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date 2004
description The initial welcome message, probably circa late 1995 (It looks like I edited it.. it has some of my misspelling quirks and linguistic constructs). From the Beeline. Note: raw text file, tilde codes are not parsed.
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                  ~4~0                ~5The Bee Line~0                ~4~0
                  ~4~0 ~1Operating in Madison, Wisconsin since 1986 ~4~0

  The Bee Line is a service that lets you talk to other people through your computer in a social atmosphere.  The other people are callers just like you from all over the area.

  ~1What it's here for~0 -- This is not a work system, but a place to relax
with and enjoy. What you may find here are people and many interesting and
creative ways of interacting with them.  Be on the lookout for new friends,
conversation, good times, bad times, romance, and/or much more!

  ~1What it has~0 -- The Bee Line makes it easy to meet new people through
personal profiles, open room chatting, private 2-way chatting, electronic
mail, and public and private message sections. In addition, Bee Line hosts
lots of gatherings open to everyone:  football games, picnics, late night
Perkins, parties, sledding, etcetera!

  ~1What it doesn't have~0  -- There are no downloads, no internet access,
no censorship, and no one invading your privacy. Many don't realize it, but
this is the ~cred;intonly~0 chat system in the area where the Sysop does not
have access to other people's e-mail and private conversations.

  ~1Who is here~0 -- Users here, known as beeliners, are notorious in the BBS
community as being a rather unruley bunch. If you log on with the intention
of finding some Disney-esque place to express yourself, you'll be insulted
and abused. ~cred;intBe prepared~0 for the obscene, crude, absurd, and revolting (and
also the funny, honest, and insightful).

  ~1The cost~0 -- Yup, this is a pay system. Ma Bell asks for a hefty chunk of
cash each month that is completely covered by user fees. The system isn't
motivated by profit, and user fees are ridiculously low (as cheap as $15
for half a year).

  ~1Serious side~0 -- ~cred;intYou must provide your real full name, address, and phone
number,~0 which may be verified with an evening phone call. The information
is held in the strictest confidence, for the Sysop only. Providing your
driver's license expedites your validation, and is required for getting into
areas with age limits.

  ~1What do I do next?~0 -- If you want to register here, you will be asked a
number of questions and an account will be created for you. This temporary
account may only last 30 days, and has very little access. To get into chat,
you need to be validated by a Subop. You also may want to send in a form for
a free "full validated" account that gives you mail and post access. Refer
to the ~1Info Bulletins~0 (hit ~2[I]~0 from the main menu) for information on all of

  ~1Handles~0 -- Everyone here uses a handle instead of their real name. You'll
have to choose yours below. Choose wisely, spell correctly, and ~cred;intuse UPPER
and lower case~0. Nothing will get you insulted more quickly than if you log on
with a dorky, upper-case or misspelled handle.~0

  ~1Legally~0 -- It is impossible to legally guarantee privacy and
confidentiality here. The Sysop offers his personal guarantee, but makes no
legal claims. This software is home-brew, there are hardware crashes, and
disasters can happen. There may be disruptions in service and mail. If you
sign on, you agree that you are calling here at your own risk.

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