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date 2004
description Beeline Rules. (nowadays called TOS) From the Beeline text file collection. This file may have been edited by SPQR. Note: Raw file, tilde codes are not parsed.
size 1190
filename ruleinfo.txt
handle SPQR
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                      ~4~0      Bee Line Rules      ~4~0

   There are only four rules here--

 1.  ~@No sharing of passwords and accounts!
 2.  ~@No lying about your basic user info to get access.
 3.  ~@No dumping of buffers, mac-attacking, or other patently annoying
output. (i.e., anything you do that has only one purpose- to annoy others!)
 4.  ~@No intentional crashing of the system or exploiting bugs and
features! This is a home-brew system, and there ARE software problems.
Anyone who abuses these maliciously will be ejected from the system.

   The Sysop usually gives fair warnings if you are suspected of breaking
the law, but doesn't guarantee it. If you're doing something that really
pisses him off, he may just axe your account. Other punishments include
losing valuable commands like ~2/T~0 and email for a few days.

   There are no rules against human behavior, including racism, sexism, 
threats, harassment, and so forth. The Sysop can't help the victim of
such behavior unless it is in violation of rule #3, with few exceptions.

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