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description Hiisi's FAQ for the Beeline, June, 1996. Very close to its demise. It seems like SPQR, Hissi, and Casey were running the place at that time!
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                  |       The Beeline BBS FAQ v1.10        |
                  | (C) Copyright 1996 by [email protected] |
                  |   Call the Beeline - (608)233-4828     |
                  |           Updated: 6-08-96             |

1) Introduction/About the Beeline.
2) How do I call the Beeline?
3) How do I get an account on the Beeline?
4) How do I...?
5) Abbreviations/symbols.
6) Beeline terms.
7) Costs/subscriptions.
8) Beeline online games!
9) Who's the SysOp of this place?
10) What's the deal with SPT/GothTerm?
11) Why can't I be a SubOp?
12) Does the Beeline have a WWW page?
13) Other questions/comments/additions.

** -=1=- ** Introduction/About the Beeline.

        The Beeline is a 14-line chat BBS run in Madison, WI. It runs on
it's own homemade software, with many features you won't find anywhere else.
The Beeline features some of the best chat, as well as many multiplayer
action games, around 20 message areas, E-Mail, text files & more. Why a
Beeline FAQ? Well, this FAQ is to help the new user get used to the Beeline's
commands & features. We will cover many Frequently Asked Questions about
the Beeline.

** -=2=- ** How do I call the Beeline?

        The Beeline may be called with any of the hundreds of modem terminal
programs available as shareware/freeware. Also, Skinny Puppy Term (available
at is a Beeline-specific term program
with many unique features. Before long, another Beeline-specific term program
should be released. The Beeline's phone numbers are:

        (608)233-4828 - Main number, this connects you with the 14.4s first
        (608)233-6707 - Another high-speed number
        (608)233-8206 - Another high-speed number
        (608)233-6139 - Another high-speed number
        (608)233-4418 - Another high-speed number

        As a general rule, all you need to know is the first number (233-
4828) as that will connect you to any of the available nodes. The other
numbers should only be used if the first is not connecting properly. Most
Beeline nodes are at 14,400bps, and one is running at 28,800bps.

** -=3=- ** How do I get an account on the Beeline?

        First, you call one of the above numbers. At the login screen, type
"new" for new-user. The system will ask you a series of questions including
name, phone number, address & birthdate. You will also be able to choose an
alias, or handle that will be your name to everyone on the Beeline. After
you answer all the new-user questions, you will be logged into the system as
an unvalidated user. From the main menu, simply type "v" and press enter to
ask a SubOp for instant validation. If a SubOp is online, they will enter
into a private conference with you where they may validate immediatly, or
they may ask a few questions to verify that the new-user information you
gave was true. Validation is usually a very quick and easy process. If there
are no SubOps online, either wait a few minutes, or call back later in the

** -=4=- ** How do I...?

        Once you are validated on the Beeline, there are many things that
you can do. This section will try to cover some of the main commands that you
should learn.

Chatting - ~@from any menu, simply type "chat" to enter the chat-forum. If you are at the main menu, you may type "c" instead, to enter chat.

See who is online - ~@from any prompt or menu, simply type "/w" to see who is currently online. There are many things you can see about people with "/w" - type 'help /w' at any prompt to see a full syntax screen.

Go to E-Mail - At the main menu, simply press "e".

Go to messages - At the main menu, simply press "m".

Play online games - ~@Playing online games requires a subscription. There are many online games on the Beeline (a description of each is available in this FAQ) - if you are a subscriber, simply press "#" at the main menu for the games menu.

Send a private message - ~@Type "/t  " where  is their handle or line number, and  is the text you wish to send.  Note: IF SOMEONE PRIVS YOU, -ALWAYS- ANSWER WITH A PRIV! Don't write public responses to people.

Keywords - Type "keyword" at the chat prompt for help.

Help! I'm lost! - Just type "main" at any prompt to return to the main menu.

Screensaver - Type "crazy" at any prompt for a wacky screensaver.

Kiwis - Type "kiwi" at any prompt for a few words of wisdom.

Spell checker/dictionary - Type "spell " at any prompt.

Logoff - Type "/g" at any prompt to logoff.

** -=5=- ** Abbreviations/symbols.

        Here are translations of common abbreviations & symbols.

bbl  - Be back later
brb  - Be right back
rofl - Rolling On the Floor Laughing (not used often)
< >  - Example:  - person is smiling
:)   - Person is smiling (try not to overuse this, it loses it's meaning)
:(   - Person is frowning
;)   - Person is winking
asdf - "that's funny!" Laughter. "askldjf" "akldsjf" "aldfskjh" etc.

** -=6=- ** Beeline terms.

        Some of the language used on the Beeline may be a bit confusing
at first, so here is a quick rundown of commonly used phrases, features
and terms, in no particular order.

"pud" - ~@A 'pud' is any Beeline user with a Full-Validated account (see below.) Having a full-validated account is strongly discouraged, as for just a few dollars, you can help support the Beeline and pay the phone bills.

"hung/crashed port" - ~@This refers to one of the phone lines/modems that is currently not answering.

"vapor room" - ~@A vapor room is any non-standard chat room. Generally, there are a few standard/public rooms that can be set up by full-subscribers (see below) that anyone can see and go in to.  Vapor rooms are hidden, and can only be accessed by subscribers. There are over 32,000 vapor rooms.

** -=7=- ** Costs/subscriptions.

        Here are the basic user levels on the Beeline.

Unvalidated user - ~@user has access to little but asking for validation.
Validated user   - ~@recieves 40 minutes a day, and access to chat in the basic rooms. No access to message posting/email/games.  This access level is free.
Full validated   - ~@user gets 60 minutes a day, and access to 3 messages & 3 emails a day. No access to games, non-standard chat rooms, etc. This access is free, you just need to send in a full-validation form. (hit "i" from main menu)
'Cheapie'        - ~@This level gets 20 minutes of '2/3s full' time, which means unlimited time unless the ports are 2/3s full or greater (rare.) User doesn't get access to games, etc.  This level costs $5 for 2 months.
Subscriber/stnd  - ~@This access level costs $5 for a one month trial, $10 for 3 months, or $15 for 6 months. User gets full message access, full E-Mail access, and full game access. User recieves UNLIMITED time, and access to non-standard
("vapor") rooms. User can add logons & kiwis.
Subscriber/full  - ~@This access level costs $15 for 3 months or $25 for 6 months. User gets full access to messages, E-Mail, games & non-standard chat rooms. User can add logons, add AND edit kiwis, give non-subscribing users extra time, and can create their own personal chat rooms.
SubOp            - ~@The cost of this account is $50 for 6 months. You must have the SysOp's permission to get this account. Includes unlimited time, games, E-Mail, messages, chat rooms, make your own chat rooms, adding/editing welcome messages, adding/editing kiwis & logons, giving time extensions to non-subscribers, validating & unvalidating new-user, and generally helping run the system.
SysOp            - ~@Bee, SPQR, or Casey.  That's IT.  No more.

** -=8=- ** Beeline online games!

        The Beeline has quite a few excellent online games, available to
subscribers only (see section 6.) Here is a short description of them:

Normal Tetris - ~@This is an online version of the classic Tetris game.  Includes all the features of the real game. Great online action!

Advanced Tetris - ~@This is a more difficult version of Tetris. It includes many odd piece shapes & more.

Super Tetris - A beginner's version of Tetris.

Break Out - ~@A great translation of the classic arcade game! You control a paddle at the bottom of the screen, and try to bounce a ball onto bricks to destory them. Nice action game.

DeathMaze - ~@A great multi-player tank game. You see the whole battlefield from an overhead perspective. Shoot & destory the walls & other players!

Bolo - ~@A very popular multi-player Beeline game. Each player controls a tank, and the object is to shoot the other players. You can only see a small portion of the (overhead) playing field at once, to add to the excitement. Really great with 3 or more players! (SPQR's favorite)

Snake Byte - ~@My (Hiisi's) personal favorite. A great multi-player snake game. Each player controls a snake, and the object is to eat as many apples as you can. With each apple you eath, you get points, and your snake gets longer. Don't hit the other snakes, or the walls or you die! Great fun solo or multiplayer.

Chess/Checkers - ~@Just what the name says. Play another Beeline user (they don't have to be online at the time) in either a relaxing game of checkers, or a gripping game of chess.

Fractal Explorer - ~@Not really a game, just something fun to do when you're
bored.  Like fractint, only in ANSI color.  Currently, only the Mandelbrot Set is available as a choice.  It's still interesting to see it draw on the screen.  Zooming is supported.

        All games keep a high-score chart, so you can show the world your
skill at the games.

** -=9=- ** Who's the SysOp of this place?

Bee runs the hardware, and originally took care of the subscriptions as well.  SPQR is currently handling the subscription details.  Casey is a Sysop so she can help with finding problems and fixing them.  Personal mails should be addressed to either Bee, SPQR or Casey.  Mail regarding the state of the system, the state of accounts ("I sent money a week ago, but still no account! What's up?"), or other system-oriented things should be addressed to "Sysop", account #1.  If you're just gonna shoot the shit, send mail to either SPQR, Bee, or Casey.  If you see "Sysop" logged on, it's PROBABLY SPQR doing maintenance (updating accounts, managing the mail system, playing with messages areas, or just making the system a better place).  Don't pester any of the sysops with frivolous requests; that's what subops are for.

** -=10=- ** What's the deal with SPT/GothTerm?

Skinny Puppy Terminal and GothTerm are two terminal programs designed with the chat-BBS in mind.  They have special features for modifying the style of the typed text before it goes out the modem, typically in an annoying manner.  ("Annoying" being defined as ACiD MoDe, txet esrever (reverse text), "Screaming Weanie Mode" (hehehehehe hehehehe :) ), or the like).  Use of the programs is NOT forbidden; use of the "annoying" features in room 1 or privs IS.  Room 1 isn't an obnoxious-hut, it's a place to interact.  Privving people 6000 times a minute isn't nice either (it's possible to do that with SPT).  If you want to use the program's "interesting" features with your friends, go into a vapor room, and keep the obnoxious features IN the vapor room.  (PuppyMirth is frowned upon, no matter how fun it is.  It's an annoyance.  If you want to set it on Auto-Mirth, that's fine.. but do it in a vapor room.)

** -=11=- ** Why can't I be a SubOp?

Simple: Even though you want to just outright pay the $50 and be a Subop and be worshipped by all your friends, you need to earn our (the Sysops') trust first.  How do you earn that trust?  Call regularly for a while.  Subscribe.  Get to know the feel of the place.  Meet some of the users in real life, develop nice interpersonal relationships (some of our current Subops could use the human interaction, but never DO anything...), etc.  Then, MAYBE you can be a Subop.

Nothing personal against you, we just don't want every Joe, Jane, and Jill to have 4 fake accounts so they can stay on all the time.  The way we trust you enough to not validate everyone in sight is to get to know you, and to make sure you're a hateful bastard like the rest of us. :)

** -=12=- ** Does the Beeline have a WWW page?

        Yes, although it is a work-in-progress. You can visit it at..

        FAQs, Beeline info & Beeline-related files are ready for download.

** -=13=- ** Other questions/comments/additions.

        ~@"Thanks" to SPQR for providing such neat info and insightful answers to some of the questions.  SPQR can be contacted as either user #695 on Beeline, or [email protected] on internet email.

        ~@If you have ANY questions about the Beeline or this FAQ, any comments on it, or any additions you'd like to make, I can be contaced at..

        On the Beeline: User #73 (Hiisi)
        On the Internet: [email protected]


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