Memorabilia Info
date 1992
description (miltbash 1) (7-28-92)
size 2628
filename miltbash.txt
handle redca
Content-Type text/plain
category chat buffer
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             (miltbash 1) (7-28-92)
<14>(5:07pm>(Count Zero>: hey milt..your such a loser..i see killing yourself
 as the only solution to all of our problems.make the world a nicer place..kill

<14>(5:07pm>(Count Zero>: messely

<8>(5:08pm>(red cat>: let me help

(priv) <6>(5:08pm>(Casey>: hmmm... when kelly wakes up, you should come over
 and we can go somewhere

<2>(5:08pm>(Milt Le Bon>: ok zero, whatever you say

(priv) <6>(5:08pm>(Casey>: how'd she get the van again?

<2>(5:08pm>(Milt Le Bon>: christ, what a lame fuck

<8>(5:08pm>(red cat>: milt, no one lies you, obviously, so just log off!

<8>(5:08pm>(red cat>: lies=likes

<8>(5:08pm>(red cat>: agh, go die milt

<8>(5:09pm>(red cat>: loser

<8>(5:09pm>(red cat>: clean your cage out, i can smell it over here

<8>(5:09pm>(red cat>: of course my insulkts are wasted as he has me filtered

<2>(5:09pm>(Milt Le Bon>: re

<6>(5:10pm>(Casey>: hahah

<6>(5:10pm>(Casey>: milt fucking sucks, he filtererd me too!

<6>(5:10pm>(Casey>: :(

<6>(5:10pm>(Casey>: hahaha

<6>(5:10pm>(Casey>: well, i'm gunna go.. later

(priv) <6>(5:10pm>(Casey>: just wait for it to come onn the news

<2>(5:12pm>(Milt Le Bon>: huh?

<8>(5:12pm>(red cat>: hi milt!

<8>(5:12pm>(red cat>: unfilter me!

<2>(5:13pm>(Milt Le Bon>: hey Cyl

<8>(5:13pm>(milt filter me :(>: cyyl

<3>(5:13pm>(Cyllyan>: hoya

<2>(5:13pm>(Milt Le Bon>: what's up?



<3>(5:14pm>(Cyllyan>: whee i got my hair cut

<8>(5:14pm>(milt filtered me :( >: 


<2>(5:14pm>(Milt Le Bon>: ya did?

<3>(5:14pm>(Cyllyan>: yeah

<2>(5:14pm>(Milt Le Bon>: how does it look now?

<3>(5:14pm>(Cyllyan>: just a little trim....i have bangs now though

<1>(5:14pm>(Nikki>: you get a 'hawk?

<2>(5:14pm>(Milt Le Bon>: ;lfghkjhgf

<3>(5:14pm>(Cyllyan>: aslkjas;lhsad

<3>(5:14pm>(Cyllyan>: yah i'm a cheese worshipper. i got me a shaved hawk.

<8>(5:14pm>(milt filtered me :( >: cheeeeeeeesee!

<2>(5:14pm>(Milt Le Bon>: ack df;lkhggfd;lh

<3>(5:14pm>(Cyllyan>: we need to have a perks

<2>(5:14pm>(Milt Le Bon>: yup

<2>(5:15pm>(Milt Le Bon>: when?

<2>(5:15pm>(Milt Le Bon>: where?

<8>(5:15pm>(milt filtered me :( >: when you leave

<3>(5:16pm>(Cyllyan>: certain as the sun....rising in the east...tale as old as
 time, song as old a rhyme, beauty and theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee beast...

<8>(5:16pm>(milt filtered me :( >: brb in a mint

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