into work and was greeted by a phenomenal view out the window. My office is on the 14th floor of our building, so we get good views. The sky was clear, there was no haze at all, and the morning light spilling over the hill was a photographer's dream. Could clearly see the mountain ridge 20 miles away. Shame I couldn't get back on my bike and ride for another hour or so. WHERE'S @ROBERTO?????? I get the feeling he decided not to come back. Flooding aside, Colorado is such a beautiful state, visitors don't want to leave.
Karen Jean Goth Tue Sep 16 19:49:00 2014
@Jeffery and Peter - Thanks for the feedback on child trailers. I seems like the easier option for the short term.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 16 19:48:00 2014
@ Laurie, feel proud of your accomplishment and remember you have till Sept. 40th!
Laurie Rescheske Tue Sep 16 19:23:00 2014
I'm back again, after another busy weekend out of town. Still trying to get rid of my cough/respiratory illness, and get some more biking in before the Challenge ends. I am so sad to give up my hopes of Diamond this year, but I keep trying to convince myself that 4000+ points is also an accomplishment. There's always next year.......
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Tue Sep 16 16:52:00 2014
HI all, a cool and a very blustery day here. Finally got out early this afternoon with temps barely reaching the 70s. Work on my desk today so at first I was thinking, i'll just go a few miles, or make that 15, or once I got going, sure, I'll do 20, but my bike convinced me that anything less than 25 was just silly. I'm happy it wasn't raining. Hey, who says we have to leave for the winter? I hope you guys pop up now and then. WISHING YOU ALL GOOD RIDING WEATHER!
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 16 15:50:00 2014
Whoops forgot to say to Shawn-sounds like that was a great ride with the wind in your hair....
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 16 15:46:00 2014
@Jerry-very creative young entrepreneur! Thanks for sharing.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Sep 16 14:40:00 2014
For all the women out there. More info on women's clothing. Bicycle underwear for use under regular clothing.
Shawn Joseph Gössmann Tue Sep 16 14:27:00 2014
26 miles by road bike, a bit windy but it was about 70 so it wasn't bad, wasn't too bad at all =)
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 16 13:26:00 2014
@Karen Jean - 10 minutes every other day is plenty to start out. You can do them without any equipment. 20 second planks on all 4 sides is what I start most everyone at. If you can't do it for the full time, just drop down for a second, and come right back up. the other I have them do are a combination of strength and flexibility in the hip area. After several weeks, and you're comfortable at 20 seconds, then bump it up to 30, and add standing lunges, single leg squats, lateral squats, both walking and skipping on the 3 days, and do your easy routine on the other days. If you want, you could eventually get a swiss ball, and incorporate that.
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 16 13:19:00 2014
@Rick, sounds like a good riding weekend.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Tue Sep 16 12:40:00 2014
I doff my chappeau to Randy Reed, impressively crazy man on a mountain bike!
Rick Gilbert Tue Sep 16 12:29:00 2014
Did three 38-40 mile rides this weekend (Fri-Sun) with groups organized through the Cascade Daily Rides series. Great fun. The routes are defined, the pace is stated ahead of time, and the ride leaders are well-qualified through a process set up by Cascade Bicycle Club. Two of the rides were mentoring rides for new ride leaders, a preliminary for one candidate and a final qualifier for the other. This was a nice alternative to finding a route and having to navigate it on my own or finding a larger organized ride event. Also, I put the first 80 miles on the new Brooks saddle on the latter two rides.
I took Friday off and planned to take advantage of what was forecast to be a sunny weekend - one of the few that remain before the "long dark" of the Pacific Northwest sets in. No sun Friday, no sun until well after I got home Saturday, and even a light mist at the start of the ride Sunday morning (Sun in late afternoon after I got home). The upside of all this was that temps ranged between 60 and 70 - perfect for riding.
So I missed the sunshine, but in light of what's going on in Colorado, I have to say our weather was great this weekend. Still hoping and praying for an end to the rains in Colorado for a while so that recovery can begin.
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 16 12:22:00 2014
@Brian-unbelievable on your friends miles! Very impressive indeed.
@Karen-I started doing ab exercises about 15 mins a day at least 3 days a week and I have noticed a difference already!
@Rob-yes, I am doing 130 miles for Bike MS this coming weekend. That should be a great way to log miles! I am so excited!
Will miss the challenge and all the people who have been contributing to this forum. It's become a part of daily life.
Jeffrey D Arnold Tue Sep 16 11:19:00 2014
I got a nice child trailer at a garage sale for $20! It looks to have been used about twice! I like it for keeping things covered and maybe someone won't actually try to hit you if they think you may have kids in there.
Rob Gusky Tue Sep 16 11:17:00 2014
@ Brian Hermes - Sounds like Randy Reed pulled a "Leonard Wright" - multiple consectutive centuries. Nice job Randy and the rest of NBC riders. Some of the folks in my area are planning a long ride to close out the Challenge on 9/30. Anyone else have any plans like that?
Peter J Feyen Tue Sep 16 10:19:00 2014
I use a children's trailer because you can protect the load from weather conditions. You must balance the load with more weight towards the back. On a big shopping trip I just made two trips splitting up in two days.
Karen Jean Goth Tue Sep 16 10:10:00 2014
Go Randy, GO!

@Jerry - Keep posting so we know you are OK! PA newspapers are full of scary news from your neck of the woods.
@Roberto - I wish you would post too. I am sure I am not the only one who is worried.
@Marty - Thanks for the info on the trailers. Thankfully I am past my crumb cruncher days, at least until my son decides to have kids. Maybe a child carrier would do for now until I am able to do that cross country trip I keep dreaming about.("My Travels with Charlie" sans dog and RV.) Please note: You are always very helpful, and I am hounding you today, but I am starting more indoor exercises to strengthen the core after the challenge is over. How many minutes, and what frequency do you suggest? I will have more time to do them in a couple of weeks.

Peter J Feyen Tue Sep 16 10:06:00 2014
I use a children's trailer because you can protect the load from weather conditions. You must balance the load with more weight towards the back. On a big shopping trip I just made two trips splitting up in two days.
Brian Hermes Tue Sep 16 09:54:00 2014
I wanted to take time to commend a friend's biking effort. Out of Lincoln, Ne, Randy R. Reed CrazyManOnAMountainBike completed 7 straight 120+ mile days and 9 centuries out of the last 13. All the while of being on a mountain bike. This is pretty impressive.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Sep 16 08:57:00 2014
No rain finally. Sun is supposed to be out by noon.
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Sep 16 08:43:00 2014
@KJG-good questions about the trailers. I have been looking for one for the same reasons, to run errands and use to bring groceries home in. Craigslist is a great source to try to find one inexpensively. Although at least in this neck of the woods they sell fast! I have a grocery "bag" that attached to the side of my rack. It's simple and it it works great and even though it will hold a lot, but not as much if you were doing a full shopping trip and errands where you would need more room to stow stuff.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 15 22:36:00 2014
@ Marty, UHHH, BURLAP!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Sep 15 22:21:00 2014
@Karen Jean - If you went the trailer route, I would highly suggest one with two wheels. They can hold a lot more weight than a one wheeled type (100-200 vs 35-40), and even if you don't plan on transporting a lot of weight, they are much easier to handle with a lighter weight because of the universal joint where it attaches to the bike. The one wheeled type have more of a solid attachment, so the weight in the trailer tends to want to push the bike that way if you sway away from vertical. The one benefit of that is that it gives your upper body a better workout.
Also, backing up with either type of trailer is more difficult.
You will have a difficult time finding a used transport type trailer, but more luck finding a used trailer for hauling children. Those can be used to transport stuff, although my guess is that they can't haul as much as a transport trailer. The big benefit of using a children's trailer for other things is that you won't have to periodically stop to feed the contents animal cookies/cheese crackers/etc... or open up juice boxes for same.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Sep 15 22:05:00 2014
I made it to Burlap today! I was getting my mother's garage ready for the Fall, and found a burlap sack/bag.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 15 21:57:00 2014
@ Barbara, yes you get 5,000 virtual brownie points for biking during the floods!!
Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 15 21:14:00 2014
@Marty - While I have your attention. I want to know about the bicycle trailer in your picture. How hard is it to ride with one? Who sells them? I have been wishing to do more transporting of veggies from my community garden and more trips to the grocery store with my bicycle.
Anyone else have a comment about such trailers. The velodrome has a flee market in a few weeks. I might be able to buy one there, or look for a used one on Craigslist.
One more question about mountain bikes for anyone who knows. I tried out a mountain bike with hydraulic brakes on Saturday. How much better are they? Are they hard to keep clean and keep functioning in the sloppy mud that sometimes is part of that kind of bicycling? And, what about repair costs?

The more I think about it, the more I am more inclined to want 3 bikes: A better road bike, so I can push my fitness level a couple times a week, A "go for errands bike" with a big basket area or trailer for transporting items, and a mountain bike. I did not like the way the hybrid "mountain bike" felt when I peddled around the parking lot of the bike store on Saturday. I would not want to ride it around on a day trip as the review for the bike suggested. I suppose I am just too familiar with my road bike.

Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 15 21:05:00 2014
@Marty - Ha, ha! :) My son took that picture. I included it to show the beautiful setting for the rest area. The boat has an eagle and a flag on the side. Whoever was piloting the craft was offering a salute to the wounded warriors - I am guessing the person at the wheel was a retired officer. We were located at a small park beside the Delaware River in a suburban area surrounding Philly. Still, I laughed at your comment, as always.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 15 20:50:00 2014
Hi all, home again but its dark now, not summer any more. But will ride tomorrow.
@ Rick, clicked on for your cause.
@ All those in Colorado. Stay safe and heres hoping the rain will stop and recovery can begin soon.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Sep 15 19:43:00 2014
@Karen Jean - I'm not familiar with the rules for the Minuteman Challenge, but it looks like the two people in your last picture are openly breaking them, and thus having an unfair advantage.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Sep 15 19:34:00 2014
@J Hugh - There are some things that even a king cannot do.
Peter J Feyen Mon Sep 15 18:21:00 2014
Not feeling the best today but managed to ride 13.13 miles today, and not by design. Also I hope the rains stop for a while for Jerry and the rest of the people. Thanks Jerry for making the videos available.
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Sep 15 18:10:00 2014
Maybe we will here from Roberto this week and he can tell us about his travels on two and four wheels. On behalf of us all-hope your safe and sound out there.
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Sep 15 18:05:00 2014
@Rick-went onto FB and clicked like for your cause!
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Sep 15 18:04:00 2014
@Karen-thanks for sharing those pictures of the event you volunteered for. Get some rest, a new week is here to log more miles. lol
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Sep 15 17:51:00 2014
@Jerry, oh my gosh, how horrible! Hopefully you and your wife live in a safe place. Seems the flooding is all around you? The video of that flooded "river" was unbelieveable. Water is a very powerful thing. We should never take it for granted.
For any riders there-stay safe and sane.
Hopefully it will all end soon.
Rick Gilbert Mon Sep 15 17:39:00 2014
Jerry -- here's hoping the rains stop soon sot that recovery and rebuilding can begin. Stay safe!
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 15 16:42:00 2014
4" of rain at our house so far today. The are evacuating some homes near us but not affecting us so far.
Video from Glen Haven. One of the popular routes up to Estes Park. Used during the Pro Challenge last month.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Mon Sep 15 12:30:00 2014
@King Marty I request a Royal proclamation decrying the rain in Colorado and directing it to the arid areas of the planet in smaller doses. Also, Jerry Bengtson, Barbara McCann and Bill Eberhardt, along with the untold other suffering cyclists of Colorado deserve a royal proclamation for their never say die go ride if at all possible attitude.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Sep 15 11:24:00 2014
It is raining again. 1" in the last 30 minutes.
Jim Johnson Mon Sep 15 11:05:00 2014
Two weeks left to go!!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Mon Sep 15 10:05:00 2014
Hi all, out of town this weekend so I didn' get to ride. Hopefully when I get home later today I can get in a ride. Sorry about all the flooding in Colorado. No sign of Roberto either, but maybe he didn't take his computer with him.
RE: The parade keep up the efforts Karen Jean, and I think you will get to be in a parade soon.
RE: Bicycling Magazine. I have been reading it for a few years off and on and now get it regularly becuase I'm a member of the League of American Bicyclists. It has been changing recenlty. Less stuff for high end elite racers and more stuff for regular riders doing different kinds of rides including commuters, off road, travel, etc. Also, a lot of health into. nutrition and stuff like that. So borrow a few recent editions and give it a look.
Karen Jean Goth Mon Sep 15 09:38:00 2014

If this link works, it should show you folks photos of lunch at the Minuteman Challenge yesterday. See Ride2Recovery website for more information if you are interested in participating or donating to their cause.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Mon Sep 15 09:21:00 2014
@Barbara - No, but you've easily managed to impress us all! Terrible conditions. It looks like it will take quite a while to repair everything.
Barbara McCann Mon Sep 15 09:05:00 2014
Do I get extra credit for biking for transportation in Boulder during the deluge and floods?
Tammie Porter Mon Sep 15 01:39:00 2014
I just noticed something even more astonishing I am only 9 miles short of 2000 miles since the challenge started! I will definitely noticed that nine mile mark tomorrow.
Tammie Porter Mon Sep 15 01:20:00 2014
349 points to diamond! The headache is gone! stupid me did not recognize a migraine when I have one it's been several years since I've had one. the medicine I take has been working so well I just forgot what they were like. no wonder I felt so sick for 3 days. I feel like an idiot now .. an idiot who rode 24 miles today! still no rain in our part of the world. I have plenty dead grass to prove it. my van has a shiny new bike rack on it. I will be working a few extra shift! pay for it too! I decided if I was going to get one I might as well do it right. it is a to bike tray type the bikes sit in instead of hanging.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 14 23:06:00 2014
The video was not mine. I am not crazy enough to be out in dangerous situations. I had enough of those in the military.
One more day of rain and then we are sunny again.
Rick Gilbert Sun Sep 14 20:38:00 2014
Safer communities for human-powered transportation. Safe routes to school & local parks & shopping. Yes this is a reminder of my blatant request for Facebook Likes for our Federal Way Biking project posting on the Weyerhaeuser making WAVEs Facebook page. We're trying to win a $1000 grant to help support our efforts for the first Federal Way greenway (aka bike boulevards). Although the actual expenses for greenways implementation will likely come from city funds or other grant processes, this grant would help fund outreach and advocacy efforts,
If you would like to support our cause, please go to the WYmakingWAVES page on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/WYMakingWAVES, find the posting from Brent Frandsen that includes the Federal Way Biking video, and 'Like' it.
The deadline is Sept 18.
Thanks for your support.
And a special thanks to those of you who've already "Liked" our project.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Sep 14 20:18:00 2014
@Jerry - Do they forecast an end to the rain? It looked dangerous just to be recording the flood in that area, I hope that you don't take any chances photographing the damage - for your wife's sake.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 14 19:51:00 2014
One of the other places I ride. This is normal just a little river.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 14 19:21:00 2014
@Tammie, Your health comes before getting Diamond. It would be great to get your dianmond. But not at the expense of your health.
Jerry Bengtson Sun Sep 14 19:17:00 2014
Rode up to Rabbit Mountain today. Which is just outside of Lyons which was badly flooded. Don't know why they call it a mountain. It is just a hill. But a fun hill. I will try to get photos up soon.
More rain tomorrow. Hopefully not too much. Although we are already getting flood warnings again.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Sep 14 18:30:00 2014
Dumb typos! Like I said, I'm very tired.
Karen Jean Goth Sun Sep 14 18:18:00 2014
Hi All! Boy am I wiped out! Just think how the riders in the Minuteman Challenge must feel! But, they did not look any worse for wear as they rode in for lunch with only about 20 more miles or so to ride into Philly. They rode from Boston to Philly in stages over multiple days. I spoke to one 15 year old boy who did the entire ride. Some folks pedaled with their hands on adapted bikes. What an honor to help out. My son took some pictures; I took some pictures as well. If the pictures look good, I will try to post some. While we were near Plymouth Meeting I checked out the REI store and a test road a hybrid for a couple of miles, so technically I road a bicycle today, just in case I am too tired to ride tonight after dark. However, they all inspired me so much that I can not help but to get out their tonight, try to think about the day, and cruise on my bike.
Howard Hess Sun Sep 14 16:21:00 2014
@Tammie: only 354 points to diamond, for me... race you! :)
Ian M. Seecof Sun Sep 14 12:53:00 2014
Totally perfect day to ride in Indy today. The CIBA ride started at 9 am under bright blue skies and 59 degrees. By the end of our 58 miles the bike computer said 70 degrees in the sun. If we have weather like this next month for the Hilly Hundred it will be a rave year. Southern Indiana is breath taking when the autumn colors peak, The hills are not for newbees or riders that do not keep their shifters in good shape, but the scenery is well worth the serious climbing.
Gregg Warning Sun Sep 14 12:19:00 2014
Anyone do the GranFondo Niagara Falls Ride this morning? I wish I could have been there. It was a 125km ride that started and ended at the Horseshoe Falls.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sun Sep 14 12:15:00 2014
@Noel C A few years ago I tried solid tires. You had to buy a special tool to put them on with and to take them off. They seemed to make bad road feel like I was being beaten up. What is your experience with road vibration transfer throught the tires. How hard is it to get them on and off?
Cynthia A Nelson Sun Sep 14 10:44:00 2014
@Jerry-hope your safe!
@Tammie-good luck catching your diamond! You have worked so hard for it!
@Noel-thanks for the tip...
@Paul-get better soon.
Noel Cleland Sun Sep 14 10:27:00 2014
For all of you putting all of those miles on your bikes, you know what a pain those flat tires can be. As a commuter, they sometimes even made me late to work. So, I switched to solid tires and never looked back. I realize they are not for racing, but I get over 3,000 miles on a rear tire and over 10,000 miles on the front (even with drop handlebars most of the weight is on the back of the bike). The online distributor is offering a 25% discount coupon (HSHE62) till the end of the year. Check out www.solidtiresdirect.com. I don't work for them - I'm just a satisfied customer that's going to be just shy of Diamond at the end of the month...
Paul Perry Sun Sep 14 05:37:00 2014
Get that diamond, Tammie. I have officially written mine off. That sinus thing has been going round here too. And a lung thin to go with it. I got more of the lung thing than the sinus thing though. And just as I finished my round of antibiotics for strep. Actually considered going to the ER Monday night due to difficulty breathing/sever throat pain. Doc has me on allergy meds. Cough is almost gone. Anticipate being back to 100% Monday. Probably about 70-75% now. Anything beyond a vigorous walk gets me hacking.
Jerry, I feel for you. and everyone around you. When our rainy season hits, we can get rain for days on end, with no mercy. This year is the first year in four years where I did not have water two inches or more above my floor. Last year was the worst. My floors were six inches under water. I could literally kayak around my property.
Tammie Porter Sun Sep 14 03:24:00 2014
Correction! Only 393 points to diamond.... LOL. Gee getting closer all the time. If I rode those 2 miles with the splitting headache I did last night, I think I'll do just about anything to achieve this goal. Ride on all!!!
Tammie Porter Sun Sep 14 02:43:00 2014
I am no longer concerned with anyone else's points. Diamond is only 397 points away for me. Unfortunately I have gotten this dreaded sinus problem going around and for once don't want to be on my bike! All I want to do is sleep. I did manage to force my body through two miles before going to work two hours late tonight. Did not even work the night before. First day of work missed in six months. I did go in this morning instead for 5 hours. Had a hitch put on my van today so next stop is the bike shop for a bike rack! Tired of trying to cram my hybrid into that van and when transporting two bikes, it sure gets crowded in there. I am SAG for Cyclefest in Ft Davis, TX next weekend so needed it for that .... It was definitely time. Anyone coming down for Cyclefest?
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sun Sep 14 00:03:00 2014
@Ken - I can think of at least two ways. 1) If they didn't log their June and August rides until the next months. 2) If there is a glitch with Endomondo. Last year, about a week after I joined in May, there was a glitch where I couldn't access the State board. I still logged my miles every day. Just before the end of the month, I could access WI, but my total for the month was zero, and for the Challenge period was correct. I noticed several others from other states had a missing month in other months.
Ken Emery Sat Sep 13 23:18:00 2014
How is it that someone who logged 814 points in May, 0 points in June, 1082 points in July, 0 points in August, and 584 points to date in September has a total of 4,394 points right now? hmmmmm
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 13 20:31:00 2014
@Rob - Thank you for the input. I need to talk to the local bike club and see if they are interested in maybe the Labor Day or Memorial Day Parade. We are just a small community, not many parades, Halloween is the big one. People come from out of town because it is a nice parade.
@Jerry - I can't stop thinking about the people of Colorado. I am sure that everyone here is thinking of all the people effected - wishing you well!
Tomorrow is the Minuteman Challenge and we are helping with lunches. My son does not know what to think, but I believe it will be a good experience for him. I don't make him do enough community service things (except doing his grandmother's lawn.)
Sat Sep 13 20:12:00 2014
@Jerry, I've been following the flooding in the Denver Post. Awful doesn't begin to describe it. Sounds like you're ok, though. Stay safe on your rides; don't forget to look up as well as down.
Jerry Bengtson Sat Sep 13 19:28:00 2014
Some sunshine today. Went out riding trying to find a way out of Longmont to the south. Our greenway is gone. Hopefully the city will repair it quickly.
Just checkign out the damage here in Longmont. But the police have most areas blocked off. Photos tomorrow.
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 13 16:52:00 2014
@Rob-very positive advice.
@Jerry-hope your ok in Colorado!
Rob Gusky Sat Sep 13 16:30:00 2014
@Karen Jean - I am in Wisconsin, but if we were closer I think we could get some of our folks together to make the trip and ride with you. All the best and keep working at it. We first tried for the Christmas parade, but it has so many floats that we initially did not make they cut. They suggested we try for the Flag Day parade, which we did and it was successful. We are now good to go for the Christmas Parade! Keep trying, never give up, get a few like minded people to work with you and you will prevail in the end! Good luck to you and Emmaus!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Sep 13 14:44:00 2014
@ cynthia parades run by governments are political events for the benefit of the government employee, mostly the top ones, so they can see look how great this is and we did it. Bicycle times and Wheelman much better for actual cyclists. Bicycle magazine seems to be a publication for it advertisers. I get a free copy of Bicycling which takes about two minutes to thumb through because I don't see it being about cycling for the large sections of people who ride bicycles.

What about flash mobbing the parade with bicycles with lights?

Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 13 12:36:00 2014
@Karen-this parade sounds a little political! Bikes should be allowed and if standards are in place to make sure they are operating properly and in "parade sync" then it should be ok.

I got my first issue of Bicycling Magazine yesterday! Yea! I used to get a long time ago but it was geared to high end riders/riding. Although it had some good information in it, it just wasn't good for the "lay rider", seems they made some changes now, so can't wait to check it out!

Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 13 12:36:00 2014
@Hey Michael - have a great weekend! lol
Sat Sep 13 12:31:00 2014
@J Hugh - Amen, Brother; two fingers it is!! (note twisted arm behind back)
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 13 12:29:00 2014
@Rob - I printed out the Wheelman article. I think that I "burned my bridges" with the coordinator, but I still think that an organized group of bicyclist SHOULD be allowed to enter the parade, even if they have to walk the bikes all the way through. The parade says no businesses, but allows some of the special Emmaus Main Street Partners to participate as well a special "Halloween Haunt" businesses, why can't they give a special ok for some bicycles to be allowed in? Just venting here - now I feel a little better.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Sep 13 12:17:00 2014
Micheal G My Scottish ancestors always had two fingers after giving blood, whether in battle or not I think the Scottish spirits have voted: two fingers.
Jerry B those pictures and the latest ones on Weather chan and other news sources look really bad. This is the problem with the thinking that higher ground is safe from flooding.
Cynthia A N I hope your uncle was not in it.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 13 12:12:00 2014
@Cynthia - Sorry, I thought you lived in Florida. I love Ocean City, Bethany Beach on down to the Florida Keys. If its a beach, I'm there. lol (I also got a bit testy with the parade coordinator and told her that she was doing the equivalent of offering a steak to a vegetarian, I also told her she was snarky - I don't think that was very nice of me, but I was annoyed.)
Jerry Bengtson Sat Sep 13 12:10:00 2014
When I got up it was not raining. But it is raining again now.
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 13 09:43:00 2014
@Michaeal-oh yea, you know it! Got my coffee but no wine...in training mode till after next weekend. Enjoy that scotch!
Sat Sep 13 09:36:00 2014
@Cynthia - Friday, that means weekly coffee and wine run, right :-) Got me a new bottle of single-malt Scotch last night! Too bad I just gave blood this morning, will have to have only 'one finger' instead of two!
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 13 09:32:00 2014
This is a little off the biking subject but a couple of years ago up in Muncy Valley Pa there was a similar situation with flooding and my uncle house was swept away.
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 13 09:17:00 2014
@Karen-hope you feel better soon too. Sad that is the way it is with that parade and chairperson, even sadder is that she didn't even offer to work through alternative solutions to make bikes a part of the parade. Kind of a kick in the shin that she asked you to do volunteer work for it. Geez.
(I am not quite as far down south as the state of Florida)

Hope Roberto is doing ok, of all week to visit! Maybe all is ok where he is at.

@Michael-it's Friday!

Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 13 09:16:00 2014
@Michael-its Friday!
Cynthia A Nelson Sat Sep 13 08:37:00 2014
@Laurie-hope you feel better soon. Just remember all you have done and there are still a couple weeks in the challenge.

@Jerry-that is unbelievable damage! It's so sad. Gosh, you were't kidding about the rain. I was thinking of you this morning when the local NPR station was giving a report of the devastation there.

Rob Gusky Sat Sep 13 08:27:00 2014
@Karen Jean - our local group had a successful time riding at this years Flag Day Parade in Appleton, WI. By riding in circles or formations, you can maintain sufficient speed to bike while keeping your groups place in the parade. I would be happy to send an email in support of bikes in parades if that would help. Here is a link with more information on bikes in parades to share some ideas. Good luck to you - we will be doing it again at our Christmas parade, can't wait! http://www.thewheelmen.org/sections/publications/pdf/09.pdf
Sat Sep 13 08:18:00 2014
@EM, I've been the Philmont three times, all as an adult advisor (1991, 1998, 2003). Best Scouting memories ever! The beauty of the area far exceeds any challenges that present themselves. What makes it really special is that, over the last few years, Philmont has really increased the mountain biking activities available to participants!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 13 08:06:00 2014
PS, the local NPR station reported on a guy who became a bike commuter because his truck got stolen 3 years ago.: http://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/why-st-louisan-avid-bike-commuter-his-truck-was-stolen
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Sat Sep 13 07:54:00 2014
@ Jerry, I've only seen limited flooding when I was on a ride in Illinois earlier this year. In one spot we were able to ride through the water. It was more serious in two other areas and we carried our bikes like the guy in your photo. In a way it was kind of cool to think that only the bicycles could get through but no motor vehicles. The flooding and mud slides in your area are terrible. I hope it stops raining soon so damage repair can get underway.
@ Michael, congrats for making it to Philmont. My son did get to do a trek there when he was in scouts.
@ Karen Jean, maybe your comeback should be: The only way I'll work on the parade committee is if bicycles are allowed in the parade. I still wonder about Bicycling Magazine. Maybe a letter to the editor complaining about bicycling conditions in the area and the parade in particular is in order.
Sat Sep 13 07:46:00 2014
@Jerry - Since 1980 I've spent a fair amount of time in CO and NM, though mostly south of you in CO Springs and south into Cimarron, NM (Philmont Scout Ranch). The geography of the whole Front Range makes it susceptible to slides and flooding, though I've never seen it like that. Makes me sad to see that kind of destruction. Glad you're safe, prayers for the recovery efforts. Sounds like you're smart enough to know where you can and shouldn't ride, but please don't let your enthusiasm/frustration get the best of you.
@KJG, don't let local officials get you mad. "We've always done it this way" is a standard mantra in these parts, if you haven't figured that out yet. One of the reasons @Roberto is looking to move west.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 13 07:14:00 2014
@Jerry - Your state and town will be in my thoughts and prayers today. Hope that all your friends and family are safe and unscathed
Jerry Bengtson Sat Sep 13 07:08:00 2014
It is hard to see the suffering of all the people who have lost their homes or have damaged homes. The damage is incredible.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 13 07:06:00 2014
Hope I feel better today. I struggled to just get a few miles in yesterday. The Halloween Committee chairwoman really made me angry yesterday with the response to my email. Bicycles, she said, are not allowed in the parade because they fail to keep their "place" in the parade when it stops, and just ride ahead of everyone.At the end of her response she "welcomes" me to get involved with volunteering on the parade committee. I did not take her up on the offer.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 13 07:01:00 2014
@Cynthia - So much fun to read your Florida ride descriptions. Next best thing to being there. I am downloading the Seagull Century info. It would take some planning, and a lot of coaxing to get my family involved next year, but I will give it a try. It seems to be more of an event than a race. Do they encourage, or want riders who might not want to do the whole century? I am thinking about my son. I don't want to plan a vacation without him - he did so enjoy the last trip we took to that region.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Sat Sep 13 06:40:00 2014
Jerry I am really sorry that your ride routes have been so destroyed. Praying for dryer weather. The pictures show the extent of the terrible situation. I understand that Lyons is cut off from everyone else due to road damage. All the best be careful.
Karen Jean Goth Sat Sep 13 06:30:00 2014
@Jerry - Very serious damage. Hope that you find a safe place to ride your bike, like maybe doing laps around your house. Anyone else worried about Roberto?
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Sat Sep 13 01:02:00 2014
@Jerry - No wonder why you haven't been IRIR.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 12 23:54:00 2014
@ Cynthia, thanks for sharing those sights and smells!
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 23:51:00 2014
One of the routes out of Longmont
One of my favorite roads to ride on.
Guess I won’t be riding here for a couple of days.
Obviously he does not know how to ride a bike in water.
Even after they clear the roads I won’t want to ride up here.
There will be rocks and mudslides for a while.
The greenway here in Longmont is about 16-18 down.
The path down to the greenway
Before the water hit the bridge at a low spot on the greenway
Lyons, Colorado. One of our routes up to the mountains.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 23:48:00 2014
Now here are people who will try to ride in the rain.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 23:47:00 2014
Here is a photo of one of my favorite roads to ride on.
I won't be riding here for a while.
Gregg Warning Fri Sep 12 23:35:00 2014
Liking this dry weather we are having in Wisconsin. Hopefully, those of you in the floods, can also dry out now.
Gregg Warning Fri Sep 12 23:32:00 2014
Only 18 days left in challenge. and we have over 3 million miles to reach 20 million. It looks like we are going to be a little short, unless we pick up the pace.
Fri Sep 12 23:25:00 2014
@Cynthia, Thank You. No explanation, just "Thanks!"
Laurie Rescheske Fri Sep 12 22:36:00 2014
I am so frustrated. Thanks to being sick, I haven't biked since Saturday, but I was starting to feel better, so decided to do a little 10 mile ride last night. Guess my lungs were not up to the challenge yet, and all day today I have been feeling miserable again. Will I EVER be well enough to finish my Challenge goals?
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Sep 12 22:29:00 2014
@Cynthia - It felt like I was in your pannier. Very descriptive! Thank you. Now I have to climb out and stretch my legs.
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 12 22:27:00 2014
Sounds like a wonderful and beautiful ride, thank you for sharing it with us!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 12 20:37:00 2014
Tonights 2 wheeled excursion was great! Again tonight, jumping off my commuter wheels and onto my road wheels I set out to get some miles in. No Mom with me tonight.

The only real direction was to traverse the bridge and ride the island with no real route in mind after that. Once over on the island I decided to just do laps around it.

After a very long day at work I just didn't have the energy to be on the mainland roads with traffic. I was tired, dead tired and also hungry. I was in such a rush to get out the door I forgot to grab an energy bar, in fact, I even forgot my water bottle and got a few "blocks" away when I realized it and went back for it.

It was so beautiful seeing the sun hitting the marsh areas and the predusk blue sky waiting over the ocean. The tide was half past full and I could see the wild goats on a small piece of grassy land within the waterway as I pushed to the top of the bridge.

The wind was feirce coming across the islands streets and I willingly choose to ride into the wind instead of putting it at my back, I was thinking quality ride not quantity, thinking that only a few laps would not gain much milage. I stayed steady and strong and kept a comfortable pace riding into the wind instead of pushing against it, for approx 8 miles.

As I reversed my direction for my last lap the half moon had become high in the sky over the ocean and the sun was setting quickly. Not having a light to see with, mine only allows people to see me, I decided to not do the two more laps I was hoping to do and headed back over the bridge to home. There were other cyclists doing what I was doing! In fact there were more cyclists than vehicles.

The traffic was sparse although there were mid September island visitors walking and jogging and I don't know who was grilling or what they were grilling-but it smelled great. I was hungry enough to go invite myself! lol. I guess the fruit, english muffin for breakfast and salad for lunch today just wasn't enough.

Tonights ride netted exactly 20 miles. Not one bit more or less. Came home happy. Cleaned up, had a grilled cheese and some tomatoe soup for dinner.

Just wanted to share. Thanks for letting me!
Ride on with peace "ya'll" tomorrow is a new day.

Rob Adams Fri Sep 12 19:56:00 2014
At least not hurt bad.
Rob Adams Fri Sep 12 19:26:00 2014
@ Tammie, glad you didn't get hurt. Hopefully your bike gets back to you soon.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Sep 12 18:46:00 2014
@Cynthia - If you have a long post, or one that just takes a long time from when you first start, copy it before clicking on the Comment button. (There is a time limit on pending comments) If it is lost, then you can just paste it back. (Its happened to me a few times - very frustrating.)
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 12 16:44:00 2014
Well. Almost 5 oclock! can't wait to get home and get an evening training ride in! Wahoo!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 12 16:31:00 2014
If I only I could remember! ha ha
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 12 16:23:00 2014
@ Jerry, glad to hear you aren't in danger of being flooded out. Sounds like you won't be able to pick your route, you will just have to go with the flow (or away from it as the case may be).Sorry, couldn't resist, I know the flooding isn't funny.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 16:21:00 2014
@Cynthia. Retype. We want to see your posts.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 12 16:12:00 2014
Jerry and Tammie-you just kicked my posts out...can't retrieve them....oh well.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 16:02:00 2014
We are safe. Our house is in no danger from the floods.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 15:19:00 2014
It is RAINING again.
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 12 15:03:00 2014
Time to find new adventures! I have worked so hard to stay at or near the top of the leaderboard of women in Texas.. suddenly 3 women appear days into the month with hundreds of miles.. never seen them through the entire challenge. They are from the same Dallas region.. driving me crazy! LOL How does this happen? You get familiar to the people around you .. fun competition then suddenly the 'strangers' appear. Unnerving. Oh, well, time to jump on the bike for a ride to moms house! Then later this evening a nice city ride with friends for dinner. This is my casual day!
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 14:55:00 2014
@Tammie. I would love to send some of this rain your way. I heard a little while ago on the news that we have not had this much rain since they started keeping records back in the late 1800's.
It has stopped raining. But it is just to fool us. It will be raining again soon. And is forecast to continue through Friday. At least.
No floaties for my new bike. I hope to get out on Saturday, weather permitting. I am not sure where I will ride. So many of the places I ride, the roads are washed away.
Tammie Porter Fri Sep 12 14:17:00 2014
LOVE the bike vs car repairs! Unfortunately, the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to pay for both. Have no idea yet what the bike repairs are going to cost but the bike shop did find a road bike for me to use until Black Beauty comes home. I actually cried when I walked out of the shop leaving her there. Rode 20 miles with the group on the loaner yesterday then another 8 miles with friends on my hybrid last night to enjoy our local 9/11 tribute. The flag display around a local small pond/lake is simply beautiful and we rode around it then took a ride around town until after midnight. Feeling much better today.. I can take a deep breath without pain. Glad I still heal quickly. I will be leaving town for work at 3am on monday so it looks like I will be taking a very early morning ride that day! LOL Not going to miss out on those 20 points and have to make them up in miles!! I'm still going to get that diamond!!! Jerry, send that rain down this way PLEASE!!! Not fair keeping it all to yourself. I wonder if bikes work with floaties on them? Have you tried yet?
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Fri Sep 12 13:51:00 2014
@ Travis, congrats on Platinum
@ Zdenek Way to make diamond. Not only did you succeed in meeting your goal, you also succeeded in getting a "new" bike and shedding a few pounds. You totally earned the champagne.
@ Burklee, what you said. so true. I hate to think about all the money we spend on car repairs. Could buy a couple of new bikes.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Sep 12 13:49:00 2014
@Michael - Thanks for explaining things for me. I sometimes tend to take things a little to literally, (mostly because it is more fun).
@Robert - We wondered the same thing last year. And then if you add all of the people who just logged in one ride, that even makes it more perplexing. I think J. Hugh is right about the main reason. Another biggie would be confusion about how to do things or get to things on this website. Since we have been on here for several months, or even from last year, we're pretty comfortable accessing what we want, but if we think back to our first time on Endomondo... (Other, less common scenarios would be forgetting a password, or that you already signed-up, or even testing the system - During the Warm-up, I did see one person who had their name in 3 times. They only used one of the accounts, but my guess is that they were testing things with the other two [it was the same ZIP Code for all three, so it had to be the same person. I didn't think they had the technological expertise to clone themselves.])
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 12 13:47:00 2014
Wait till Roberto sees all the fun conversation he has missed. lol

It could be some people signed up for challenge, are still riding but not logging miles. I know a couple people here that signed up and then "unsubscribed" as they didn't want to do it. I don't know why seeing as how they bike 100+ a week anyway, it only takes a moment to log miles.

@Burklee-loved your bike to car comparison.

Rick Gilbert Fri Sep 12 13:22:00 2014
I figure my gas savings alone come close to paying for the 'extra' operating expenses of bike commuting - bike maintenance (mostly by me), parts, lights, panniers, clothing, shoes. I have a 14 mile round-trip commute. Even though my truck gets decent gas mileage, I figure that a 7-mile one way trip starting with a cold engine is 1/2 gallon of gas, or about a gallon a day. Twenty days/month at 3.75 /gallon is... let's see, put down 1, carry the two... about $75 per month in gas savings. In truth, if I started driving most of the time again, there'd be a lot of other expense, because we reduced to only one vehicle once I started riding full time. Although my spouse doesn't need the truck every day, I wouldn't like stranding her home alone without a vehicle. She's not a 'cyclist', although I keep trying to change that. So, I'd have the capital cost of another car, additional car insurance, and the other wear & tear expense of maintaining a second car.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Sep 12 12:51:00 2014
@J Hugh - He's going to have to explore CO by paddling instead of pedaling.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Sep 12 12:08:00 2014
Micheal G I am sorry, but you are utilitarian, Is that like a unitarian?
Marty I can just see the Mall of America commuter corp.
jerry I hope its just rain, you don't want the flooding part from the pictures that are out.

I wonder if Cycling "Aesop" Roberto took a life jacket and rain gear?

Fri Sep 12 12:06:00 2014
@Marty, you're a hoot! Please allow me to rephrase: "...I am a daily commuter with very little non-commute riding."
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Fri Sep 12 12:03:00 2014
@Robert Schultz I would say that there are thousands of reasons, and some of those folks actually rode miles and never recorded them. Some I have talked with say I forgot. Lack of internal motivation lies at the bottom of all the excuses.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 12:02:00 2014
Almost ever place I ride around here is flooded, washed away, or closed. It is unreal.
Robert E Schultz Fri Sep 12 11:57:00 2014
Why would thousands of people sign up for this challenge and then never log a single mile? How hard could it be?
Laurie Rescheske Fri Sep 12 11:50:00 2014
Leave it to Marty.......
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Fri Sep 12 11:42:00 2014
@Michael - How do you commute with very little outside riding? Do you live on one side of a place like Mall of America and work on the other?
Fri Sep 12 11:35:00 2014
@Burklee, I'm lucky; my boss is a serious cyclist. I always have someone to talk 'shop' with! The difference between us is that he is a fitness/weekend rider, while I am a daily commuter with very little outside riding. He just bought a new Garmin Edge 510, so I've been getting the lowdown on his new toy.
Laurie Rescheske Fri Sep 12 11:26:00 2014
Burklee --- SO true! All the points you mentioned, plus many many more, all add up to the fact that getting from point A to point B is almost always better when done from a bike vs. a car.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Fri Sep 12 11:04:00 2014
I was thinking about a statement my boss made about someone spending $3000 on a bike. A $3000 bike is most likely new & bike shops often give some sort of lifetime minor adjustment deal with the sale. A $3000 car is used, nuff said about that. We had to replace a tire on our minivan, $145. I replaced a tire on my bike, $30. New bike brake pads, $20 total, front AND back. New car brake pads, I don't even want to think about. Tune-ups for a bike require no diagnostic equipment other than hands & eyes. Cars require computers and someone who can read codes. A new bike can last... well, how long have some of you had yours? With a car, you can get to the point where repairs cost more than the car is worth within 6 to 10 years. Filling up the tank for a bike (your stomach) is a lot more fun than filling up the tank on a car. You know, $3000 for a bike doesn't seem like all that much. :)
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 10:55:00 2014
Oh. And by the way. Yes, it is still RAINING.
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 10:48:00 2014
@Zdenek. Congratulations on your Diamond.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 12 10:47:00 2014
@Zdnenek-awesome on catching your diamond. Hope the champagne was delish! Yep, better $$ spent than a doctors visit because of illness from not moving or a car repair which could be just as much or more.
Pedal on with peace and health!
Jerry Bengtson Fri Sep 12 10:46:00 2014
More rain. Flash floods. Jamestown, one of the more popular rides has lost structures.
This weather is so unusual for Colorado. I don't remember weather like this in my entire life here.
Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Fri Sep 12 10:41:00 2014
Way to go Zdenek! ...and wouldn't we all prefer to spend our money on bike stuff rather than gasoline?
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Sep 12 10:31:00 2014
@Marty-yes, my Mom used to race, in her late 40's early 50's. I only can hope I am as healthy as she is when I am her age. Truly an inspiration.
@Laurie-hope you get progressively better and better!
@Travis-congrats on Platinum!
@Jerry-hate rainy spells! It's like, is it ever going to end? I got to roll! lol
Buddy Masangkay Fri Sep 12 10:28:00 2014
Zdenek you now "Shine bright like a diamond", way to go!
Joe Sacco Fri Sep 12 08:42:00 2014
A good reminder, but alas; I'm preaching to the choir!! LOL

Pedal On!!

Rob Gusky Fri Sep 12 07:12:00 2014
Congratulations Zdenek! A toast to you - enjoy your champagne!
Laurie Rescheske Fri Sep 12 06:18:00 2014
@ Zdenek: congratulations!
Zdenek Becak Fri Sep 12 04:48:00 2014
I have just reached diamond level. Wow! It was my dream/wish/target. I will open bottle of champagne. And what about cost? I lost 5 kilos - it is great! I wished it. I spent 600 $ on spare parts - two chains, two tires, pedals, derailleur, sprocket wheels, break blocks..... My bike is nearly new now.
Good chllenge this year! Thanks organizers!
Karen Jean Goth Fri Sep 12 03:09:00 2014
@Jerry - Is it still raining?
Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 11 23:30:00 2014
Still Raining.
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 11 22:40:00 2014
Finally went for my first bike ride since Saturday... I think I overdid it. But it felt good to be back in the saddle anyway.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Thu Sep 11 22:24:00 2014
@Cynthia - Yes, it must be nice to be able to ride with your mother. Didn't you say a few months ago that she used to race?
@Laurie - Nice job, at your job!
$Travis - Congratulations!
Rob Adams Thu Sep 11 22:18:00 2014
Great job Travis!!!!!
Travis H. Bartnes Thu Sep 11 21:48:00 2014
YAY! Broke into Platinum tonite!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 11 21:32:00 2014
@garmin 800 users What I do is to import the fit file from the import the file section of Endo. It reads my ride as cycling sport and get the data from the garmin correctly. I would say the the elevations on my garmin are always off compared to the data after doing the elevation corrections at the bottom of the page. Elevation can function like a barometer so pressure throws it off.
Paul Perry Thu Sep 11 21:17:00 2014
Garmin importers-you can change the activity on the"save your workout" screen before you save it. There is a drop down menu in the activity description. This eliminates the need to edit.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 11 20:48:00 2014
@Rick- well wishes for the greenways funding! How exciting!
Wrong Hat Thu Sep 11 20:42:00 2014
@Rick--I didn't have that problem but I import my data from my Garmin instead of doing it manually. After I import it, I edit it, change it to a sports ride, check the box to include it in statistics and then save.
Karen Jean Goth Thu Sep 11 20:37:00 2014
@Larry and Cynthia - Very nice sentiments.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 11 20:34:00 2014
Tonight after biking home from work, I quick changed into other riding cloths and switched bikes from commuter to road and headed out for a Bike MS training ride with my Mom. It was great! Pushing over the bridge across the island and back over the bridge and circling around town to get as many miles as possible before the sunset. Mom behind me all the way. We rode at about 14.5 mph. It was amazing and I am fortunate to have a Mom who rolls with me. She is a real trooper.
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 11 20:28:00 2014
So are we all wondering how Roberto is?
@Laurie-nice job with the coworker. I hope he takes your advice to heart and keeps learning and pedaling! Oh, and feel better soon.
@Larry-sounds like a great ride. I too rode with 911 on my mind this morning and had a moment of reflection. I don't know about anyone else, but, I don't think I will ever forget and it didn't help that I had to write the date all day long at work. All we can do is make today better and move forward. One person and one action at a time.
Rick Gilbert Thu Sep 11 20:09:00 2014
Just noticed that when I uploaded data for the weekend from my Garmin, Endomondo/NBC didn't credit me with the 20 pts/day for riding. It seems to be a recent problem, but if your points aren't building as fast as you expected, you might look at that as a source of the problem. It may be related to the fact that Endomondo brought the rides in as "running," and I had to change the activity manually, but I would have thought the NBC point processing would have handled that. My workaround was to log an additional 1 mile ride for each of the weekend days. The extra 2 miles isn't going to change my ranking, but getting credit for the days sure makes me feel better.
Thu Sep 11 19:45:00 2014
@Laurie, nice job with the coworker!
@Jerry, Roberto brought the rain to you and left me the knuckleheads behind the wheel to deal with. He owes us...
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 11 19:06:00 2014
Today I was driving to work (yes I said I was going to bike but didn't feel well enough yet) and one of my co-workers was biking. He was dressed in brown and tan, and staying on the right shoulder, signaling to turn left into the parking lot. He was lucky I was the car behind him, because I hung back to allow him to turn, where another car probably would not have even noticed him. Once in the parking lot, I caught up to him and commented on several things. 1. that his clothes made him almost invisible, and 2. that when turning left he is much safer in the center of the lane than on the right shoulder. He said he was nervous about moving into the lane, to which I replied, I understand, but it really is safer to make yourself as visible to cars as possible. I hope some of what I said he took to heart, for his own sake and safety.
Larry Hall Thu Sep 11 18:45:00 2014
I wore black from my ankles to my shoulders, out of respect for those who lost their lives, due to the terrorist attacks of 911. A ride of contemplation and also one of soaking up a beautiful, September day, in which I pedaled at a comfortable pace, trying to recover from yesterday. Along the way, I decided, to work with every vehicle, which came up behind me- really going out of my way, to help them get around me. Most of the drivers, waved, or gave a little beep to show appreciation. I even got a Thumbs Up ,which I like much better than the "Finger". All in all, one of the most beautiful rides of the year for me, just to experience the joy of being alive!
Rick Gilbert Thu Sep 11 17:44:00 2014
@EM - about the license & insurance - of course you don't need it to ride a bike. You obviously need it to use the road. So keep your bike (and your little pedestrian tennis shoes) off the road unless you have a license and insurance. Yeah, it's amazing how some motor vehicle drivers think -- or don't. Too bad we don't have a required brain check before hitting the road. Some motor vehicle operators would never get out of their driveways.

And "I didn't see the cyclist -- because my phone didn't snap a photo and pop it up in front of my text message screen." It's amazing to me how often I see someone looking to turn left onto a roadway from a parking lot with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a phone against his/her ear. Split attention in one of the more risky driving maneuvers.

On a brighter note:.We have another meet-up for the local greenways project tomorrow. Looking forward to the ride before (only 5 miles) and to meeting again and figuring out next steps. We gathered a bunch of ride/walk surveys at the local Farmers' Market last Saturday. Looking forward to seeing the stats from those and our other outreach events. I think our plan is to go to City Council for greenways funding in October.

Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 11 17:32:00 2014
I think the rain we are having here in Colorado is Roberto's fault. We don't have weather like this in Colorado. This is midwest weather. Roberto must have brought it with him.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 11 15:42:00 2014
@Tammie, Just read about your fall. Hope you are felling better from that. Anytime you hit your head you should get it checked out.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 11 15:39:00 2014
@Tammie. Hope you get your bike fixed soon. I am really fortunate with my bicycle shop. They have a one day turn around time. And a lot of things they will fix whlle our wait. As far as I know they are the only shop around that does this. Most shops have a two day to a two week turn around time.
Laurie. Get well. Don't overdo it.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Sep 11 15:37:00 2014
So much for getting to ride my bike after my bike after giving up on our camping trip. It is pouring rain outside. Roberto picked a good week to check out Colorado.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 11 15:25:00 2014
@EM They are not in the Vehicle so they don't see the cyclist. What I mean by that is that their mind is somewhere else. Human error is really in most cases a loss of concentration, I know that it is true for me. Did you ever forget how you got somewhere whether on a bike or in a car just because you were not really their mentally? It is so hard to be compassionate for ourselves and others when we are being human and it scares someone.
Thu Sep 11 14:48:00 2014
@Peter, good thing one of you was paying attention!
Peter J Feyen Thu Sep 11 14:36:00 2014
I finally got to tell about my fine ride this morning except: a Ford Explorer coming from my left and blew the yield sign and tried stopping. I saw him coming and hammered the brakes and slowed enough to continue on behind him by five feet. Heart rate went up, of course. Drive carefully and Ride & Smile for Life is Good.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 11 13:17:00 2014
@ Gregg, great story, & Leonard, you guys just made my day: fly on the dumpster, I'm gonna remember that.
Leonard Wright Thu Sep 11 13:07:00 2014
@Gregg, You've heard of being a fly on the wall, I would have liked to have been a fly on the side of that garbage dumpster - dealing with the smell of a garbage dumpster would have been worth it to hear the conversation that surely took place between the officer and the driver :-)
Laurie Rescheske Thu Sep 11 13:00:00 2014
@ Gregg, another driver who seems to think the rules of the road don't apply to her. And they have the nerve to say that everyone who rides a bicycle doesn't follow traffic laws. Sigh.
Gregg Warning Thu Sep 11 12:59:00 2014
While riding home from work on A by the Vineyards Bar and Grill that was robbed last week, a car went whizzing by me going at least 60 mph in a 45 speed zone and I didn't have to get her license plate number because the Winnebago County Sheriff was heading south at the time and saw her. She knew he saw her, but tried to sneak into the parking lot of the Vineyards Bar and Grill and hide her car behind the garbage dumpsters. lol After the sheriff turned around he knew she pulled into the parking lot and tried to hide behind the dumpster and he pulled in right behind her. haha. I think she is going to get a double coupon for trying to hide. lol I would have liked to have heard this conversation :)
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Thu Sep 11 12:33:00 2014
HI all, yesterday was so crazy that I forgot to report on my ride. I saw a turkey and a snake yesterday. It was just a little snake, a rat snake I think. At any rate I did not see that snakeon the road by the curb today so I assume it is alive and well. Yesterday's other excitment was that I spent two hours as a volunteer counting bicycle and foot traffic at a very busy intersection. Its amazing how, in the midst of all that motor vehicle traffic, you can easily spot the cyclists and people walking/jogging. Just makes you wonder how people can try to use the excuse "I didn't see the cyclist"......
@ Michael, sounds like you sort of picked your moment to lose your cool (seemingly less threatening with the kids in the back seat). But what I want to know is since when do we need a driver's license and insurance to ride a bike?
Todays ride was good. I broke 14 mph (which isn't easy with stop and go traffic) and along the way I got a thumbs up from a police officer!! I saw a group of people walking on Clayton Road. They were on their way from St. Charles to the arch in downtown St. Louis to commemorate 9/11. MOMENT OF SILENCE.
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Thu Sep 11 11:47:00 2014
MG Glad you survived. Except Marty we all lose it occasionally it seems.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Thu Sep 11 09:46:00 2014
@Tammie - I'm gonna "bright side" you here... You have a new Trek, so your rear derailleur is attached to a derailleur hanger, which attaches to your bike. When you go down hard on your drive side, the hanger breaks away so that you don't end up with a bent frame. Without that detachable hanger, fixing your bike could be much harder, or impossible. I think maybe you ought to take this as a sign from the universe to take a few days off and give your head some time to recover from what really sounds like another concussion. Give yourself a few days to recover while your bike is recovering.
Thu Sep 11 08:33:00 2014
It took me 2-1/2 years, but I finally had a "@Cycling Roberto"-style encounter with a motorist yesterday. I was on my way home from work on a narrow city street. About 1/2 a block from a stop sign, I checked my mirror-saw there was a car behind me but far enough away that I could safely move over-and began to position myself further into the lane. Note that this is a two-way street but has no lane markings. Driver decided he didn't want to be behind me, so he gunned it. We both arrived at the stop sign at the same time, with him about 2 feet from me. I shouted, "Hey, I'm right here!". He shouted back that he wanted to see my drivers license and insurance. I answered back that I had mine, where was his?
I proceeded forward for another block; he let me go, but stayed a solid 5 feet behind me the whole way. After I proceeded across the next intersection, I dismounted my bike and retrieved my drivers license, car registration and insurance card from my wallet. I held them up as he passed me and shouted, "Here's mine, where's yours?" He stabbed the gas on his lowered rice grinder and nearly blew his coffee-can muffler clean off!
In hindsight, I know I shouldn't have stopped. If he didn't have two kids in the back seat I certainly would not have pushed the issue. In the heat of the moment of the "you had to be there" situation, hormones, ego and pride push common sense to the bottom of the pile. Thankfully I survived without getting shot and have the opportunity to 'armchair quarterback' the day after. Lesson for us all, I guess: Stick up for what's rightfully yours, but don't push your luck.
@Tammie, be proud of what you've done this year, take a well deserved rest, and come back stronger when the weather cools (well, relatively so in your neighborhood!).
@Laurie, get better yourself. I had a sinus infection last week; killer on hills!
@Jerry, I've been a camper/backpacker for over 40 years. We can swap lousy stories any time!
Cynthia A Nelson Thu Sep 11 08:18:00 2014
@Jerry-gosh, what a bummer for that camping trip! Sounds like you were close to home though which is nice as you didn't have to trek around too much with wet stuff.
Hope your wife feels better soon for whatever is troubling her.
We love to camp too! In fact if anyone is ever in the Myrtle Beach area check out Huntingdon (sp) State Park. Its a beautifully park right next to the ocean and there is lots to do while staying there.
@Karen-Assateague is so beautiful. Next year I am going to do the Seagull Century. The mid point to the ride is on Assateague. Its a great ride!
Tammie Porter Thu Sep 11 04:19:00 2014
our local bike shop is so busy busy busy I know it will take a while to get my bike back. they once told me it would take 2 days just to change my tires. I am broken hearted my bike is not quite 3 months old about 1,500 miles on her. I really want to be riding her when I make diamond! A very nice cyclist stopped to help me today He was very very nice! I don't think I could have gotten that out of the spokes myself it was a mess! I had never seen a chain taken apart before either. Always something new to learn.
Jonathan Baty Thu Sep 11 01:10:00 2014
Tammie check with your local cycling club - their riders may have a bike they could loan you. Some shops will even be nice enough to let you ride a loaner bike while they repair your derailleur hanger. If it is a replaceable hanger the fix should not take long. Another option is to put high pressure road slicks on your hybrid - that will make it roll like a road bike though it will probably still be a bit heavier. Thinking of a few options for ya!
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 10 22:26:00 2014
@ Tammie, Don't worry about the diamond. You have already done amazing things and have lotsa bragging rights. Maybe you and your bike both could use a little break. Then you'll both be stronger when you get back to riding.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 10 22:06:00 2014
@ Jerry, bummer about the rain. Hope that delicious dinner you made helped perk you both up and that Karen is feeling better soon.
@ Laruie, glad you check with the doc and got the medicine you need. Taking a day off here and there is supposed to help restore your muscles etc.
Tammie Porter Wed Sep 10 21:28:00 2014
Send the rain our way.. we need it and I can't ride anyway.. my bike broke! The derauiller snapped off while I was riding today. More damage than I thought from my fall last night. Off to the shop tomorrow. Diamond may be out of reach. I may ask about renting a bike if it is anywhere near affordable. I just don't think I can put the miles I need on my hybrid in the limited time I have with the hours I am having to put in for work. Congrats on the diamond.. and sorry about the wet camping.
Laurie Rescheske Wed Sep 10 21:24:00 2014
It feels so strange to be Tuesday night and I still have zero points for the week. Yesterday I finally decided to stop self-diagnosing and medicating, and went to the doctor, where I found out I have a sinus infection. 4 doses of antibiotics later, I am starting to feel human again, and am planning to bike to work, so I'll have at least 15 miles in tomorrow. Maybe I'll be able to stay in the saddle for a while again :)
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Sep 10 21:12:00 2014
@Jerry B Your Mother nature just thought you needed a shower before dinner.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 10 21:07:00 2014
I cooked steaks and corn on the cob for dinner tonight on the grill. Planned on eating my our firepit with a nice fire. As soon as I started to pull the food off the grill it started raining. I am soaked. And the grill is only 10' from the door.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 10 20:47:00 2014
@Jerry - We went camping near Assateague Island one year (the place with the wild horses.) Ask me about thunderstorms coming in off the ocean and sand fleas. It was not my best camping trip, but it can make a great story. I thought I was going to have a heart attack - we spent the night sleeping in our car, well not really sleeping.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 10 20:42:00 2014
@Jerry - Sent my best wishes to your wife, Karen. I hope that everything gets better for her soon. Glad to hear that you are not giving up on camping.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 10 20:14:00 2014
With Karen's medical issues right now she cannot do much. I plan, pack, cook, clean, set up, tear down. Usually Karen cooks breakfast and lunch and helps clean. But not this year. We will try again in a week or two. Or we may just go up in the morning, relax, have a fire in the evening, then come home. And do this for 2-4 days.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 10 20:07:00 2014
@Jerry - So, Sorry :( - So much work, and now to have to clean it up. I know how that is. We tent camp also. I do all the packing and the cooking and cleaning up. My husband sets up the tent and makes a fire (sometimes.) We have a place to go were you can take your bikes and ride around too. Sometimes we take a Kayak (my grandfather built it for me before he died. He made it from a kit.)
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 10 19:23:00 2014
Karen relaxed while I set up camp. Did I mention we are tent campers. Within an hour of getting everything set up it started to rain. It would start and stop. The next morning we woke up to sunshine. I went down to our house to pick up more firewood as it was chilly up in the mountains and Karen wanted a morning fire also. Five minutes after I got back it started to rain. And rain. And rain. Brought Karen home this morning with some of our stuff so she could get out of the rain and the cold. I went back up to tear down our camp. It was raining even harder when I got up there. I was cold and wet when I got home. All our gear is wet and dirty. It was not a relaxing trip.
But I least I get to ride my bike now.
And the bicyclists here are a bunch of wimps. I did not see a single bicyclist when I brought Karen home or on my trip back and down from our camping site. Just because of a little rain. OK. A lot of rain.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 10 19:02:00 2014
@Jerry - I ment I hope you and your wife found time to relax somehow, not you and you bike. tee hee
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 10 18:55:00 2014
@Paul - I didn't know that helmets had a shelf life, at least not 3-5 years. I will have to go home and check mine out - I need a good one with a built in visor anyway. We had a lot of bicycle riders out today. It was a humid 80 degrees and sunny. Most smile and try not to laugh when they see the baseball hat, helmet combo, but my nose really does need to stay out of the sun for medical reasons.
Karen Jean Goth Wed Sep 10 18:43:00 2014
@Jerry - Glad you had such a good time on "vacation." ;) I am sure your new bike will make it up to you after a few rides around that pretty lake near your home. I hope that you both got to relax somehow.
Jerry Bengtson Wed Sep 10 17:49:00 2014
We left Sunday for seven days of camping. Both my wife and I needed some time to relax and get away.
We experienced the "Camping Trip from Hell."
Rain, more rain, and even more rain. And then even heavier rain. Did I mentioned it rained?
We came back after two days. I have at least two days of cleaning and drying before everything is put away.
And I have 19 pages of comments to catch up one.
At least I get to ride my bike now.
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Sep 10 17:26:00 2014
@Jim - Yea, Diamonds!!
Jim Franzen Wed Sep 10 17:16:00 2014
I ride an old steel Schwinn so I am declaring today Diamonds and Rust day for me. HA 5009 points
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Sep 10 16:56:00 2014
Beware Bicycling dot com its all about the sponsors and what needs to be pushed to sell.
Ray S Wed Sep 10 16:34:00 2014
A helmet only helps if it fits and you wear it properly... http://www.bicycling.com/beginners/bike-fit/make-helmet-fit
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 10 16:13:00 2014
@ Paul & Burklee, agreed. I plan on getting the new design helmet the next time I need one.
@ Paul, there can be an advantage to organizing your own ride. When you do the Hilly Hundred in Indiana, they will not even let you pick up your registration packet until you have watched the safety video. As with all good rides, helmets are not optional. And all organized rides need the disclaimer, if you take your helmet off, we are not responsible......
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Sep 10 16:03:00 2014
@EM – Thanks for the helmet article. It looks like about the time I’m due for a new helmet, those AIM or MIPS helmets will be more widely available. I’m surprised at the number of helmet industry execs who don’t think the honeycomb design will do any good. Didn’t any of them at least take high school physics and do the “egg test”? (My egg survived!) Also, I’m so very shocked that the government’s willingness to toughen the standards is based on the cost to manufacturers (sarcasm). I’m not willing to pay more for better venting or a helmet that weighs 10 grams less, but I will shell out dollars for a helmet that will reduce my likelihood of concussion.
Paul Perry Wed Sep 10 15:51:00 2014
I think most in here know this already, but some of the new riders may nopt know-helmets DO have an expiration date. As they age, the materials can dry out and become more brittle, reducing their effectiveness in a crash. Look inside your helmet. There will be a manufacturing date. Some helmets put the replacement date as well. usually 3-5 years.
Paul Perry Wed Sep 10 15:45:00 2014
Helmets-can not be stressed enough to never ride without one. And ALWAYS replace a helmet after a crash.
I've worked a lot on charity rides, and fund raising events for various issues. I am at the point where I want to try and start putting on my own events as an organizer And the first fundraising event I do will be for brain injury awareness (an issue that hits close to home for me) and helmets for the under privileged.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 10 15:44:00 2014
@ Marty, I thought it was very well researched. We can only hope that more helmet manufacturers adopt the new research into their helmets and that the prices become reasonable in the process.
During the ride I did on Saturday I saw two women with their helmets hanging on their handlebars. This was maybe 40 miles into the ride. I assume they thought it was getting too hot so they just took them off. I yelled at them "helmets belong on your heads." If it was too hot for them, they should have stopped riding and called the sag. Its disappointing to see adults who obviously know better behave in a manner that can lead to injury or worse.
Paul Perry Wed Sep 10 15:29:00 2014
Words of wisdom Marty, and excellent advice. I am one of those ones that practically need to be chained up when I have an injury. I decided to actually play smaet last week when I had my illness and stay off the bike to let my body recover.

I atill felt a bit weak when I rode Sunday night, but I convinced myself it was the time off the bike. I got caught up in "challenge node" and rode Monday far more than I should have. And that was just the morning ride. Pushed myself to do an afternoon ride as well. All for that pixelated blue ribbon. I now hav a Dr's appointment in 90 minutes to find out why my lungs are so stressed and irritated.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Sep 10 14:37:00 2014
@EM - Thanks for the great article on bicycle helmet research and our helmet's current limitations.
@Tammie - I would highly recommend that you read EM's article, before you consider riding next. The dangers from concussions is more than just the headache that can last a few days. There is a reason that now NFL football players are subjected to exacting tests before they are allowed to practice again, and that usually, the timeframe is at least a week. There is also a reason that many former players who had concussions won't allow their sons to play football.
I know, stopping your riding for a week runs counter to your strong drive to be the not only the top woman in Texas, but reach Diamond. But think of how much infinitely greater your brain is worth, especially when compared to a small blue pixellated ribbon icon, that disappears the second you leave this page. You've done so much to improve yourself biking in such a short time, I and everyone else on here are quite impressed, and commend you.
But I remember that you rode through your last concussion a month and a half ago, but now having two in such a short time is much more than most football players get.
Howard Hess Wed Sep 10 12:41:00 2014
@Tammie - I was going to mention checking into a crash replacement discount for your helmet; glad to see you've done that. And, I agree that Nite Rider lights are awesome - I use one for commuting, best option I've found for the $$$.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 10 12:32:00 2014
@Tammie-you can still sign up for this MS Ride! lol. Come on along. First leg of it is hills hills and more hills but a lot of fun like you said. The sand hills of NC/SC are pretty but very unique. Then it comes onto flat land and then on to sea level. The ride ends literally at the beach or at least a couple miles from it.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 10 12:16:00 2014
Anyone looking for a new helmet should read this article: http://www.bicycling.com/sites/default/files/uploads/BI-June-13-Helmet.pdf New research on bike helmets.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 10 12:05:00 2014
@ Laurie & Cynthia, congrats on PLATINUMMMMM!!!
@ Tammie, you go girl. You have figured out what works for you and you have to stick with that. Same concept applies to the people who need customized bikes. If its not comfortable, its not fun. And FUN is what its all about!
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Sep 10 11:58:00 2014
for really good info on helmets try http://www.helmets.org/
J. Hugh wants NL, BE, AU and NZ Pastry Strickland Wed Sep 10 11:55:00 2014
@andrew Dobbs Everything you say is true, but careful shopping gets most of the best for half price of retail.
Paul Jeffries Wed Sep 10 11:42:00 2014
Tammie...I may be belaboring the obvious...but in Texas, I hope you got a WHITE helmet, and not just because of visibility. ;-)
Ray S Wed Sep 10 11:09:00 2014
I know how you feel, Tammie, I have enjoyed migraines for my entire life as well. I could never wear hats either, until my hair started to disappear. My body decided to turn off that migraine trigger in order to save my scalp. I do still notice a difference in my head when I wear a hat or helmet, but it doesn't set things off like it used to.
Andrew Dodds Wed Sep 10 10:58:00 2014
High end helmets are high priced for the following reasons: more adjustment for fit, strength to weight (less material/same strength), more venting and different materials used. High end helmets use more "exotic" materials than lower end helmets.
Also, a tonne more R&D goes into them and that ain't free! ;-)
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Sep 10 10:40:00 2014
@Tammie - Not trying to dis you about the price, love. You gotta get what works for you and won't cause you pain. I don't have that particular problem, so I would balk at that price, but if it keeps you riding and you can afford it, go get it. Take care of your head, and beware the mile-high speed bumps!
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Sep 10 10:35:00 2014
I have noticed one improvement that the extra $5 for the Bontrager got me. My previous helmet was a Bell, and the plastic shell was attached only in a few places around the outside. When I would ride fast or in windier conditions, the shell would rattle against the foam. It took me some time to figure out what that annoying noise was. The shell of the Bontrager isn't loose anywhere, so it doesn't rattle at all. It's surprising what a difference that makes.
Tammie Porter Wed Sep 10 10:30:00 2014
I really wish I did not have to pay that for a helmet but I am truly prone to headaches. I lived with severe migraines most of my life until about 4 years ago when we found a medicine that works. When I don't have insurance it costs me over $500 per month but I would rather have it than food. I tried on a TON of helmets trying to find one I could wear. I can barely wear a baseball cap without it causing a headache! The GIRO Atomos turned out to be the one that I barely notice I have on my head. It is lightweight and fits. No pressure points in the places that bother me. Bonus... in the Texas heat .. I don't get hot! With all the money I spend on this sport, my mothers favorite statement is " good thing you are working" LOL
Burklee "Captain Competitive" Green Wed Sep 10 10:21:00 2014
@Ray - I'm with you on that $180 helmet price. When I got a new helmet earlier this summer, I was a bit cranky that the $35 Bell had a plastic piece that dug in just at the base of my skull, so that I had to spend $5 more for the Bontrager. It's a comfy helmet, adequate venting, and the red & white colors look great. I've seen the more expensive ones, but can't justify the price if they all meet the same standards.
Ray S Wed Sep 10 10:06:00 2014
I agree, NiteRider seems to be a great company. I complained about the poor mount that came with my Solas tail light and they sent me two upgraded mounts free of charge. That fixed the slipping issue on the tilt, but the rotate part is still pretty weak. It also rattles like crazy, but a piece of tape should fix that. I have a MiNewt 600 as well, it is a great light, but I wish it had a lock switch to prevent it from turning itself on when jostling around in the bag. I was caught in the dark without it on Saturday night because it had turned on in the bag at some point during my ride. I was lucky that it didn't melt or potentially start a fire in my bag from the heat the LED generated. My "see me" light was enough to get me home, but those last 20 miles were pretty slow.
$180 for a helmet? I guess I'm cheap, mine was a third of that price. I have a "good" Giro helmet and a "better" Specialized helmet. The Specialized is lighter and allegedly has improved venting, but I really don't notice any difference in weight or airflow. $180 is a bit more than I want to pay for a "throwaway" item, either due to a crash or age.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 10 10:04:00 2014
Go Tammie-good to know your taking care of yourself. Don't want to get to where you can't ride at all. That would really be sidelining it and frustrating.
I love bike ms-it's always a great time.
@Marty-love that video-the tires are so cool-also loved where he was biking-that would be fun, and loved the back round music as well.
Joe Sacco Wed Sep 10 10:03:00 2014
I know there was talk of bike lights here, somewhere. Lol
I've been looking to rig up my young riders with fairly inexpensive lights, and thought I'd share this site here.
For the price of some of these lights on this site I could buy and throw away 6 or so sets before I get near the price of my two lights!!
Anyway............ Here ya go.
Pedal On!!
Tammie Porter Wed Sep 10 10:01:00 2014
I remember them coming out with something like the airless tire for cars some time ago. It seems great for Mountain Bikes... what about Road bikes? Would have to have some kind of unbelieveable structure for the small road bike tire. Sure would be great not to have to worry about flats. Had a gal run me off the track yesterday and thought it was going to knock my tire off the rim. Had to stop and check everything. I was soooo ticked off. She was WALKING and suddenly started weaving side to side on the track and nearly ran into me chatting on her phone. I just yelled at her 'pick a side'. The drop off the pavement there was about 3 inches into gravel in lots of weeds .. it was rather scary.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Sep 10 09:49:00 2014
If anyone hasn't seen this new airless, tubeless, nano tire technology, here it is.
I hope it comes out in the next year or two, (and isn't too terribly expensive).
Tammie Porter Wed Sep 10 09:39:00 2014
That Bike MS is FUN ... wish I was going on it with you Cynthia! Congrats on the Platinum. Feels great doesn't it to get there? I am still determined to get that diamond. I see the top people on the leaderboard have kicked it in gear! I rode 17 miles yesterday and fell quite a distance! over 25 miles each day barely keeps me in place! AND to really get me aggrivated.. some gal has shown up fro nowhere and is #1 in Texas! I have lived with headaches all my life.. this one is not going to slow me down... much. It doesn't take much to cause me to have a headache. If it gets bad, I will go see my neurologist. I will be on the bike this afternoon with friends but will definitely be taking it easy... just cruising and letting them do all the crazy stuff. I'll watch from the sidelines. I'm not stupid. Tylenol is my friend today. We will be in town so lots of water is available at every corner store. I will be taking monday and tuesday next week off (not by choice!) to go to Dallas for work. will be in withdrawl by wednesday.. still trying to figure out if I will have time to put in a couple miles on monday before I leave! DETERMINATION!!!
Tammie Porter Wed Sep 10 09:28:00 2014
Yes, that fall was during the Bike MS on July 20th. I need to learn to stay off the pavement! The dark parking lot covered with speed bumps did not help! I don't know why they have to make those things so darn sharp and HIGH.. almost impossible. My Chrysler 300 can't go over many of them at all. Good thing GIRO has a crash replacement discount program.. that $180 price tag hurts! I have a second one already... I have learned to 'be prepared". Still have the headache this morning and have found quite a few more places that hurt. Feel like I was in a car accident! LOL On a good note.. NiteRider is THE BEST!! My new Lumina 550 light was rattling inside and on rough roads it was driving me CRAZY.. I called them and they are sending me a replacement with an envelope to return the defective light! I LOVE the light. Was riding out in DARK West Texas at night downhill and was comfortable at high speed and able to see the road ahead with this light. You don't feel like you are riding at night.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 10 08:44:00 2014
@LRH-congrads on the Bike MS 156 in that kind of heat! It's going to warm here too. But not that bad!

@Tammie-please take care of yourself. That sounds like a nasty fall. And then you fell and hurt your head not too long ago?

Lori R. Handley Wed Sep 10 08:38:00 2014
Hi all Did the MS ride last weekend in Pratt Kansas. 100 degree weather but made it both days for a little over 156 miles. Got me up to Platinum level.

Tammie, get that head injury looked at, they actually have a series of tests now. A lady I work with, son just went through it, he got a concussion playing football.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Sep 10 08:33:00 2014
@cynthia - Congratulations on Platinum! And good luck in the Bike MS Ride.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Sep 10 08:31:00 2014
Yahoo! Platinum!

Even though I haven't been chiming in much, I am still keeping up with posts. Just love reading everyone's stories and experiences.
My focus, mental and physical is on my Bike MS ride coming up next in 12 days.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Wed Sep 10 08:28:00 2014
@Tammie - I agree with everyone. Take a few days off, see your doctor, and please be as careful as you can be. That's the second time you've hit your head hard in a little over a month or so. Please make the next one be 30 years from now.
Heather April Wed Sep 10 07:58:00 2014
@tammie that sounds like a horrible day. :( I hope you feel better soon. Rest up a bit? Those spills lead to major aches later. You probably know that by now.
EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson Wed Sep 10 07:39:00 2014
@ Tammie, sorry about your spill, take a couple of days off and recover. Get your riding buddies to record some miles for you.
Howard Hess Wed Sep 10 07:37:00 2014
@Tammie - ouch! Agree with Michael; get your helmet replaced. And, I'd suggest stopping by your doctor's office and have them check you out. I haven't stayed at a Holiday Inn Express lately, but this does sound like a concussion to me as well. Best to be safe. Take care of yourself!
Laurie Rescheske Wed Sep 10 06:31:00 2014
Gosh, Tammie, sounds like a nasty spill. Hope you feel much better today!
Michael Scott Eisele Wed Sep 10 06:12:00 2014
@Tammy...that was quite a ride. Time to take a couple days off...sounds like you had a concussion. I would replace your bike helmet too.
Rick Gilbert Wed Sep 10 02:45:00 2014
Take care of yourself, Tammie. That sounds like a nasty bump on the head. Remember to keep the rubber side down, just like it says in the bike owner's manual.
Tammie Porter Wed Sep 10 00:33:00 2014
You all are giving me a headache or is that from the two.. yes, two falls I took today. The first was just plain stupid.. couldn't get the clip undone fast enough. I was actually stopping to adjust my clips on new shoes and just couldn't get my right foot out fast enough and over I went! Skinned right knee and elbow. Felt like a fool. ... but I did move the clips where they work right for me. Then later I really did it. Going about 12mph in a parking lot hit a speed bump when I was trying to go around the end of it. Really don't remember the fall because I did hit my head.. helmet is really messed up in the back but it is the front of my head that hurts. Lots of bruises and scraped elbow. The worst is the headache and my jaw hurts. I sat on the curb for a while just trying to get my thoughts straight then managed to get the chain back on .. slowly rode around and actually hit a shopping basket!!! ... did not fall.. lucky! That was when I realized how slow I was thinking and reacting. I was waiting on some friends to arrive at the Starbucks so was just riding around.. lucky one got there so I stopped and sat down for the next 2 hours. Terrible headache another hour later.. hope I feel better tomorrow. I did get 17 miles in before the pavement ended my ride for the day. I have to learn to stay off that stuff... it hurts!
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 9 21:59:00 2014
@Mr Ed - Someone is selling pictures of the banner in your avatar sans bike for big bucks. I think with your bike and panniers in the picture, it could be worth more.
Mr Ed Tue Sep 9 21:25:00 2014
Klingon? Here you go . . . "neH 3 qamDu' HInob" which of course means, "Just give me 3 feet" somthing I always hope drivers will do.
Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin Tue Sep 9 21:08:00 2014
@Jim. Yes, a