Memorabilia Info
date 1990
description Beeline buffer from apple
size 3746
filename buffer1.txt
handle falz
Content-Type text/plain
category chat buffer
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(9,96,Groo): booby boy

(1,85,Mister X): Bob

(3,36,MC Bob): groosome boy

(9,96,Groo): MC Slob

(1,85,Mister X): !

5,Minor Threat drives up with a live grenade.

(5,80,Minor Threat): Hey

(1,85,Mister X): Joe

(4,46,Thorin): i used to love her...but I had to kill her..

(9,96,Groo): MT.

(5,80,Minor Threat): X!!!!!!

8,vaginal skidmarks materializes drooling like a baby.

(4,46,Thorin): hey joe

(5,80,Minor Threat): RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

(3,36,MC Bob):

(4,46,Thorin): MARQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(5,80,Minor Threat): Grooo!

(8,47,vaginal skidmarks):

(8,47,vaginal skidmarks): brb..

(1,85,Mister X): groo, I'm not gay, theres only one person's who's body I want.

(8,47,vaginal skidmarks): .s

(3,36,MC Bob): MACE!

(4,46,Thorin): I used to love her.....ooooh yeah...but I had to kill her

(5,80,Minor Threat): MARQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(1,85,Mister X): Mace!

(4,46,Thorin): i had to put her, 6 feet under..

(3,36,MC Bob): ack, when did mace get here?

(4,46,Thorin): and I can still hear her complain..

(1,85,Mister X): Heh

(4,46,Thorin): I used to love her, but I had to kill her!

(4,46,Thorin): I used to love her, oooh yeah, but I had to kill her..

(4,46,Thorin): I knew I'd miss her..

(4,46,Thorin): so I had to keep her..

(4,46,Thorin): she's buried right in my back yard..

(9,96,Groo): She bitched so much, she drove me nuts

(4,46,Thorin): shut up groo

(9,96,Groo): no

(4,46,Thorin): you ruined it, fucker!

(9,96,Groo): no

(4,46,Thorin): I'll mac you into hell, shithead!

(9,96,Groo): i feel sooooo bad now

(1,85,Mister X): Mac 'im, thorin!

(9,96,Groo): please forgive me!

(4,46,willis): lick off my shoes and I'll forgive you

(3,36,MC Bob): hehe

(9,96,Groo): no thanks

(3,36,MC Bob): lick the skin of my balls groo

(9,96,Groo): |> \/ [
|> | [

9,Groo logged off.

(3,36,MC Bob): thank you

Entering room 21 (Conservatory)

(3,36,MC Bob): ain't that the truth

Entering room 20 (Hall)

(4,46,willis): death.

(4,46,willis): hahah

6,007 bounces in looking nasty.

(3,36,MC Bob): BOND!

(4,46,willis): bond!

(5,80,Minor Threat): 007!!!!

(1,85,Mister X): 007!

(6,86,007): hey

(6,86,007): thor!

(6,86,007): mace!

Entering room 21 (Conservatory)

5,Minor Threat logged off.

(3,36,MC Bob): why do i do this?

5,Minor Threat strolls in drooling like a baby.

(3,36,MC Bob): DOOBIE BROS.!

(priv) (5,80,Minor Threat): if you call me that one more time im going to hunt
you down and knock the shit outa you!!!!!!!! :)

(5,80,Minor Threat): FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1,Mister X logged off.

(3,36,MC Bob): ahhaha

Entering room 20 (Hall)

(6,86,007): he comes for me

(priv) (5,80,Minor Threat): i wouldn't doubt it.. :)

(6,86,007): deity

(priv) (5,80,Minor Threat): :)


(8,47,vaginal skidmarks): i gotta run

(3,36,MC900ft.jesus): bye mace

(6,86,007): need exercise?

(6,86,007): later mace

(8,47,vaginal skidmarks): no.. i gotta be somewhere real damn soon

(4,46,Thorin): l8r mace!

(3,36,MC900ft.jesus): i'm gonna grow my hair like maces

(8,47,vaginal skidmarks): yay i'm proud

(8,47,vaginal skidmarks): wish me luck

(4,46,Thorin): luck!

8,vaginal skidmarks hung up.

(4,46,Thorin): forget the carryout! just dump the fucker!

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