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Beeline Transcript - February 8, 1995  

Than:  dammit we're gonna get snow by the weekend
Than:  i think it's about fukn time for spring
Nikki: no shit
Nikki: I hope its not a lot of snow.
Nikki: I got a bet riding that we dont get much snow.
Than:  snow is fukn stupi
Than:  ddd
Than:  it does make for some interesting destruciton tho
Nikki: how so?
Than:  multi-car pileups!
Nikki: oh.
Than:  wow florida's gonna freeze tonite
Than:  cripes i hate winter
Mav:   It's supposed to get really fucking cold in the next few days.
Than:  fuck me.
Mav:   Like, 9 degrees by friday.
Than:  (taking a big fukn shit on winter)
Nikki: at least the shit is warm.
Than:  i think we should figure out how to move the earth closer to the sun
Nikki: ;laks
Than:  maybe if we pulled a crapload of asteroids between the sun and earth
Nikki: or just make it cycle through winter and summer faster so that 
       it isnt so cold and isnt so hot.
Than:  their gravity would suck us over a bit
Than:  yah!
Than:  do winter and summer serve any purpose?
Nikki: Captain Kirk could do it.
Mav:   Selective Weather Patterns would be the ticket.
Mav:   "Snow?  Fuck that...."
Nikki: other than basing our whole biologial system on it?  no.
Than:  i suppose you could just move the earth so the sun is at the
       dead center of its revolution
Nikki: Than...
Than:  i think we should put a giant dome over the entire earth
Mav:   That ain't what does it.
Nikki: summer and winter are not from distance to the sun
Than:  what happens if we get rid of summer and winter?
Mav:   It's the tilt!
Nikki: they are from the angle of the sunlight and the energy collected 
       and lost over time.
Nikki:  :)
Than:  you're going to tell me the earth isn't closer to the sun during 
Nikki: it isnt!
Than:  bullshit!
Mav:   Than, honestly...
Nikki: its closest in like, febuary
Than:  no way
Than:  hey we're gonna be in the 30s thursday
Nikki: the thing is, the distance only varies like 1/100th of a percent.
Than:  ack fuck
Mav:   Think about it... the earth is tilted on it's axis...
Than:  but that ain't gonna last
Than:  (watching weather channel)
Mav:   Now imagine the earth rotating on it's axis while it revolves around 
       the sun.
Than:  my god the high on sunday's going to be like -15
Nikki: easy proof.  its summer in south america and austraila.
Than:  it isn't summer, dumbass
Nikki: it is!
Than:  bullshit!
Mav:   It's summer in Australia, Than.
Nikki: than.  i am not teasing you.
Nikki: its true!
Nikki: I gotta post about this.
Mav:   SHIT!
Than:  you mean i could fly to australia right now and it would be summer?
Mav:   Yep!
(priv) Nikki: this kicks ass...  he must feel so dumb.
Than:  bullshit!
Nikki: yes.
Mav:   Welcome to reality, Than!
Nikki: ask your roomates!
Mav:   <- Astronomy buff.
Than:  they're dumber than i am
Nikki: me too.
Nikki: do you want a full explination?
Than:  nope
Than:  i just didn't wanna think about it
Nikki: i figured not.
Nikki: ;laskdjf
Than:  i know how it works :P
Mav:   + now
Than:  i just wasn't thinkin'
Nikki: a;lskdjf;aslkd
Nikki: hah
Nikki: you and clinton would get along great.
Mav:   lskdjflskdjf
Than:  duh! i'm serious!
Mav:   We don't believe you.
Than:  i could even draw you a little ascii diagram
Than:  hey! guess what! the universe is too young and it's moving the
       wrong direction
Nikki: ;alskdfj;lskd
Than:  (according to discover magazine)
Nikki: trying to turn things around eh? 

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