Math worksheet generator

Your Secret Message:
Difficulty: Approximately the grade level
Layered: Some problems will build on the answers to others!
Cipher: A complex cipher is the sum of the digits in the answer (e.g., for answer 1,457,204, the cipher would be 23 (1+4+5+7+2+0+4).
Columns    This changes the amount of blank space around each problem
First digit: Low    High
Second digit: Low    High
Answers: Low    High Leave blank for grade-appropriate ranges

What sort of numbers do you want to work with?

This page produces math worksheets. Each solved problem helps decode the secret message you supply!

These worksheets are intended to be printed. The menu above will NOT print, nor will the answers. The worksheets often fit on one sheet of paper, but use your browser's print preview to make sure. Your browsers may have a print zoom feature to squeeze a too-big worksheet down to a single page.

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