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** Personal Questions **

== Describe yourself using words that begin with 'A':
angel. anvil. altruistic. all. above.

== Where do you work or go to school?
i play music... listen...

== Your eating habits (vegetarian, carnivore, pig, etc) and your favorite
i rarely get the chance.

== Your musical tastes and current favorite song:
i like the music i make, And the legendary pink dots. and skinny puppy.

== What are your favorite books and movies (currently):
favorite book: juliette (marquis desade) movie: ?

== List hobbies you have? Or how do you spend your free time?
i play music.

== What do you like to do socially? Do you enjoy groups of people, couples, or
being alone?
i enjoy watching.

== What are your favorite outdoor activities?
sleeping. sitting. holding. breathing...

== When was your last big vacation? Where did you go?
i am still on it. we all are.

== What do you look for in other people?

== Do you do drugs? And if so, where can I get some? Describe what your
feelings are on drugs:
drugs are tools. i use tools sometimes.

** Sexual Questions **

== What are some of your feelings on relationships? Are you in one now?
i am not in one. but at the same time, if you are reading this... you are
at least my enemy, if not lover... (same thing...)

== Are you a virgin? How many kids have you had? Approximately how many
i am an angel.

== What's the most exotic place you've made love? What's the tackiest?
i think this is open to debate...

== Do you believe in love before sex? Marriage before sex? Why?
i believe that we all relate to each other... sex is part of that, and it
is time to believe that. no one seems to...

== Describe your most incredible sexual experience. Or, if too shy, describe
the most mind-blowing masturbation experience ever:
i hate orgasm. it is a loss of control. i enjoy giving orgasms to others.

** Philosophical/Ideological Questions **

== If reincarnated, what will you come back as? and why?
me. i am necessary.

== List uses for the hole leftover when you eat a donut?
it is space. the hole is not the leftover. The donut is an intruder on its
tranquil domain. realize this. eat the donut.

== How can men have scruples when chance is king? (huh?)
no one has scruples. just compassion. sometimes they don't believe
compassion is real. sometimes it isn't.

== Have you seen Elvis? Describe the experience:
of course not. elvis is dead.

== What do you think of the current administration in the US?
prove to me that there is one. i choose to ignore them... if they get in
my way.... i will move them.

== If you could change one major facet of our government, what would you do?
i like our government. people believe it is real, and trust it... that
leaves them weak.... the strong and creative will rise out of the muck and
will sing

== Who are you going to vote for in the fall or what are your basic political
beliefs? Why?
i will vote for whoever gives me the most money.

** Other Questions **

== Who is your favorite military genius of antiquity (and why)?
Syd Barrett.

== Imagine you win a million dollars the same day aliens land and say they are
going to blow up the earth in three days, what will you do with the money?
bribe the aliens not to blow up me or my friends.

== fallen angel's Personal Paragraph ==

A fallen angel. Sleepy at the time of writing this, but not tired. Dance
with me on the tongues of fire... and we shall bask in its warmth...
I shall see to it that one day we all enjoy our earth... and all shall sing
its praises...
Pretentious? Perhaps.
Humourless... too early i guess.
now... back you go...

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