Memorabilia Info
date 1980
description kc trying pick up Gyrf
size 898
filename test.txt
handle redcat
Content-Type text/plain
category chat buffer
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(14,Gyrfalcon): Heh.. fortunately my siblings are older, and I got to be the
brat little brother.

(14,Gyrfalcon): (quite over that, now)

(2,Casey)     : hehe

(2,Casey)     : yeesh, 11 year old's shouldn't use modems.

(14,Gyrfalcon): Hmm.. you lie about anything else on your status?  5'0", 
80-90lbs, hazel eyes, brown hair?

(2,Casey)     : yup yup!

(14,Gyrfalcon): truetrue.  Should be an age and iq test for modemuse.

(2,Casey)     : hehe yeah.

(14,Gyrfalcon): (trying to imagine 5'0"..) damn short.  Chest-high.

(2,Casey)     : hehe

(14,Gyrfalcon): (no offense or anything)

Gyrfalcon has only a minute left.

(2,Casey)     : I'm really 5'5

(2,Casey)     : yup really

(14,Gyrfalcon): ack, hold on a sec, I have to do something about my hair.. the 
fan is  blowing it down into my eyes.

(2,Casey)     : wanna go priv con?

(2,Casey)     : agh brb

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