Memorabilia Info
date 1992
description Buffer w/ a date of 7-23-92 in it
size 6778
filename buffer2.txt
handle falz
Content-Type text/plain
category chat buffer
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(7:31pm)<17,309,flog): yea(7-23-92)


(7:31pm)<3,398,Red Cat):

(7:31pm)<1,320,Scarlet): hahahah

(7:31pm)<17,309,flog): a;slkdjfahah

(7:32pm)<1,320,Scarlet): <----laughing hysterically

(7:32pm)<1,320,Scarlet): "my daughter...the bus"

(7:32pm)<17,309,flog): BEEP BEEP!

(7:32pm)<17,309,flog): I'M A BUS!

(7:32pm)<3,398,Red Cat): scar, now that you are ahppy

(7:32pm)<3,398,Red Cat): can jen do a people run

(7:32pm)<1,320,Scarlet): I'm not ahppy

(7:32pm)<3,398,Red Cat): happy

(7:32pm)<3,398,Red Cat): dammit

(7:32pm)<1,320,Scarlet): that either

(7:32pm)<1,320,Scarlet): I'm pmsing

(7:32pm)<3,398,Red Cat): can Jen still do a peolple run

(7:32pm)<1,320,Scarlet): grrrrr......

(7:32pm)<3,398,Red Cat): people

(7:32pm)<1,320,Scarlet): a peolple

(7:32pm)<1,320,Scarlet): ?

(7:33pm)<17,309,flog): pmsing?

(7:33pm)<17,309,flog): a;sld

(7:33pm)<14,285,tin): person run

(7:33pm)<17,309,flog): kfj;aslk

(7:33pm)<3,398,Red Cat): PMSing? poor david

(7:33pm)<17,309,flog): i thought you smelled

(7:33pm)<1,320,Scarlet): he doesn't mind

(7:33pm)<17,309,flog): a;slkjf;ldsjf;aslk jf

(7:33pm)<1,320,Scarlet): haha jen

(7:33pm)<3,398,Red Cat):

(7:33pm)<1,320,Scarlet): me too

(7:33pm)<17,309,flog): hahaha

(7:33pm)<17,309,flog): ;alsk jd;fkaj

(7:33pm)<1,320,Scarlet): ;fhsdfha;tywethvbndfghjas'gk
kkh:kjhl:fhgljs:lts:jgl:fh lkghslhmv:bmbvc

(7:33pm)<3,398,Red Cat): kkh:kjhl:fhgljs:lts:jgl:fh lkghslhmv:bmbvc

(7:33pm)<1,320,Scarlet): xnklveruitdnvi;ewru690347532tunvxcvQEjgr;t92358nv

(7:33pm)<1,320,Scarlet): a

(7:33pm)<3,398,Red Cat): enough

(7:33pm)<1,320,Scarlet): ok

(7:33pm)<3,398,Red Cat): already

(7:33pm)<1,320,Scarlet): :)

(7:33pm)<17,309,flog): ok..

(7:34pm)<1,320,Scarlet): ok what?

(7:34pm)<17,309,flog): i'm going to do a people run.

(7:34pm)<1,320,Scarlet): NO

(7:34pm)<17,309,flog): ok?

(7:34pm)<1,320,Scarlet): person maybe....not people

(7:34pm)<3,398,Red Cat): hmmm, i need to brush my hair so that Jen can pick me

(7:34pm)<17,309,flog): YES

(7:34pm)<17,309,flog): whoops

(7:34pm)<17,309,flog): phoen.

(7:34pm)<14,285,tin): pick 1 person up at a time

(7:34pm)<17,309,flog): phone

(7:34pm)<1,320,Scarlet): If I see a certain people....I'm gonna kill him


(7:34pm)<3,398,Red Cat): oooh, lemme film it Scar

(7:34pm)<1,320,Scarlet): heeh

(7:34pm)<1,320,Scarlet): ok

(7:34pm)<3,398,Red Cat):

(7:34pm)<1,320,Scarlet): news at sure to watch

(7:34pm)<3,398,Red Cat): fdngkl:kfkjlkjkfd

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): heheheh

(7:35pm)<3,398,Red Cat): jeez

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): that's scarey

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): :)

(7:35pm)<3,398,Red Cat): wow, cosmic man, toss me a reeefer

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): scary

(7:35pm)<17,309,flog): asdfj;lsak j

(7:35pm)<17,309,flog): we need a louder phone.

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): who was on the phone

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): ?

(7:35pm)<2,30,Vortex): you will not kill me!

(7:35pm)<17,309,flog): jodez

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): wanna bet?

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): I'll at least hurt you bad

(7:35pm)<3,398,Red Cat): oooh pain!

(7:35pm)<1,320,Scarlet): I'll have help too

(7:35pm)<3,398,Red Cat): cigerette burns, scar!

(7:35pm)<2,30,Vortex): i know tae kwan doe and i will knock you out with my
little finger.

(7:35pm)<2,30,Vortex): in self defense.

(7:36pm)<1,320,Scarlet): thanks rc

take one out of kellys mouth (you know he'll have one) and tatoo a cross on his arm

(7:36pm)<1,320,Scarlet): yeah right

(7:36pm)<2,30,Vortex): i do!

(7:36pm)<1,320,Scarlet): hahahahaahahhhahahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahahah

(7:36pm)<1,320,Scarlet): and more hahas

(7:36pm)<3,398,Red Cat): take one out of kellys mouth (you know he'll have one)
and tatoo a cross on his arm

(7:36pm)<2,30,Vortex): i can even make the neat ninja sounds.

(7:36pm)<3,398,Red Cat): hyagh!

(7:36pm)<1,320,Scarlet): I'm leaving now...going home....better not be strange
people there when I arrive!

(7:37pm)<1,320,Scarlet): I'll be armed

(7:37pm)<3,398,Red Cat): we wub you scar

(7:37pm)<1,320,Scarlet): and VERY dangerous

(7:37pm)<2,30,Vortex): we'll be hiding

(7:37pm)<14,285,tin): well, im going sk8'n talk to you people later.

(7:37pm)<2,30,Vortex): IN the closet

(7:37pm)<2,30,Vortex): bye tinman!

(7:37pm)<1,320,Scarlet): bye tim

(7:37pm)<3,398,Red Cat): later TINYBOPER

(7:37pm)<1,320,Scarlet): oops...tin

(7:38pm)<17,309,flog): okay1

(7:38pm)<17,309,flog): !

(7:38pm)<3,398,Red Cat): unga bunga

(7:38pm)<17,309,flog): people run!

(7:38pm)<1,320,Scarlet): no

(7:38pm)<17,309,flog): YES

(7:38pm)<1,320,Scarlet): no

(7:38pm)<3,398,Red Cat): awww scar, you can jsut kill kelly

(7:38pm)<17,309,flog): if i had a car i'd let you do a people run w/it

(7:38pm)<2,30,Vortex): at least she's not picking up daryn and cheese! i'll be

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): if you had a car, I wouldn't be having this
conversation with you

(7:39pm)<17,309,flog): true.

(7:39pm)<3,398,Red Cat): we'll put a rope on Kelly

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): get a damn car!

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): and a muzzle?

(7:39pm)<17,309,flog): gimme some damn money!

(7:39pm)<3,398,Red Cat): yah

(7:39pm)<2,30,Vortex): yeah and they will put tape on my mouth

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): ask you dad!

(7:39pm)<3,398,Red Cat): and tie him up outside

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): r

(7:39pm)<17,309,flog): pfffffffft

(7:39pm)<2,30,Vortex): so i will just sit there and smile at everyone.

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): he's got more money

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): I don't have any!

(7:39pm)<2,30,Vortex): and smoke cigarettes thru my nose

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): outside?

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): down by the lake?

(7:39pm)<3,398,Red Cat): nah we'll plug your nose

(7:39pm)<3,398,Red Cat): yah

(7:39pm)<1,320,Scarlet): in the lake?

(7:40pm)<3,398,Red Cat): as far away as you liek

(7:40pm)<3,398,Red Cat): liek

(7:40pm)<3,398,Red Cat): like

(7:40pm)<17,309,flog): fuckin bitch

(7:40pm)<17,309,flog): well..

(7:40pm)<2,30,Vortex): what a weird mom

(7:40pm)<17,309,flog): i guess i'm leaving

(7:40pm)<3,398,Red Cat): we'l put cinder blocks on kelluy and throw him over

(7:40pm)<3,398,Red Cat): oops

(7:40pm)<17,309,flog): as soon as i find something to wear

(7:40pm)<3,398,Red Cat): wear nothing!

(7:40pm)<2,30,Vortex): wear nail polish!

(7:40pm)<17,309,flog): ;akjf;akjd

(7:40pm)<2,30,Vortex): and nail polish

(7:40pm)<3,398,Red Cat): i don't mind!"!

(7:40pm)<2,30,Vortex): to cover everything up.

(7:40pm)<3,398,Red Cat): really

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